Thursday, November 22, 2007

Come On Up For The Rising. PENS WIN

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6 - 5


Is it the turning point?
No clue.

The Pens could lose every game the rest of the year.
But for the briefest of moments, they gave us all a reason to believe.

Tonight was about standing together.
It was about being thankful.
It was about overcoming.

Let's kick the tires and the light fires, baby.
Because this thing is only just beginning.

You better figure out if you can handle it.



Steiggy stuns the world and opens the broadcast by asking "What would Gary Roberts do?"
Perhaps maybe breaking the current curse.


Solid voice.


Jeff Jimmerson > Lyndon Slewidge

If this guy didnt dress like a Holiday Inn doorman, maybe he'd be cool.
Jimmerson wouldn't be caught dead in something like that.



Even though we're still buying toilet paper to wipe off the huge dump the Sens took on us in the playoffs last season, this game started with the same playoff intensity that we saw in Games 1 through 4.

Not even two minutes in, shit was hitting the fan.
Ruutu lines up Wade Redden behind the Sens' net.


Laraque got things going a little later when he dropped the gloves with McGrattan.

Ruutu makes his first appearance in the box score as he goes to the box with Shean Donovan.

Everything was even until Chris Neil went fishing and went to the box.
But the Pens didn't get the PP goin'.

As Neil's penalty expires, it feels like mid-April all over again.
Jason Spezza gets it past MAF on a goal that just mehhhhhed over the line. 1-0.

Bad times.

After some jobbin back and forth, one of the worst calls in NHL history transpired as Ruutu goes to the box for getting smacked in the mouth and falling.

Chris Phillips hands the ref 20 bucks then gets one past MAF from the point.

Steigy and Errey were furious. First real emotion we have seen from them in a while.
And, boom, that was it for MAF.
Got to make that save.
You know what that means:

It was Sabu time.

The wheels had apparently fell off.
But hold the iPhone.

Just as the Pens were facing a first intermission that could have resulted in the locker room exploding, it happened.

Malkin maneuvers like a monkey through the neutral zone, turns a Senator into a chickenman, then beats Martin Gerber on his now-recognizable stick-side snapshot.

What a player.

Pens Nation raises its fist in quiet jubilation.
But holy balls.

18 seconds later, it was Malone time.
On a great on-the-rush play from beginning to end, Bing feeds Malone on the tape, and out of nowhere, it was tied.

Scotiabank was stunned as the first period ended.



The second period started with Sabu silently making some routine saves.

It seemed like the Pens were simply staving off the Senators for as long as they possibly could, but then Tyler Kennedy gets his second goal of the season on a quick shot that surprised the world.

The Pens then got a 5-on-3 opportunity soon after that.
Sykora comes flying down the right side.


The chance goes to waste.
You knew what was coming.

The 3-2 lead lasted for a while.
But Jason Spezza is just a beast.

He gets one past Sabu to tie it up. 3-3.

Not even two minutes after that, it was Heatley's turn.
He parks right in front of Sabu. 50-goal scorer, man.

At the halfway point of the second period, it seemed like the Pens were in semi-control.
But not anymore.

Sykora headed to the box towards the end of the second period as the Pens were treading water.



It was bad news bears early in the third when Orange Sherbert put the Sens up 5-3.

Last season, the Pens had that heroic comeback in the third period against the Sens.

That was pretty much the only solace we had after that Sherbert goal.
Stuff like that just isn't happening this year.
Might be time to pack it up.

Ryan Malone would give us a reason to fight on.

Chris Neil went off for hooking, and Therrien shocks the world by replacing Whitney for Letang on the top power-play unit.
It paid off big-time.

Malone dives to get a puck to Letang. Letang, the right handed shot, gets the pass and is able to make a quick pass to Gonch.
Malone goes to the crease and gets one past Gerber.


About a minute later, Colby Armstrong and his bag of Lays gets the puck out to Gonchar screaming in from the blue line.
Army made a sick individual play.



It was basically Sabublog for the rest of the third period.
The Pens get a nice chance again with Malone coming down the ice.
But he gets caught.
The pucks finds it way near the Pens bench.
Oh no.

Too many men.

Somehow Sabu and the boys keep it out of the net.

Staal almost scored on a sweet re-direct of a Kennedy pass.

The Pens were being outshot 17-5 at one point in the third, and it seemed like only a matter of time.
But it was a matter of Sabu and his balls.

Do it

He didn't have to stand on his head, but he preserved the Pens 5-5 tie as the game slipped to OT.


