Friday, November 9, 2007

All Fall Down. PENS LOSE.

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4 - 2

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The next two days are going to be amongst the longest of our lives.
Pens are under .500.
It is cold.
Your girlfriend might be on her period.
Your boyfriend might be a joke.

Things look bleak.
Everyone is getting blamed.

People taking shots at every player.
Everyone wants a change.
Everyone becomes a coach.

Get your mind right, man.
Get your mind right.

Thanks to Ross S.
(Streak of national-anthem pics on the road is going strong. Who is keeping it alive in Philly?)



We get word early that MAF is getting the start.
And Colby finally squeezes into the lineup.

Sydor blatantly owned someone in front of the net when MAF was trying to get the puck away from the net.

After a faceoff, Big Ben struck one big-time. What a sound.

Sean Avery apparently ran Gary Roberts at the tail end of a play.
What a moron.

(Steve G)

The Pens turned the puck over in their own zone, but MAF was there.
There was a lot of extra shenanigans going on early.

Michal Rozsival is allowed to check from behind, as he douches the Roberts.

Sean Avery being a terrible hockey player finally paid off for the Rangers.
He missed the net egregiously on a wrist shot, but the rebound off the boards went right to Ranchero Gomez.


20 seconds later, Sid gets hauled down. He's only 20 years old.
The ensuing powerplay was comparable to someone taking a dump on your car.

The Rangers were beating the Pens to every loose puck insane.

The Pens tied it on a pretty sweet play all the way around.
Sid got it to Gonch at the point.
Gonch lifted it over a sprawling Ranger.
Ryan Malone was screening in front, doing some kind of Karate Kid kick. 1-1.

Colby trips someone up, and the Rangers go on the power play.
That lasted about 4 seconds because the Rangers headed to the box to even everything up.

No reason for this picture.
Kurt Russell just doesn't mess around.

Everything evened up, and then it was go time.
Avery ran Gary Roberts, and Roberts put his stick up.
Avery goes down like a little girl while barely getting hit.
And Roberts tried to get Avery to even it up, but that bought Roberts another 2 minutes.
Four minutes well worth it. And we're not just saying that.
Well, actually, If that was Mark Recchi we might have shut the blog down.

Uh-oh. Michal Rozsival bangs it in on the powerplay.


With that goal, Rozsival instantly did more in 30 seconds as a Ranger than he ever did as a Pen.
Somewhere Josef Melichar raises his fist in defiance.

It was almost 3-1, but MAF made a big-time save.

And yeah, the second penalty was killed, and so was the first period.


Solid, solid piece between the period by Bob Errey regarding line changes.


The Rangers coming out for the 2nd period looked like the beginning of a big game on Blades of Steel.

Alain Nasreddine settled the puck behind the net early in the second.
He's played the last few games, and no one has said a word about him.
The Rob Scuderi school of being a steady defenseman.

The second period just couldn't seem to get goin'.

Christensen scrummed it up, the Pens got a powerplay.
Paul Mara couldn't play in a local dek hockey league.
He is a joke.

The powerplay is mud.
No dice. Again.

Job. Job. Job.

Maxime Talbot went to the box on a slashing call.
7 seconds later, Avery shows up again. Top shelf.


Gary Roberts, in a play similar to when he got blitzed earlier in the game behind the net, decks some dude and gets a penalty.

Who cares.

It was PK blog for pretty much the rest of the period.
Malone and Gonch paraded to the box.

The Pens offense made a little noise that period, but it's just not good times.

Shot Total After Two Periods:

NYR -- 32
PENS -- 14


After the second period, Chicken Little holds another press conference.

"Season is over. Pack it up."

Shut up, dick.

Marty the Chicken and Chicken Little have to be separated in the runway
for the second consecutive night.



Cue up the broken record: The Pens are never out of a game.

MAF played the puck early in the third.
Confusion ensued, but the Pens escaped.

Malkin and Sid forget who's playing center, which leads to a giveaway.
Brandon Dubinsky puts it home.


