Sunday, November 11, 2007

Broad Street Bullies. PENS LOSE

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5 - 2

[ Yahoo Recap ]

Tough times right now.
No one feels worse than the Penguins, though.
It's November 11.

A lot of people need to take the next day
to think about if they can handle an 82-game season or not.

We don't really speak out much on shit, but what is going on right now via message boards,
[newspaper recaps] and c-blog is a complete joke.


Welcome to 2003-2004.

So, 4 seconds in, the Pens get a too-many-men penalty.
Not a good way to start off.
Mike Knubleblog in front of the net.
1-0. Unreal.

"Best penalty. ever."

If anyone listened to Mike Lange, he was livid about the Flyers being in the crease.
And when Mike Lange is mad early, you know it could be a long night.

Some stupid orange light was fixed of MAF's crease.
No clue what that was about.
Philadelphia is a joke.

Later on, Sid's line jumps on the ice and is manhandled.
Sid got owned.

Get sent to the box.
Guess it is illegal to check someone.
In his typical uber-negative recap, Dave Molinari called it "ill-conceived."
Unfortunately, because Fox Sports doesn't have the technology available for showing replays, we will never know.

What would the Flyers do?

Score a power play goal. Knuble. 2-0.

If you have a letter that needs to be sent to Mike Knuble:

Mike Knuble
22 Fleury's Crease
Wachovia Center, Philadelphia

Finally, the Pens caught a break.
Malone took a high stick to the face from Dorothy Briere.
And then the Flyers captain, Jason Smith fights Malone.
Jason Smith is an A-Hole.

Malone's bleeding after the fight, and that's 4 minutes.

The first two minutes were beyond garbage.

Just as the entire four minutes was going down the toilet, that Jones moron gives Crosby a high stick to the face.

The Pens had a two-man advantage for about 30 seconds.
And they don't get a shot off.

The rest of Jones' penalty is killed.
5:30 of power-play time -- nothing at all.

In the last quarter of the first period, Orpik goes to the box for a hook.

The Pens killed that off, thankfully.

And that was it.
In a period where you thought the Pens would show up, they didn't.

"They aren't making the playoffs."


So, the second period starts off.
Bad times.

Ruzicka gets into a fight with Daryl Sydor.
Too bad Ruzicka didn't think he was gonna get ice time tonight, let alone get into a fight.

His jersey wasn't tied down, so he was gone for the game.

The second period refused to get into a rhythm.

Gonchar went to the box for some phantom call.
7 seconds into the power play, Palindrome deflects in a shot from the point.

3-0. Emoblog.

Dan Potash settles into a zone and asks Steiggy and Errey who were the five Penguins to participate in the 1992 All-Star Game.

Bryan Trottier was the only one who wasn't a starter.

The Pens finally got something going.
Crosby settles things down and gets it to Whitney.

Whitney has more patience than UPMC Presby and gets it to Malkin. 3-1.
Biron immediately thinks of going to the ref to complain about something but realizes that he got beat.

Next thing you know, the Pens were going back to the box.
Sydor for knocking the puck over the glass.

In a weird play that the Flyers got hosed on, Knuble knocked the puck off the top of the net by hitting the netting near the puck, and not the puck itself. Should've been a goal.

The Pens kill that penalty.

And they started picking things up a bit.
Sid's line dominated.
Then Recchi set up Christensen with a sweet pass.
Have to bury that. No questions asked.

Sid's line comes on and dominates again.
Some dude holds Sid. Another power play.

The ensuing power play was another exhibition of fecal matter.

Towards the end of the period, the Flyers go to the box for something.

17 seconds left, the Flyers block their 80th shot of the game and clear the puck.
Steiggy: "That'll do it for the second period."

Whoops, Gonchar shoots it from the point.
And the goal goes into the books at the 19:59 mark. 3-2.

"They are the best team in hockey."

"Make up your mind, assbag. Haven't you ever watched an NHL season before?"


Daniel Briere is not worth the money.
He elbows Scuderi in the mouth, then laughs at the referee for giving him an elbowing penalty.
Are you serious?

