Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Days like these are as exciting as a Barenaked Ladies CD.
Nothing going on.

As a lot of people have said this already.

Best wishes go out to Jason Blake, who has cancer.[ TSN ]
No one wants to see that.
Get well soon.


PENS Links

Bing didn't skate today. [ Sidney Crosby Show ]

Scuds is steady as it goes. [ Post Gazette ]

As [ PSI ] points out. Thursday will be the 40 anniversary of Pens first game.

Tons of good photoshop goodies in today:

Evan Godfrey ||||| Brian Steimer

JM Gillam and MG Jones

Keep them coming.


Thanks to reader Dave for pointing this out.

CBSsportsline is holding a jersey logo tournament. [ CBS ]


Guess within the million page views that [ NHL Logos ] got this summer, no one at CBSsportsline logged on.


The Nashville Mayor is now saying a plan is in place to save the Preds. [ Nashville Post ]

Speaking of Mayors.

WTF is going on with Luke Ravenstahl?
Now we always make it a point to stay out of politics, because our struggle to just get out of bed in the morning is enough.

But it seems like every time you turn on the TV, Ravenstahl is getting jobbed.
Good times.

Apparently Ravenstahl was in the New York Times or something complaining about watching the Steelers game in peace. [ Burgh Report ]

Then he accused some WPXI reporter of stalking him. [ WPXI ]

Like we said.
We have no idea. It just seems like a possible meltdown could occur.

We are voting Gary Roberts for Mayor.

Luke lost our vote because of this:

What a joke.
If he was a real man. He would've taken a poop on the Jersey.


Slow news days and a small slate of games means Recapblog.

[<span class=[<span class=
2 - 1

No dance for the Isles today.

The battle of unbeatens?
Uh-oh. The Craps are 3-0. [ DC Cheap Seats ]
They are perfect on the penalty kill this season.

The Pens will be in Washington on October 20.
Plenty of good seats available.

[<span class=[<span class=
4 - 2

A changing of the guard.
Any other season, you would click the NHL scoreboard and see the Devils beat the Senators 3-1 and break the undefeated season.

But nope. The Devils aren't the Devils anymore.
The Sens are now 11-0 including the preseason. [ TSN ]
And Emery isn't even in goal yet. That's scary.
And they are still perfect on the PK.

The Devils have started the season 1-2-0, and they have 6 more road games to play before their arena is ready for business.

[<span class=[<span class=
4 - 2

The big news from this game was Chris Chelios playing in his 1,550th career game. [ NHL ]

Picture: Former Chelios linemate Orville Reddenbacher celebrates the news.
He then manipulates a little boy in a pile of pop corn.
What a queer.


The only thing you don't see in that, is any recent Stanley Cup Banners.

That YouTube sent our balls into research mode.


Basically, not every Zamboni is actually a Zamboni.

The maker of the product has fallen victim to the same thing that products like Kleenex, Jell-O, and Q-Tips have, where a certain product is always referred to an actual brand name.
( We were racking our brain for more. Any others? )

The Zamboni is a brand name, and not all ice-resurfacers are made by Zamboni.
But guess what. It's a zamboni.
The company has tried to distance themselves from the brand identity, but it is futile.

Here is the Wikipedia page that details the technology of a Zaomboni. [ Wiki ]



Go Pens.


kristin said...


Adrienne said...

We are voting for Gary Roberts for Mayor.

I'm pretty sure this can actually be done. The question is, what would happen when he won?

Speaking of the Zamboni- ours is HIDEOUS now. What the hell happened to the nice, simple, school bus yellow ones we had last season? Ours now looks like it belongs in Anaheim.

CapsChick said...

The Pens will be in Washington on October 20. Plenty of good seats available.

Hmm...nope. If you don't have your tickets by now you'd better hope you can afford to buy from a scalper, because word on the street is its sold out. Further word on the street says the stands may even include some Caps fans this time around. Just sayin'... ;)

wilsmith said...

capschick? wtf?
a fan?