Brandon Dubinsky celebrates by going to the box.
My Two Dads go nuts.
Recchi scores for the first time since [ Insert your own funny joke here ]
It looked for a moment that it was Roberts.

After that goal, the Pens start playing for the first time in the game.
Furious action.

Unfortunately, out of nowhere, there was only 6:00 left for the Pens to do something.

Malone draws a penalty, and it was time for the Pens to go to work.
And they do. But you don't get a raise every time you go to work.

Bing and Malkin work some magic.
Here we go.
Malkin to Sykora . Yessss...........Just about to jump out of your seat......


Sykora got robbed by King Henrik.
And you know that is it.

Thanks for playing.


  • Bing: 1 A
  • Gonch: 1 G
  • Lundqvist: Sick.

  • Jagr has always been a beast. This is the first game since the mid-90's that he wasn't even a presence.
  • Roberts had a chance at the end of the game, but his stick breaks. WTF.
  • Ranger fans singing "Sweet Caroline" is like listening to your parents bang.
  • Avery = Sylar
  • Marc > Jordan
  • Whatev.


canaanregulatesblog said...

i love the russell love on this blog, but i really need some tom selleck from mr. baseball love on some post on thepensblog this season or im gonna make a video of myself doing mr. roboto. fact.

Anonymous said...

"Recchi scores for the first time since [ Insert your own funny joke here ]"

- i'm gonna have to go with since the 6th grade picnic (on account of watching Mike Lange call Mario's comeback game as I type this)

Here's a crazy idea: i realize our offense is Crosby, Malkin, Sykora, and a bunch of really cold how bout we split up Crosby and Malkin?? Their offense alone is not enough and what have we learned from watching players like Lemieux and Crosby ~ they make everyone else around them better. For all we know, (Staal, Armstrong, etc) could take a random shift with Crosby, score a goal, get their confidence back, and be perfectly fine. I think it's time to split that duo up for the well-being of the team as a whole.

Also, I think it's time to forget about the whole "Fleury gives up too many rebounds" idea. Clearly everyone knows that, maybe the defense should consider being in position to clean them up??

Joshua said...

MAF needs to learn to stand up. My five year old cousin knows that. Goaltenders that stay low tend to do so because they feel simply helpless against the shot...there's no confidence. Thats sad.

Hooks Orpik said...

Frustrating times.....What can you do but wait for the next game? Bitching and moaning won't do anything, it's a long season and the ups and downs are there. Don't let the highs get too high or the lows get too low.

3 notes:

#1 A quick check revealed the site that said the Pensblog rated #5 hockey blog but has, by far, #1 in hits over the past month, what gives?

#2 Marty (official Pensblog chicken) would whip the shit out of Chicken Little any day of the week.

#3 Jordan Staal is doing a great impression of Jason Spezza in the SC Finals but it sure would be nice if he stopped it by now....

theNick said...

Kurt Russell was the only good thing about Death Proof. And Escape From New York is based on Gary Roberts childhood. Look it up.

Gio said...

Words almost escape me to describe tonight's game. The Pens didn't even show up for 2/3 of it.

Malone and Recchi did more tonight then they have for most of the season...which is sad. Though I will give it to Malone, that screen (intentional or not) was sick.

MAF did what he could, which isn't saying much at the moment, but it wasn't a horrendous display either.

Roberts was pissed tonight, and rightfully so. I think Avery dropping to his knees at that "high stick" was actually an attempt to blow him that went wrong, and when Roberts tried to make a man of him, Avery dropped a deuce in his pants out of sheer terror.

It was almost heart breaking to see the lackluster performance for the majority of the first two periods. The skating just seemed slow, and the PP was all but taking a nap.

Sad as it is, the Pens were just outplayed until the third period, and boned on penalties before that when they tried to do something.

Here's to hoping tonight embarrasses someone enough to actually play on Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Didn't know if anybody saw, but the Pens will be wearing the powdered blues for the Winter Classic.