Both teams were playing not to lose, but the Sens finally got a decent odd-man break towards the end of the OT, but Mark Eaton auditions for Heroes by taking away all options.
Malkin hits the post towards the end of OT.

Shootout city.


Jason Spezza kicked things off with a goal. Beast.

Christensen does the move, and after another call to Toronto, the goal stands. 1-1.

Both teams then brought out their firepower, with Daniel Alfredsson noticeably absent after aggravating his groin in the third period.

Despite his best efforts, Body by Jake could not get Daniel Alfredsson's groin ready.

And as Dean McAmmond gets denied by Sabu, we wait on pins and needles for FSN to switch their camera to who was taking the next shot.

Jarkko Ruutu stands at center ice. All business.
The hopes and dreams of a battered Penguin nation on his stick.
We all know what move he is going make.

But wait.

Gerber vomits all over himself.

Looks like someone was too busy reading his own press clippings and not the scouting report.


  • Bing: 1A
  • Malkin: 1G
  • Malone: 2G, 1 A
  • Armstrong: 2A
  • Gonchar: 1G, 1A
  • Sabu: 29 saves
  • Recchi minus 6
  • Marty the chicken has easily been bumped from Flashblog.
  • Going toe-to-toe with the best team in the NHL is huge.
  • Was Martin Gerber supposed to be good?
  • Ryan Malone put himself on the map tonight. Whatever that means.
  • People can say this is the turning point in the season, but the Pens could lay a huge egg on Saturday against Atlanta.
  • Mark Recchi better go to Men's Warehouse and get a couple more suits to wear in the press box.
  • Gary Roberts is returning to health. Wristband curse is lifting.
  • Sad to see Daryl Sydor bumped, but Letang is providing an intangible that no one can really pinpoint yet.
The best part about games up in Ottawa is the unreal photography on display.
Phillip MacCullum is a photographer at ScotiaBank Place.
He brought us the offseason pic of Crosby, Malkin, and Staal stunned in the locker room after Game 5.
Best photographer in the game.

Go Pens


PensGuy said...

I don't know what to do with my WWGRD wristband. I took it off before today's game hoping that maybe something would change. And it did.

Do I just let it sit on my desk next to my computer? Or attempt to put it back on jeopardize my superstition?

But other than that, what an amazing game to watch.

Turning point? I'm feeling it.

Adrienne said...

Amazing game tonight. There's nothing better for a Thanksgiving dinner then seeing your entire family ignore the football games, and everyone drop their life to watch the Pens game.

The best is watching my 72 year old grandmother yelling "SHIT" when Ottawa scored and took it 5-3.

Definitely thankful for a family that loves hockey

Malkin was unreal, Armstrong had one hell of a presence, and it was great to see Staal finally get a third point for the season. Maybe now his slump will end.

Yay pens! :D

FireFox said...

Solid, solid game. This is what I hockey game should always be. I went from depression at another loss to highs of winning and back again...and again. Fights, major hitting, lots of goals....DAMN THAT WAS A GREAT GAME!

The Pens stuck it out to the end. They never gave up. They showed they had the character to battle through this crap. Just amazing. GO PENS!!!

firefox said...

Oh and one more thing...

Sabu > MAF

I'm sorry, but right now that is the truth. I know MAF is our franchise goalie but he has had plenty of chances to come around this season and just can't get it done consistantly. He had 2 solid games and the rest were disasters. MAF is still only 22. He is the youngest starting goalie in the league so he is still ahead of the normal learning curve. It is time to designate him the backup and let him earn the starting job back when the opportunity comes is way. We won this game because Sabu kept us in it. He made some big time saves when we really needed it.

CG said...

What a game!!! Great emotion, back and forth play, and a win over the sens. It gets no better!

Kennedy plays the way hockey is meant to be played - with reckless abandon.

Great to see Colby with a little swagger again.

What a rivalry!! - I hate Ottawa (great team though)

EL said...

I'm an Ottawa guy, but I read Pensblog faithfully -- one more reason to look forward to Pens/Sens games.

We had extra Pens media exposure last night too. The Sens pay-per-view went down for a while last night, and we had the Pens feed piped in -- your guys are pretty good.


Matt G said...

Just read Rob Rossi's recap of the HUGE win last night. Simply's obvious he started writing his story after the Pens fell behind 2-0 five minutes into the game. He harped so much on the MAF-Sabu debate that I think he might have taken a nap from the end of the first period on. As a journalism major, I'm embarrassed by his laziness. Way to mail one in, Rob.

