Saturday, October 20, 2007


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4 - 3

Walking out of the Mellon Arena after the game and seeing the look of unbridled joy on peoples' faces is what life is all about.
Just a fun game to be at.
More drama than a Jodie Foster movie.

Being that we were at the game, it goes without saying that we missed a lot.
This recap is mud compared to others.
So all we can try to do is relay what we saw.
So if we messed up, job us.

You won't have a lot of time to do it.
The Pens play again in like 8 minutes.


Jeff Jimmerson got things started early with a stirring rendition of the national anthem.
The charisma emanating from the performance causes an usher in section B4 to become pregnant.

If you could script a game and try to make it begin as terribly as it did tonight, it would be tough.

35 seconds in, Gonch gets called for something.
Carolina wastes no time at all.
Ray Whitney from downtown to beat Sabu.

Not good. 1-0.

The Staal-Malkin-Malone line comes out flying. Malking is out of his mind.
After a few minutes of nothing going on, Malkin gets a break-out pass.
He starts down the wing, something is gonna happen.
Never mind. Ryan Malone decides to fight. Whatev.

With Malone in the box, Rutuu somehow finds his way on a line with Malkin and Staal.
They get some good chances. Rutuu truck sticks Walker.

Remember this.

Walker stays down, but finally gets up.

Rutuu celebrates the play minutes later by taking a penalty.
The PK shows up. Colby blocks a shot.

Ryan Malone has a breakaway at some point.
He makes the dumbest move ever. No dice.

Nothing going on.
It still feels like Sabu is shakier than Ferguson from "Clarissa Explains It All."

What a dick.

The crowd is trying to get into it. Roberts-Armstrong-Talbot have a good shift.
Speaking of the crowd, we see tons of interesting people.

Dave Littlefied makes an appearance, so does Clark Haggans.
The closer you get to Dave Littlefield, the more you are convinced he is Vince McMahon.
Trenni and Sonni also get some face time on the scoreboard.

Speaking of the scoreboard, we get to see one of those jobber question things that WXDX personalities have to do.
Vinny from the X comes on, with a haircut that is beyond reason.

Hopefully, next home game, they ask a fan if they know where Jordan Staal is.

Vinny's haircut dominates the rest of the first until some moron takes a penalty for the Canes.
The first powerplay unit looks sluggish. The second unit rolls on.
Puck to the net. Petr Sykora shows up to pick up the trash.
Pucks goes in. 1-1.

Interestingly enough, an anomaly occurred after the ensuing faceoff:

Mellon Arena PA announcer John Barbero has had 2,463 consecutive perfect games behind the mike.
Sykora scored with 1:02 left.
Right off the faceoff, Barbero announces, "The Pittsburgh goal..."
He then craps himself and realizes he has to do the obligatory "One minute remaining in the period. One minute."
He then continues, "...his third of the season..."

The best part was him changing his voice from the excited goal call, to the monotone announcement, then back to the excited goal call. That was a nice save that only a professional can execute.

That's not a job on Barbero. It's just the first time we've heard something like that.


Personalblog 1.0

During the first intermission, we were able to make the long hike to Section F and pay homage to LGP poster C. T. Mechanic, who is responsible for the WWGRD sign in the Mellon.
Good people up there.

"At the last game, during the national anthem, Roberts stared up at us and the sign for the entire duration of the anthem. He was convinced." -- C.T. Mechanic



The second period of the past two games should've had their own book in the Bible.

We reiterate that commentorblog has the detailed analysis of most of the action, but the Pens were seemingly still getting hosed on calls.

Four minutes into the second, the Canes scored a goal.

It turned gloomier when Justin Williams scored with about 5:00 left.

That's as demoralizing as a picture can get.

But then a funny thing happened on Scott Walker's way to the bench.
He had some torso injury or something?

Maybe the Mellon Arena ghosts had to meet their quota of knocking a Hurricane out of a game.

Nevertheless, the game did a 180 after that.

Jarkko Ruutu, when he wasn't in the box, looked like he had 80 minutes of ice time tonight.
Him and Talbot job around, and Adam Hall bangs it in.
Big goal. Made it 3-2. Mellon in a frenzy.

The Penguins have committed a lot of stupid penalties this season.
But nothing compares to Mike Commodore.
He loses his stick and tries to make out with Recchi coming down the wing.
He goes to the box.

When the Pens are on that power play, Rob Brindamour takes a stupid penalty, and the Pens go on the 5-on-3.

Time winding down.
Even the 74-minute-old fetus in that usher's womb is screaming SHOOT.

Can't remember how it happens, but our new friendly neighborhood garbage man scores a goal that was almost a mirror image of his first one.

On the grainy Jumbotron replay, it looked like Roberts' stick may have nudged that puck to Syko, or maybe we just wanted it to.

It doesn't matter.
It sets up an exciting third period.


Personalblog 2.0

During the second intermission, we found a place to make free signs.
WWGRD was the logical choice.
Special thanks to Christine K.

