Thursday, November 8, 2007

15 down, 67 to go. PENS LOSE.

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demondg1 --- Adam Vacancy

yeah, it was a 7:00 start, not 7:30.
All apologies.

Don't ever trust us with anything.

Before the game we find out:

The Homicidal...Suicidal...Genocidal...

But wait.
Flyers coach John Stevens hits Sabu with a steel chair.

Crosby gives the puck away (a primary giveaway), and the Flyers jump out to a 1-0 lead 28 seconds in as Loophole jobs one in off of Sabu.
We have said it before. And we will say it again. Besides a male performance in the bedroom, anytime you do something in under a minute, you're gold.

No one even knew what was going on.

After a couple minutes, Upshall shoots a puck at Sabu well after the whistle.

Uh, 2-0.
Jeff Carter is all alone in the slot and bangs in a pass from behind the net.

Suck it

Ryan Malone hit some dude late.
Confusionblog ensued.

But the Pens came out of it with a power play.
The Pens got some solid chances on the power play, but no dice.

FSN shows a clip of Lemieux blasting a one-timer on the power play.
What a player. What a moustache.

Another solid shift by Georges Laraque.
Props to him and Talbot for delivering pizza to the student rusher.

Lupul hooks Sid on his way to the net.
Another power play on the horizon.

The second line starts the show and make some noise.

Orpik is the trigger man for the power play all of a sudden.
Pens go an early o-for-2 on the power play.

Bob Errey mentions that Lupul is spelled the same way backwards and forwards.
What followed was 5 seconds of WTF silence.

Just when you thought we'd be going into the first intermission down by a goal,
Sid does what he does.

He grabs the puck from Malkin who got owned.
A sweet pass to Malone, and it's 2-1. Primaryassistblog.

Flyers fan = Stunned.
Thanks to Mike C. for the pic.

But uh-oh, the War Room gets a call.

It takes 14 seconds to verify the goal.

And that was it.


Danny P dominates during intermission.


The second period started out with Orpik and Umberger going at it.
Umberger leaves with blood all over his boobs.

A little later, the Pens had a solid odd-man rush brewing.
Sid to Malkin to Sid to Malkin to Sid to Malkin = no scoring chance.

And then they were buzzing again a few minutes later, but it just wasn't happenin.

Towards the end of that shift, Crosby gets primarily owned, and it sparks the Flyers on a 2-on-1.

Mike Richards buries it. 3-1.

Before the toilet water could settle after that flush, Daniel Briere almost ended the game, but he missed the net.
Didn't he do a commercial where he was knocking out panes of glass in a window?
Yeah, miss the 6x4, joke.

$7 million a year.

Briere was officially the 14th Flyer during the game that the Pens left all alone in front.

With less than half of the second period remaining, the Flyers finally get a power play.
Mike Knuble fixes that with a penalty of his own.

Scottie Upshall had another sweet chance point-blank, but Sabu was holding strong.

Scuderi bolts out of the box and to the bench.
The Pens set things up, and Mark Eaton almost brings down the house with a goal.

The power play ended, and the ensuing play ended with Sykora's stick being held and Crosby getting tripped.
Hand pass or something.

The Flyers have a player named Lasse Poopcan.

Picture: Lasse's wife, Meredith Poopcan, devastated by her last name.

Sid drew a penalty on his next shift.
The power play was buzzing all game, but the red light wanted no part of it.

And then it was the Flyers turn on the power play.
No dice as the second period ended.


A couple of Ben Roethlisberger mentions, and there was already 13:00 left.
Not good times.
Mario looks like he is in the best shape of his life.

Malkin drives to the net and draws a penalty.
The biggest PP of the season.

The power play was pretty much over with when Recchi faceplanted Jones into the boards and got a boarding call.

nice hit.

During the PK, Jordan Staal finally makes an appearance.
Sophomore slump blog.

Sid and Malkin morph into Lecavalier and St. Louis during the last 10 minutes,
trying to tie it up.