On the other hand, Shelly Anderson did a solid job on the Post-Gazette side of things. You can tell she has an enthusiasm for the sport, something that I doubt the super-cynical Dave Molinari has. Anderson seems like the only writer in Pittsburgh that hasn't forgotten how far this team has come in two years.

Steiggy and Bob were priceless tonight; I LOVE it when they let their emotions out. I don't buy into the idea that team broadcasters should be objective at any cost. It's just more fun to watch when you know the broadcasters are pulling for your team right along with you.

Also, seconding what Adrienne said, I am quite thankful myself for family and friends who gather around the tube for a Pens game on Thanksgiving. I was watching the football games this afternoon and noted how much downtime there was between plays. God, I love hockey and its nonstop can't just sit in a comatose state on the couch and watch have to be invested in it. Hope the Pens play on Thanksgiving again next year.

Just a phenomenal hockey game and a great result. I woke up and realized we actually beat the best team in hockey.

Go Pens, beat the ATL.

Matt G said...

Also, did anyone save the opening to the broadcast when Steiggy said "What would Gary Roberts do?" I was just getting back home and I missed it.

Christina said...

Absolutely amazing game to watch tonight. The amount of character that each and every Pens player showed tonight was unbelievable.

Three times my Dad announced tonight that the game was over and the Pens were done...when the Sens scored first, after they went up 5-3, and when we took the too many men penalty. Me and the rest of my family just gave him the Gary Roberts glare and kept believing.

Malkin = beast, Staal = thisclose to breaking out of his slump, Army = back to his old form

I'll be at the Mellon here's hoping this win carries over and the guys get on a great roll!


The Hebrew Hammer said...

No Dany Heatley car wreck jokes, you guys might be maturing ;). What a freaking game tonight, the intensity was insane from the opening faceoff. Few notes from the games.

*Malkin is an absolute beast, he might be the best player in the NHL.

*Ryan Whitney forgot how to play hockey over the summer, thank god MT read obvious blog and finally got Kris Letang on the first unit. Ever notice how most of his shots actually get on net, and how much of a difference that makes?

*Staal might finally be getting his mojo back, he looks so much better with the puck and he, Roberts, and Kennedy are a solid third unit.

*It's nice to see the rolling of four lines tonight, Army and Sid just seem to play great together and Malone was unbelieveable. Geno and Sykora can be a better duo than Lenin and Stalin. We might have the best 4th line in hockey.


Sinops said...

This season has taken years off of my life. Go Pens.

Anonymous said...

Best parts of the game last night:

1. Got the 2 points.
2. Ruutu Leveling Redden behind the net.
3. WWGRD in the opening of fsn Pittsburgh
4. Ryan Whitney calling some guy a “Fucking idiot”
5. Malkin showing class when he ran over Emer…. Gerber.. (Ray-Ray doesn’t play-play)
6. The national anthems being sung by Mr. McFeely
7. Letang being an asset.
8. Recchi scratched
9. Colby and JFK killing ppl.
10. and Malone turning into a good player

Keep this shit up tomorrow night and everything will start to seem right again in our little hockey universe.

wilsmith said...

um, tonight doesn't settle anything about goaltending, so all you clowns that see a W and immediately think Sabu is now the guy, could you please think first. The mindset of some people is ridiculous, a loss and the milky way is seconds from blinking out of existence and Fleury needs sent back to the AHL, a W and Sabu is a superstar and obvious goalie of the now. I don't know if you noticed, but it was a 6-5 game. It's not like Sabu came in and stole one for us.

They scored 2 goals that would have happened to any goalies and Fleury got yanked. Sure, no one will argue the move because they got the W, but who's to say that any other goalie stops those shots. Goals identical to those happen all of the time to every goalie in the league. The 2nd goal's on the D, not only were 4 of their five players in front of the net, but all four of our PK men were below the dots inside the slot. What do you expect to happen when they're so far out of position? The first one, any hockey fan knows that it's going to happen from time to time. Too too quick to yank the chain on Fleury, but again, it worked out.

And as for Sabourin, his performance was far from stunning, so get off that wagon. How many goals will he let in because he's standing so far deep in his own crease that you could pick a spot from center ice?

For this Thanksgiving you should all just be thankful that the Sens forgot how to hit the net in most of the third and in the shootout. Heatley had so much net to shoot at on his chance it was unbelievable. Is Sabourin so intimidated that he's backing right into his own net to stop any fancy moves they may bring?

and why is it that every time a shot goes wide or high, steigy credits a save to the 'tender?