Also, on the way back to our seats, the karma from endless jobbing caught up with us.
As Pensblog Derek was running up to his seat, he lost his footing and nose-dived into the concrete steps.
What a mistake. There was Coke everywhere.
If anyone was in C2, let us know if you saw it.



We don't know about the TV side, but it was pretty exciting at the arena.

Sabu was coming up big with a couple of saves.

No acrobatics, no fancy shenanigans --
At the top of his crease, seeing the puck into his body, making some nice kick saves, and handing out DDTs to anyone screening him.

Orpik was out of his mind towards the end of the third.
Scuderi was laying the body.
Eaton looked like he hit someone.

Somewhere in the third, Recchi tricked everyone in the arena into thinking a puck squeaked by Cam Ward, but it was a mirage.

Towards the end of the third, the Canes started pouring it on.
The Pens were blocking shots, hitting people, clearing sight lines for Sabu.

The clock ticks to zero, and we get the all-important point.
But overtime hockey isn't for the faint of heart.

We're trying to remember, but there weren't any scoring chances that stick out.
The clock ticks to zero.

First up was Erik Christensen.
What a move. 1-0.

Matt Cullen was up for Carolina.
Him and Sabu have a staring contest before Cullen jobs him. 1-1.

Sykora was up next.
He fakes forehand, goes backhand, top shelf. 2-1.

Jeff Hamilton stepped onto the ice for Carolina.
He skates down and eats Sabu's lunch for him. 2-2.

Next was Sid something.
The best player in the world taking cues from Erik Christensen. 3-2.

Next up.
Ray Whitney vs. Danny Sabourin. Game on the line.
Make a save, win the game.

17,000-plus people in the Mellon and countless watching at home, who were wincing every time Sabu faced a shot just hours before, are now chanting his name.

As Whitney approached, for the briefest of moments, you didn't hear anything.
We would all give anything for him to save it.

Then before you even knew what was going on, a roar thundered across the Mellon Arena.
Dany Sabourin raises his hands towards the Pens bench.


We're back to usual recaps Saturday night.

We hate doing the personal stories. We feel dirty for doing it.
But some things just have to be mentioned.


Alex said...

During the 3rd period when Steigy and Bob were talking about Gary Roberts, Steigy said something like, "There's even a website selling wristbands that say WWGD - What Would Gary Do?"

He forgot to mention the "R" and "Roberts" but still a cool shoutout, even though he didn't mention Pensblog by name.

Gro6922 said...

Great recap guys and awesome job getting Johnny B's name in their hes comes down to our dek games most the time so I know the guy pretty well.

On another note Crusher only gets 7 shifts all game and a total time of 4:48 tonight compared to Rexs 26 Shifts 20:58....

Steve In Denver said...

Sweet night.

First I have to job Errey and Steigy. Steigy didn't even call them wristbands...he called them armbands. Like the one Pink wore in The Wall? Perhaps.

Line of the night...Bob Errey, referring to Ray Whitney as he eyeballs his chance in the shootout, says "Aaaah, Ray Whitney, he's a fiddler."
Really Bob? A fiddler? As in, the crab? Or like Boyd Tinsley from the DMB? Or does he just fiddle with his nuts relentlessly on the bench? Maybe he can define that later.

Anyhow, what a fucking game. They beat the crap out of Brind'amor all night, which is just special.
Cam Ward had some lights out moments, but pretty much lost his virginity in the shootout. Not even close on any of the 3.

And, I like babies and all, but what the hell is that thing on Sabu's mask?

Off to crack town for another WIN tomorrow.


FritoWill said...

i'd pay good money (like 5 bucks) to see Derek face plant!!!

This game made me wonder if the early problem isn't MAF but the defense in front of him.

The ~D said...

I jumped when I heard that shout out...awesome! Every time I am walking back to my seat I trip and almost lose it. I swear the steps are spaced awkwardly or something...or maybe I'm just always drunk...probably the latter.

Matt said...

I think the most excited the two guys that watched the game with me got is when Steigy mentioned the "armbands" for Gary Roberts. I can't wait to get ours. I was guessing two things...1) that you would start making comparisons (photoshopwise) between Ouellet and Sykora (although Sykora is much more respectable), and 2) that eventually you would isolate and make a youtube video of steigy mentioning the WWGRD bands.

Good work.

Ellie said...

yeah i heard that shoutout too.

you guys are starting to become legends : )

where the fuck is jordan staal?

Anonymous said...

Sab was making pretty good saves in the 2nd, too.
If you watch the highlights on, the Carolina feed announcers are more enthusiastic about the Pens' performance than Steigerrey are. Oh wait, that's not a shock.

ANYWAY. Yay. We don't have to trade our backup - not for a few more games, at least.

Goalie chants rule. All I could hear on FSN were the Carolina guys getting booed. Were people chanting "Dany," or "Sabu," or what?

greenrin said...

Section B3 was interesting to say the least. Players wives, girlfriends, and Dave Littlefield. We stuck out like sore thumb, we were the only ones cheering(and wearing Pens shirts) other than Recchi's kids. What a great game!

Ashley said...

WWGRD? sign = awesome. If any of you guys are going to the Montreal game next weekend, you should bring big WWGRD? signs and post/wave them around the arena. Maybe the HNIC crew will mention them...

