Thursday, October 11, 2007

Price is the Real Deal. PENS LOSE.

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3 - 2



Remember that muggy July day this summer?
You were wishing for the Pens to have a game.

Well, guess what.
It is 49 degrees, raining. The Pens just lost. Tomorrow is only thursday.

Welcome to the grind, jack.



Crosby came out flying again, dominating.
Recchi parked in the handicapped spot and tried to score on the doorstep feed from Sid, but no dice.
All this hype about Carey Price...and if Recchi scores there, the city of Montreal shuts down.

Did you know that tonight was 22 years to the day that Patrick Roy made his professional debut?
And he made it against the Pens? And he won?
Oh my. Wow.

Who cares

By Crosby's third shift, it becomes apparent that even Sid won't be able to counteract the stench coming from Malone and Recchi.

The first power play comes in the form of a too-many-men penalty.

Do it

As has been the theme in the first two games, the number-one powerplay unit lays an egg.
The number-two unit comes out with Sykora-Roberts-Christensen and makes things happen.

Price says no.

When Mark Recchi gets the puck, you know that somehow the play will turn bad, but it's starting to get entertaining to see how he will become a woman.

Christensen gets a sweet chance. With his shot, a lot of people instinctively yelled SHOOT! when he went into the zone., shoot....ah. Damn it.

Mike Komisarek slashes Sid behind the play, but the Pens had the puck when the whistle was blown, and Ryan Malone was interefering with someone.
But whatev. PP.


Again, nothing happening.
A couple boomers from the point.

Everyone thought Ryder should've gotten a penalty for running over Crosby from behind.
But Crosby knows how to job.
He pushed himself back into Ryder to shield Ryder from the puck. Good no-call.

A nice subtle kick-pass by Christensen to Army, but it goes totally unnoticed by the world.
Too bad his name isn't Crosby.

Just when you think the first period will go down as the most boring period in the history of American hockey, Crosby gets stuff goin'.
Recchi and Malone were hacking away, and Crosby hits the pipe.

Hamrlik goes behind his net for 10 seconds to close out the period.
During that time, he reminds everyone that he isn't Sheldon Souray.


FSN gives props to the Pens equipment staff.
Because of this, we got to say hello to friend Dan Kroll, who is on the staff.



Forgive us if we're wrong, but we think Malkin's first self-induced fall came early in the second period.
He's back.

Komisarek goes back to the penalty box to work on his book.
Whitney evens it up by interfering with a Hab, even though the call was holding. No surprise though.

A lot of holding calls get missed in Pittsburgh.

4-on-4 hockey reminds us that there's people at the game.
Eaton blocks a shot with the back of his head, and MAF's flopping around like a chicken until he makes a point-blank save to end the insanity.


If you look at the replay closely, you see the shot that hit Eaton came from back and to the left, thus jerking his head forward and to the right on impact.

The Pens head back into the Montreal zone, and Malkin feeds a nice pass to Sydor.
And Sydor hits the net. That's all he's gotta do there.

Gonchar makes a nice defensive play in the slot.
Out of nowhere, Crosby takes off like a shot.
We hate to bite the hand that feeds us, but why does FSN cut to a close-up shot of Sid on a play like that?
Keep it zoomed out so we can see if he has someone to pass to and let us see the grand scheme of him dominating.

If you've been watching hockey long enough, you know there was a goal coming.

Crosby draws his 47th penalty of the year, and the Pens go on the "power play."
Oops. It is a power play.
Sheldon Souray wouldn't have shoved Crosby into Price.
Whitney with the easy rebound goal.

The Pens come out after the goal and send Staal-Army-Hall to run cycleblog.
Staal sylars it over to Hall, but it hits the post.

Malone has a chance to tap a one-timer in, but no dice. And he pays the price.
He gets douched into the post from behind.
That's another PP.

The Pens powerplay of Sykora-Roberts-Malkin made some things happen, but that did not include lighting the lamp.

