Monday, October 8, 2007

The Niña, The Pinta, and The Malkin

The best thing about hockey that isn't present in other sports is the feeling that, only two games into the season, it feels like we've been doing this for a while.

The first week for the Pens was normal.
A bad loss, a good win.
It is just good to be back.

Lines are still an issue. [ Post Gazette ]

No question we have to keep Malkin and Sykora together.

(J-Schiff )

You want to talk about everything being connected...
Joe Starkey with great insight into a Eddie Johnston- Ray Shero connection [ Trib ]

Rather, Johnston, then a goaltender in the Montreal Canadiens' organization, introduced teammate/assistant coach Fred Shero to the sister of a woman Johnston was dating. "Fred told me after their first date, 'I'll marry that girl,' " Johnston said. "And it wasn't long before he did." Five years later, Fred and Mariette Shero had a son named Rejean, or Ray, the Penguins' current general manager. The late Fred Shero became a hockey legend coaching the Philadelphia Flyers.

E.J. should be on Heroes.

Big ups to reader Mike Costa.
He is in this picture that we mentioned of the moron with a Dan Krieder shirt.

Solid socks.


EJ Hradek has a nice little piece on Crosby. [ ESPN ]

Also on ESPN, you can watch some photoshoot of the new Rangers Chris Drury and Scott Gomez for The Mag. [ESPN]



James Jack, a New Yorker who is a huge pens fans emailed us with a nice story.

I got up at 4am on Saturday, got in the Jeep, drove over to my brothers in law house and picked them up. Got on the road at about 5:30am and made it to Pittsburgh by 2pm. Hung around the city for a little while, got some lunch, hit the bar for some cocktails and then headed to the game.
Watched the Pens take their first win of the season, waited till the 3 stars of the game were announced and then got back into the Jeep and got right back on the road and got back to New York by 7am. That, is what we call dedication to our team. Born and raised in New York.....surrounded by asshole Ranger and Islanders fans.....but I stay true to my boys.

I proudly wear my Pens jersey's to Madison Square Shit Hole when the Pens are in town; as well as over at Nassau Coliseum when their playing the Islanders.

Just wanted to share that with you. Just to prove my loyalty, I've attached a picture of the plates on my ride here in New York.....I think you guys can appreciate them!

Stuff like that makes us all proud to be Pens fans.



Kevin Lowe gets a 4-year extension.
Fitting picture.

Oiler blogs speak out. [Covered in Oil ]

Terrible turn for the worst in Nashville.
Looks like KC may get a team after all. [ Kansas City ]

But Balsillie has nothing to do with it.

Get an iPhone, dick.


Look who was at the Kings game on Saturday night:

If they wanted to go to a sporting event on Saturday night just to be seen, they could have went to the USC game.

If you'll recall:

The fact they like hockey makes Heroes even better.
Hopefully, The Haitian becomes a Pens season-ticket holder.

Tough times.
First the Cubs get smoked.
Now, Martin Havlat is hurt.
The doctors have no clue what is going on. Big mess. [ Chicago Sun Times ]

Sean Avery is out for four weeks. [ TSN ]
This all thanks to Chris Neil:


The Craps are 2-0. They are talking playoffs.
Can't wait to eliminate them in April. [ Japers Rink ]

You won't be able to see Mats Sundin's wong. Or any other Maple Leafs players naked [ FanHouse ]

The Leafs have banned all mini recording devices in the lockeroom.

One of the exeuctives who brought the hammer down had this to say:
"It comes down to the fact that I don't want to see naked images of my players on YouTube."

If you wanted to help us out, you could take down the more offensive material on YouTube of your team playing a game of hockey.



We have never actually been in a locker room for official reasons.
But when Pensblog Derek was in college, he took a class that involved sports writing.
One assignment was to go to a Penguin game and treat it as if he were a beat writer.
The teacher was a writer for the Post-Gazette and provided press passes.

It was a game against the Tampa Bay Lightning in 2003.
Marc-Andre Fleury's last game up until he was sent down.

To make a long story short, after going into the Pens locker room and getting stared down by Mark Madden and Tim Bentz for interviewing Fleury, Derek made his way to the Lightning locker room.

While standing in line waiting to talk to someone, he mistakenly turned his head.
Coming out of the bathroom area was a completely nude Marty St. Louis.

The last thing we'll say about this.
The only thing short about Marty St. Louis is his height.
Think Dirk Diggler.

Pensblog Derek has been scarred for life.

We'll spare the haters the trouble:
"Hee her hee her, you're talking about players' wangs.
You guys are gay lol!!1 Go Steelers."