They also have obstructed view tickets being announced today and are doing a raffle of them, but you need to have a kid or something. I wonder if I run home and knock up the ol girlfriend if I can count that.


wes said...

it seems like every loss we have is blamed on the fact that the other team has an awesome goalie and not because our guys aren't motivated for three periods of the game. if our guys would have played as hard for the first two periods as they did the third we would have won the game. i found myself yelling at the tv last night because i was so frustrated with the whole team's lack of motivation. couple that with coach t sitting army and MAF... this is NOT pee-wee. lundqvist started 16 straight games. you do that shit in the beginning of the season so that the goalie gets into a rhythm. fleury is all over the place right now and coach t's best idea is to play him once every four games. sabourin is NOT our future goaltender, fleury is.

Elly said...

I'm glad someone else had that reaction to 'Sweet Caroline'. Any New York fans singing that makes all of Boston weep.

Roberts trying to take Avery's face made me stand up and clap. Can't believe he got the first star.

Kristen PB said...

There are now three NHL players whose "I'm an ass" faces make me sick:
1. Kovalchuk
2. Asham

Can't really blame MAF for 2 of the 3 the goals last night. The defense didn't decide to show up until the 3rd. When you just stand around and watch the other team play, you are going to get nailed in the goolies.

Loser Chris said...


Partick Roy thinks you're sad.

The Pens need to bring in a new goalie coach. MAF's high glove side issues should have been fixed by now. That said, the Avery goal is the only one you can really "blame" him for.

Arlow said...

As much as i don't want to read too much into a team just 16 games into a season, I think it's time to get concerned. I figured the D was not going to be our strong point coming in to the season but I didn't expect it to regress to the level that it has. Gonch letting that pass through the crease last night on the second goal was so sad I wanted to puke. As if MAF's confidence needed another shot to the face, now his D is allowing goals like that. Absolutely unacceptable. I believe what I've heard before that you won't really know what you have until at least 20 games into the season. That's 4 games away and I'm not feeling too good. I've seen it happen in this sport and others where expectations simply crush a team. The bullseye is firmly on the Pens this year and they're not handling it. And I absoulutely agree with the comment earlier that Crosby and Malkin have to be split up. Staal is lost without a playmaker on his line with him.

Look Out Loretta said...

We need Whitney back, especially on the PP.
I got you guys covered on the national-anthem in Philly.

Anonymous said...

Finally something Loser Chris and I agree upon, MAF gets beat high glove wayyyy too often.

At this point though, I guess we have to start him tomorrow too. Everyone thinks he should get the benefit of the doubt and we should ride him how far he'll go, so I guess we'll ride him.

MT has maybe 5 or 6 more weeks like this before King Shero will have to consider making a decision...

-Rob W.

Anonymous said...

"Recchi scores a goal for the first time since Gary Roberts last scored a goal."

C'mon, it's time to stop defending him. He's been nowhere unless it's the penalty box all year, and the stupid 'frustration' penalties are costing the pens.

Anonymous said...

i said this before but we need another play making center. the second line is lost without one, and it seems that malkin is the only player who can fit with crosby on the first line. why not bring up esposito for a 9 game trial and see how he does. if he sucks send him back before he gets to 10 games.

Anonymous said...

This team is in serious trouble. Period.

Anonymous said...

I know there is a weird obsession with Gary Roberts, but you have to call a spade a spade. He looks worse than mark rechi out there. They both look their age. They are terrible. That wasn't awesome when he grabbed avery's face. He got a second penalty, it was stupid. Although they got a lucky goal, the second powerplay unit of the old men and EC is the most pathetic thing I have ever seen. That last ranger goal was a pathetic display of goaltending by MAF. SABU is better.

The Hebrew Hammer said...

Your love of Gary Roberts is astonishing. The whole Fedko jobbing/wristband thing was funny but the guy is old and he sucks now.

The Hebrew Hammer said...