Anonymous said...

That's Ravenstahl? I thought it was Chandler Bing.

Korn said...

I looked on Ticketmaster last night and there are still tickets for sale. Same for Craigslist.

Don't believe the hype!

MummRaTheEverLiving said...

That zamboni seems somewhat plain. Don't the Nailers paint their logo on?

snoopyjode said...

if they made one of those rubber bracelets with WWGRD on it, i'd buy 10 of them. that is a philosophy to live by.

pink + supercuts = vitaminwater all over EVERYTHING
that was hilarious!!! you photoshop people are the best. what a way to start the morning. :) speaking of, to one brian steimer: may i get your permission to use that tasmanian sid pic on the sidney crosby show? (full credit would be given.)

another brand name to product confusion is thermos, believe it or not. we had to learn about these in my copyright law class in college. the boredom nearly killed me.

BluffTalk said...

Kool-Aid is one.

wilsmith said...

wow, the mention of the devils arena reminded me that i'm going to the Pens first game there.

Even in the new arena, I'm betting I'm one of 5 people there. I will have a sign for you all to pick me out.

Stoosh said...

Predicting a playoff appearance after going 3-0 to open the season is like a Steelers fan predicting playoffs seven minutes into the new NFL season.

Not that that doesn't happen.

Anonymous said...

capschick..you're a joke. i bought tickets to the pens caps game last nite during a graduate seminar. not even close to sold out.

MummRaTheEverLiving said...

So Les Habs have a line of Kovalev, Grabovski, and Kostitsyn and are lovingly refering to this as Kovy Grabs Tits.

This is screaming for a photoshop. Child friendly of course.

Anonymous said...

I've used Xeroxing as a verb instead of photocopying.

The newest one is Tivoing, even though people have generic DVR's (I do, and the software sucks compared to TiVo).

karri said...

Love the photoshop pics :)

Products - Brand Names:

Dumpster...Scotch Tape...Kitty Litter...Vaseline...Whirlpool

tecmo_bowl_bo_jackson said...

Zamboni makes it just like the real thing...only larger.

John Deere got nothing on Ertl

Steimes said...

Yes you can use my image (I'm Brian). Credit is always nice. You can e-mail me at Steimes ***a***t*** gmail.com

Anonymous said...

You might want to check your "word on the street" capschick because I was just able to find 4 tickets together in all of the sections except for the cheapest 2 (cheap ass Capital fans) and the most expensive 2 (damn business men no tinterested in the game) so dont get too excited thinking people are buying up the tickets just yet, there will be a fair share of penguins fans there since you guys are unable to fill your arena even though you guys are 3-0 and are obviously winning the stanley cup!!

CapsChick said...

Ah, you guys are sneaky going and checking up on that. I didn't even look, I just thought I'd poke at the little snarky comment in there - as far as I know, though, tickets are rarer than usual. That's all I'm saying.

As for the plenty of Penguins fans - there always are (hence all the cheap seats being gone, by the way). Can't say it's not annoying, but that's what happens when people would rather live in DC than the 'burgh. This year there will be more Caps fans there, though, so watch out...

...oh, and can I point out that it was a Pens fan who said we were winning the Cup this year? I would never make such a claim, but who am I to argue with someone so clearly enamored of my team? ;)

(wilsmith: yes...there are about 25 of us now, isn't that exciting??)

Anonymous said...

the stanley cup comment was very clearly sarcasm, they wont go near the cup if the pens have anything to do with it

CapsChick said...

Yeah...thanks. I'm familiar with the concept of sarcasm - we Caps fans are masters at it when referring to how "amazing" our team is year after year. Hence my response.

snoopyjode said...

at least none of pittsburgh's mayors smoked crack with a hooker. (then you guys reelected that douche, too.)

anyhoo, thanks steimes!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy capschick's presence

...check me out, i'm using sarcasm, too!


TheSeeker said...