The Flyers were shutting everything down.

Lord Therrien knows he has nothing to lose and pull Sabu late.
And, bam, Sid gets knocked down. We got a 6-on-4.

Powerplay streak. Game.
Chicken Little and Marty the Chicken exchanged heated words in the tunnel after the game.

  • Biron: Solid.
  • Malk, Bing: 1 A
  • Sabu: 52 good minutes.
  • Yet another whatev game.
  • Roberts needs to score a goal.
  • So does Staal.
  • So does everyone.
  • Flyers are a threat again.
  • Really tough game in MSG Thursday night. Meltdownblog might be coming.

Double J time tomorrow.

Things are about to get interesting.


Vern said...

I watched the game on TSN on my computer, and I'd highly recommend it for future games. The commentators know hockey and expect you to know hockey. When was the last time you heard an american commentator mention a team playing 1-2-2 AND how the other team has to counter it? It was a great breath of fresh air to watch a hockey game and feel entertained and educated rather than feel like an idiot (NHL RULES! anyone?)

Tough loss...I'm pretty sure the pens are the league leaders in goals against during the first minute of a period over the last two seasons....such a backbreaker.

And notice when recchi is on the ice with the young guns....they skate all over the place while he drifts around in the center somewhere until he needs a breather.

The Hebrew Hammer said...

Guys, the PP was in no way buzzing the entire night. The Flyers kept almost every pass to the perimeter and controlled the house down low to perfection. We had very few scoring chances on the PP tonight. BTW Sabu was garbage, the 1st and 3rd goal were really bad. If MAF is net, we have a much better chance to win. I'm really starting to think we might just be a mediocre hockey team.

slush said...

I was at the Hockey n Heels event. Just had to share that I spread the love of WWGRD wristbands to Newlin Archinal, Janelle Hall, Allison Morris and some other brunette chick that I dont remember the name of. I told them they were courtesy of The Pens Blog of course. They chuckled and thought they were cool. All wore them all night too.

Also, we got a tour of the Mellon, we were told no Locker Room, so I was bummed, but as we were taking the tour we saw some flyers douches warming up. Who cares.

Then through some doors and down a hall and there is Laraque, Army, and Sabu playing hacky sack style soccer to warm up. Then Talbot jogs by, and Staal was around the bend too. OMG I was star struck. I felt like a little kid on Christmas morning. We were told we couldnt talk to them, take pics etc. And hell we needed to beat the Flyers so I obeyed. But man if I didnt want to say something! We named our 3rd born Colby after he scored in OT last season. I didnt possibly think the night could get any better. I was wrong.

We are lead up to club seats, some puck bunny and her friends are in my seats and the ones next to it. I dont want to move them, Im anti confrontational. I ask the Manager type person if she can find me a seat. She does in between 2 older ladies, one old enough to be my Mom and the other my Grandma. Whatever, they are real fans you can tell. Under my seat is my gift box for attending the event. The book the chick wrote, a tshirt, a PINK hat, (An event promoting hockey to chicks and you give us PINK? WTF!!) and a puck signed by Colby Armstrong. I almost died right there.

Best night EVER!

Spencemo said...

Tough loss, but, I think we can find some comfort in the (totally f'ed up by me) words of the Beatles...

Let It Be - The Gary Roberts Edition

When I find myself in times of trouble
Gary Roberts comes to me
Speaking words of wisdom, let it be.
And in my hour of darkness
He is standing right in front of me
Speaking words of wisdom, let it be.
And when the broken hearted Penguins
Living in the world agree,
There will be a Gary, let it be.
For though they may be parted there is
Still a chance that they will see
There will be a Gary, let it be.
Let it be, let it be. Yeah
There will be a Gary, let it be.
And when the night is cloudy,
There is a light that shines on me,
Shine until tomorrow, let it be.
I wake up to the sound of music,
Gary Roberts comes to me,
Speaking words of wisdom, let it be.
Let it be, let it be.
There will be a Gary, let it be.
Let it be, let it be,
Whisper words of wisdom, let it be.

