Sunday, October 21, 2007

Whiteout, Our Balls. PENS WIN.

It is hard to say a win in October is satisfying.

But watching the Penguins beat the Capitals in Washington never gets old.

At 8:15 Friday night, the Pens looked dead.
Now they have won two games in a row.
Things are looking better.

Good times.

We find out before the game that Erik Christensen is scratched.
Thus only confirming that Michel Therrien hates him.
We also find out that Semin is out. Which immediately makes this recap less fun to write.
Let's just move on.


Thanks to Andrew L. for snapping this for us.
(We think it'd be cool if someone can e-mail us a picture of the national anthem for away games.)
UPDATE: Andrew L. is also hooking us up with a Caps towel.
Look out, YouTube.

It took 15 seconds from someone with a blowhorn to entice an impromptu "Let's Go..."
And, yes, Pens was audible.

Next thing you know, Nylander drives to the net to look for a rebound.
He runs over MAF with some help from MAF's friends.
Nevertheless, it's PP time.

Recchi is on the top power play unit. Whatev.


Why isn't Staal in front of the net with Sid and Malkin?
If you want Staal to stop doing himself, he needs a goal. And those two other guys are a big deal.

The second unit comes out and can't do anything.

Nothing going for a while after that.
Pens don't look too bad after playing Friday night.

Georges Laraque is back.
Laraque-Hall-Ruutu is as solid a line as it gets in the NHL.
His first shift, the Pens start buzzing. No dice.

Everyone starts running offsides blog.
A-hOle is flying around.
Wasn't it supposed to be a white-out?

Jordan Staal has a wide-open net after Malkin set things up, but he misses.

Gonchar goes to the box. PK time.
Armstrong shows no fear while attacking in the Caps zone.
The Caps made him look like Sid.

During that PK, Bob Errey says something about someone's butt being in someone's nose.

Pettinger does just that, and MAF doesn't know what's going on.

Pothier booms it:

(Apparently photographers don't take pictures in Washington anymore.
There are like three pictures.
So instead of showing a picture of the goal, like we would normally do,
Marty, the official chicken of the Pensblog, volunteered to do a reenactment.)

That's a goal. 1-0.

The Capitals PA guy announces the goal.
The dude sounds like he's narrating a commercial for some haunted house.

After that goal, there was probably only one whistle for the rest of the period.
There were sticks everywhere on the ice.
Roberts was jobbing over on the boards, loses his helmet.

Then with 1.7 seconds left, the linesman feels the need to whistle down a faceoff as a false start.
Probably the most pointless thing in the world.

And thus ended the most boring 20 minutes since Caroline in the City.
Lea Thompson should've just reprised her role as Lorraine McFly.
This was one of the worst shows in the history of television.
If Philo T. Farnsworth was alive, he'd give Thompson the stunner.



Early in the second, Ruutu draws a penalty -- what he's supposed to do.
The top power play unit comes on and is poop.

Gary Roberts gets hit from behind in the neutral zone by Shane Morrisonnnnnn, and the Caps are now down 5-on-3.
What a play by Roberts.

Sid's out for the entire two minutes, but nothing happens.
A couple nice setups, though.

During the aftermath following the PK, Recchi gets in front to Staal.
Staal gets off the schneid and gets douched in the mouth with an elbow.

Armstrong drives to the net again and draws another penalty.


"You guys want some loaner pants or something?"
Probably the worst acting performance of all time.


Gonchar with a couple boomers.
No dice again on the power play.

Armstrong jobs around for a while.
Then A-hOle grabs it and carries it in like a serpent.
While you're contemplating that Steiggy-ism, Gonchar and Roberts get an abbreviated 2-on-1.
Gonchar does what he can, but nothing happens.
Gonchar gets to break in like that about once every 50 games.

Scuderi gets two minutes for being a steady defenseman.

Armstrong was on acid again during the ensuing PK.
The Pens kill it.
Ovie is getting boo'ed in his own building by Pens fans. What an insult.
That is why Washington is mud.

When you notice that there's 5:00 left and wonder where the period went, stuff gets a little crazy.
The puck squeaks past Fleury and nudges off the post.
Eaton morphs into Fleury again.
The puck comes back around the net, and Eaton does some sort of ninja flop to make a save.