That lasts for about a minute.
Malone goes to the box for hooking.

The Pens kill the penalty off, and things start jobbing for a while.

The Pens go to the box again when Orpik makes up for giving the puck away by taking a penalty.

FSN officially announced the throwback jerseys for the Winter Classic.

APM -- ouch.
( Matthew N. )

Dan Potash alludes to the fact that Bob Errey once had a Buffalo Sabres uni.

Bob Errey says, meh, I wore the bright yellow helmets, not the powder blues.
Bob Errey obviously forgets that he played for the Sabres.

Potash - 1
Errey - 0

By the way, the Flyers capitalized on that power play.
Dorothy was there to put one past MAF. 4-2.

Later, Staal gets taken down with a blatant hook.
Power play again.

The Pens needed to show some character on the ensuing power play.
They proceeded to show less character than an episode of Becker.


As Father Time did his thing (thing = little boys), Crosby gets slashed by Jason Smith.
And honestly, it looked like the slash got all stick.

Flyers fans started chanting Crosby, Crosby.
They relentlessly booed their team last season, and now they love them.
Flyers fans shouldn't be taken seriously.

Malkin sticks up for Bing, decks Jason Smith.
The Flyers take offense, and things got scrummy.

The Pens pulled MAF, and the Flyers score into the empty net 4 seconds later.

At least it's a rivalry again.

(Thanks to Lis for the pics)
  • Malkin: 2A
  • Whitney: 2A
  • Gonch: 1G
  • MAF: 25 saves
  • Timonen: 1G, 3A
  • Definitely did not see Talbot or Laraque enough.
  • Jason Smith didn't make any friends tonight
  • How did the Flyers even get Jason Smith? Is Kevin Lowe on acid?
  • Kerry Fraser and Don Koharski worked the game. The fact that was made public was a warning people were going to get pissed off.
  • The Flyers head coach, John Stevens, is a scumbag.
  • Fox Sports needs to wake up.
  • Lost three in a row for the first time since last December.
  • The Flyers are the better team right now.
  • Whatev


Hooks Orpik said...

If Jason Smith wants to be a real man; throw down with the Big Boss, Laraque.....What's that? I didn't think so.

I like Christensen as much as the next guy, but I think EC misses one beautiful chance a game that a NHL skill player would bury 9 times out of 10. Just sayin.

Not sure what it's going to take to get this thing turned around, but during this crucial stretch of 9 straight division opponents the Pens are 1-4.

But on the bright side the next 4 games are at home, and two of those are against the Devils.

Time to get busy livin or get busy dyin........

PS I think it took 17 games for Brooks to take a hooking penalty. That's definitely a new record for him.

steve g said...

the pens just need to tighten up their game a bit. no more too many men and confusion about who is supposed to be on the ice. as well as keeping things simple for lines 2-4 and just getting shots. there's no reason to not win the division

steve g said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
wilsmith said...

I hate Jason Smith.

Mostly for stealing my last name.

Anonymous said...

i dont get it. the penguins look like they are after someones head for 30secs then it just dies off. why dont they keep going after players the whole game instead of just playing with them for a few seconds then just skate away. why not next shift go after them again and again.

errey was fight about a righthanded shooter on the PP. we need one like a heroin user needs heroin.

laraque needed to make a statement tonight.

1-6 on the PP.


Fleury29 said...

Don't lose faith.

canaanregulatesblog said...

pk didnt show up last night, but it didn't really matter. pens are getting beat by better teams.

Ryan said...

Can somebody explain the "jersey not tied down" thing? Maybe I'm a complete joke for not knowing the rule. I = confusionblog.

Fuck the flyers.

Malkinian said...

Did anybody hear Errey's comment about how "That's why Smith's a team captain" because he passed the puck to Hartnell for the emptynetter so he could get his first goal in 92 games or something like that??

Of course this is gonna sound as redundant as a policeman asking Heatley for license and registration but something has gotta change. This team doesn't have that one weakness keeping us down. We're not particularly good at anything. Chemistry is awful. Nobody wants to hit anybody, especially infront of the net. Goaltending continues to be suspect. Any suggestions out there??

