Wednesday, November 21, 2007

GameDay (21): Devils @ Pens

We search long and hard for pictures of Mellon Arena like it's our job.
This one takes the cake and then smashes you in the mouth with it.


The Battle of the Basement Dwellers

The Pens have navigated through the Atlantic waters with the deftness of the Titanic.

But it has finally come to an end.
For now.

Go Pens.
Damn it.


The Hebrew Hammer said...

With a picture like that, we better damn well win.

dennis said...

That is a pretty picture.

And I haven't called something pretty in 4 years.

Brett said...

niiiice arena pic.. I'm snaggin it for my personal collection......

word on starting lineup? Is it a Colby night in Pittsburgh?

PittHockey said...

wow, nice photo.

is there a hires version? I want to make that my background.

TheNaturalMevs said...

Man you guys are diehards and I love it.

Keep up the great work I'll keep coming back.


ps happy thanksgiving

Troy Loney said...

Donnie Iris sang the National Anthem. 17,000 were rocked to death. Only Gary Roberts survived.

Fleury29 said...

That's an amazing picture and it just replaced the Gary Roberts "Too Much Man" photoshop as my desktop background.

I have another picture of Civic Arena you guys had on here a while back as my phone wallpaper.

What a blog.

Let's Go Pens!

The Hebrew Hammer said...

It's nice to see that Devils hockey is back in full force,zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

PittHockey said...

the basement.

this season is frustrating beyond belief.

I didn't even get to see Malkin's goal.

FSN NY went off the air for 2 minutes.

Sexual T-Rex said...

Man, tonight's game hurt.

Brett said...

Did the Pittsburgh feed have the Gary Roberts/Mark Recchi health food special during the 2nd period intermission? Maybe this is old hat, but I got the MSG feed (I live in the dump that is NJ) and saw this special for the first time.

And yes, I didn't get to see the goal either. I was treated to what might be the TV equiv. of the blue screen of death.

PittHockey said...

the organic food shopping bit was great.

now if only those 3 would eat some real food they might have a couple points to show for it.

Jonathan said...

What a horrible loss for the Pens tonight. Talk about frustration...those guys must be hurting bad. Still a lot of season left to play, so lets stand by our guys and forge on.

My thoughts on the game:

-Malone getting in to a fight right off the opening faceoff was cool with me, seemed to jump start the crowd for about a minute and a half.

-Everyone seemed to play well tonight, for the most part. Letang and Kennedy played well, although their inexperience showed at some points.

-Fleury played a solid game, and while in the past he has made me nervous with his play of the puck outside of the crease, tonight I felt confident anytime he left the crease. Maybe Sabo and MAF have been working on that in practice.

-Having Max in the booth during the second was great for FSN. It was great to here Errey say "Pain in the ass", as well as Max basically saying his role is to "Piss Off" the opposing teams, it was great to hear the broadcasters talking like I do, lol.

-I hate Marty B. as much as anyone, but he was sick tonight.

-Sid, I know you're great, you know you're great, and everyone elde knows you're great, just stick with letting your play speak for itself.

(Side Note: I am a huge fan of Sid, and I don't blame him for getting frustrated, but what we all need is some points, and you can't score those when you're in the box.)

Stand by your Pens guys, season is still the sign in the Pens locker room says, "Whatever we do, we walk together." (Or something like that.) Go Pens!

Steve In Despair said...

So we have some of the most gifted offensive talent in the NHL. And they play on an ice surface that is the equivalent of a urinal cake. How do you fix that?? Maybe they can promote the ice surface from WBS and send the Igloo's ice down?

I thought I noticed that the ice seemed bad before, but it was total crap tonight, especially on the shorthanded breakaway...sid just had to throw it at the net as a last resort instead of undressing Brodeur and then pooping on him.

Did you all hear Errey make the comment about John Madden being a "pain in the ass" when he was talking with Max in the 2nd? And then Max followed up with the line about liking to "piss people off" when he's on the ice?? Great stuff. They need to keep bringing the scratches into the press box.

WWGRD? Eat a penguin instead of turkey to break this jinx and get a win.

bnee said...

The Pens have navigated through the Atlantic waters with the deftness of the Titanic.

this is why i love this satireblog

Anonymous said...

"So we have some of the most gifted offensive talent in the NHL."

we have two great players, period. that's it, period. seriously.

stokes said...


every night the pens have a game, i think they are gonna win. maybe i'm a sucker, but i still am keeping the faith.

that is an awesome picture.....

Anonymous said...

The locker room reads, "whatever it takes" jonathan lol.

i was actually at the game tonight, managed to get a single student rush ticket. kinda funny, people actually clapped when recchi was announced as a scratch. refs were booed continuously. everyone is blaming the refs....but where was our power play? yeah...and can't score when you're in the box.

and if anyone saw the movie letang put on the devils defense and almost on brodeur, straight up sick!!

Adrienne said...

We search long and hard for pictures of Mellon Arena like it's our job.
This one takes the cake and then smashes you in the mouth with it.

Is there a higher resolution of this picture?

rick marnon, howell said...

pens need to pick it up a little,,, they are close to being a contender,,, they had a good season last year, but cut short in the playoffs,,,


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