( Will Smith)

After a PK ends and the play continues for a while, it's the best feeling in the world when Crosby takes the ice and starts going nuts.

He gets a high stick in the mouth and acts like he gets shot.

Trainer Chris Stewart needs to start carrying ketchup with him.
The refs would fall for it. Has to be done.

Huge powerplay for the Pens.

And it comes back to bite the Caps in the anus.
Sid and Whitney set up a semi-Whitney Play (TM).
Whitney gets to settle it down, and reminds Brent Johnston that he's a joke. 2-1.

Going into the second intermission, the Pens had had 5 powerplays compared to Washington's 2.



The Pens were lights-out last season when taking a lead into the third period.

We see a Caps fan, who looks like he is on something, stare into the camera. Maybe it was the fact he looked a little retarded. But the camera was on him just a little too long. Very weird.

The Pens get a couple chances early in the third.
Malkin sets up Roberts for a point-blank shot, but Johnston makes the save.
Probably the best shot of the season.

Off a faceoff, Laraque and Brashear go at it.

BGL could've ended Brashear's life. But didn't hit him when he was down.
Brashear had a gay flurry at the end. BGL is a bad man.

AO and Kozlov come out of nowhere with a 2-on-1.
1 = Mark Eaton.
Nice breakup of the centering pass.

Then Fleishmann gets a chance in front but can't knock the puck out of the air.
Big ups to MAF there for keeping his pad down and not reacting too early to a potential deflection.

And then Morrisonnnnn started being a joke again, cheap-shotting Crosby.
Did anyone know Morrisonn existed before this game? Exactly.

Out of nowhere, Jordan Staal jobs someone and has to throw down with Pettinger.
Pettinger instigates the fight and is wearing a visor.
That's an extra two-minute penalty every day of the week, but apparently not anymore.

Staal doesn't want to break his hands in some stupid fight with a plugger, so he ends up dragging Pettinger down with him to the ice. Worst fight maybe ever.

A Ryan Whitney turnover almost leads to a goal.

Gonchar owns someone into MAF. An obvious penalty.
Big PK time.

Adam Hall gets jobbed on a breakaway, and no penalty is called.
The boos from the Pens fans dominate the arena.
(Because of that Devils game, we're all gonna get the reputation for the rest of the season of being whiners for booing non-calls. That's life.)

A Crapital D-man falls. Talbot and Malone break in.
Rebound comes out to Malone, Talbot jumps around like a lizard. Save.
The play continues to the Pens zone, but FSN decides to do a In My Own Words segment with Brent Johnston.
But hey, can't job FSN.
It would be like pissing off your crack dealer.


The Capitals start pressing big-time.
Insane hockey was going on, and the clock was going at a snail's pace.

We've been jobbing Mark Recchi like he killed Marty.
But what an insane play breaking up Ovechkin's cross-ice pass after flying back from the Caps zone.
To almost restore the balance, the puck nearly goes over the glass after Recchi deflects it.

Tense times as the clock winds down.
AO tries to lay out Gary Roberts coming across the blue line.
If anything, the impact squeezed a fart from Roberts.

There is nothing scarier in the world than Ovechkin flying down the left wing.
He does it about five time in the last 5 minutes of the game.
They almost get a squeaker past MAF as they start thinking about pulling Johnston.

Johnston zooms to the bench.
The puck finds AO at the point, and everyone's heart stops.
MAF swallows it up.

15 seconds left. TO.

Sid wins the big faceoff.
Eaton finds a way to get it out of the zone.


  • Whit: 1 G
  • Sid: 1 A
  • MAF: 30 saves. 29 in the third period.
  • What a win.
  • Eaton was sick.
  • Armstrong had his best game of the year.
  • Orpik wasn't bad, either.
  • Over .500
  • Adam Hall has been solid.
  • Snoop over at TSCS is not happy with Caps fans. [ Sid Crosby Show ]
  • For Capital fan reaction, go to Japers Rink. [ Japers Rink ]


jamesFALLEN said...