Randy said...

it feels like people writing these articles and complaining on message boards expect them to be going 82-0 or something for whatever reason...there's no common sense's a marathon not a'll have ups and downs and the team knows where they stand at this point...sure the players we've got have talent...but now it's time to see how much heart they have and how badly they want to be contenders...i see some exciting games coming up

The Seeker said...

When will the Pensblog begin handing out brown paper bags for us to put over our heads?

This is embarrassing!

PS: To whoever it was that commented that anyone who thinks the Pens should have done well out of the gate this season is a bandwagon fan - screw you. I've been a Pens fan for 40 years - through thick and thin. I don't think it's unreasonable to expect them to be even better (or at least as good) than the way they finished the season last year. The core of this team is practically the same... just as Ottawa's team is. No one expected it would be easy, but no one expected them to play THIS badly either.

Loser Chris said...

Errey's Sabre amnesia was awesome! I'm glad I'm not the only one trying to pretend that trade never happened. Worst deal by CP EVER!!!

The Seeker said...

I suppose there is always a silver lining...even if you end up in last place.

In that case, just be happy you're not watching the Kansas City Penguins.

Anonymous said...

Ryan said: "Can somebody explain the "jersey not tied down" thing?"

The NHL Rulebook states:

"Jerseys must be 'tied down' properly at all times."

Official player jerseys have a "tab" in the front and back that attaches to the inside of their pants. It MUST be attached.

If a referee finds that a player is not in compliance, that player is supposed to be ejected from the game.

Jonny V said...

Players have to tie their jersey down so that it won't come off during a fight and then someone will do a stone-cold stunner or something.

I need to see us start winning like a marijuana user needs marijuana.

stokes said...

The way i figured it, the pens played a solid 25 minutes that night. doing the math, that means they were skating around with heads up asses for 35 minutes, or more than half the game. they dont look interested for most of these games, even the wins sometimes. they arent even getting chances. they say that if you're a player and you're getting chances, don't worry. this whole team, aside from sid, malkin, sykora, malone, is not getting chances. they aren't making anything happen. shots go straight on net with no interference from a forward. thats an easy save for any goalie. no one wants to get dirty in front of the net. you dont even have to get dirty anymore! you can beat the shit out of any Dman or goalie if you want to score, and apparently its legal.
instead of putting out an APB on Staal, how bout we put one out for the entire offence??

BGL needs to know his role, and atleast last night, his role was to beat the shit out of certain MFer's, namely that joke of a captain Jason Smith. (every other capt. in the league should be embarassed that he is a capt. along with them). Instead he did the usual, skate it to the corner and get beat off the puck. i am in no way blaming BGL in any way, but itd be nice to see him put some MFers on their asses and really understand the rivalry. oh he could stick up for his capt. once in a while too....

defence is letting guys have a fucking picnic in front of the net. weak clears and soff hits, general laziness and malaise coming from this team, all the way around.

There also doesnt seem to be much heart with this team right now either. i think that may be the biggest problem.

i know the pens played like ths until january last year, but i dont expect them to put together another 16 game streak where they get points. i'd love to be wrong.

i'm not being chicken little, i love my pens, but there are obvious problems with this team and they arent getting better. its frustrating and its tough to watch.

sorry for the rant and/or any grammatical/spelling errors and for it being redundant(like asking heatley for licence and registration-that was great!)

stokes said...

i hate the flyers and i hate danielle briere. its amazing, i never gave him a second thought up in buffalo, but put a flyers jersey on him and i hate him instantly. hes a homo. i said it. A HOMO.

i hate the flyers

Anonymous said...

They need a motovational speach from Mike and Jason Seaver and Boner... That's right GROWING PAINS... they happen. so ppl should stop bitching and moaning after every single game about this and about that.

keep up the good work staff.

Anonymous said...

completely useless info update:

Sid, 2nd in scoring, geno tied for 6th.

gonch leading all Dmen in scoring, with 15 pts.