Scuderi has a balls-out shift and gets some love.
Good times.

Sydor is chillin' in the box.
On the ensuing power play, Plekanec fires a shot past MAF.

Alexi Yashin called, he wants his turtleneck back.

What would Gary Roberts do?

He would make a blind drop-pass that leads to a turnover.
Kovalev is all by himself on the wing after a sweet pass by Plekanec.
It is a goal as soon as Kovy touches it.
What a player.

Crosby is on the ice after the goal, and you realize how quickly the Pens could tie it.
A miscommunication behind the Habs net leaves the puck all alone with Sid lurking.
He gets it to the forehand, but Price's stick is there.

66 buries it.

That's it.



Mike Yeo makes an appearance.

All offseason, we longed for the nerves that are present when going into a third period down a goal.

Sid kicks off the third period by going mach8 into the boards. Scary.

MAF makes a save, and his mask goes flying.
Scoods is there to get the puck out of the crease.

Faceoff. Pens lose it.
Save made. Rebound bounces out...right onto Andrei Markov's stick.
3 - 1.

Bad times.
Someone on LetsGoPens calls for Therrien to be fired.

But hey, just like the Pens exhibited when they came back from 4-0 against the Washington Capitals last season, they have enough firepower to come back.

On the next shift, Malkin makes a blind backhand pass right onto Talbot's stick.
That's a goal. And a big one. 3 - 2.

And on the next shift, MAF robs someone on the doorstep.
Why a "Let's Go Pens" chant doesn't start on that next shift is anyone's guess.
But our guess is the lack of student-rushers in the crowd.
Even watching the games on TV, that presence hasn't been there in the two home games.

Sykora gets on the ice and starts flying.
The puck finds its way back into the Pens zone.

Kostitsyn thinks he's all alone in the corner.

Think again.

Steiggy: The corner is not a very safe place when Roberts is around.
Errey: He's twitchin'! He's twitchin'!

Recchi-Crosby-Malkin is the Pens hero line.
Crosby and Malkin do their part and get the puck to Recchi.
Recchi leaves a trail of poop as he passes up two chances to shoot and goes behind the net.
Turnover. Puck leaves the zone.

And finally, 7:40 left, a chant gets started.
The chant gets owned 5 seconds later as the puck goes out of play.

The Pens start pressing a little more as time draws out like a blade.
Price looks unbeatable.

FSN cuts to two shots of Mario Lemieux within a minute.
We usually hate when broadcasts cut to a person's reaction, but we wouldn't mind seeing Lemieux's reaction after every play.
He is in excellent shape.

3:30 left. Tick tock.
Pens start pressing harder.
Unless Michael Ryder pulls out a Glock and shoots Gary Roberts, there won't be a penalty called the rest of the game.

Time out, homos.

MAF bolts to the bench.
1:00 left.

Malkin gets tripped up on his way to the net.
Komisarek got to the puck before getting a piece of Malkin's leg.

No question this was going to be a goal, and the whole tone of this recap would've changed.
Any fan in the NHL would want this called for their team.

No dice.

The Pens try to bang it in.
No dice. Sick.


  • Crosby: 1 A
  • Malkin: 1 A
  • Recchi: 2 A
  • MAF: 32 saves
  • PP: Habs ( 1 for 2 ) PENS ( 1 for 5 )
  • Where was Laraque for the last half of the game?
  • Carey Price is a beast.
  • What's with MAF freezing up when he doesn't know where the puck is? It definitely has something to do with not knowing if the puck is underneath him and not making a sudden movement, but it led to some easy goals last season.
  • There was no Subway Sammich of the game, but we all know what it was.
  • Sick feeling.
  • Lord Therrien was not happy after the game. [ PG ]
"We don't have the fire in our eyes like we did last year," Therrien said. "We need more desperation in our game, because we're not going to win many games with no desperation."