While walking up to my seat at the Verizon Center tonight I start hearing a faint sound...Let's Go...Let's Go...I'm not sure what everyone is chanting until I reach my section's entrance, turn to walk up the steps, and behold the sight and sound of 90% pens fans chanting LETS GO PENS in my section.


AMAZING atmosphere tonite. Penguins fans have something
Washington can only dream of.


Anonymous said...

i am surprised we didnt lose that game with all the jinx stuff steigy was throwing around.


snoopyjode said...

ha ha, i think that's supposed to say "snoop is NOT happy with caps fans." ;)

Anonymous said...

More pictures from tonight.

...But can YOU find the Pens' 92 Cup ring somewhere?
'Cause I can't.

Pete said...

Penguins fans have something
Washington can only dream of. Passion.

Yeah, but only since St. Sidney came along...the story was a little different before that. Lots of empty seats at the Igloo and not so many obnoxious Pens fans at Verizon when you guys sucked. Or have you conveniently blocked that out?

You know, back in the heyday of this rivalry there was plenty of passion in DC for the Caps - and guess what, there were tons of loud Caps fans there tonight, the team is getting better, and had Fleury not stood on his head you guys would have gotten your asses handed to you. Those days are coming back, believe me.

meecrofilm said...

I was so pumped when I heard the 'Fleury' chants loud and clear through the radio. Washington is a joke.

Great win from the boys tonight. Add an assist to Pens nation for an awesome, awesome turnout. And I'm expecting Fleury to build up some confidence after this one.

Did I mention that Washington is a joke? and also, reffering to a player as a 'Crapital" is just too funny.

PittHockey said...

I don't see how Christy can be scrathched.

He's gotten a few points even after being stuck on the 4 minute grind line and he's a shootout hero.


And I found the 1992 conference champion ring, I'll keep looking for the cup ring.

Hooks Orpik said...

I was at this game, comments:

--Ovechkin was booed everytime he touched the puck...Don't know how loud this translated on TV, but it happened.

--Adam Hall was all heart, he was excellent all night long including faceoffs a few crucial clears.

--LETS GO PENS chants were more audible than Caps chants.

--Georges Laraques hit Brashear first about six times and totally wore him out. At the end Brash got one or two punches in and took him down but everyone knew what was up. The Caps didn't even replay the fight on their awesome HD jumbotron, because they knew that they'd been beat.

--Jordan Staal answered the bell after he wasn't called on a high stick that he accidentally had out there. He got whooped by Pettinger (who does fight), but the important thing is he answered the call.

--Ovechkin was totally invisible.

--Fleury was so solid.

Good win!

PittHockey said...

ok, I give up

Andrew said...

the hockeyfights idiots are saying it was a great win by brash. what the fuck were they watching? BGL kd's him 3 times, and brash half lands 1 punch and they want to name him the champ. the whole reason i stopped posting there. they hate BGL, hate the pens, love booger and brash, and think downie is a victim being suspended. at least they still do the fights for download, or else i wouldn't even visit the site.


rachel said...

MAF was solid, Staal finally scored, Eaton dominated, Pens won... now my weekend is complete.

stokes said...

Solid recap.

Solid game.

A-HOLE= overrated. Believe it.

Pens fans pwn The Verizon Center. Nice whiteout, douches. This was the big "Whiteout game" right?

(Lange and Bourque were like a nano second ahead of the play, so i listened to them instead of FSN. It was a small price to pay to not have to put up with Steigy and Errey.)

FritoWill said...

the hit squeezed a fart from Roberts....OMG what a great freaking line.

BGL's fight was great, but a clear cut draw, but only because BGL clearly was just toying with him.

Staal's fight was better than Malones last game, but i would love to hear his and BGL's conversation in the box afterwards.

I am the biggest Recchi basher on this site, and I have to get some props to him after this game.

How long have we been owning the Verizon Center???

Daish19 said...

great quote from the broadcast
"Ruutu, who normally takes penalties, draws one"

Anonymous said...

Can someone pretty please explain job/jobber/jobbing to me? I've read it in like 42 different contexts on this blog and while usually I'd be able to figure it out I can't seem to get it. I'm slow. haha! Please help!