Recchi's daughter just died, so quit making fun of him just for today. Recchi's dead daughter

wilsmith said...

Yeah, blame the goalie for letting a cross-ice through-the-slot pass happen, allowing a guy to one time it past him as he's coming across the crease. Yeah, that's the goalies fault.

all of the last nights goals should be blamed on the players.

Stoosh said...

This is awesome! The picture of the dog on CraponAveryBlog is just about a spitting image of our dog Buddy. Buddy is the guard-dog of Castille de Stoosh. If Buddy (half lab, part rott, part pitbull) were a Penguin, I think he'd have to Colby Armstrong - too goofy to be Roberts, too big to be Max, but strong enough to lower the boom out of nowhere.


ANON @ 1:27 AM - I think we may see Malkin bumped back to try to jumpstart Staal a bit. Gronk was at his best last year when paired up with Geno. And that comment about making sure the defense is in position to clear any rebounds? That's dead-on like an Al MacInnis slapshot.

JOSHUA - MAF staying low has nothing to do with him being afraid of a slapshot and everything to do with him being a butterfly-style goaltender, just like 95% of the rest of the goaltenders who come out of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League. Standup goaltenders give up the lower half of the net to take away the higher shots. Butterfly-style goaltenders like, um...Patrick Roy (perhaps you've heard of him?) take away the lower half of the net and give up the top half.

Stoosh said...

ANON @ 9:13AM - I'm not sure why we need another playmaking center. We've got two and one can't get his own line because he's too busy playing wing. Maybe once some of the other wings step up, he can get his own line again.

Besides, they can't recall Esposito. Once they send him back to juniors, he's there for the year or at least until his junior season is over. And from what I saw of him in camp, Esposito isn't close to being ready for the NHL right now.

This team needs its defensemen to start playing like NHL defensemen. They need the wingers to step up and start contributing, or they need to consider making a deal for another impact-caliber winger before the All-Star Break.

Anonymous said...

The other thing about this team is, and maybe it is just me, but no one seems to be/get angry about anything. I'm not questioning their desire to win, or even their effort on the ice, but I get tired of hearing everyone promote the company line all the time. Everyone just says the right things and that is that.

"We need to be better." "They took it to us." "We need to work on it." "We need to play for 60 minutes." "We had some chances, but their goalie was good."

On and on and blah and blah. You could substitute any quote after any loss and apply it to all losses. It is always the same story. Same with wins too.

Maybe we need someone to blow up. Maybe we need a media tirade. I really don't know why it bothers me, but it does. It sometimes gives the appearance that they don't care quite as much.

The Staff alluded to this a few weeks ago, but would it hurt for Sid to say one time that he hates the Flyers and wants to beat the tar out of them? Or that he's tired of him and Malkin carrying the team on their backs? I know he is too good of a teammate for that, but the repetitive ridiculousness of all the players reactions after the game leads me to start believing they need some type of wake up call. Would it hurt for someone to call Avery a douche like he really is?

Maybe another MT blow up? "I've never seen a group of defensemen so soff....what is solution? We going to find solution."

We need a rallying game. Philly would be a good team to do it against.

Arlow said...

Go Pirates!!!

rwarner174 said...

This is a response to nick on the last blog.

So I reviewed the tape of the 3-1 loss on Wendsday (I didn't really need to, I was at the damn game). Indeed Eaton and Crosby were behind the net. Sid is the center and his responsiblity in that situation was the center of the net.

Having two men behind the net is never a good thing when the slot is wide open.

Also, I'm sorry that I am not thrilled with roberts when he takes a high stick and a rough at the same time. He not only put us down for 4 min. But he was figthing while the Rangers got a 2 on 0.

Nick, just because I'm critical doesn't mean I don't like the players. But bad play is bad play, what do you want me to say.
If you can't be impartial, I'd say you are the Jobber not me.

Anonymous said...

Other anon: They can't bring up Esposito until his junior season is over.

The Hebrew Hammer said...