Ok, all that rant being over, how awesome of a game. A win is a win is a win is a win despite my bitching about the goalies, and when the forwards can play like that every night I don't see how they can lose to anyone but the top tier teams. Last night was the intensity and energy they need to bring, and maybe it's a result of being in a real hockey environment. Yes, that was a barb being thrown at the Igloo crowd. I'm sure everyone on this board brings the noise when they go, but I couldn't believe how quiet and un-knowledgable the crowd was the night I finally got there.

Now, if Michel could only find a way from keeping Brooks from taking himself 5,280 feet out of position to take an unnecessary check, the Pens will be in business.

stokes said...


I also had a house full of hockey fans last night and it was FUCKING SWEET when Ruutu literally brought the house down.

I think Mr. McFeely sang O Canada in 5 languages last night, including 2 that are dead.

If this doesn't spark the boys, then nothing else will.


stokes said...

Thank you wilsmith. exactly.

and that photographer IS incredible. good call staff.

Anonymous said...

I'm tired of hearing WilSmith be a douche in c-blog. You have your opinion and that is fine, but stop insulting everyone else calling them clowns or whatever else. Everyone has their own opinion too, and just because it is different than yours does not make it wrong.

People jump on and off bandwagons and live and die with every W or L by their team. Its called human nature. If you can't accept that then how do you even make it through your life?

It is sad and quite depressing to read on here every day how you make Pens fans look like narrow minded, shallow people. C-blog exists so that everyone can talk about their opinions, not be ridiculed for them. You're a joke when you do that.

In addition, if you didn't come away from that game thinking Sabu played well, then do you even know what a hockey puck is? Maybe he wasn't great, but he gave us the W, something MAF hasn't been doing a lot of lately. This is something that people have actually been saying for a while now, so that doesn't even make it much of a bandwagon, does it?

I thought we kicked KM off this board a long time ago?

wilsmith said...

You're right, what I just said is right on the same level as the things KM said.

I'm as happy as anyone that Sabourin got the win, but when you say that because of last nights game he's THE guy, that's just wrong. I also know that I'm not alone in C-Blog in saying what I just said.

Glad you agree, Stokes, with whatever part of what I said that you agree with.

wilsmith said...

One more thing, I know that opening paragraph was a bit harsh. Hindsight 20/20 I guess, but I could have done without the clown comment, so I can apologize for that one. It's sort of one of those insults I drop without ever thinking about it.

firefox, don't take that as something personal, since it seems I'm speaking directly at you, but really it's at weeks worth of people saying Fleury isn't good enough to start. I just disagree with the "designate Fleury the backup" statement, especially coming off the type of game last night's game was.

rwarner174 said...

I have to say that I felt they pulled flurey early. Although the first goal was ugly. The second one falls on the pk no doubt. You can't give a guy an uncontested shot like that. Someone has to be there to attempt to block it.

Sabu played good enough. He wasn't spectacular and he had some help from the goal post, but he played pretty good. Not to say flurey couldn't of done that same thing.

When your goalie give up two goals on two shots, I guess I can see where MT is coming from.

Anyway, it will be intresting to see who starts tomorrow. Lets not forget that flurey had a solid game againts New Jersey the night before. I think what is best now is the platoon system we are using. Nothing wrong with that until one of the two step up and earn the starting role. If I had to bet, Sabu is in net tomorrow.

PittHockey said...

what was that, hebrew hammer?

Steve In Denver said...

I think a certain someone has a little man crush on MAF! :^o

Ha ahhahahaha

Sorry man...just jokes.

You're semi-right about Sabu...I think he plays too deep, and thank god nobody hit the net in the shootout. There were a few sequences where he stood on his head, though. Bottom line...he's a backup. I'd keep starting MAF until he breaks through. No substitute for live game action. The games we've lost with MAF have mostly been 1 goal games. If the team plays to potential, MAF wins some 6-5 and 5-4 games and nobody's complaining.

Now, who do you scratch when the Tal-bot is ready to come back?

John said...

Can't Jarkko earn a spot on the flashbar? What more does he have to do?

wilsmith said...

agreed with both rwarner and steve, somehow. The platooning thing is never the best scenario, but it's fair to say that neither guy is playing like a #1 right now.

I don't think there's anyone out there that would argue Fleury is the future of this team, so you might as well let him work through things. No substitute for live game action is exactly right.

money, pitthockey. money.
My attemp

Jonny V said...

A true clown misspells Fleury's name not once but three times in the same post.

And KM isn't as gone as some believe...


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