MummRaTheEverLiving said...

Wow...Meridith Poopcan looks super emo. Minutes after that painting was finished she put on her Dashboard Confessional cd and cut herself to see if pain still had any meaning.

The general consensus appears to be that you have to ride out Sabu's hot streak and then see what Flower can bring to the table. Well here's Maffy's chance. I fully expect him to come out huge tonight.

Ahrn Mike needs to throw Army back in there...stat!

Saying "Stat!" only succeeds in causing me to recall Short Circuit. Your momma was a snowblower.

Loser Chris said...

First, gotta agree with Vern about the TSN broadcast. It's nice to have announcers act like their audience knows about hockey instead of the "Hey folks, that blue line there is called the blue line" drivel most US announcers spew out. They really go out of their way to break down and analyze the play.

Second, what hot streak of Sabu's are we "riding out"? Seriously, you could put me in goal against New Jersey and win when I get 5 goals to work with. The fact is only two games this year have really been won for us by our goaltending and that was the 2-1 game in Washington and the 1-0 game against the Rangers. And who was in goal for both of those games... MAF! It's time to give the Flower his job back and let him run with it. Sabu shouldn't see the ice again until we play on back-to-back nights.

canaanregulatesblog said...


los lobos kick in your ass into outer space?

short circuit ftw!

hebrew hammer, you are the biggest whiner on this blog. fire mt, sabu was garbage, colby must die. give it up, wah! machine.

the defense was soff last night. real soff. and the flyers outplayed us for one game. there are 82 f'n games in a season.

i'm really starting to think you might just be a mediocre hockey fan. get yourself a pacifier and shush! (encino man-style)

MummRaTheEverLiving said...

Mea culpa Chris, you bring up some good points. I thought soon after the Devils game that, if Flower had been in, he definitely would have made that shutout as well.

Interesting to note as well that they have now held opponents to 20 shots in 2 straight games. You are going to win more than you lose when you if able to do that consistenly. Sid had the rare off game, no doubt due completely to that oafish douche-whistle Hatcher being injured.

Pensgirl said...

vern's right, TSN is the best. Their broadcasts are the only non-Lange ones that I actively like.

hammer...they're spending so much time on the perimeter I've been looking for Jack Bauer out there. Effing CTU bullshit...and I don't think it was good defense either, it was just shitty offense. They line up corner, behind the net, corner, and nobody goes to the front. How many times were there sweet rebounds to nobody?

Even before the game I thought last night would have been a good one to bring Colby back. He'd have been extra-motivated to hit and get his nose dirty, which is precisely the attitude we needed.

Hopefully they'll reintroduce themselves to the slot and crease tonight.

chris l. said...

Only able to watch 3P last night (apparently you can't watch the beginning of what you're DVRing while it is still recording), but 2d intermission highlights seemed to show less than a stellar effort.

Mummra: Yup. Sabu hot streak = ridden like a dime store pony. MT needs to stop wasting quarters.

Last game? MAF > Rangers.

Colby needs to be unleashed.

Go Pens!

Hooks Orpik said...

Loser Chris---Sabu was 3-1-1 with a 1.86 GAA and a save percentage of .926% coming into the year, he deserved to play.

I guess for Halloween Jordan Staal went as Jason Spezza in the SC Finals, because dude has disappeared.

If Colby Armstrong is scratched for a 4th game I'd be mighty disappointed, but if he's in the lineup and doesn't play with an edge I'd be even more disappointed.

Lady Jaye said...

WWGRD kept popping up last night. They were showing the texts coming through to the Pens text #. I saw it at least four times. A few folks around us were confused but slowly they caught on. Tried to get a pic because I found it rather entertaining but my camera battery died. I think it needs it's own bracelet.

The Seeker said...

Our problem wasn't ANY was our lack of goals.

PittHockey said...

bad news: another bad loss.

good news: crosby throwbacks

Blasko said...