Tony said...

Hey boys, that's a no-shitter, I was up there last night, Pens fans OWNED that place... Gotta be close to 5,000...

Keep up the great work,

The Confluence of the Three Rivers

Dwayne said...

"Scuderi gets two minutes for being a steady defenseman."

I said *almost* the -exact- same thing last night to my girlfriend. "What's scuds do? 2 minutes for being a solid defenseman?!"

I was pretty pissed.

In any event, that's an excellent topic of conversation: how well scuderi has been playing this year. I was all over him last year for sucking the place up (not as bad as melichar, but bad enough). But he's really taken a huge step forward, and outside of Eaton, is definitely playing the part of the second best DFD on the penguins right now. Orpik played really poorly the last few games, but he definitely got back on the horse last night too. All the same, I'm really liking what I'm seeing from our DFDs, it's our OFDs that are driving me crazy now. I mean, I realize they're "offensive" defensemen, but key to that whole bit is "defense".

In any event, I'm really pumped about the way Scuds and Eaton have been playing this year, and Sydor has been getting better and better with each game. They were clearing pucks last night like it was their job (and, of course, it -is-), which made Fleury look *that* much better. If they can play like that the rest of the year, or at least 85% of the time, we are going to be scary good this year. Write it down.

The Hebrew Hammer said...

The Fleury chant at the end of the game was unbelieveable, the jobbers at the rathole tried to drown it out with that dumbass sound effect that goes along with the letsgocaps chant but to no avail. Penguin fans are never silenced at the rathole.

The Hebrew Hammer said...

The Fleury chant at the end of the game was unbelieveable, the jobbers at the rathole tried to drown it out with that dumbass sound effect that goes along with the letsgocaps chant but to no avail. Penguin fans are never silenced at the rathole.

The Seeker said...

If anyone can figure out just why Crusher was scratched, please let me know!

From hero to goat overnight????

Grover said you could see it coming-- his ice time has been dwindling and Therrien must not be happy about his play.

Hello? I guess Therrien is happy with Recchi and Staal's play up to that point?

The Seeker said...

Errey must read the Pensblog because he's switched his ring to his other hand since the Carolina game.

wilsmith said...

um, I can't help but notice that people think Scuderi has just now come along.
He was steady all last year too, people just decided to only notice him when something bad happened to him.

breast implants show on PCNC. GO GO GO

luvnmypens said...

Malkin apparently has been sharing his crack with Eaton. He's unreal.

Staal may not be a fighter, but his willness to drop the gloves and battle it out lit a fire under his team. Especially Recchi. If Recchi played all the time like he did after Staal's little rumble, this blog might have to be renamed the giverecchisomelove blog.

Stanley P. Kachowski said...

This pic makes Rex look like a gay character from the videogame StreetFighter

Staff said...

Great find with the CBS Sportsline pictures.

"Job" can be used interchangeably with nearly every word in the English language.
i.e. If Jon took Bob's lunch money.

Jon jobbed Bob.
Jon is a jobber.
Bob got jobbed. ha.

On the same token, "jobber" is used as a derogatory statement to anyone who is lesser than you.


Dwayne said...

"um, I can't help but notice that people think Scuderi has just now come along.
He was steady all last year too, people just decided to only notice him when something bad happened to him. "

No, no, no, no, no!

He was not steady last year. Sure, he was a demon on the PK, but as soon as it was 5-on-5, he started screwing the pooch.

Then again, when you're playing beside Melichar, you're bound to look like a dbag half the time.

This year, his game all 'round seems to have gotten better. Maybe you and I just weren't seeing the same things, will. Regardless, this year I'm pumped about how well he's doing.

Gondosh said...

Staal's fight was a whole lot more impressive than malon's effort last night.

meecrofilm said...

Alright, I know it's been said many times before, but how sick was Eaton last night? I think that the Legend of Eaton got a bit lost in all the Gary Roberts hype, but I think last night is a perfect example of how Eaton is every bit deserving of a top spot in the pensblog folklore as Roberts is. That ninja flip was maybe the greatest athletic achievement of the new millennium thus far.

wilsmith said...


Anonymous said...