Stoosh, what do you think about trading for Glenn Murray?

Spencemo said...

I think I'm going to say that our #1 problem is soff defense. Far too many times that puck is getting to the crease almost unobstructed. Those guys need the fear of Marty put into them in order to light a fire under their asses.

P.S....Chicken Little is a pussy.

Blasko said...

Ok here it is I'm going to lay it on the line and you may or may not like it...We NEED a coaching change I'm sorry but it has to be done and it's been since day one of camp...We have no constants besides Crosby and Malkin...We need fire from the other lines and the other players...And that is where a coach comes in...You have to be held accountable I'm not saying in the media or in the public but someone has to be blamed...We are going to blame the coach and yes he has something to do with it but you can't fire your 3rd and 4th line but you can fire a coach...It's the just the thing that might make these guys get the jump back in their game...You don't go from being a dominate team one season to inconsistency the next (without a loss of major talent) we kept the core together and that should be enough...Let me know what you think and if you agree who would you like to see behind the bench...

PittHockey said...

Arlow: It's November.

The Buccos are already 20 games back.

wallflower said...

In my opinion (which, admittedly counts for very litte), this team's biggest issue is team defense.

The defensemen are what they are, but the forwards have been absolutely horrendous defensively this season. When they're not making turnovers, they're not covering their man in the zone.

I don't know if it's a system thing or if they're just being 'lazy' but it really needs to be fixed.

MummRa said...

I do agree that The French Bulldog needs to stick with some line combos. I generally don't speak out against the coach because, let's face it, if I knew what he knows I would be making a million a year and not posting on tPB with a name taken from an 80's cartoon villain.

Playing with a truly great playmaker can sometimes be just as hard as BEING a truly great playmaker. There are some players with whom (<-check that grammar..booyaw) the great just click. Just ask Robbie Brown. And then politely apologize for interupting his mopping.

stokes said...

i think the pens have too many problems to list right now. They have so many problems right now that i could run Problemblog for probably weeks. I don't think many are hard to fix either, but they are the same ones that shouldn't exist when you play on a professional sports team. (The Pirates don't count as professional.)

Heads need to roll and soon....players, coaches, play-by-play guys,

Enough is enough.

rwarner174 said...

We were in this situation last year at this time. The pens will adjust and turn it around. We have too much talent not to. I have been somewhat encouraged by our penalty killing. Hopefully we can start getting some goals from the 2nd/3rd lines as well. I really think in terms of offense the play of Mark Recchi and Jordan Stall has been what has been different between this year and last.

lis said...

I will also be taking pictures at the game in Philly on Saturday.

The Hebrew Hammer said...

There has been a lot of anger going around this blog and elsewhere for good reason but if the playoffs started today, we'd make it as an eighth seed. I know things suck right now but they can be turned around.

canaanregulatesblog said...

Glen Murray, HH? really? If you would ask for one person that is doing worse than Recchi, i would say Glen f'n Murray. come on, you're better than that.

35 year old turd, glen murray is.

Loser Chris said...

I think people's expectations of Staal need to be readjusted a bit. Yes he needs to contribute, but I don't think it's going too far to say he overachieved last season. Pretty much everything the kid threw at the net went in. This season, not so much.

Douchie McGivesafuck said...

The Pens have a fever. And the only prescription is more cowbell.

I predict 4 bodies will be found mutilated for blaspheming GR. He played with some fire last night. Dumb penalties? Sure, the second 2 for roughing was dumb. But our PK is tough. And Avery took a few himself. Normally Avery would have retaliated and we would have been 4 on 4.

Trade for a Center?? Are you stoned? We could be dealing surplus talented centers for wingers or D.
We've got so many NHL centers that they play wing for Marty's sake.

Anon = soff.

Fleury wasn't bad last night, but you can plainly see what a SOLID goaltender can do for your squad. They need to ride him hard for 10 games and beat the rust out and let him get a rhythem.

EC was moving like a post ex-lax bean burrito. Steigy and Errey said so!