We have all this young talent in Wilkes Barre Sit Recchi and bring someone up who wants to play not just go through the motions...Also where has Armstrong been is he hurt or healthy I've missed the scratches the last 2 games

Sinops said...

Loser Chris,
I totally agree with sticking with MAF. Looking at the upcoming schedule, the next time we should see Sabu is Nov 21st at home againt Jersey and let MAF plat at Ottawa the next night.

Hard to blame the crowd at the game last night. We were down 30 fucking seconds into the game. Then down by 2 five minutes in. My two dads should both be healthy scratches tonight. Bring back Colby and Ru and let the old guys rest.

Anonymous said...

hebrew hammer = joke

Adrienne said...

I was at the Hockey n Heels event. Just had to share that I spread the love of WWGRD wristbands
So you were the one that beat me to it! lol

You totally forgot to mention the seeing Gary Roberts out in the hall outside the Pens weight room. I showed him my WWGRD bracelet and he laughed and said it's "cool".
After talking to him I quickly had to pop a Plan B pill to kill off the impregnation just from talking to him.

As for the gift boxes, I orginally got a Roberts puck, traded for Staal and then traded some other girl again for a Malkin puck. FTW! :D

The chick that wrote the book however, as nice as she is- her voice made me cry. Just... ugh.

The most frustrating part about the whole game though, was being up in the boxes with all the women for the Hockey n' Heels event. Towards the end of the third with the clock counting down, myself and two other girls sitting next to me were standing up, screaming, and all out being as loud as possible. Everyone around us however, just sat there looking at us like we were crazy. The entire 60 minutes of play, no one up there seemed at all into the game.

I still stand by the anti-girls at hockey thing. You're either a hockey fan, or you're not. There is no reason to dub yourself a "Female hockey fan."
Some puck bunny gave all girls a bad name.

The girl sitting next to me was looking for a Crosby puck, and couldn't find it. Some girl across the box found it and told her, "Oh. You can have it for 75 dollars!" I wanted to punch her. Everyone up there was just trading around and having a good time, and here some cunt had to be the typical asshole at the game.

As for the game, I'm really sad to see we didn't carry our win record out to 9-0, that and the fact we gave up a goal 28 seconds into the game. Ugh.

I think the most interesting part was the goal that could have been, had Eaton had his stick down. You could tell that he had absolutely no expectation of it coming to him, as he tried to shift to take the shot and fell over.

Malkin and Crosby played like crazy, and Staal was again lacking in the game. I'm hoping he gets back into the game soon, this 2 points in 15 games thing sucks ass for him :(

FireFox said...

I don't agree with GIVING MAF his job back. He needs to EARN it back. He got benched for a reason, primarily rebound control. This was a problem last year as well but he got it under control. This year he apparently forgot all about it and can't correct it. I want to see him in goal as much as the next guy, but he shouldn't be in just because he is supposed to be in. Sabu is no superstar, but there is no question he has played better and more consistantly than MAF has. MAF should get the start tonight because of the back-to-backs and the fact that Sabu was average at best last night. This is his chance to earn his job back. Put up a solid performance and control the damn rebounds and he will stay in.

Jordan Staal? Marc Recchi? Gary Roberts? Hello? Are you there? I haven't been seeing your names on the scoresheets and that is a problem. There is the step, please get UP on it.

And I think it is time to end the facination with Tyler Kennedy. He hasn't done anything to merit staying on the roster. Bring back ARMY!!

The Hebrew Hammer said...

Haha, I knew i'd catch hell for the Gary Roberts bashing but what are you going to do. Canaan, I guess that's just my nature. The Waaambulance will be making stops after every loss this year and who knows maybe even after some wins.

Anonymous said...

It's time for Jordan to watch from the box. He's been awful this year.

slush said...

Adrienne- Whoa! You were totally in another group, we saw no GR, I would have dropped twins right there at the sheer sight of him. Damn.