Chris Campoli and Rick DiPierto are doing a little celebration after every victory.
Can't wait till DiPietro lands and breaks his leg.

You would think that the Islanders would be doing a rain dance.

Least I don't have to pay taxes dicks.


Speaking of jobbing Indians...

Today is Columbus Day:

Very interesting reads about Columbus Day. [ Wikipedia ]

Columbus Day is not celebrated in the state of Minnesota. However, some city offices in Minneapolis were closed in 2006, as well as libraries across the Twin Cities.[4] In the state of South Dakota, the day is officially a state holiday known as "Native American Day", not Columbus Day.[5] Columbus Day is not a legal holiday in Nevada, but it is a day of observance. Schools and state, city and county government offices are open for business on Columbus Day.[6]

Minnesota hates Chris Columbus.

Denver had some protest about him, too. [ AP ]

Don't hate Christopher Columbus, hate the game.
Plus, if he hated Indians, one of his ships would have been named "Indians blow."



Great win for the Steelers Sunday.
We are tired of fighting with homo Steeler fans about everything.
We are Steeler fans as well. End of story.

What we aren't fans of, are Steeler fans who jump onto the blog now and cannot see we are joking.

Brett and Tawm celebrate the big win on Sunday.

So we are censoring our Steeler coverage.

See? No idea who that is.

If we wanted people to tell us how to write, we'd get advertisers.

Go Pens


bleepbloop said...

Wow. The pics of Dipietro and Campoli "celebrating" begs to be photoshopped. Maybe against a cartoon background of a lovely field of wildflowers and chirping birds.

How gay. How very, very gay.

Loser Chris said...

In honor of Columbus day... I discover this blog and claim it as my own!

Columbus = joke

kristin said...

god I love you guys...

a solid post to get my day started!

MummRaTheEverLiving said...

You talk solid sweater vests, you talk Chris Columbus.

And why is Chris Drury riding the subway with Dave Attell?

Mike Costa said...

Thanks For Giving Me The Shout Out On The Page Guys

Spencemo said...

Fear the vest, boys...Fear the vest...


Barrasso35 said...

I'm all for Boots moving the Preds to KC. If Nashville won't support them, maybe KC will.

And besides, it means I might get to see the Pens once or twice a year without having to pay for airline tickets and a hotel... if they change the way they schedule games.

I don't get the disgusting sick feeling in the pit of my stomach talking about the Preds moving as I did thinking about the Pens moving. That was no fun. Still, I feel bad for the Nashville fans... all four of them.

Moving a team means being able to compete sooner, which is only going to help the prospect of keeping a team in KC. If we get an expansion team, they'll suck for 5-10 years and the team might ramble on. While that would suck, it wouldn't suck as much as the Penguins having moved to KC.

Let's Go Pens.

snoopyjode said...

james jack is my hero for the day! what a license plate. i love that guy.
re: st. louis - um, WOW. i would have never guessed...
thanks for yesterday's compliment, jonny v.! :D
j-schiff and/or wilsmith photoshops should be a daily requirement. i don't say it enough - great stuff! you guys rock!

and emdubs: in case you didn't get a chance to see my comment in yesterday's commentorblog, i am so unbelievably, very, most definitely interested in your offer. :D please email me with the details (

pensblog jeff said...

Haha... that Columbus photoshop was all me. I am a huge Buckeyes fan, and I crapped my pants when I finished making that image.

I don't get credited anymore cause I'm staff. Woot.

The Hebrew Hammer said...

Wow I can't wait to wipe out an entire race of people with smallpox in honor of Columbus day today.

You have to love Capital fans, 2-0 and they're talking about playoffs.

Jason said...

im kind of surprised that dipetrio is allowed to do a silly celebration like that with the kind of contract he has. not sure how much guaranteed money is in that monster deal, but if i were charlie wang, i wouldnt even let rick take a dump without a helmet on.

snoopyjode said...

add pbj (<- LOL, i mean pensblog jeff!!!) to my earlier photoshop list. i am a complete joke for forgetting him.

i'm sorry, jeff!!!

MummRaTheEverLiving said...

I am all for butts in the seats at the Igloo. Ignorant butts pay the same money as knowledgeable, hockey-smart butts.

That being said, why is it that the loudest dicks at games are always the least knowledgeable? I respect your passion for the game, but yelling "Shoot The Friggin Puck!!" at The Gonch while he has about 18 sets of shin pads between his stick and the goal?

I actually heard some Toolbox telling Army that the way to kill a penalty is to, regardless of the situation, always step-up on the point and force the play.