Tawm said...

you guys are gonna have a tough time making new posts this week huh? the steelers got the bye

Tawm said...

i used to have a blog like this, then my dad got a job

Skippy44 said...

Solid game last night, Pens still need defense and Gary Roberts hit was spectacular!

For those of you who were interested in the WWGRD? wristbands, they are now available on eBay!!!!!!!

See link below --

meecrofilm said...

I still don't know what recchi is doing on the desperation line. why not sid-malkin-sykora? or at least sid-malkin-staal.

Oh, and fun fact: Everytime mark recchi comes out on the #1 PP unit, a puppy dies.

At last MAFer seemed solid. Therrien needs to put some spark back into the boys.

Anonymous said...

How long before Price takes over from Huet? I say Huet will be warming the bench by Christmas, if not before. He can be one scary goalie...

If only those stupid posts weren't there...

I agree that something seems to be missing with this team (perhaps it is a sense of desperation), but there's no reason to panic just yet. Only 3 games in...79 to go...gotta keep telling myself that

Lloyd said...

man... i had to miss this game because i was in Cleveland watching Van Halen.

Awesome concert... totally fucking awesome.

pensblog jeff said...

I really think that WWGRD bracelet design looks absolutely terrible. And what's with the 5 dollar price? And why would I bid for something that's "in production"? Sounds pretty fucking shady to me. I don't believe this is the official endorsed version and that this tool is trying to make some cash off of commenterblog.

Maybe I'm totally wrong.

Lloyd said...

if anyone has video of the roberts hit... please hook me up

Jonny V said...

Mike Tomlin's appearance at the game. I like.

Anonymous said...

way too soon to call it a bad start, but not coming outta the gates 3 and 0 plus the less than impressive preseason might help ground the group thats highly touted as the next team to hoist stanely. syd looks sick,but 66 woulda put it away, too true - bigbacon

ericstaal said...

my brother is still drunk from the bachelor party...

theNick said...

Can't we replace the 2 dudes kissing with 2 chicks kissing. Its just as gay.

Staff said...

That pic is to make commentor Tawm feel more comfortable here.

We would use two girl if it was a too-many-women-on-the-ice penalty.

Go Pens.


Tee said...

I'm with you Jeff.. that WWGRD band looks like garbage. I think we should get the black/gold swirl kind. We could get 300 for about 200$ if I'm not mistaken. And we can use a nice clean bold sans serif font instead of something that looks like its on the back of a 1.99 porno.

Don K. Show said...

unofficial WWGRD? bands = thumb down, especially at $5.

Nothing like a 500% markup.


Anonymous said...

So far has anyone seen that tall, lanky, young kid that used to score shorthanded goals? What was his name?....Seriously where has staal been so far?

wilsmith said...

where were laraque and staal in the second half of the game? That's not a "playing like shit" line, I didn't even see them on the ice.

as for $5 WWGRD, that's No Deal.

Skippy44 said...

Allow me clear things up on the price of the WWGRD wristband.

The 5 dollar price is reasonable and not a "500%" mark up.

The order was placed and is being shipped, which costs money to ship. Shipping on the order is taking 1 week hence it is "in production". Once they arrive they will be shipped out. Which comes to the cost of shipping which is listed as "FREE" the cost of shipping is included in the $5.00 price. Also there is the listing fee on ebay and since it is a "fixed rate item" ebay charges a price on each one sold. So say you buy ten at once or one at once, ebay charges their fixed rate on all ten or your one.

I picked a design most suitable for the pens.

My bad for trying to get this out there ASAP instead of it just being an "idea".

Skippy44 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
pensblog jeff said...

I understand that you took your own initiative here. Unfortunately for you, this situation requires the exact opposite. The pensblog is a community, and the community had an idea and was slowly but surely working towards something that we all agreed upon. You come in here ridin' dirty with an unapproved design looking to jumpstart things and expect us to all get on board and pay you, when you've never posted on here before that I can remember.