And I lucked out with who I sat with 2 older ladies, 50 and 70 with their daughters, who were both older than me. No nonsense, totally into the game. No swapping going on around us. All business. Which was cool with me. I wasnt there for the female comradery anyway. Or the book. It was a way to fit another game in. And a night away from my little monkeys.

The girl behind me had a Fleury mask on and was pissed he wasnt in. She whined about it all night. Screaming at Sabu. Annoying. If they do it again next year, Id go, but find some rad ppl to go with first maybe.

Hoping Colby is back in tonight. 4 game scratch would SUCK! ugh.

Stoosh said...

Fleury needs to earn his job back, but he isn't going to earn it back sitting on the Pens bench or in the f'ing runway.

He needs his confidence back. He needs to find his groove. The only way he's going to do that is to play. Goaltenders need to play. He had rough stretches like this last year, and he played his way out of them.

He didn't win 40 games last year on smoke and mirrors. The Pens allowed 30.9 shots per game last year - only eight teams in the league allowed more. He was a very big reason why this team was as successful as it was last year. It's time to hand him the keys and let him play his way out of this.

This team needs to find its edge back, and maybe that starts with a confident Fleury in net.

Loser Chris said...

When a guy puts up the 2nd best season ever in franchise history for a goalie he deserves the benefit of the doubt. Especially playing behind a shaky defensive unit. MT needs to stop jerking MAF around and let him get back on a roll. I don't see us winning any 1-0 or 2-1 games with Sabu in net, and with the way the offense is playing right now overall, that is a problem.

Steve In Denver said...

I think the problems the Pens have are minor, and will be worked out. I consider our situation to be fairly be at .500, considering some flat efforts, shakey D early on, goalie issues, lack of scoring across the lineup, etc. If you look at all the comments, you'd think we were 3-9 and in the cellar.

14 games straight with a PP goal. The PK has been huge. Shots against are way down...look back over the last 2 was not uncommon to see 35-45 shots against. This season, we're seeing 20's. That pays off down the stretch.

They do need to work on more traffic in front of the net, less pretty passing, more shots, more hitting in the offensive zone, smarter neutral zone play, and they absolutely need to get the puck deep...those blue line drop passes to the other team are horrendous. And the first shift of the game goal against or penalty, and the too many men penalties? W...T....F.

I want way more passion and effort out of the guys, but it is early. It's been said..the grind. You don't want to blow your load early and be asleep in March. Leave that for Ottawa.

If you think anyone in that locker room is coasting, or satisfied, you're high. Teams are up for the Pens every night.

I'd love to see that defining game soon, though...the one where Sid or Geno or MAF gets douched, and Army, Roberts, Laraque, Max all come unglued, and body bags are needed to clean up the debris.

Every night could be that night. Tonight, maybe Sean Avery makes that mistake and unleashes the beast. He's dumb enough to do it.

Go Pens.

Anonymous said...

"I don't see us winning any 1-0 or 2-1 games with Sabu in net" - Loser Chris

But you do with MAF? Sabu's GAA is 2.05 after last night, MAF's is 3.45. Nearly 1.5 goals per game better. Sabu's SV% is .919, MAF's .896. Nearly 2.5 saves/one hundred shots better.

Loser Chris, if you want to defend MAF, you need to come up with something better than talk of last season and giving him the benefit of the doubt. Those are not good reasons to play someone now.

True, he does play behind a shaky defense, but Sabu plays behind the same 6 guys. Its no excuse. The numbers speak for themselves.

-Rob W.

The Hebrew Hammer said...

I just don't understand why Therrien is treating MAF like a rookie or someone unproven. After a 40 win season, you shouldn't be jerked around and be put in competition for your job be some noone backup. It's time to ride Fleury for a long time, if not this team isn't going anywhere.

wilsmith said...