SABU is 8th in the league in GAA with a 2.05. i thought that was interesting.

Steve In Denver said...

Yep, BGL is playing like a BNL.
He or Colby should have buried Smith last night.

I'd like to see our D antagonize the other team's stars a little. I don't think Briere got touched once last night, at least until Charlie got his mits on him after the game.

The only thing that made last night's loss better was watching NHL highlights...Dallas gave up a 4-0 lead to LA and lost in OT. It was nice to see half the league giving up shitty 3d rebound goals, too.

Look on the bright side...most, if not all of us don't live in Philly.

Phuck Philly, and Pluck Chicken Little.

WWDBD (What would Danny Briere Do) said...

Does anyone know if Ryan Malone has stopped bleeding yet? He should've know better than to try to throw down with anyone of the Flyers. Let alone the Captain.

The Flyers are the beast of the East. Behind the Flyers and the Hershey Bears the Pens are the 3rd best Hockey team in Pennsylvania.

War Danny Briere for MVP!

mookieproof said...

At least Pens games are never boring--there's always MAF handling the puck.

J.S. said...

War Danielle Briere?

Whatev. Nice originality, ya douche. Wanna parrot anything else Jim Rome might say?

If you're gonna bring that around here, you might as well war rainbow banners and bumperstickers too. At least P.C. would approve it.

Stoosh said...


Wow, you really got us there. Good one. If most of the rest of our team had the heart Ryan Malone played with last night, the game wouldn't have been close. That was one of our worst games all year and your team still almost let us back in it.

Are you one of those fans who came back to the team now that they're good? Are you one of the ones who booed the Flyers to no end last season when they sucked? How warm and how full is the bandwagon over there in Philly?

And do you even know who "The Captain" played for last year? Make sure you send Kevin Lowe a Christmas card this year, K? Luckily for you guys, Lowe spends most of his days with his head so far up his ass, he can open his mouth and look out.

That's funny, too...Smith hasn't even played twenty games in orange and black and you're already gushing about him like he's been there since Lindros was getting concussed by Kasparaitis. You come off sounding like all the Celtics fans who didn't realize the team wore green and white until they traded for Kevin Garnett this summer.

John said...

Wow, just read that column from the PG, that sounds like the sports reporting we have come to know and love here in Pittsburgh. If any team looses a few games, they are done!

I think we have so much talent that we are still trying to figure out what to do with it. Once it happens, though, we are going to be tough to beat.

Anyone for Bing and Malks on separate lines?

snoopyjode said...

stoosh, you are the fucking man.

John said...

...and would you rather be unbeatable now and start 18-1-0, peak early, and loose in the playoffs (can you say Ottawa?) or be unbeatable in May and June?

Anonymous said...

it would have been nice if Therrien would have put Laraque on the ice at the end of the game.

Anonymous said...

I don't care about the losses. A great team is still going to lose 30-40 games in an 82 game season. What worries me is that the Pens didn't even look like they had a chance in their losses.

stokes said...

anon 5:23pm: thats what i'm saying. ugly ugly losses.

"war" Stoosh. you rock dude.

anyone that uses a jim rome quote is obviously a douchebag. couple that with the fact that "wwdbd" probably is a philly fan, and that makes that post completely irrelevant.

to answer the question "what would danny briere do?" he'd probably give blow jobs to Pensblog Charlie.

plus hes a grown ass man that goes by Danny. grow up.

Adrienne said...

I refuse to give up on the team. We'll get out of this slump.

But for the record, fuck the Flyers

PittHockey said...

"You're climbing that mountain [to get back in the game]," forward Erik Christensen said. "And the avalanche hits, and you're going down with it."

good quote, i guess.

Dikcy said...

i dont get it. the penguins look like they are after someones head for 30secs then it just dies off. why dont they keep going after players the whole game instead of just playing with them for a few seconds then just skate away. why not next shift go after them again and again.

errey was fight about a righthanded shooter on the PP. we need one like a heroin user needs heroin.

laraque needed to make a statement tonight.


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