We're going to do it right, and not rush it, and we're most likely not going to buy any of them from you, so I'd try to cancel the order, and I'd definitely stop posting that shit on the pensblog.

If you want to join in the fun, you can join us, but we're doing this thing with everyone's input and not trying to make a quick buck off of a good idea.

Gary Roberts is ashamed of you.

Wes said...

guys there def was a sandwich of the game and it was what you thought it should be. the pens looked flat. therrien's pom pom line was the highlight of the night.

Don K. Show said...

wes, I was thinking that too.

Therrien pom-pom photoshop in the works anybody?

@skippy, our idea has been out for 24 hours tops, maybe 36 if you count the mentioning of the bracelet so it's not like people were dragging our feet on this. Like PBJeff said, it's cool that you took initiative but to drop in and pretty much give the finger to all of the planning that's been going on here.....yeah, you can probably see how some people wouldn't approve of your work.

Regardless if you're including shipping, your markup is still insane. Unless something has changed in the last 12 hrs, TPG was looking at selling @ around $2...including shipping. So would you like to justify your price again?

Anonymous said...

The Penguins should put out an Amber Alert for Jordan Staal, because he's clearly gone missing.

Loser Chris said...

WWGRD? Not buy a bracelet from Skippy for starters.

Staff said...


It is kind of funny that you showed up.

You know, being that you texted us and told us you were done reading our blog, as if we even care.

And the fact that you don't get that we aren't making fun of the Steelers, we are making fun of people like you.
That is good times.


We are going to make WWGRD bands as well.
We are just setting things up.

The last thing we want to do is make any money on them, so most likely we are going to be giving any profits to chartiy.

We'll let everyone know shortly.


snoopyjode said...

skippy is SOOOO marking the bracelets up, folks, A LOT.

i've been checking into prices online. the more you buy, the cheaper they are. so if i would get 100, i'd pay around $135. packing materials and shipping would probably run around $50 (give or take, depending on if some of you order in bulk). that's $185. at $2 a pop, that would give the shipper (probably me) $15 extra dollars in case it is needed for the aforementioned packing materials. LITTLE TO NO PROFIT HERE.

now, if i buy 200, they're reduced to $0.85 each. that's $170 for all 200 bracelets. so at $5 each, this guy is gonna pull in $1000. you do the math.

granted, these figures i've just given you are for solid (one) color bracelets, but whatev. adding a second color only costs $0.06 per bracelet on the website i found. you can check it out for yourself here.

and any designs should be pre-approved by the people who would be buying them (i.e. most of commentorblog).

ac, you can reach me at we'll figure something out.

Kristen PB said...

Malone, Crosby, and Recchi? I hope Dana Heinze got extra Tiger Balm. Sid's shoulders need it after carrying that line.

And, unfortunately, the WWGRD? bracelet? Last night, it meant "give up a turnover that leads to a goal." The Roberts is a wild and vicious beast. But alas, not infallible.

Finally, does Staal still play for the Pens? Shouldn't he, you know, DO something then?

Malkinian said...

Ya I can't figure out what the problem is either. I think Geno/Scuds/Eaton have been our best 3 players so far. Crosby's been flying all season but just can't put it away right now. For as much as Fleury kept us in it last night he's still kickin out way too many rebounds. I think Therrien needs to stick w/ a whole set of lines for at least a game. Mixing and matching during a game is not helping. And why did we bring in Sykora to not have him on the 1st PP unit?? I say throw all the eggs in one unit. Gonchar? Sydor? Staal?

wilsmith said...

apparently he has nothing to prove this year.

Hooks Orpik said...

Frustrating times. The Elmo pic and any reference to Marty the chicken can put a smile on my face though.

skippy bracelets for $5, no dice!

PS I had a VERY vivid dream about Jordan Staal scoring a SH breakaway goal like the days of old. It will happen, people. Soon.

