Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Pipe Dreams...PENS WIN

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1 - 0

In the grand scheme of things, this game was just another game.
Nothing big going on.
Just a win. Nothing more, nothing less.


Versus gets the nod tonight.
And being that the radio is unbelievably out of sync with the Versus broadcast,
we have to tune in to Joe whatever and the Great Edzo.


We get informed early and often that there is another Staal in the game.
Thanks to everyone for the heads up.

With the Rangers in town, you know who's here:

Ol' Double J

We all remember Josef Melichar was bad. That has been established.
Remember who his defensive partner was for a while?
That's right -- Mr. Michal Rozsival.
How did we all survive that experience?

True to form, Rozsival does something stupid, and the Pens get a powerplay.

The Pens come out and it looks like they were having sex with a can of tuna.
The refusal to not take Mark Recchi off the top unit just doesn't even make sense anymore.

It becomes painfully obvious that the play-by-play dude from Versus is not going to get Evgeni Malkin's name right, which is shocking.

Jagr carries the puck up the ice.
Every Penguin fan knows whats about to happen. Fake little cut to the right, drives in...
Fleury says no. Jagr not happy.

(Josh Carpenter)

The Rangers acquired all these people, and they haven't scored a goal in like a week.
What a joke.

Brooks Orpik jobs a puck in the stands. Delay of game.

The Rangers get a power play and look even worse. Brendan Shanahan takes time off from complaining to get a shot on net. He sucks.
Some terd hits the post. Pens clean it up.

"Money can't play hockey like Sidney Crosby."
-- We jobbed that lady before.
But she's been a Pens season-ticket holder for 35 years.
She can do whatever she wants.

Tommy Callahan takes a penalty. Tom Renney's head explodes.


Pens get some OK chances on the PP.
Rangers kill it again.

At the end of the period, Ryan Malone hustles, gets dragged down.


As if God is smiling upon us all, we see Recchi's Versus commercial.

"People asked if I was even playing this year."

No comment necessary.



The Pens get a fresh sheet of ice for the powerplay.
Take it to the bank.

Crosby to Whitney. To Malkin.
The puck takes 8 minutes to get over the line, but that's a goal.

Suck it

About 2 seconds later, Jordan Staal breaks in, and some homo throws his stick at the puck.

Penalty Shot

Staal comes in and forgets that he's allowed to make a move.
Easy save.

The pens buzz around, and they draw another penalty.
During the delayed call, Gonchar boobs it over to Mark Eaton.
Eaton rares back for a slapshot.
Just imagine when he scores a goal.

The Pens chill on the ensuing powerplay. No deal.
Syko heads to the box on a blatant penalty.

Sykora comes back on. Big PK.
The Rangers start doing a post-powerplay frenzy.
Shot from the point.

That shot is blocked.

The Pens fly back on a 3-on-2, but Lundqvist is a beast.

Speaking of beasts, out of nowhere, there's 6:00 left in the second period,
and MAF has silently been the man.

Then, Edzo breaks into his usual "defending himself about getting fired" mode.
He talks about how MAF is okay and so on. Very uncomfortable times.

What an uneventful period.
Nothing going on.
The Rangers and Devils switched identities.



Seriously, there was nothing going on this entire game.
Whispers of a MAF shutout circulate.

Malkin is simply the best player on the ice tonight, no questions asked.
Orpik starts hitting everything that moves. He has been decent the last few games.

Early in the third, Hossa runs over MAF. PP.

The Powerplay is still mud. EC hits the post walking out of the corner.

Things start picking up.
The Rangers start playing hcokey, and the puck was sitting in front of a gaping net.
Mark Eaton is there.

[James Mirtle ] told you this: Scuderi has been on the ice for 89 minutes and has seen 7 goals go in. UPDATE: Scuds is 6th best


Scuderi makes a huge mistake, almost leads to a goal. MAF says no.
Scuds says: James Mirtle has been on the ice 0:00 minutes and Pensblog is a joke.

Then out of nowhere, Crosby and Rex get a 2 on 1.
Sid would rather get the assist. Pass is broken up.

Action picks up a little more.
Ryan Whitney makes a pretty sweet pass to EC.
He gets a semi-breakaway and tries to do a "dipsy do." Nope.

Things just keep going back and forth. Tight checking game.

And then, with time winding down and the Pens trying to preserve a divisional win...

Oh noooooo
Come on

Too many men. Again.

