Saturday, October 27, 2007

GameDay (10) -- Canadiens @ Pens


5 - 2 - 2
(Won three straight)

Last Meeting:
October 10th.
3-2 win over Pens.


It is what it is: A game in late October.

But hold the phone.

[ Pittsburgh Sports Insider ] reports:

(Montreal game, October 27th)

1st Line: Malone - Crosby - Malkin

2nd Line: Christensen - Staal - Sykora

3rd Line: Ruutu - Talbot - Armstrong

4th Line: Recchi - Hall - Kennedy

The word on Gary Roberts is that he is sick.
But we all know better.
This was an article in some newspaper:


We'll be among the Mellon faithful tonight.
Most likely the last game all season.

Pumpkin Patchblog

We have been getting some pretty rad pumpkins:

Credit for this go to:


(by Sgq1)

(by "Go Pens")

( Matt K)

Go Pens


Jonny V said...

I can't see me no pumkins

Anonymous said...

Why last game all season?

Pensgirl said...

Good, you can help the bro and me start some LGP cheering...the crowd has been sitting on its hands far too much in the early going. "Gotta support the team."

Hooray for the line combos! I guess Therrien wanted to give us a gift. Sorry to see GR out though.

Andrew said...

if you follow the link to the PSI, you come across this in the comments:

The Hebrew Hammer said...

I feel bad for the sickness that caught Gary Roberts

Anonymous said...

You would think with a cane in one hand and hockey stick in the other, Rex would have twice the ability to score.

Tee said...

Gamedaychat anyone? I'll be in there.

CDUBBS said...

I have the same cold that Gary Roberts has. I feel special

Anonymous said...

On one of your later posts about the Ranger game you wrote "Tommy Callahan." You're an idiot. Go buy a media guide. It's Ryan.

I hope you don't get paid much for reporting this. Obviously you do not have what it takes to be a sports reporter because A.) you can't get your facts straight, B.) you don't know how to write an article without being biased, and C.) because you only get a handful a comments, which means even the Pens fans don't even want to bother with this site.

Have a lovely day.

whatever said...

MAF is soooooo good!!

Barrasso35 said...

First, Anon, you're a dumbass... Tommy Callahan the title character from Tommy Boy. Take your head out of your ass and pick up the pop culture references.

Second, it isn't "you're an idiot," it's, "you're idiots," since The Pensblog is actually written by several people.

Third, it's called The Pensblog, of course it's going to be biased. If you're looking for journalistic integrity, you're on the wrong bloody website. They're not trying to be sports reporters.

If you want to learn how to job some motherfuckers, stick around and keep reading because you obviously need lessons.

Pensblog Staff=Jobbing Instructors.

Oh, and Sykora just scored. Good times.

Let's Go Pensblog


theNick said...

Whatever is a joke. That is all.

Ashley said...

pensblog only gets a handful of comments? last time i checked, there are plenty of people who read and comment around here.

Anonymous said...

malkin is on acid. shoot out about to start... go pens

Barrasso35 said...


Pens Lose, 4-3.

Damn. Helluva comeback at the end for the Pens, though. Bet the Pensblog staff enjoyed that game.

The Hebrew Hammer said...

I want to kill someone right now

The Hebrew Hammer said...

Barrasso, by my count only 4 of our shooters even hit the net. Gonchar didn't even get a shot off for godsake. It's nice to get a point but this one is going to sit in your stomach until Tuesday. And enough is enough with Michel Therrien. This team has sucked almost every first period all year and doesn't that have to do with all the line shuffling? There is no cohesiveness with the lines and that causes these frustrating slow starts. Please i'm begging you coaching staff, let the lines be for one fucking week. Jesus Christ it's getting annoying. We dominated the last two periods but it doesn't mean shit if you lay an egg the first twenty minutes. Goodnight, I'm real pissed.

thedick said...

what's more brutal...seeing josh fogg pitch to the red sox or watching fleury try to stop a wristshot?

JimmyMo said...

why doesn't staal get used in the shootout? any good reasons... apparently he is pretty good at one on ones.. considering he led the league in short handed goals last year..

Anonymous said...

apparently melvin still hates all of us...boohoo.

chris said...

don't you love it when people try to come on here and job us?


go pens

Anonymous said...

Not living in the Pittsburgh area anymore I have to watch the nhl center ice which I didn't get the pittsburgh feed toninght but the cnc feed. Two things they said though tonight and should have happened long ago one put Stall on the powerplay and not Recchi and two why wasn't Stall in the shootout.

Anonymous said...

To the people asking for Staal in the shootout: did you see his penalty shot (I think it was against the rangers)?

Barrasso35 said...

The whole Melvin thing would be more funny if it weren't confirmed that he is in high school. Now it's just sad.


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