Steve In Denver said...

I was screwing around on a t shirt design site after looking for the site where I had some bracelets made last year...I've always thought some of the photoshops would be hilarious as t shirts, but also thought that deadly stare of GR would be sweet too.

This was just for fun...I'm not going to throw a pre-sale on ebay for $50 each!!

Anonymous said...

my question is, when will the powerplay step up? we had the same problems last year dealing with this issue.

i maybe wrong, but how can we go 1-4 with players like sid, malkin, staal, recchi, sykora, whitney, sarge? powerplay goals are going to be are achilles heel if we do not step up.

malkin had his first official fall in the second when skating to the puck and just wiped out.


Anonymous said...

I really hope the Pens can come out Saturday with some intensity against the Leafs.

Speaking of intensity, since the Steelers have a bye week, i think Tawn should go jump off the Roberto Clemente bridge and try not to fight it.

The city can use one less jag.

-william of loxley

HabsFan29 said...

Sorry for last night boys. Well not really.

If I may interrupt your wristband argument to say a few words, I would humbly say you outplayed us, except between the pipes. Games are won or lost there. MAF wants that Kovy one back I'm sure. Yes, Staal was noteworthy for his, uh, absence, but otherwise you guys had the jump, our D was watching the scenery.

And I'm sorry, that Gary Roberts "hit" was an elbow and stick to the face. My PVR says so.

Stanley P. Kachowski said...

"staff said: We would use two girl if it was a too-many-women-on-the-ice penalty."

Sweet. When is the first game vs. the Flyers this year?


Please, tip your waiters and waitresses.

Spencemo said...

WWGRD? He'd bitch slap Skippy for trying to fleece his flock, for one.

Then he'd REFUSE to sleep with his mom, just for good measure.

Ashley said...

Hey guys, when you get the WWGRD? bracelets made up, will you be able to ship one to, say, Nova Scotia? If so, then I'm so in

karri said...

ac...I know that you said regarding the wrist bands...

We'll put a poll up in the sidebar to gauge how many people would buy one.

...but I want you to know that I'd like 10. I'm looking forward to what you guys come up with.

(Sorry, I posted this same comment in the previous post by mistake...I wanted it here.) :)

Hooks Orpik said...

steve--that t-shirt is the exact same one i proposed in commentorblog yesterday.

anon--the powerplay was 1 for 5, and might seem like it sucks, but that's 20%. a PP clicking a 20% is not going to be an achilles heel over the course of a season, it's going to be in the top 5 of the league.

king said...

sandwich of the game was when robert's elbow lifted up in the corner and crushed Kostitsyn face off the glass and top of the wall. They showed it the play after.

Adrienne said...

Steiggy: The corner is not a very safe place when Roberts is around.
Errey: He's twitchin'! He's twitchin'!

I started laughing SO hard when they said this. No one at work got it

I'm sad that we lost, but I had the surprise when Price got his helmet knocked off, spurting out, "holy fuck that kid is hot." I actually felt dirty for it :(

Seriously though, our team is lacking in the defense and on the power play.

However, Eaton was playing better goalie then Fluery last night. I almost shit myself when he made that save after Fleury lost his stick.

I'm slowly getting a Penguins following going at the Bar I work at. Fuck the steelers, go pens! :D

FYI, for the WWGRD bracelets, I want 5 or 10.

Maal said...

hey guys! wondering if we could get a link on your site back to our blog? we love your stuff! we're mostly a thrashers blog but we hit on everything nhl, really. :)

Loser Chris said...

Can we make some "Trade Recchi" wristbands too?

wilsmith said...

quelle bar? =O

We need a penguins bar because none out here will even turn the game on unless you beg.

MummRaTheEverLiving said...

If Kostitsyn goes by "Tits" then Gary Roberts is your human Mammogram.

Kristen PB said...

I think someone should start a blog of highlights of all Steigerwald's slip-ups.