(If Mirtle is a big deal, he'll find a way to compute how many too-many-men penalties the Penguins franchise has accrued in the last five years. It has be over 250.)

The PK steps on. Renney calls a T.O.

We all know Jagr only needs 2 seconds of open ice. The Rangers move the puck well on this last powerplay.
The Pens keep it out to the perimeter.

A couple scares on shots from the point. Whatev.
MAF makes a few big saves. Pens kill it.

Game is not over yet jack. Some homo makes a sweet pass to spring Tommy Callahan.
He beats MAF, but it's post city.

Crosby and Malkin run out the clock with some running plays.

Have fun going back to NYC to people that hate you.
Most boring game in 20 years.

  • Malkin: 1G
  • Bing: 1A
  • Whitney: 1A
  • Fleury: 36 saves
  • Your Mom: Just watching


  • All of a sudden, MAF has stopped 66 of 67 shots
  • Orpik is starting to murder people.
  • Solid defensive performance.
  • Rangers are mud.
  • Nothing to discuss. We refuse to spellcheck.
  • These two points will be huge in early April.
  • Whatev


James Mirtle said...

No. The stat says Scuderi has been on the ice for 10 even-strength goals for, which is sixth-best in the league.

Anonymous said...

Uh, guys?

Mirtle said Scuds was on the ice for ~85 min. watching 10 goals go in FOR THE PENS. That's a good thing, not a bad one.

Might wanna rethink that spellcheck.

dave said...

I might have misinterpreted, but it looks like the Mirtle thing lists Scuderi as 6th best in the league for goals for/60 mins, not 6th worst for goals against/60 mins.

Vern said...

I appreciate the whatev at the end of every recap. It continues to remind me that we're in October - can't get worked up about a game either way.

Ah screw it - a rangers win even in October feels good. Go Pens!

Spencemo said...

I think you guys have cornered the market with the gay love pictures.

Anonymous said...

Brooks Orpik #3 star of the game, gotta love it!

Loser Chris said...

"James Mirtle has been on the ice 0:00 minutes."


Hooks Orpik said...

Gotta take what you can get, I suppose. 3 straight victories and the pretty pathetic Toronto Make Beliefs are coming up next.

Who's worse, 2006-07 John LeClair or 2007-08 Mark Recchi? Atleast LeClair wasn't used exclusively on the top line....

MummRaTheEverLiving said...

Orp is a beast. It seems like he's been around forever but I think people forget that this is really only his 4th full NHL season. It's that same general misconception that sometimes applies to the Flower: "Well he's been here forever, don't tell me he's still developing!"

Brooksie is really the only dman on this team that could make those punk 5'8'' forwards *coughBrierecough* want no part of the corners and he has really solidified his fundamental positioning. I still really do believe he will be a solid defensive presence on this team for quite some time.

Think Bob Boughner...only better!

Christina said...

i'm not sure if Edzo can get through broadcasting an entire Pens game without mentioning being fired in some respect. i wonder if it's a part of his versus contract?

if Crusher pulled off that "dipsy do" move...we'd all be comparing it to the Malkin Devils goal one year ago....
it was without a doubt the same move (and didn't EC score a goal like that at one point last year too?)

Anonymous said...

Douchebag play-by-play guy kept calling Eddie "Enzo." But, at least he didn't call Therrien "Michael." That always drives me nuts on FSN. They could pronounce Ouellet's name.

- Soup

Anonymous said...

- Soup

Malkinian said...

Geno is in a league of his own so far this season. Fortunately I was in a bar so I didn't have to hear Edzo.

Staff said...

hahaha thats why Jame Mirtle is a big deal and why we are mud.

Kristen PB said...

The Game That Seemed to Last Ninety Years...

Until this game, the Pens have sort of milled around during the first period. But this time, strong defensive work with great pressure right from start. Great job.

It's good to see Christensen getting the puck. That should happen more.

And, according to Versus, it's pronounced Rob "Scooderi". Drove me nuts. Overall, the play-by-play guy was better than Emrick, but still...

Hooks Orpik said...

James Mirtle; job-proof?

Pensblog thought they had him lined up, but....absolutely not.

Perhaps no one is unjob-able, but Mirtle is definitely solid. Especially since he clarified his own stat.

wilsmith said...

Soup -- You do know that Therrien has asked people to call him Michael, right?

Versus has the worst play by play guys though, I'll go with you on that.

Anonymous said...

