Monday, November 5, 2007

GameDay (14) -- Pens @ Devils



The Atlantic Tour is pulling into its second stop.

Last time the Pens played the Devils,
it was refereegate, with mouse pads douching people in their mouths.

Hopefully the Devils will grow some and give out rocks in honor of Prudential.

The Pens have lost 4 of their last 5.
It's not a must-win, but it's a gotta-win.

[ GameDay Chat ]

No word on line combos or starting goalie that we could find.
We didn't look very hard.


wilsmith said...

Pens on the big screen tonight.
Steelers on the 13" backup TV.

RicoFataIsMyDaddy said...

sabourin starting. armstrong is scratched again. talbot is playing wing on the 4th line and EC is centering recchi and roberts.

more goofy changes. This is going to lead to an unhappy locker room and a coach being fired real soon.

bnee said...

maf not starting=dicks
maniac magee=sweet
borat naked wresting scene=sick. and not in the good way

The Hebrew Hammer said...

Michel Therrien is trying to get fired, Dany fucking sabourin is starting tonight. I know we use this phrase as a joke but i'm not right now, WAKE UP RS!! Fire this baffoon before this gets out of control.

John said...

no clue why armstrong keeps getting scratched. he's great to have out there on the 2nd PK unit.

fleury should really get this start. he played decently enough against the isles. let the man get into a groove.

talbot on wing is stupid. what the hell? who is centering the 4th?

not sure how i feel about EC/roberts/recchi but roberts and EC have always had good chemistry. maybe we can get some production out of them.

but who the hell is playing with staal and sykora then? unless staal is centering the 4th??

this is bizzare. therrien doesnt seem to know what the hell he's doing with anything other than the first line, which took WAY too long to figure out.

The Hebrew Hammer said...

John, Kennedy is on that second line.

Anonymous said...

at least tonight is going to be interesting. "In Therrien I Trust" ... but i am having my doubts


Anonymous said...

We talk about giving Fleury a chance, but what about giving Sabourin a chance?

Hutch said...

There is no one at that game

Sexual T-rex said...

Finally, a 2-0 lead that was taken advantage of...

Anonymous said...

Ladies and gentlemen, what made the difference in tonight's game?

That's right, Gary Roberts just got in his order of 23 WWGRD bracelets and handed them out before the game.

Anonymous said...

I hope Fluery29 who used to be Barrasso35 doesn't change their name to Sabu... Don't need to jinx the most homicidal, genocidal, mad man in net!

Jonny V said...

First off, to the pensblog rookies, it's not in therrien we trust, it's in shero we trust. Stop making shit up.

5-0 win, i guess he knew what he was doing, eh?

Steelers on monday night - 52" plasma. Penguins game - 105.9 the X

PittHockey said...

damn, I'm now surprised.

And happy.

Christensen goal FTW.

Anonymous said...

we have a controversy...

pensblog jeff said...

Dany Fucking Sabourin just got a shutout, and Therrien's "Idiotic" line changes helped our team kick some serious ass. You nubs need to shut the fuck up and relax.

jaos said...

I'm concerned about colby getting scratched again... Here's hoping he gets back in to take advantage of the "everybody plays" giveaway. As for sabu, give him more time. He has stood his ground solidly every time he's played except for three and a half minutes of insanity against the avs.

the seeker said...

Life don't get much better than to chase Martin out of the net and having our "backup" goalie get a shut-out.

STELLAR performance tonight.

...and to add to the good times, the Stillers pwnage of Baltimore.

canaanregulatesblog said...

penblog jeff = pwnzor!

what a game. the debbies got ripped.

p.s. aaron asham is afraid of laraque.

Anonymous said...


CG said...

Instead of worrying so much about giving Fleury a chance, shouldn't we be glad that Sabu seems to be proving himself as a viable backup? It's Fleory's job. He'll come out of this slump, and the Pens will be better off for it They won't be afraid to rest MAF for a game late in the season when he needs it because they have a backup that proved himself.

rwarner174 said...

Dany fucking Sabourin!!
Woo hoo.

No but seriously, great game tonight.

mookieproof said...

I missed the game, but I love it when Marty Brodeur gets pulled. Do we have a goaltender controversy? Marty Turco, hold please.

The Hebrew Hammer said...

The Pittsburgh sporting gods are truly smiling tonight. The Pens dominate the Devils and the Steelers force Steve McNair into an early retirement. WHAT A NIGHT!!

Here We Go Steelers! and

Fleury29 said...

Kids, the word of tonight is: decimation.



What a great time to be alive.

Mike said...

awesome game! LETS GO PENS!


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