I think people are confusing "rebound control" and "not giving up rebounds at all". Rebounds are going to happen, and he generally kicks those out to the corners or away from the crease where some clown is going to tap it in. The offensive players aren't stupid, if they don't have a quality shot they're going to shoot where they can get a rebound. Fleury generally swallows up anything in his upper body, and kicks the low stuff away from the front of the net, which is what he's supposed to do.

Fleury is the goalie, he proved it last year. This Sabu experiment has got to end, it's only going to cause problems. The longer Fleury sits, the worse he'll become and the longer it will take for him to get back into things. Sabourin had good statistical games against two teams with bad offenses. Theres no reason Fleury shouldn't be playing now.

Oh, and if Colby plays tonight, I would expect him to tear it up. Maybe not on the score sheet, but you'll know he's there.

Anonymous said...

canaan, I agree. I don't like bashing other fans etc, but he's a joke and needs to stop whining.

Hebrew, I suggest you stop whining and learn your hockey.

Sabu wasn't mud last night. Two of the goals were luck. Besides how many games does MAF let in 3 goals? Just sayin'.

You all whine about giving Fleury a chance, but NEVER give Sabu chance. Don't say you do, because all you do is continue to bash him because you're all hung up on Fleury being our #1 draft pick. We all say give Fleury a chance, he'll get up to speed. We have to give Sabu a chance to show us what he's really made of too.

Vern said...

Does anybody honestly believe they would have started MAF over Sabu?

Sabu: pitched a shutout, got a day of rest, has been on a bit of a tear, needs to develop confidence.

MAF: inconsistent

I consider it a gift from MT for a job well done the other night. MT treats MAF like a rookie because he coached him when he was. He's a coach that doesn't put up with shaky goaltending (remember random benchings and applause for tbo?), and he knows all of fleury's tendencies.

in hindsight, Sabu couldn't handle it. MAF is the obvious starter tonight and will have to earn his stay. Play well, continue playing. It's simple.

Anonymous said...

I hope to see colby tonight and i hope hits everything that moves like a teenage boy.

go pens!

Nick said...

All this talk about earning ice time from Therien is really starting to infuriate me.

What did Mark Recchi ever do to earn any of the ice he's gotten this season? He's way too slow to even keep up with Crusher and Roberts (two of our slower players in the line-up), he makes blind passes to the front of the net which often result in break-outs for the other team, and he takes dumb penalties. Enough is enough.

I like seeing Georges in the line-up, especially against a divisional opponent. However, if he's not going to hit people all game long or agitate, what's the point? Colby and Jarkko can certainly do what Georges did last night, plus they're much better skaters and stickhandlers. They also have 100 times better a chance of scoring a goal from outside of the crease.

Fleury must start tonight and vs. Philly on Saturday. 52 minutes from Sabourin is good, but those 8 poor minutes meant we had to chase all game. Even though the 2nd goal was one anyone would have been proud of, Sabu had no clue where the puck was until it hit the back of the net. Errey said the cardinal sin for goaltenders is to get beat short side on a 2 on 1. Well, the ultimate cardinal sin is to let that shot go in front above the face-off dots. Bad, bad goal. He also is not nearly as good of a skater as Fleury is (Witness Fleury dive into the corners to save pucks crossing the goal line on the power play at least twice tonight, something Sabu never does). Thirdly, I agree with whoever said that the same 5 people play in front of both goaltenders, but the Penguins as a whole play differently in front of Sabourin. Anyone who watches them on a consistent basis can see that. They're more confident to take rushes and jump in the play when playing in front of Fleury, and in the long run, that's why we won so many hockey games last year.

Therien's mind games with these young guys certainly hasn't paid off yet. Look at the Senators. Sure, they got douched in the play-offs for the last decade but now look at them. They went through big name coaches and general managers but one thing remained constant...the players on the rink. They let their players learn from mistakes and experience the ups and downs of the game. I understand that it's a different situation, but at some point this season I would expect this circus of players and lines changing every night to get kicked to the curb right alongside Michel Therien. We have 67 games to play, but at some point, we have to start becoming more consistent, and that consistency has got to start with the top 3 lines.

