Monday, October 15, 2007


Midway through another solid Heroes last night,
NBC teases some Matt Lauer interview.

Lauer ask some guy, "Are you gay?"

He can't be stopped.

And the Haitian was making his case for the Emmy.
Clearly the best actor on television.

In between some commercials, we switched to Versus:

The Toronto Leafs melted down in Buffalo. [ TSN ]
They blew three leads in the third period.
It all ended as Bryan McCabe shot a puck into his own net in OT.
McCabe is clearly the worst player in the NHL.

Jocelyn Thibault got the win.

Dude get a new mask already.



The order for 500 wristbands was placed at 2:17 PM Lemieux Time on Monday.
The company says that orders ship in 3-5 business days.


We also placed an order for bubble packages that should be arriving by the end of the week.

Unless Tom Hanks is still working for FedEx,
we plan on shipping these out on Wednesday, October 24.

We've been trying to gauge how many wristbands will be sold.
We are gonna be getting close to the 500 mark.


As of Tuesday at 2:07 AM:

We've gotten upwards of 120 e-mails.
We have received 52 PayPal payments.
252 wristbands are already locked up.
( Snoopy Jode can confirm )


If you're sending money via regular mail, get that puppy postmarked.


We had a decision to make on what to upload to YouTube.
We couldn't make up our minds.

We will go with:

NHL95 highlights
( Watch his dominance go to another level at 7:00 left in the first period. )

Tomorrow, we may have a Gary Roberts song that will change your life.



Sidney gets off the schneid. [ Fanhouse ]

Orpik will be ready to go on Wednesday.

Nazzer is back. [PG]


[<span class=
Todd Bertuzzi is injured again.

Picture: Bertuzzi overcome with tears of joy when realizing he now has more free time to touch little boys.

[phi.<span class=
Boulerice called up Ryan Kesler and apologized for jobbing him. [ TSN ]
Boulerice was placed on waivers. [ ]
The chances of him playing another NHL game are about the same as that thing on Grey's Anatomy ever being attractive.



The first of 8 games this season against the Devils is Wednesday.
It's been so long since we played the Devils.

Things have not been going well in Jersey...

(Don K. Show)


We should never call anyone out for a typo.

But we found this on Yahoo.


One more piece of business.

A few months ago, we got an email from "Mr. Dale" warning us about some jobber who lays the law down on Mario and the Pens, in general.
We didn't think anything of it until he made his first and last appearance in Commentorblog in yesterday's post.

Normally we never censor anyone.
But anyone who is going to job Mario that hard, F off.
Welcome new enemy of the Pensblog.


An actual picture from the 1985 season.


Go Pens


wilsmith said...

Last night Versus showed a stat for someone during the game and it went something like this:

"Overtime Goals This Season: 2
(both game winners)"

Wes said...

Solid reporting from the PG this morning. I don’t think I could have gotten through life without this little tidbit....

"Penguins captain Sidney Crosby empathizes with Orpik and anyone else dealing with a concussion. He got one when he was about 11 or 12 playing a rough kids' game.
'I was playing Wall Ball and I was running away from the wall and fell backward,' Crosby said.
He said the effects, which including vomiting and headaches, lasted a couple of weeks."

adam said...

How did you get Gary Roberts and Sidney Crosby on nhl 95

canaanregulatesblog said...


was penglose the one matt lauer interviewed?

Anonymous said...

If Nasserdine is back...Chick Fillet needs a new employee, or is he using vacation time?

Stoosh said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but hasn't Penglose already been kicked out of and the Trib boards? Maybe even the old Igloo Report boards as well?

MummRaTheEverLiving said...

Someone jobbed Mario? That does NOT ROCK

Loving the CDB inspired pensblog logo. If Charlie had written "The New Jersey Devils went down to Georgia" the song would have most likely consisted of Johnny waiting while the Devils posted up 5 guys at the South Carolina border.

snoopyjode said...

sounds like penglose has a kenny melvin complex - he'll say anything to people to get them fired up just so he gets some attention. "oh, look at me! pay attention to me! my mommy didn't love me! wah wah wah!" WE DON'T CARE IF YOU DON'T LIKE LE MAGNIFIQUE. SHUT THE FUCK UP and get a life, bro!

and to anyone who's curious, we're now up to 60 payments for wristbands. PLEASE check your addresses on your paypal receipts to make sure they are correct - we're getting so many that we won't be able to verify them with you personally when the wristbands are mailed out.

which brings me to my next point. yes, we're taking preorders, but 1. the wristbands were OUR idea, 2. prepaying is not required - if you want to wait until they're physically in hand to order, that is completely up to you, 3. all of OUR profits are going to charity, and 4. PISS OFF, IT WAS OUR IDEA.