"Crosby and Malkin run out the clock with some running plays."

Maybe it wasn't a big deal on TV, but being at the arena, the last 2 minutes where Crosby, Malkin, and Recchi dominated the ice was the most exciting two minutes of the season so far.

Jonny V said...

If u mean mud that rich people in Beverly Hills sit in to exfoliate their pores. Then yeah, yinz are mud.

snoopyjode said...

i'm a day late and a buck short on this, but yes, i boo jagr. yes, he's a great penguin and did A LOT for our franchise. yes, i should be over it. actually, yes, i AM over it, but by now the booing has kind of become tradition. and besides, he's got to take solace in the fact that he was SO IMPORTANT in pittsburgh that we'll still boo him all these years later.

that said, it's good to have a win. and an unexpected plus came from having the game broadcast on versus: we didn't have to hear about it being "staal vs. staal" 45 times every period. they only mentioned it once or twice. :)

Pensblogderek said...

hahaha no no no no..

We weren't jobbing Mirtle. Just having some fun
Mirtle is job-proof in these parts.

Teka said...

I'd rather have some more Staal on Staal and some less OMGLOOK SIDNEY IS DRINKING.


Star, yes. Perpetually interesting, no.

MattB said...

Yes the final couple of minutes, where Malkin "danced a little, then gave a two step to" Crosby, were exciting on television as well. It reminded me of some wonderful memories from my youth.

luvnmypens said...

"Malkin is simply the best player on the ice tonight, no questions asked."

Has this not been true for every game so far?

MummRaTheEverLiving said...

I remember a few years back when Double J came back for his first non-guins game in the silver spaceship. He got booed unmercifully by the crowd but when the scoreboard showed a jags tribute, he got a standing O. The showed a pic of Jags on the Caps bench afterward and I remember the guy tearing up. No word on if it was the ovation or the knowledge that Green Bay didn't cover.

I admit that as Crosby and Malkin killed the final minutes in the O-Zone, all that I could think of was "Ahead 1-0, Geno danced a litte....and gave a two-step to Sidney"

PittHockey said...

Just a note to all the Christensen jobbers.

Compare his stats and Staal's right now.

Christy gets far less ice time and is stuck on the fourth line, yet has the same points as Staal and a better +/-.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else annoyed by that "Joe" guy and his comparisons to the Steelers. For example, "That looked like Roethlisberger to Ward." I'm a huge Steeler fan but I thought I was watching a Penguin game?

Hutch said...

I'm just glad that the real Big Ben showed up at the game last night. the post > #7

J.S. said...

Jode has it right when it comes to booing Jagr. I can respect what he did in the past, but he didn't exactly make any friends during his last season here. I was one of many that booed him during his 1st visit back to the arena (and probably booed him even when he wasn't on the ice that night.) Like Jode said, these days it's more tradition than anything. With all of that being said, if they showed a highlight reel of Jagr's career, I'd at least show some courtesy and applaud him for what he did in a Penguins uniform and boo him a few seconds later when he touches the puck.

Does it make sense? Not really. It doesn't have to. It's just where I stand on the "to boo or not to boo" issue.

Anonymous said...

My bad.

- Soup

Adrienne said...

Yeah, I had to laugh at the Recchi commercial too. "They'll have to take the stick from my cold, dead hands" Dude, we just might.

Did anyone else get as pissed off about the Steelers comment during the 2nd period? Crosby passed to Malkin, and Joe (whoever?) was like, "That there looked like a pass from Roethlesberger to Ward!" You just heard Edzo, "What?"

I was fucking pissed off. What the hell...

I hate versus. They need to zoom the camera out, and learn waht to show.

Rangers clear the puck in the first down into our zone, everyone goes rushing for it; and Versus? They put the camera on Lundqvist who's just standing there with his stick up his ass.


Otherwise, it was an awesome game. We were all joking last night about Jared Staal going to the Islanders or the Devils next season- where we'd be playing against a Staal every week. Maybe then the media would get bored of reminding us about it.

Solid game though, looking forward to Thursday night :)

Nick said...

Jagr left this city on his own accord. He said he was dying alive in Pittsburgh. He knocked the franchise, knocked the city and generally couldn't handle being in Mario's shadow. He moved on, should the fans? I say absolutely not. Jagr in Pittsburgh was lights out. He was the best player in the NHL when he was here. I believe that the fans should never forget what he did. He held the franchise at ransom and if not for the luck of the lottery (the ability to draft Sid), we're not even having this discussion because the Penguins aren't in Pittsburgh anymore.