For example, that classic Malkin fall in the second period? The one that should have had "Dick Van Dyke Show" music playing in the background?

Steigerwald "observed" that Malkin was shoved. Apparently, then, by an opposing player with telekinetic abilities because we all saw there was NO ONE CLOSE ENOUGH.

Overall, Stags does a good job, but sometimes he just falls all over it.

But, at least he's not like the Versus announcers, who clearly smoke something before every broadcast.

The Seeker said...


After the game last night my Daughter wanted to get some autographs so we stuck around.

Gary Roberts, his Wife, and Son (Noah) stopped to sign. When handed a pen, he asked "Can I hang onto this for a few minutes?" I replied - "Are you serious?...Who'd have the guts to say no to you Gary?". His Wife said "I do!". To that I asked who really wears the hockey pants in the family - Gary said his Wife....DEFINITELY.

Since my Daughter was talking to friends on her cell, she asked if he'd say hello to them. Gary took the phone (on speaker) and began talking to them, but they wouldn't believe it was really him no matter how many times he told them it really was Mr Roberts.

In all it was a hilarious exchange and showed what a good sport GR really is.

Anonymous said...

Thoughts from the stands:

Thanks to everyone eles who was in and around C11. I think we were the only people cheering all game

Scuderi is by far the best defensman on the ice this season. Eaton has been great at sacrificing his body for the block, but he keeps knocking MAF out of the way to do it.

Why is Orpik still on the team?

Malone-Talbot-Armstrong is still an underrated line combination.

The most cheering I heard all game was when Malkin got tripped at the end of the game. Apparently no one actually payed attention to the no-call

Jersey Bill said...

"If you look at the replay closely, you see the shot that hit Eaton came from back and to the left, thus jerking his head forward and to the right on impact."

Brilliant, just brilliant. That's why you guys are my first read in the morning. Also why I got off my ass and finally got an account.

D.O.R - Disciple of Roberts said...

Has anyone found the clip of Mr. Roberts "welcome to my house" moment?

Staff said...

You have to admire Skippy's entrepreneurial spirit.

He got it off the ground first, but we think it will be better to chill out and have shit ready to roll this weekend.
We promise. The wristbands are going to happen.

ASHLEY -- Nova Scotia won't be a problem.

KRISTEN PB -- We don't possess the capabilities to do it, but if we could record games on our computer, we have long talked about making a Staggy and Errey soundboard.
Just the thought of that is incredible.

THE SEEKER -- That is an incredible story.
The legend is growing.

C11 ANON -- Were you in those seats sometime last season?
We mentioned it in the recap, and we are curious to see how the absence of the college crowd is affecting the atmosphere this season.


Bottom line: We should have WWGRD prototypes ready to roll by Friday night.

We'll set up two polls:

One for style of bracelet.
And one for estimated quantity.


Anonymous said...

that jobber is going to make us Anonymous ppl look like dicks.

i'd buy 5-10 bracelets since i am in san diego and i could mail the cash w/o a problem.

Gary Roberts = stand up God, i mean Man

Go Pens.

Steve In Denver said...

Hooks, that was your idea. When I saw it I found the sign, stole some photos, and played around. Sorry for not mentioning you.

The habs fan posting here is much cooler than the leafs fans I've experienced.

Oh, and do we have a visit from he who shall remain nameless? How charming.

Adrienne said...

We need a penguins bar because none out here will even turn the game on unless you beg.

This is actually my goal for when I graduate college, to open a hockey themed bar near the new arena site.

You can't imagine the bitch of paperwork and permits you have to read up on though :( That + homework = not fun

The crowd at Pens games seems to have died off since the college community got the boot by all the businessmen. The home opener crowd was actually kind of tragic :/

William of Loxley said...

Pens bar = great idea. No #35 steeler jerseys allowed.

Ashley said...

SWEET! WWGRD bracelets comin' to Halifax!!! I just hope they're small enough for my skinny wrists haha

Tee said...