The Seeker said...

WWGRD? ...YES!!!!!!

Thanks for the Amber Alert on Staal....1 point in 6 games and a -6 compared to last year is worrying.

Also thanks for getting Fu-Max-Chu into the mouseover stats block too.

By the way, did anyone notice GR simply pushing the ref out of his way when he was chasing the puck along the boards behind the net? Classic!

The Hebrew Hammer said...

Still a great recap guys, maybe Derek sustained a concussion from his 2nd period miscue, at that point you just feel like one of those guys in the Southwest commercials.

The Hebrew Hammer said...

I don't think you guys could have seen this but sometime late in the 3rd period they showed Gary Roberts coming to the bench after a whistle when the play was dead and he just knocked a Cane over on his ass for no good reason. It was one of the funniest things i've ever seen, except for the fact that noone on the Canes bench did anything about it. I love Gary Roberts more and more everyday.

Anonymous said...

Finally got to watch a game in it's entirety, and it didn't disappoint (stupid work). Can't wait to get my WWGRD. Keep up the good work guys.

Malkinian said...

The 3rd period was definitely the best period of hockey we've played all season. And I DID see Jordan Staal tonight. He was the only Penguin that didn't pick up his man (Letowski) on the backcheck and stood at the top of the crease w/ his thumb up his ass while Letowski buried it. And Rex was my favorite back in 1991 and still is but penalty after penalty after noneffectiveness should put him either to the 4th line or retirement. Does Therrien not continue to see the skillset Crusher has. Gotta give him a shot w/ Croz or Geno. These 2 are playing at such a high level and even though their goals aren't coming yet, we can only maximize this if we put skill alongside them.

I too jumped w/ excitment when I heard the W.W.G.(R.)D. shoutout even though Steiggy fucked it up

Staff said...

HEBREW -- Someone did job him.
We followed him that entire play.
Some other Cane came and pushed him from behind as he had one foot in the bench.
He almost took off after the dude.
It probably was barely missed by FSN cameras.

GUYS -- Thanks for telling us about the Steigy (Staggy?) thing. Our phones were blowing up while we were trying to watch the intense third period.
We're putting in another order for 500 when we gauge whether or not Steigy's description of the wristbands confused too many people.
He could've mentioned the site, but I don't think FSN and the Pens want to direct people to a site where a penguin is taking a crap on a jar of peanut butter.

It couldn't have happened at a worse time for us.
We are low on WWGRDs.

What a game.


Anonymous said...

actually did a great recap considering you were actually there .. bob errey did jinx peter sykora though, 251 goals but never had a hat-trick ... "ive got a feelin steigy", what a moron, jealousy can be a bitch

Ashley said...

"He could've mentioned the site, but I don't think FSN and the Pens want to direct people to a site where a penguin is taking a crap on a jar of peanut butter."
I should really stop eating while reading the blog because one of these days I really will choke to death from laughing..

Gondosh said...

I have Jeff Jimmerson's autograph on the ice TIME from the motreal game last week. If I ever shoot blanks ill just role that up and the deed will be done.

Anonymous said...

Sorry guys, WWGRD is now passe.


(Try not to look directly if you value your to tom_servo and wallflower at LGP.)

wilsmith said...


PittHockey said...

Crosby vs. Ovie
Round Three beings tonight.
Can't wait.

Adrienne said...

This game made me wonder if the early problem isn't MAF but the defense in front of him.

And you didn't think of this before?

The game was amazing, and I surprisingly had all of my room mates watching the SO with me. Granted only two of them had at most a general understanding of what was going on..

You guys did a good job of recapping the game, and it's awesome that you went and checked out who did the WWGRD sign guys. Props for that! :D

Staal is seriously missing this season, but I'm hoping he'll get through it sometime soon.

Sykora and Crosby are playing amazing together, (Crosby jumping over Ward was fucking awesome!) but I can't figure out why in the name of fuck that Recchi is on the first line. Jesus christ, pull him and put Christensen up.

Somehow I doubt a spilled Coke is going to discourage you guys from further jobbing people, but it's still a funny story. (Even though you're out, what?, 6 dollars? Boo)

Hoping for a clutch game tonight. I'll be bar tending and further converting everyone on the North Side to watching hockey.

Eric said...

Its so sick that his nickname is Sabu. Awesome WWGRD sign btw

Anonymous said...

The sign is tight, but it has a question mark at the end of it. Your bands do not.

Barrasso35 said...

"He could've mentioned the site, but I don't think FSN and the Pens want to direct people to a site where a penguin is taking a crap on a jar of peanut butter."

Classic. You're right, Ashley I'm either going to spit cereal on my monitor and keyboard or choke to death. The Pensblog, hitting the bigtime... you guys are a bunch of sellouts. j/k

The season is here and I couldn't be happier... until I get my WWGRD? wristbands in the mail.

Long Live The Pensblog!


Anonymous said...

Pensblog Derek:

It could have been a $7 beer. that would not only have been embarassing, but a waste of beer too.

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