PS. Ryan Whitney, please be healthy tonight.

Loser Chris said...


10/20 @ WSH - 2-1 W - MAF stops 30/31 shots and named 1st Star

10/23 v NYR - 1-0 W - MAF stops all 36 shots and named 1st Star

You were saying...

rachel said...

Slush and Adrienne, I was there, too. Was there a third tour group because we saw Staal, Crosby, and Sydor warming up and then the Flyers later on? Once Danny P said hi to me, my night was made. I totally didn't expect the gift box, which was a very classy thing by the Pens. The only thing I didn't like was not getting to sit where are tickets were. We were supposed to be on the end, but instead got stuck climbing over 4 ladies.

Slush, I saw you give the news ladies the wristbands and it made my night, haha.

Adrienne, that lady's voice made made me cry, too. oh my. That's sweet you ended up with a Malkin puck.

The power play was sad last night. But hopefully, Fleury will give the Pens some life tonight.

Anonymous said...

Loser Chris,

Yes, I was saying...

10/5 bail out MAF 7 for 7 @Car
10/27 bail out MAF 13 for 13 MON
10/30 28 for 30, 2 GAA, .933 SV% @MIN
11/5 20 for 20, 0 GAA, 1.000 SV% @NJ

This isn't including his win against Carolina where he was something like 29 for 32, or his loss at Colorado where aside from something like 180 seconds he had a shutout.

Look, I want MAF to be good, but the fact remains that he hasn't yet. Sabu played good and deserved to start last night. MAF will get his chance tonight. I hope he gets a shutout and you get on here tomorrow and let me hear about it. I have no problem playing MAF for the next 65 games if he deserves it. The problem is he hasn't deserved it yet.

Sabu has out played him so far and deserved to have his chance. Now MAF gets his. What is wrong with that logic?

I have a problem with the MAF defenders out there who continue to use excuses like "last year" and "shaky defense" and "he's the future" to justify him playing. None of those things matter when you play the game today, nor should it. All that matters is winning games, period.

If he's the future, maybe Sabu is the now.

So, yes, I was saying...

-Rob W.

The Hebrew Hammer said...

Anon, I don't give Sabu a chance because he shouldn't be getting chances. He's a crap backup goalie who can play good every once in awhile. His role should never be more than that. I don't care what you say, a good goalie stops the 1st and 3rd goals. If Fleury was in and gave up the same goals, I guarantee you he would have been pulled. It's a double standard and it's not in favor of the person it should be.

On a different note, I just finished watching the Petr Nedved 4OT game against WSH in 96 and I say start Wregget tonight. What a fucking game he had. Suck it Juneau.

Loser Chris said...

Here's the big reason why MT's mind games with MAF won't work. When MAF gives up a goal his reaction needs to be "no big deal, I'll stop the next one" and move on. With the way things are now how can he help but think "crap, I wonder if I'll get benched again now?"

I dare to suggest that MAF will be here long after MT is gone, let's let the kid get on a roll instead of filling him with doubt and destroying any confidence he might have left. Sabu is capable of not losing games for us (which is what you want in a backup), but MAF can flat out win games for us, which is what a good team needs in a starter.

Stoosh said...

Phil Bourque was just on with Mark Madden. Bourque was talking to Armstrong last night after the game, and from what he's heard...

1. Army is going to be in the lineup.

2. Army was benched because he's been relatively invisible the last few games he played - coasting too much up and down his wing, trying too hard to pick his spots, not being the normal crap disturber he is, not throwing his body around, etc. They don't expect him to score. They do expect him to play his normal game and he hadn't been doing that of late. That said,...

3. From what Bourque said today on the radio, Armstrong is absolutely itching to get back on the ice and play his normal game, and we should see a lot of the old Colby tonight.

With Avery back for NY, it should be a fun night.

Oh more thing...Bourque basically said that unless Shero absolutely gets blown away by an offer for him, Colby Armstrong isn't going anywhere.

jammer jagger said...