The question...will they build on a strong 3d period and play like champs, or continue to show up 2-3 behind every night.

They could use a good week with Kevin Constantine, me thinks.

TeaBaggerVance said...

I always read thepensblog, and I finally feel motivated enough to leave a comment.

Pens don't have any discipline this year. That's the only way Therriens system works. As a team, we need more guys forcing turnovers, getting to loose pucks, making smarter decisions. And don't take bad calls. Roberts is an impact player. But don't ever stoop to sean averys level of asshole. When you do, that is when he plays he best. Unless he drops the gloves(which I would love to see), don't take a bad call. I hope this wakes these guys up. Recchi isn't good, I want him to retire. He is slow, and commits more turnovers than the Ravens. Guys like Staal and Christensen need to work through these slumps. We need impact guys to get ourselves in these tight games. Where is the fire? Crosby and Malkin cannot do everything. Put Malkin with Staal and syko. Put Malone and Army with Sidney. You can put ANYONE with Crosby and they will still produce a point or so a game.

We need to play with discipline. Finish checks, win those battles. Help out your goalie.

It isn't panic time yet, but another month or so of games like the ones in Philly and New York, and we will have shakeups.

Arlow said...

Everyone just relax about the line changes. Rex scored last night so I'm sure he'll get his promotion back to the top line. So that means Malkin slides back to the second line with Staal. Damn, this has all the makings of a 20 game win streak!

TeaBaggerVance said...

I always read thepensblog, and I finally feel motivated enough to leave a comment.

Pens don't have any discipline this year. That's the only way Therriens system works. As a team, we need more guys forcing turnovers, getting to loose pucks, making smarter decisions. And don't take bad calls. Roberts is an impact player. But don't ever stoop to sean averys level of asshole. When you do, that is when he plays he best. Unless he drops the gloves(which I would love to see), don't take a bad call. I hope this wakes these guys up. Recchi isn't good, I want him to retire. He is slow, and commits more turnovers than the Ravens. Guys like Staal and Christensen need to work through these slumps. We need impact guys to get ourselves in these tight games. Where is the fire? Crosby and Malkin cannot do everything. Put Malkin with Staal and syko. Put Malone and Army with Sidney. You can put ANYONE with Crosby and they will still produce a point or so a game.

We need to play with discipline. Finish checks, win those battles. Help out your goalie.

It isn't panic time yet, but another month or so of games like the ones in Philly and New York, and we will have shakeups.

Anonymous said...

SO motivated in fact, you had to leave that comment twice...

Pens just need some Elmers Glue to fix the little leaks.

2007-2008 Pens = Fine...

-Kelvin Benny

The Hebrew Hammer said...

Canaan, I know it rings of desperation but really what are the other options? Other than Mark Recchi getting 20 games on the first line as a reward for scoring last night. I wish RS would have let Roberts and Rex and signed Paul Kariya.

BingCroz87 said...

Recchi and Roberts, while both old, are playing very differently this season. Recchi is playing his age and unlike the rest of his career he looks like he does not give a shit out there. He looks lazy and slow.

Yes Roberts took a couple penalties but the one on Avery was self defense and he barely hit Avery. The refs should not have given Roberts the second one.

Also Christenson had his best game of the season and decided to show up. If he continues to play like that he could be up for a promotion. Malone has also been pretty solid all season. I say bring back the Malone - Malkin - Staal line. Teams have trouble matching up with the size/talent level of that line.

Loser Chris said...

Wow, I figured I was the only one thinking we could use a healthy dose of Constantine right now.

Anonymous said...

I was actually expecting an MT tirade after last night's game. I am disappointed that it wasn't public. He may have just delivered it to their faces.

Someone needs to get the team fired up, and Coach Therrien pulled it off a couple of times last season. If the pens don't come out storming tomorrow, I'm taking it as the first sign that a coaching change is in order.

The Hebrew Hammer said...