Fleury for Vezina and Orpik for Norris? According to the logic that they should have been traded after the first 3 games, it has to make sense.


john p said...

The play-by-play guy was Joe Beninati. He's the regular play-by-play guy for the Caps, and he is mud. The only tolerable thing about him is that he doesn't have (Caps color commentator) Craig Laughlin's voice, which is a nightmare.

wilsmith said...

Anyone that watched the first couple games and made a decision on Fleury based on that is a joke. Anyone that's now jumping up to say how great he is after these past two games is also a joke.

Regardless of your opinion, those conversations are for a later day, not this early in the season.

Kicksave said...

That old lady said money can't play hockey like Sidney Crosby. I always thought that Crosby was money?

Anyway, Fleury's stats don't look so alarming now. I guess not giving up a goal in the last 5 periods of hockey will do that.

Kristen PB said...

I remember when Jagr came to Pittsburgh, all mullet and little English. We were enthralled with him then. But the longer he played, the more he seemed to believe himself to be a one-man Greatest Show on Earth.

It's true, he did NOT endear himself to Pittsburgh fans at the end of his time here. He was and is a great player, but he's more of a loner. Pittsburgh stars like Crosby and Lemieux play for love of the game and support of the team. Jagr just loves...himself.

Anonymous said...

let's hope malkin does not end up like jagr. hopefully he can co-exist with crosby, because jagr couln't play second fiddle to lemiuex.

Hooks Orpik said...

I love how 80% of commenterblog has dubbed Mario an infallible Saint and cast Jags off as a moody, jealous sidekick wannabe. you're all have very short memories, or are too young. or maybe you're just a joke.

john p---you're right, the caps color guy is atrocious. for those that have never heard him, he kinda sounds like some bozo trying to do a Chris Farley impression. Only it's not an impression, it's the tone of his voice.

The Hebrew Hammer said...

James Mirtle=dalai lama of hockey blogs

Brett said...

It did cross my mind right when we drafted malkin, that this potentially could end up being a lemieux-jagr situation. It makes it more difficult for me because malkin doesn't speak publicly in english, so I can't read into his tones, how he talks about the other players, etc. My fear has absolutely no basis on any real life events, only the idea of what happened with JJ and, and the idea that IF a player like malkin would be in the game for personal reasons, for personal glory, it would be upsetting to always play 'under the shadow' of Syd.

Hell, I dont know if we'll even be able to afford both of 'em, much less keep Staal on, and Fleury. So it might not even be his decision to stay here when his free agency comes up.

Anonymous said...

It was good to see Crusher get some ice time- i dont know how much but it seemed like he had a decent amount and i thought i saw him out there with Sid a few times as well.

It was really good to see the defense show up and really do just about everything right. I thought that the transition game was kinda rough last night. Brooks WAS a man eater last night and i totally agree with Mummra.

Malkin might not be killing the scoresheet, but he has been HE MAN this year. He's been flying out there.


the too many men joke will never get old. that is too funny.


Daish19 said...

Speaking of Scuds, do we know what Sydor did for Scuds to give him the number 5. I know some players give vacations or $$.

Twinkie said...

Brett..... Malkin was drafted before Crosby

Erica said...

daish19 - Actually, I heard Scuds just gave the number over to Sydor without asking for anything in return. He doesn't seem to superstitious or anything, just laid-back.

Stoosh said...


I don't get the impression that you'll see anything like what Jagr did on his way out from either Malkin or Crosby. Malkin is every bit as much of a goofy character as Armstrong and Talbot...also a very team-oriented guy who seems to really enjoy his surroundings here. I think you're starting to see that this year...he looks 100 times more comfortable out there and really seems to be having a lot more fun this year.

FritoWill said...

i found something more annoying then a shoot scream at the Mellon.

A Shoot scream at your local bar!!!

I almost punched this guy last night during the game. During one of the 2nd period power plays this guy screaming for Malkin to shoot the puck (through all 4 guys on the ice) Malkin then passed it back to Sid and it was stolen.

Its one thing to yell while your at a game, during a power play, with some of 17000 people. But in a bowling alley with 40 or so drunken guys is just stupid.

BTW, this same guy complained when Sid and Malkin had the puck tied up on the boards saying they should try to score.
Meanwhile this was the best sequence of the game.

bluzdude said...