Malkin and Crosby are not going to score a goal (gasp) every night. Most nights, not every.

Pittsburgh Goal Scoring MIA list:


maybe they should all grow fu manchus. Yep, that would do it.

Adrienne said...

I wasnt there for the female comradery anyway. Or the book.

have you looked at that book yet? I got about 20 pages in and had to stop before I started stabbing puck bunnies. Ugh.

FireFox said...

I still don't understand all the Recchi hating. He played well for us last season, this season not so much. But we have a lot of players on the roster that are guilty of this same thing so it isn't just #8. And slow? Recchi is slow? Come on. I know the guy is 40 (or nearly 40) but he is not slow. I watch him dump the puck into the offensive zone on one side and he blistered over to the other side of the ice to keep it in. Even one of the commentators were saying "Where did he come from?" I has some wheels but like others on the team, he isn't playing to his level.

Anonymous said...

Sabu has backed up a consistent goalie, and learned a lot behind Luongo. Who has MAF learned from? T-bo? That's like learning how ride a bike from a guy with no legs.

The Hebrew Hammer said...

Firefox, the local announcers ask "where did he come from" because Steiggy and Errey were too busy looking up the definition of palindrome.

wilsmith said...

If you can ride a bike with no legs, then you must be a pro.
I want to learn from that guy.

rwarner174 said...

Anyone that thinks sabu played bad is an idiot. If you want to blame someone, blame crosby for the first two goals. The first resulted from a give away by sid. The second was because sid felt it necessary to play with himself behind our net instead of cover the man in the front of the net. Never should there ever be two defenders behind the net Sindey.

Oh well, I'm not bashing sid here per say. But gotta say, definitly one of the worse performances I have sceen by Sid. I am sure he will score a hatrick tomorrow so all will be well.

The 3rd goal was a 2 on 1. This was probably sabu's fault though, Nas did a good job taking away the pass but the snuck it by the Sabu anyway.

Loser Chris said...


"Last year" the Pens don't sniff the playoffs without MAF. He has earned the right to work through a tough stretch on the ice and not in the runway. 40 wins should earn you that. The way MT is treating him is total BS. This guy stole I don't know how many points for us and now he has his coach ripping him in the press for a shaky start. That's weak.

Stoosh said...

HAMMER - The 4OT game was the ONLY time in my life that I ever cheered for Petr Nedved. And maybe a little of that was because that was a good night for several non-hockey related reasons, none of which I will enumerate here.

Loser Chris said...

"or his loss at Colorado where aside from something like 180 seconds he had a shutout.

Maybe Sabu should start his own league where games are 57 minutes long. You can't job people for giving "excuses" for MAF and then come with that line. By your logic I might as well say MAF is undefeated if you don't count the games he lost.

Stoosh said...

Just throwin' this out there...I think the thing that bothers some of the Fleury supporters out there isn't anything related to the play of Sabu to this point.

It's this perceived notion by some that if MAF doesn't do well this year, he's never going to make it as a franchise goalie here and the Pens need to begin to seriously explore other options.

I can't even begin to describe how incredibly short-sighted and how catastrophic it could eventually be for this franchise to not give Fleury every chance to become the franchise goalie. He's 23 in a couple of weeks. He's a full year ahead of the normal developmental curve for goaltenders. If we're still seeing the same inconsistencies four, five years down the road, THEN you start think that maybe he's not going to be your franchise goalie.

Look at Luongo's statistics year by year and pay attention to how old he was during each season. You'll see what I mean when I say Fleury is about a year ahead of that curve.

And for another lesson in patience with young franchise goaltenders, go check out how 25-year old Pascal Leclaire - picked 8th overall just a couple of years before Fleury - is rewarding Columbus this year for their patience with him.

The Seeker said...

Jammer said:

"Pittsburgh Goal Scoring MIA list:


When did we get Nedved back?

Eric said...

WWGRD was everywhere on the jumbotrons


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