Spencemo said...

Versus = Capt. Obvious

Mike said...

snoop, you are once again the shit. Thanks for making the wristbands become a reality. I am going to 3 pens games in 4 days, not sure if that makes me a loser, or the coolest person ever.

Don K. Show said...


well put on the skippy comments.

as far as i'm concerned he, his bootleg gear, and his piss poor attitude can take a hike. TPB had the idea first, he merely ran with it before anybody could do anything. Then he wants to come back and job us like we owe him something? As far as I'm concerned.....fuck it, it's not worth wasting my time over.

wilsmith said...

snoops is rampaging, holy shit

she's like a 6/6 trample, rampage +2 right now.

canaanregulatesblog said...

snoopyjode: bamf post.

Ashley said...

mike: 3 games in 4 days? you're the coolest person ever.

snoopyjode said...

thanks, guys! :)

i apologize to commentorblog for flipping out, but i can't handle a double dose of douche and not say anything about it.

Hooks Orpik said...

snoopy, good work you are on point 100%.

skippy, you are a joke

can someone in commentorblog direct me to the paypal link? my alcoholism must be acting up again, i cant seem to locate it anywhere. much thanks in advance.

Stoosh said...

Penglose has a command of the English language and grammar that is on par with that of my dog, but the funniest thing is that he doesn’t even have the timeline of events correct. I mean, revisionist history is fun and I’m sure all the cool, hip kids are doing it these days. But I love me some facts.

He seems to suggest the team beat Buffalo and went to the Conf. Finals the same year that Mario assumed ownership of the team (although I’m not even sure of that because halfway down that mess of a post, he also suggests that Mario announced a comeback after that Buffalo series).

Fact - Mario assumed ownership just prior to the 1999-00 season. That year they lost to Philly in the second round (year of the marathon 4-OT game). They didn’t even play Buffalo that year.

Fact - Mario didn’t come back until the 2000-01 season. Even if you don’t remember the year, how does anyone who cared this much about the Pens at the time not remember that the Lemieux “Immaculate Deflection” goal and the Kaspar “I Own Hasek” goal happened in the same series?

Fact - The payroll in 2000-01 was $33 million. That was Jagr’s last year with the team. So if Lemieux began hording money after that playoff run by trading Jagr as this tool suggests, he has a funny way of showing it. Why? Well…

Fact - The team opened the 2001-02 season with a payroll of $34 million. Yep. Lemieux was so greedy that the team actually spent MORE than they did the previous year.

Fact - Lemieux hurt his hip in that preseason game at WB/S. Straka broke his leg and only played 13 games that year. Lang and Kovy each missed between 15-20 games. That team’s season went to hell because every single core forward got hurt. Kaspar was traded at the deadline and Lang went to Washington that summer.

Fact – They opened 2002-03 with a payroll of $24 million and still had Kovy and Straka. Lemieux played 67 games that year, so the notion that his comeback was some sort of ulterior motive designed to sell season tickets is bunk. That team played .500 hockey until February, so they didn’t tank. Craig Patrick pulled the trigger on the Kovy deal about three weeks too early because the Rangers also agreed to take Laukannen and Mike Wilson’s dead contracts off the Pens hands.

I feel as stupid as Penglose sounds for looking all that up. But if you're going to job someone like that, at least try to have an idea of what you're talking about.

wilsmith said...

wtfpwnt, GTFO

snoopyjode said...

stoosh, you are the man. suck on THAT, penglose!!!!!

Ashley said...

i think penglose the schmuck just got smacked into shame by snoop and stoosh.

staff - not to be a pain in the ass, but is it possible to get my wristband mailed to another address than my paypal address?

snoopyjode said...

OH! i forgot:

hooks, email the staff ( for paypal instructions. :)

Don K. Show said...