The only thing worse than hearing Beninati on Versus is hearing him do the Caps games. Unfortunately, here in Baltimore, you can't get the Pens vs Caps on Center Ice, you have to watch the local feed featuring this hump and his idiot color-guy Laughlin rooting for the Caps, mangling names and whining for a penalty every time someone falls down. So you know he hates the Pens when he does a non-Caps game for Versus.

Nick said...


what shortsightedness are you talking about in reference to Mario? I'm interested to find out what you think Mario did that was wrong?

Hooks Orpik said...

daish---I remember reading in either the PG or the Trib that Bobby Scuds neither asked for nor accepted any compensation for ceding his number to Sydor. Which is just so in character; he's not going to demand thousands of dollars or do something flashy, just yield the number to a veteran. Big ups.

nick--I wasn't saying there was anything specificly Lemieux did wrong; just that it's piss poor to dub Jagr as un-redeemingly wrong for his conduct. Lemieux was pretty difficult himself with his attitude towards Scotty Bowman and Sergei Zubov; and some of his country club attitude brushed off on the upper management for too long before Shero was put in place.

But I wasn't meaning to critcize Mario, he's obviously single-handedly saved the franchise 3 times over and deserves the praise he gets. Just that he too is human. The main point being I don't think commentorblog should demonize JJ when for a lot of years he did just as much on the ice for the team as anyone did.

Anonymous said...

Double J wanted it all, when he was in Pittsburgh, he had to live in the shadow of Double 6. He had ability, he could score, he put up big numbers, won trophies, took the back seat to Francis and Mario for the Captain "C". He was in a real situation, Mario left and came back and when you are trying to lead a team and be the new "Franchise" it builds animosity between the double J and Double 6. When Mario left it was time for Double J to shine, and then he came back, and he was in the shadow once again. He was the original "Coach Killer" and just wanted to go somewhere where he could shine. Washington was a bust, and wanted to be in the spotlight an went to NYR. Why would you boo someone who was trying to be a legend? If you worked somewhere where you couldn't be the best and had to live in someone else's shadow and nothing you did was good enough because you never did this or that. You would take your talent and seek your fortunes elsewhere. It is fact, you go where people recognize your talents and you be number 1. Why boo someone who left? Would you boo your co-worker who slammed the local wal mart most of you people work at to take a job at K-Mart? probably not.
-- Mark

wilsmith said...

The Caps broadcast team must be the worst in the league.

It seems like every time anything happens, that guy is making every possibly effort to be the sound associated with that play, and all he can ever think of is one word like "SENSATIONAL". He overwhelms the action with his annoying voice (which really sounds put on, if you ask me) and makes you more concerned with hearing him than being able to focus on the play. Like last year when Malkin walked across the top of the crease and scored. I can't remember who it was against, but it was nothing special and he was acting like it was the greatest play he'd ever witnessed. You want to jump for joy, but instead you're thinking "oh my god, what is this terrible shouting about?!"

It's like every game he's seen is his first.

Oh, and if Emerick ever uses "caught in the paraphernalia" to describe a shot into the goalie again, I might throw a rock at my tv.

Give me Gary Thorne and Panger, or give me death.

snoopyjode said...

okay, mark - you missed the point ENTIRELY. no one here is peeved that jagr was ambitious. jj dissed the penguins and the city of pittsburgh repeatedly. that is THE ONLY reason anyone has a problem with him. so do yourself a favor and save your playground insults for when you actually have a clue what's going on.

The Hebrew Hammer said...

LMAO with the Seinfeld photoshop

Anonymous said...

The fact is, Snoopy Dog-dog, is that he had every right to say what he said about the city and the organization, if you sit there and tell me that any job you worked at that screwed you over and you never made it publicly known how you felt, then you are in denial. Must have hit a close to home with the Wal-Mart switching to K-mart.


Daish19 said...

erica & hooks - thanks for the update on scuds #, i guess he is no jeff feagles - dude got a family vacation to florida and a house addition for giving number to manning and burress.

theNick said...

Here is my take on the Jagr booing situation. Does the good outweigh the bad? It just seems to me like people who boo Jagr forget everything he did for 10 years in Pittsburgh. Yes he was a dick but we also don't win 2 cups without him.

Also at the 84 draft Lemieux refused to take the stage when the Pens drafted him. So should i boo Lemieux for being a dick at the beginning of his Career?