Giving out lines is cliche but whatev:


Defensive pairings:

Anonymous said...

roberts and recchi on the same line? eh. dead to me.

Anonymous said...

Why bring up Letang to replace Scuderi? Scuderi and Eaton are the only guys we have this season actually playing defense!

Stoosh said...

Hebrew Hammer - Murray right now has one goal and five assists in 15 games with the Bruins. His goal and one other assist have come on the PP. I'm not sure how his contract looks...I know he's making decent money, but I'm not sure how long his contract runs. If it's just this year, it's something I might consider, but I'd look elsewhere first.

I actually liked Madden's suggestion of approaching Edmonton about Marc-Antoine Pouliot the other day. Pouliot played wing for Sid when they were in Rimouski and he was a first-round talent in his own righ (22 overall in 2003, right before Ryan Kesler and Mike Richards). Sid's mentioned before the good chemistry he had with Pouliot when they played those two years in Rimouski.

It's taken him a little while to get going as a pro, but he showcased good scoring touch in juniors even before he was teamed with Sid. In 2002-03 (his draft year and the year before the arrival of Sid), he scored 32 goals and 41 assists in 65 games, and that was just his second year in juniors. It was on the strength of that season that he got drafted in the first round.

They're going to need a couple of more weeks for the standings to kind of sort themselves out. Once they do, I'd take a look at a couple of Western Conf. teams who are quickly falling back and might have a player or two to move. Right now, Edmonton looks to be the only team in real danger of falling back right out of the gate, so I'd let this play out for a few more weeks or so.

The Hebrew Hammer said...

Yeah I was intrigued by that possibility as well Stoosh. Madden says Pouliot could be Crosby's Rob Brown.

Stoosh said...


Let's not forget something...Eddie Olczyk got 30 games of absolutely asstastic hockey before they finally decided it wasn't working out. Therrien's more than likely going to get some time.

I will say this, though...the same sort of sloppy mistakes that plagued Edzo's tenure in 2005-06 are starting to creep back into play this year - turnovers, miscommunications, lack of a willingness to execute a system, a sloppy transition game. It hasn't gotten to the point yet where we're relying almost exclusively on homerun passes from our own goal line (Edzo's excuse for a transition game), so hopefully that's the extent of it.

I don't know how patient Shero is going to be with Therrien. There's some speculation that Shero may already have pulled rank a few times (MT said in a post-game not long ago that Recchi would be given every chance to play out of his slump; the next night, he was on the 4th line).

But even if a change is made, the absolute last person I want to see back there is Kevin Constantine. KC is a great guy and he's a good coach for a particular type of team - not this team. The last thing this team needs is someone who will suck the life out of a youthful roster, make hockey too systematic for a bunch of creative players like Sid, Geno, Whitney and and that's what KC's methods do. He bored most of the players to death with his incessant reliance on film studies, and his system is just too robotic for my tastes.

Brent Peterson's name has surfaced a couple of times over the last few years. He's an assistant at Nashville (so he's got the history with Shero) and was also believed to be considered when Patrick hired Edzo prior to 03-04 (Peterson was probably more qualified but didn't have the local name recognition that Olczyk had).

Stoosh said...

One other thing...

I'll be really interested to see how the Pens come out tomorrow night in what will certainly be a hostile environment.

But I agree with some of the statements noted above that the frustration levels on this team have got to be reaching their peak and we might be in store for a Defcon Five-level meltdown tomorrow night, and I say that in a good way.

I got that sense the other night with about three minutes left when it looked like the emotion was about to boil over for some of the players - Roberts, Sid, Malone, even Geno. There are players on this team with a ton of pride and I can't see some of these guys taking this much longer.

As douchie mcgives said, I'm looking for an all-out line brawl to occur tomorrow night or something. Some of these guys seem to be on the verge of snapping.

adam said...

Why do I have a feeling that were going to lose 3-2 in a shootout?

The Hebrew Hammer said...

Sid gets six points tomorrow and defecates all over Derian Hatcher


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