9 paragraphs of pure pwnage, courtesy of stoosh

i like

Anonymous said...

Malkin has the number 2 play of the week...

Anonymous said...

SNOOPY, thanks they got back to me.

we are in business!


Staff said...

WILSMITH -- Haha. We saw that, too, but totally forgot about it.
I actually fumbled for my phone to take a picture of the screen when it popped up.

MUMMRA -- hahahahhahahahahhaha.

MIKE -- What an insane schedule.
probably have to call off work one day to regroup.

DON K. SHOW -- Amidst all this, it can't be forgotten that without your photoshop prototype, none of this enters the realm it's in now.

STOOSH -- Picture-perfect.
That homo is probably trolling on here, reading everything, putting needles in a Lemieux doll.

ASHLEY -- Yeah, we can do old-fashioned mail.
E-mail us and we can give you the address.


Stoosh said...

On Sid's concussion from WallBall, I can't even imagine what he did to merit being saddled with those kinds of symptoms.

I gave myself four concussions back in high school football. I had my fair share of getting lit up (that happens when you're the best damn scout team RB in Erie high school football history), but I never knocked myself stupid to the point where I was puking two weeks later.

I'm willing to bet that wall is no longer standing, for after the 11 or 12-year old Sid recovered from his concussion, he proceeded to make it his life's mission to destroy the wall brick by brick using a hockey stick and a taped-up Bubble Tape container.

Spencemo said...

Snoop + Stoosh = The Pensblog Smackdown Tag Team

Have you guys decided what charity the proceeds from the bracelets are going to yet?

Don K. Show said...

thanks staff, but like you said, I only put out a prototype and got a very rough estimate on prices.

I want to thank whoever took the ball after you guys posted the pic and got the bracelets moving. I'll be putting my order in this evening once I remember wtf my paypal password is. (Tried to recover to my email 3x today, and it has yet to show up in my inbox or my spam folder.)

I got a friend at work today to order 5.

Staff said...

ADAM -- Roberts was already in the game.
We traded Jagr for him.
You can't choose player numbers, so we traded Ron Francis for Alexei Kovalev to free up #10.

Then we used create-a-player to put malkin, gonch, whit, sid, and maf in there.

SPENCE -- We are in contact with Gary Roberts agent, but we don't want to go to a foundation and say, "Yeah, we have $20 for you."

We're using the money we may after breaking even from the initial purchase to purchase postage and envelopes.

We'll give a detailed outline of what we sold, and where every dollar went to.

We promise we will have proof of some kind to show we gave the proceeds somewhere.


William of Loxley said...

That is what I call an AMAZING piece of literature.

Go Pens.

Stanley P. Kachowski said...


I just found this out, figured I'd pass it along, in case anyone else found it helpful:

Netflix is making the weekly Heroes Season 2 eps available to watch directly through their site (a cool new thing they're doing with select movies also) starting the Wednesday of the week the episode airs. So, if you don't have TiVo/DVR and miss an episode, catch it on Netflix anytime after that Weds. Or, if you have netflix and are able to access it at work, you can watch Heroes on the Job.

Not that I condone such a waste of company resources.

The Seeker said...

In addition to stoosh's pwnage, don't forget that the Philadelphia based company that owned the Civic Arena at the time raised their lease amount to the Pens big-time, which also took a big chunk out of what they could afford to pay players.

Stoosh said...

SNOOP, ASH, DON K., SPENCE and STAFF -- Thanks. I love the fact that from time to time, this place needs to turn into smackdownblog.

The thing that killed me about Penglose's rant...who the hell harbors that kind of resentment for that long over something like this? I can remember the media and people like Smizik and Cook calling out Mario's ownership back when this stuff was going on as well, and there were a lot of baseless accusations going around on the message boards at the time.

But who still holds on to that kind of crap six, seven years later with that kind of intensity? I mean, there are fewer athletes I've despised more than Eric Lindros, but I never launched into an unintelligible, rambling rant about him.

That post made me wonder if dude doesn't spend his days pacing back and forth outside the gates of the Lemieux Estate twitching and muttering things to himself. That voodoo doll visual may not be all that far off.

bleepbloop said...

I can buy the 9G 0A stat line for Gary Bobs, but c'mon. The Nordiques??


That's not even realistic.


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