Le sigh.

wilsmith said...

I always correct people at games when they say stupid shit like that.
Yeah, I'm that guy.

I'm dry on photoshop ideas for the time being, help a brother out! I did a canadiens one in the preseason, but I feel I need to do another for the coming game.

tecmo_bowl_bo_jackson said...

Sykora is definitely Larry Appleton.

Pink would be Cousin Balky.

Spot on.

Dwayne said...

"I actually heard some Toolbox telling Army that the way to kill a penalty is to, regardless of the situation, always step-up on the point and force the play."

In his defense, that's precisely the best way to do it in NHL 08.

However, if you're using NHL 08 as the end-all be-all of teaching you PK strategy, you're going to sound like a dbag.

Tee said...

The Marty St Louis thing doesnt surprise me one bit. You don't stand 5'9 and score 100pts a year without packing some heat.

Joshua said...

Incase you missed it, Jason Blake has cancer.;_ylt=AveII35uspY0GFDMGaqvG7B7vLYF?slug=ap-blake-leukemia&prov=ap&type=lgns

Anonymous said...

although i hate him for jobbing sidney last year, and generally as a hockey player...thoughts go out to jason blake

Anonymous said...

Jason Blake gets diagnosed with leukemia...

Anonymous said...

Thoughts and prayers to Jason Blake.

We may hate him on the ice, but he's still a human, and you gotta feel for anybody in such a situation.

demondg1 said...

I went to the Stiller game yesterday. You know what I didn't see? Some retard in a scrub Penguin jersey keeping out a real Stiller fan.

F you band wagon pricks.


Before warm ups at on Saturday, they were doing this thing on the scoreboard where you send a text message and they put it on the jumbotron. It was mostly stuff like "Ben loves Kara" and whatnot. But I sent them "". Unfortunately they stopped doing it right after I sent it. I'll try again Wednesday. I encourage everybody else to try and get a pic of it if possible.

The Hebrew Hammer said...

Even though Blake is a dick, you don't want to see that happen to anyone. Thoughts and prayers definitely go out to him and his family.

snoopyjode said...

although i hate him for jobbing sidney last year, and generally as a hockey player...thoughts go out to jason blake

ditto that. at least it sounds like it's very treatable cancer.

MummRaTheEverLiving said...

"Before warm ups at on Saturday, they were doing this thing on the scoreboard where you send a text message and they put it on the jumbotron. It was mostly stuff like "Ben loves Kara" and whatnot. But I sent them "". Unfortunately they stopped doing it right after I sent it. I'll try again Wednesday. I encourage everybody else to try and get a pic of it if possible."

I did chuckle as someone texted WWGRD. I thought for sure someone here would fess up to it.

chris said...

to defend steeler/hockey fans in pittsburgh.....not sure how many people were at the game a few years ago.....but

....when the steelers were on their playoff run to win the superbowl...crosby came out for his "number one star" acknowledgment and was waiving a terrible towel.....

just some food for thought

go pens

Don K. Show said...

since I won't be there until later this year, could somebody text something involving Gary Roberts and Fedko?

Adrienne said...

Pensblog Derek has been scarred for life.

And I'm now more in love with St. Louis then ever before. :D

That license plate was badass. So far the coolest one I've seen was "YEKCOH" on a PA plate. I've never been so jealous. :(

I don't want to see Nashville move. Kansas doesn't deserve a team, and it's their own jackass fault for building an arena for a nonexistent team in the first place.

Steimes said...

In honor of Crosby's new found love of the sin-o-roma I created this nugget of awesome.

Jonny V said...

More in love with him now that u find out he has a big shlong? Sounds like a puckbunny to me.

Tawm said...

if only i had a forum for a comback...

Barrasso35 said...

Not to correct your geography, Adrienne but the Sprint Center is in Kansas City, Missouri.

Adrienne said...

Touchy... Or as the french like to say, touche.
I forgot the "City" part of it. rofl

Steve said...

Solid Post as ever, but I'll tell you, I love them Stillers like any other, but unlike some dipshit people, I don't have the time to read a blog everyday just to shit on the authors for fuckin' around about a football team.

ANd As much as I enjoy watching the Steelers, as I have for twenty years, I know it is still just a football team playing a game, and Ben could just as well be a giant goofy gay bastard with a big spot on his head and a great quarterback at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Big Ben is one giant Ohio douche bag. Gary Roberts would eat him alive.

i with the steelers would leave pittsburgh so every annoying steeler fan would commit suicide and leave only football fans who know what they are talking about.



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