The Hebrew Hammer said...

I'll take all the positive attention I can get, I CLAIM THE PHOTOSHOP MOTHERFUCKERS!!

Loser Chris said...

Mario also refused to put on a Pens jersey for photos at the draft.

jackedlobster said...

anyone notice that everytime sid is on the ice the pens are always playing defense and by the time they get the puck out of their teritory it's time for a line change? just curious?

Brett said...


The order at which free agency comes up doesn't make or break who stays and who goes - Shero and the gang are looking more than 6 months in advance. Example - wasn't Whitney's contract back-weighted so we have more ceiling in the cap when we need it? Anyway, I'm just concerned about the team's ability to hold onto all the high-class talent we have.. Sure, this isn't the pre-lockout days when our cap was like 30m and the rangers were over 80m.. but still.

Twinkie said...

Brett, I was just addressing the fact that you said "It did cross my mind right when we drafted Malkin." Considering he was drafted before Crosby or Staal, I just thought it was a funny thing to say..... like you had psychic powers that knew we would get another superstar and end up with another "Lemieux-Jagr" situation.

snoopyjode said...

we could argue until the gary roberts decides to end the world; we're not going to agree on the jagr booing issue. one side is not going to be able to convince the other that they are right. to each his own. [insert your own cliche here] i'm over it and tired of talking about it.

one last thing, though, to "marky mark:" check my profile. you proved ONCE AGAIN that you have no idea what you are talking about. please grow up or at least get a bit more clever with your "insults."

Anonymous said...

Snoopy-JOB... It is a profile and the internet you can be anything you want on here. Just cause you write it doesn't make it real. You should change your name to "SHEEPYjobe" for always following the flock.


snoopyjode said...

oh, mark - good one. i'm done with you. you're not smart enough for me to waste my time on you.

Anonymous said...

oh, mark - good one. i'm done with you. you're not smart enough for me to waste my time on you.

Actually Genius the correct grammar of that statement should read...

Oh, Mark - good one. I'm done with you. You're not smart enough for me to waste my time on.

Get a Degree, and I don't mean one from the back of the Cheerios box that says "Mail 10 UPC codes to Penn State University and $3.50 shipping and handling"

Follow the flock, say what they want you to say, do what they ask you to do, and in the end gain enlightenment.

It's always the supposed "smart ones" who get pulled into the cult mentality. Probably because their esteem level is so low. Got bullied as a child, mommy and daddy not show enough love? Have to join a flock and be someone else's yes-man to gain acceptance?

The smart ones lead the cult not follow it.

Dying Alive said...

Actually, the word "genius" is not a proper noun and doesn't need to be capitalized. Nor does the word degree. Oh, and if you really want to get technical, the word "my" implies that the speaker is referring to him/herself, making the "for me" redundant. I guess you didn't notice that either when you were "correcting" her grammar.

So maybe you should save the grammar lesson?

For the record, I've never booed JJ and I never will. I think he sucks as a human being but I respect what he did for the franchise, so save the sheep comments as well.

I'm starting a Rob Scuderi fan club. I wonder if they sell Scuds t-shirts at PenStation?

dying alive said...

The word "genius" is not a proper noun and therefore doesn't need to be capitalized. Nor does the word degree. Oh, and the use of the word "my" makes the "for me" in that sentence redundant. I guess you missed all of that when you were correcting her grammar, though.

For the record, I've never booed Jagr and I never will. I think he sucks as a human being but I respect what he did on the ice during his time with this franchise. In fact, I find him so amusing that I made his infamous "dying alive" comment my username, so save the sheep comments for someone else.

I'm staring the Rob Scuderi fan club. I wonder if they sell Scuds t-shirts at PenStation?

Anonymous said...

Genius being capitalized is a reference to Randy Savage's brother "The Genius" who was like Paul Roma, as H was so good to point out as "The Job Guy from the WWE?"

dying alive said...

The fact that I was ridiculing someone else's intelligence and ended up with two posts in a row - saying essentially the same thing - because I thought my first post was lost is pretty much instant karma.

Anonymous said...

Dying Alive = Snoopy's Husband (You mean the Job girl from the Pensblog?)

Mark you are classic! About time someone called out the Snooper.

dying alive said...

Unless they've legalized gay marriage in PA, I'm not Snoopy's husband.

I just find people who criticize the grammar of others on the internet obnoxious, especially when their "corrections" are still, well, incorrect.


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