I mean... Derek if you don't catch me on AIM tomorrow I'll be in the GDC for the game or just shoot me an email. I'll start looking around and pricing things tomorrow at work.

luvnmypens said...

I definately need a few of those bracelets, and would even be willing to put up a little cash to help you get it off the ground if you need it. Let me know, just make it happen please.

$5.00 is just outragous!! And to try and justify it is even worse. Prehaps he thought he was reading idiotblog.

How would sending a self addressed stamped envelope work for those who want them? Would save the sender alot of time for sure. Paypal works for me as well.

Don K. Show said...

luvmypens, I think what bothers me about it is that dude was never seen in commentatorblog, and out of nowhere he busts up in here peddling his wares like some fucking snake oil salesman. Granted, I'm somewhat of a n00b (I've been here about 3-4 months), but if you ask me that's rather uncool.

Like I mentioned earlier, it was discussed by some of the blog vets and the plan was IN MOTION. On top of that, he tries to justify his inflated price. I mean not that a $3 difference is gonna prevent me from making my car payment for the month, but when the difference is larger than what TPB planned on charging, then somebody appears to have marked up their stuff a little too much.

Also, if he's gonna mention "As mentioned on Pensblog" in his listing, wouldn't you think he'd have a thumbs up from staff or at least a majority of c-blog? Maybe he did, but by the reactions of several people on here, I'm guessing that's not the case.

I don't know, I could be wrong about this. Maybe Skippy is a decent human. Maybe I'm making him out to be a bad guy when he isn't, but something about it just doesn't seem right.

(Sorry about the long-winded rant. Blame it on the shitty day at work.)

BluffTalk said...

  I would be in for a WWGRD? bracelet. Big time. Also, yes, the Subway Sammitch (copyright Edzo) did indeed go to Mr. Roberts.

Anonymous said...

My family's been getting 6-pack plans the past few seasons (My brothers and I are all students, but we're always happy to go to the game with Pops)

Last season we had five of the six games in one corner or another, and the crowd all around us was crazy. Best hockey experiences I've had, and that includes the '97 playoffs (though I was rather young then)

Last night, there was one person behind me and to my left who would start up the "Lets Go Pens" chant just about every time we had the puck. The rest of the section would pick it up, but I didn't hear anyone to my right shouting except when we scored.

Brett said...

Hi all -- I've been a lurker on here for quite sometime taking in all of the good stuff. But I figured I'd chime in to share my thoughts on this whole WWGRD? bracelet thing since it has become a distraction.

1) First and foremost: I don't think Gary Roberts would be into the whole bracelet thing -- especially dudes wearing them

2) $5 does seem a bit steep. My guess is Skippy rushed to get these made and ended up getting caught with some setup fees - regardless he should take one for the team and lower his price -- even if it means he has to go in the red a bit. If he does, I'll buy one and give it to my wife. If not, he can rot.

3) I think we should stop slamming the guy for taking an entreprenurial approach. He took some initative and all he has gotten is crap. Again, if he lowers his price, I think he will have learned his lesson. I also think he isn't a johnny come lately. I did some searching in the archives and he has posted here anonymously for the 8 months or so calling himself skippy. i also found a few photoshops credited to him including one on Dave Littlefield and the guy who played Kramer. So you folks busting on him for him appearing, I suggest you read the blog better before jumping on folks.

4) This isnt the Home Shopping Network -- let's get back to talking about HOCKEY!!!!

adam said...

I'm pissed that Crosby gets to play with scrubs while Malkin gets to play with our two best wingers. I mean, Crosby is the FIRST line center and Malkin is the SECOND line center.

wilsmith said...

Go Pens.

Staff said...

Wristband Blog is kicking into high gear.

Massive details coming in the next post.


Eric said...

Actually they did show the Subway Sandwich of the game. And yes we all know what it was.


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