Tuesday, October 2, 2007

We are almost through all of the team previews.
Next up is the Northeast division.

We start with the defending eastern conference champions, and a team we cannot stand.
The Ottawa Sentators.

With all the jobbing of Sens fans, we were lucky enough to have TJ From [ Sens HQ ] write us up a nice little preview of the Sens.

2006-2007: (48-25-9) 105 Points
Playoffs: Forgot to show up in Finals

The best and gayest line in hockey.

TJ From [ Sens HQ ] take:
Emery has a lot to prove this year. Coming off a great season even more is expected of him. He will finally be playing healthy after receiving surgery on his glove hand wrist (something that nagged him nearly all of last season), and he is looked at in Ottawa as the next coming of Christ. While I certainly don’t view him that way, he has shown that he is a top 15 starter in the league, and hopefull will be able to steal a few games for Ottawa.

Overall, things are looking good in Ottawa. Of course, you never know what will happen on the ice, but we are at least in a good position to make a push for the Cup, and hopefully this year they will know what it takes.

Read TJ's complete preview here:

[ Senator Preview ]

Next up:
The Habs

Last season: (42-34-6) 90 points
Playoffs: Oops


Saku Koivu-Micheal Ryder
(22G-53A-75P)- ( 30G-28A-58P)

Andrei Markov

A big thanks to the crew from [four hab's fan ] for this preview of the Montreal Canadians.
Here is a portion:

Will the Habs Be Stripperriffic?

This preview of the Montreal Canadiens is brought to you by Panger76, one of the Four Habs Fans, home of Hockey, Habs, Snark and Strippers. Those unfamiliar with us might want to consider reviewing our stripperrific rating system to understand wtf we’re on about.

You want in-depth preview? We laugh at Sean Gallagher and his puny little Blues piece. Let’s break it down, position by position.


HabsFan10 – IF everyone plays to their potential, and IF some of the other teams in the East a) have their team plane go down or b) trade for the ebola virus or c) get managed by John Ferguson Jr ... oh, wait ... or d) remain "The Florida Panthers", the Habs may have a shot at a low seed in the playoffs. Miracles along the lines of St. Patrick's 1993 post-season could result in a top-four spot. Not gonna happen. Just beat the goddamn Leafs out, okay? I have to live in Toronto.

HabsFan29 – I don’t know about a 4 am smoked meat sandwich. I don’t trust this to be the best way to come to the aid of ailing entrails incurred by the many defeats Habs fans will be ill at ease digesting. Instead of numbers on jerseys, this year the players should don the shoe that really fits – A BIG FUCKING QUESTION MARK. I can’t help it, I’ve always been an optimist.

HabsFan33 – And I’ve always been a pessimist. 11th place in the East, crippling injuries all year (giving the French media an excuse), Carbo gets fired, and Kovy, Pleks and Huet are all gone by the deadline. Worst. Season. Ever.

Read the entire preview here:
[Montreal Canadians season preview ]

The rest of the jobbers that didn't give us previews:

2006-2007: (53-22-7) 113 Points
Playoffs: Jobbed by Ottawa-Eastern Conference finals
Best Blog: [ Die By The Blade ]

2006-2007: (40-30-11) 91 points
Playoffs: Just watching
Best Blog: [ Raking Leafs ]

Who cares.

Pensblog Take

You have to think it is the Senators division to lose.

The Sabres are going to fall off, but are they really that bad? Montreal will be better, and if the Leafs miss the playoffs again people will hang themselves.
The Bruins are mud, so no one even needs to worry about them,
In the end it will be between the Leafs and Sens.
We refuse to pick Ottawa.

We will go Pensblog correspondent Rufio's pick:

Go Leafs Go

*Editors note*
If you didn't have tears in your eyes when Rufio died, you aren't human.
Riveting cinematic moment.

Go Pens


Jonny V said...

Upon rewatching, the Heros ep was decent, i'm just getting annoyed reading subtitles with those twins that cry mud at people. I'm sure they're integral to the storyline and all, but it seems like a lot of the episode is devoted to them.

There was a write up in the post-gazette I believe about Malone showing up 20 pounds lighter, and in better shape. Maybe Mee Chell is just giving him a reward for that. Or maybe he's still heartbroken over Ouellet leaving and needs another special friend.

And don't get me wrong, sparkly shit sucks. But the NHL is trying to market itself any way it knows how. And those sparkly pink jerseys are proven moneymakers. You can't want the game to grow in fanbase and popularity, yet try to pick and choose who becomes fans, like baking a cake and eating it too. Or not. I still don't know what the fuck that means...

john said...

In truth, what are the chances of Mario's third tour of duty? I hate to keep getting excited like a naive little school girl.


Chase said...

Rufio: [after getting stabbed by Captain Hook] Do you know what I wish?
Peter Pan: What?
Rufio: I wish I had a dad... like you.

tecmo_bowl_bo_jackson said...

Rufio meant so much to my younger days. I miss that little bastard. I might start following the leafs just because.


Ashley said...

ahhhh the FHF crew...gotta love those guys...but not as much as the pensblog crew :)

go pens

(and the habs will tank this season)

Teej said...

Rufio was awesome. BANGERANG!!!

Anonymous said...

thudbutt ftw!


Tiffany said...

Rufio was unjustly killed, but at least Hook got what was coming to him when the crocodile ate him at the end.

Moving on to a happier subject...someone in Commenterblog pointed out that Thibault is still wearing his Pens Helmet. Can't help missing him, but it'll be interesting to see how Sabourin backs Fleury up throughout the season.

And here are some more pics from the Sept. 28th game against Buffalo:
Crosby & Recchi

(Sorry if they're huge & if Gonch is kinda fuzzy....k that sounds a bit wrong, but you get the point.)

snoopyjode said...

i'm all for new people becoming fans of the game - please don't get me wrong on that, jonny v. but those jerseys are clearly aimed at a caricature, not at actual (female) fans. they are being marketed specifically to two types of women: 1. the "put it in my five hole, sid" type (obviously), and 2. the "i'm just here with my boyfriend and i have no idea what's going on" type. these girls AREN'T fans. period.

and frankly, the glitter pink jerseys piss me off so badly because they are so insulting. i have no problem with marketing towards women, but pink isn't one of the pens' colors. that's all i'm saying. the female jerseys they offer in the actual team colors are actually kind of cute.

the same thing applies for steelers fans now, too, as i have seen the horror that is the bubblegum pink steelers jersey at my local mall. believe me, my mom has been a DIE-FUCKING-HARD steelers fan for 40 years, and there's no way in hell she or her steeler lovin friends would be caught dead in colors other than black and gold.

maybe now you understand our angst. (or maybe now you think i'm overreacting.) either way, it's not all that important. what's really important is that there are only 3 DAYS UNTIL THEY DROP THE PUCK!!! what a great weekend this is gonna be! :)

Anonymous said...


Mike Weaver goes to Vancouver

Jonny V said...

Point taken Snoop Jody Jode, you've asplained your position nicely.

Who the fuck is Rufio? I'm too lazy to go to IMDB.com to look him up.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone from commentorblog post this on craigslists's personals?


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