In case anyone's interested, the Pen's home-opener Jumbotron video in on YouTube in it's entirety here:


And another excellent video of the players introduction filmed live at the game here:


Anonymous said...

As great as it would be to elect Gary Roberts as Mayor of Pittsburgh, I don't think the election laws permit Canadian citizens to run for office here.

Jeffry said...

they need to use that supercuts photoshop during games. people would be much more excited about half priced hair cuts then.

wilsmith said...

What a waste, a hockey loving chick and she likes the Caps.

She'll never even get to know true greatness.

Don K. Show said...

Would you want to be the one to tell Gary Roberts that he won the election but can't be mayor?

Best of luck

Ashley said...

oh man, Kovy Grabs Tits??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

and yes, Gary Roberts should be elected mayor. maybe you guys could start a movement to have everyone write his name on the ballot and see what happens. it's Garytober, so EVERYTHING is possible.

Anonymous said...

capschick...no, no, no.

"As for the plenty of Penguins fans - there always are (hence all the cheap seats being gone, by the way). Can't say it's not annoying, but that's what happens when people would rather live in DC than the 'burgh. This year there will be more Caps fans there, though, so watch out..."

rather live in DC or do the penguins just have a loyal fan base and will travel to DC to watch the game? its just shy of 4hrs from pittsburgh and where i live its just shy of 3hrs.

also, last year when the pens were playing the caps (in your arena mind you), the "LETS GO PENS" chant was just as loud as the caps chant.

and, why the fuck would i want to buy an expensive ticket to an away game? is it a crime to buy the cheap seats?


meecrofilm said...

hahaha, that Malkin supercuts photoshop is money in the bank. Great stuff.

Loser Chris said...

I'm with you Jay...

I drove over 3 hours each way to see the Pens in Dallas last year and I went all out and sprung for the $12 seats. They were great seats too! Sure beats having to look at half the rink through the glass. Besides, it's not like spending extra $$$ on tickets to an away game helps the Pens financially.

Ellie said...

love the malkin photoshop as well : )

I'm still getting over the price of C level seats this year - last year I sat two rows from the glass for $90 using a coupon in the Entertainment Book. Guess that's what happens when your team gets good.

Last year for a class we had to do a report on an inventor - I picked Frank Zamboni : )

Anonymous said...

I don't think capschick was saying it was a crime to buy cheap seats. I certainly wouldn't pay top dollar to see a game in the igloo either. As for the claim that a lot of people are local, it's true - at least 50 people in my office have matriculated here from pittsburgh. Sure a lot of people come down here just for the game but a good amount of people I've met at games have moved here and just continue to root for the pens.

By the way most of you seem to be pretty normal but calling people a joke who are actually making fun of themselves more than you are is something that gives penguins fans a bad name. You have a great young team and so do the caps. can't we all just get along??? sorry to troll, just thought I'd speak up for a fellow poor suffering caps fan.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of those going to the Caps game on the 20th...

The capitals have announced it to be a "whiteout" and will be handing out towels. So myself and the group of 12 I'm going with are goin all black jerseys and taking terrible towels down.

Join in on the fun!

ironcity said...

I've got one that's pretty crazy. Escalator used to be a brand name. Beat that one.

Anonymous said...

Frisbee. Band-aid. Kleenex. Baggies. Brillo Pads. Chap Stick. Novocain. Plexiglas. Rollerblade. Magic Marker. TV Dinners. Styrofoam. Sheetrock. Walkman. Wiffle Ball. Vaseline.

Zipper. Yo-yo. Celophane. Thermos. Escalator. "Lite." corn flakes. dri ice. linoleum. pogo stick. trampoline

Had enough yet?

Don K. Show said...

I've heard people refer to any cola flavor as "Coke"

stokes said...

If Gary Roberts was elected mayor, he could do any damn thing he wanted, because he's Gary Roberts. And he'll NEVER wear a douchey Senators jersey.

Helen Keller's favorite color is Gary Roberts.


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