I'm a long time LGP poster.

PensBlog > LGP

Sorry. It has to be said.

Tim said...

about two or three hundred Pens fans congregated on the steps of the national portrait gallery right after the game chanting "Let's go Pens". I almost felt bad for the Caps fans. I didn't have a camera, but my friend did so I'll send the picture when I get it. great recap.

J.S. said...

anonymous, I too am a longtime LGP poster.

I also have since dropped my different handle that I was using here, although the only reason I was using one was that I had a gmail acct that was used, I'll explain it another time if anybody really cares, but let's just say it resulted in some odd emails from people overseas who had to offer me millions of dollars for a small fee.

Since the staff already covered the way to use job/jobbing/jobbed, the only thing I can really add is that it can be used interchangably with the word screwed.

example: the pens got screwed on multiple calls during the devils game.

now replace the word, and...

the pens got jobbed on multiple calls during the devils game.

J.S. (formerly Donald K. Show)

Anonymous said...

i think that christensen was a scratch last night was because they need laraque out there to be a physical presence against brashear

Anonymous said...

tim i was there was absolutely awesome...if you could pleaseeeee send me the pics from after the game last night i'd probably love you forever...i didn't have a camera and it was one of the most..just wow moments of my life...pens fans have so much heart it's incredible....anyway my email is if theres any way you could get those to me i'd really appreciate it...thanks


Adrienne said...

Said it before, still live for it: I'd let Eaton do me into next week.

The man is fucking amazing, and all we need to do now is get him to take defend the ice from Recchi stepping on it.

The game was awesome to watch, even though I don't get why Christensen was scratched. It's not like his performance Friday night was bad.

For Staal, he didn't even hit the guy before that fight started, it was one Capital hitting into another. I was cracking up watching the replay of it.

And I agree with Dwayne- Scuderi has been playing really solid this season, and that penalty was a bullshit call.

Honestly, where the fuck are the refs this season on making calls FOR the Pens instead of against them? I'm curious who on the Penguins jobbed the NHL staff that we're getting raped so hard for stupid shit.

Regardless, Rangers next, LETS GO PENS! :D

Anonymous said...

Christensen was scratched last night because Therrien can't figure out how to use him. He has shown that he can't adapt to the wing, and we already have solid scoring-line centers in Crosby and Malkin (And Staal...)

I think that Christensen centering Malone and Recchi would be a solid second line for any team that didn't have the likes of Crosby, Malkin, or Staal on it. Actually, I don't think I'd mind seeing those three play together.

AdamG said...


you said "had Fleury not stood on his head you guys would have gotten your asses handed to you."

Oh the irony. I think if you look at the game you'll realize that if Brent Johnson hadn't stood on HIS head it would be your beloved crapitals that would have had their asses handed to them. Johnson was out of his mind all night...a great performance, the pens could have easily had 4 or 5.

The Hebrew Hammer said...

Adrienne, this has to be arranged and pensblog cameras should be there to catch it. Only fair...

stokes said...

Bourquie(sp) seems to think-during the Crash the Net segment between the 2nd and 3rd period last night- that Crusher and Therrien arent getting along becuase, in so many words, he's inconsistent and isn't exactly working hard enough. I think hes talented and its an awesome/shitty situation in that we've got so many talented centers that Therrien probably doesnt know what to do with Crusher, for the reasons that anon above siad. He'll probably go sometime this season, unfortuntely, and do well somewhere else. As long as we don't get Ross Lupachuk(sp) in exchange for him, i think i'm ok with it.

Jonny V said...

It looks like the team's finally started to shake the cobwebs off of their skates and play great hockey this season. I've held off passing judgment on the new acquisitions for this season. U fuckers so easily forget. Trust in Shero. Sabu, Sykora, Hall and Sydor were brought in for a reason, and some of yinz were jobbing them relentlessly before they all started having good/decent games. This whole team is starting to come together nicely, unlike perhaps the Rangers, who are a good example of high talent being brought in not meaning dick at the beginning of the season. It would have been nice to come out of the gate firing on all cylindars, but third place in this division so far isn't too shabby.

Although I must admit that I went from a state of happiness to feeling like i got punched in the gut this summer when I read that we re-signed Roberts, annnnd Recchi. I think Mario might have had something to do with that, the cagey bastard. Maybe with the success of the WWGRD campaign, the ol' blog could start something that'll let our opinion on Rex getting so much friggin' icetime be known. Start brainstorming people...

wilsmith said...

The Hebrew Hammer speaks only truth.

Tony said...

The National Gallery pics are up in the Pens/Caps game thread on LGP...

The Confluence of the Three Rivers

demondg1 said...

I was at the game last night, and Pens fans repped hard last night. There were 3 solid let's go Pens chants during warm ups and it picked up immediately after the anthem.

My section, 108, was almost entirely Pens fans. Sadly though, there were a bunch of annoying French Capital fans behind us. Annoying French guys, imagine that. .. So I tried my best to drown them out. I currently do not have a voice.

AO did get booed every time he touched the puck. But you gotta love the kid. Except when he delivers blind side shots sending players face first into the boards.

Fleury looked a little shaky early, but later proved why he's a big deal.

#3 has been providing some Good Eaton lately too.

Scuderi has been solid this season. He's been one of my favorite players since I met his dad in the pisser at a game in NJ last year. That's a story for another day.

I swear I've heard their announcer do voice acting in movie trailers or video games or something. Barbero he is not.

After the game, there seemed to be a rally of about 500 Pens fans chanting "Lets Go Pens". Pretty kick ass.

The Metro was also dominated by Pens fans before and after the game.

As for the Caps rally towel, I will be keeping mine as a trophy and carry it folded neatly to every game I attend. It has already come in handy in wiping up spilled beer.

But I will say this for the Capitals... Their arena was nice, even though it lacked troughs. The scoreboard is awesome. The fans were all real cool, except for those Frenchy mother fuckers. Can't wait to go back in March.

Anonymous said...

is there any way you could find me a link to those pics...i can't find them...thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

ahh never mind i found them...thanks a lot...again if anyone has any pics from last night pleaseeeeee email them to again


PensHckyFreak66 said...

Who ever writes these are amazing because I laughed so hard everytime I read them...


The Hebrew Hammer said...

Guys, there better be a massive Steeler jobbing tomorrow, they're getting their asses handed to them.

(I just used there, their, and they're in the same sentence, WOOT!)

Jonny V said...

Is this pensblog or blog n' gold?

Stoosh said...


You have no idea what you're talking about.

Mellon Arena has routinely played to 90% capacity in the decade prior to the lockout. There were two exceptions that I could find - 2002-03 when they played to about 85-86% capacity and then 2003-04, the last pre-lockout season when they played to about 70% capacity. Even then, to suggest that those crowds lacked passion is asinine. I was there for many of those games and those crowds were just as into the games as the sellout crowds that have been packing the place for the last two seasons - perhaps maybe even moreso because you had to be a diehard to watch some of those teams. Why? Maybe because a lot of us who attended those games understood what was going on...that it was part of a bigger picture that would eventually get better.

And we don't need a winner to bring our fans out. The team in 2005-06 wasn't winning, but you couldn't get tickets during the last half of the season when Therrien took over and got the ship righted a bit when all the prospects and kids came up to the big club. It wasn't just about was just as much about the rest of the team.

That same season and under very much the same circumstances (world-class player on a non-playoff team), the Caps weren't even drawing 14,000 a game in an arena that seats almost 19,000 for hockey.

Come back when your team starts winning and your bandwagon fills back up. It's pretty clear that Caps fans won't pack their arena to watch someone like Ovechkin unless the team is also winning.

Anonymous said...

jonny v.

what does that statement mean

stokes said...

Thanks for shutting Pete down. I wanted to but was too lazy to do the legwork to figure out what i already thought was the truth. You do fine work on the commentorblog.

Barrasso35 said...

stoosh dropping some science, yet again.

demondg1... French Capitals fans? WTF? That must've sucked ass.

Glad the Pens won, wish my internet hadn't cut out with less than 3 minutes to go last night.

Anonymous said...

this is a link to a small youtube clip of the "rally" after the game... It was an intense 20-30 minutes of my life


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