Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Bad Intentions

Besides us not knowing how to read and interpret text on other blogs,
the Rangers game Tuesday night offered nothing memorable.

We will offer a sacrifice to the altar of James Mirtle to plead for forgiveness.

As sacrifice, we offer Rico Fata.


But there are some aftermath items.

-- Since the Rangers franchise began in 1926, the 1-0 losses to the Bruins and Penguins were the first time in franchise history they've lost back-to-back games 1-0.

Who does that research?
Who's sitting there and decides there's enough reason to go through the Rangers entire existence to see if they've lost back-to-back games 1-0?
Only for the stat to show up clandestinely on's website?
Someone got paid to do it, or to make the computer program that did it.

[<span class=
Jaromir Jagr gets the distinction.

The father of offshore gambling, Steve Bodin, recently wrote a book.
4 pages of the book is dedicated to Jaromir Jagr. [ PG ]

He says Jagr was a poor gambler, who could never finish a week in the black.
To this, Jagr replies:
"Probably. I was betting on the Giants back then."

Good times.

And finally....


Speaking of homos...

we re-visit Capital land.

"I’m the senior writer for, the official web site of the NHL’s Washington Capitals. I’m in my second decade of parenting and covering the Caps, my fifth decade of popular culture consumption and my third decade of trying to pick the left wing lock."

So, what is this about?

[ This post ]

Wake me up when the league decides to start hyping some of its other players,
and maybe even a player from a different continent.

What a bizarre sentence. If that wasn't bad enough, he went to this:

If you want to read a breathless account of this television extravaganza from someone who really tries to capture the spirit of the thing, I’d direct you to go here. Early Halloween treat indeed. That’s pretty spooky.

Of course, that link takes you to [ The Sidney Crosby Show ]
( And she has posted a little ditty of her own on the matter. )

Now, us calling someone classless is like Nancy Grace calling someone ugly.
It doesn't matter. Welcome to the internet.

The guy complains about Sid and the attention he gets.
You know what, fine. We think the attention is out of hand sometimes.

But if you're gonna bitch, then attack the NHL, Versus, whoever.

But, no, he decides to job Snoopy Jode over at The Sidney Crosby Show.
We're not jobbers for hire, but Snoop's part of the family now.

We're not really sure what to do with this guy.

He put a picture on top of his blog.


We aren't sure if it is actually him or not, but that doesn't matter.
If you are bored, photoshop him making out with young boys, dogs peeing on him, anything.

In the coming week, the Capitals/Penguins internet wars will move to another level.


[ PG Penguins Notebook ]

Jordan Staal took a plea deal for the underage thing.
Two people in the world care. The Staal brothers aren't even those two people.



[col.<span class=

Ryan Smyth got a standing ovation in his return to Edmonton.
Fanhouse points out that Smyth has jobbed the Islanders once and the Oilers twice, and that he deserves no fanfare. [ Fanhouse ]
If he was a real man like Jagr and openly came out and said he didn't want to be in his current city instead of playing mind games with his tears, he'd have our respect.

[<span class=
The Oilers lost the aforementioned game 4-2.
Joni Pitkanen is out for a month. [ TSN ]
And they also lost Sheldon Souray to the injured reserve. [ ]

Edmonton is done.

[<span class=
The Bruins moved their game time from the evening to the afternoon last Saturday to accommodate Red Sox fans.
They'll be doing it again this upcoming Saturday. [ ]

We're not sure whether the Penguins ever did this to kowtow to the Steelers or Pirates.

[<span class=
The next big thing, David Aebischer, has been placed in the NHL purgatory.
Also known as Phoenix's minor-league team. [ TSN ]


Some guy on Yahoo jumps on the power-rankings train.
He places the Pens at 15th. [ Yahoo ]


NHL Rulesblog [ ]

During the last five (5) minutes of regulation time, or at any time in overtime, when a minor penalty (or double minor penalty) is assessed to one player of Team A, and a major (or match) penalty is assessed to one player of Team B on the same stoppage of play, the three-minute (or one minute) differential shall be served immediately as a major penalty.



Patrick Kane is sick.

Grammar check

TSN is the latest victim.
(Thanks Randy L)

(click to enlarge)

Can you find it?
Yeah,hwe make mistakes all the time.
But that doesn't matter.

Go Pens


biff said...

I saw a bit of the Caps/Lightning game on Center Ice Online last night. There were more empty seats than at a gay pride parade in Tehran and about as much excitement as a funeral. The only passion for hockey in D.C. appears when the Pens come to town...and it's provided by the Pens fans who fill the thousands of empty seats left by the home team. A team with as much potential as the Caps deserves better.

Alex said...

Word is that Edmonton didn't even fill up the rink with water for the Avs game. They just let Ryan Smyth's tears fill it up.

You wanted more money and you got it, so stop crying.

Anonymous said...

Didn't that Caps blogger used to be the guy with the wrench in the "Take On Me" video?

Vern said...

alfredsssson spezza heatley all in the scoring race.


it's like they noticed the hockey world started slurping them as the best line in hockey and now they're just showing off. i'm certainly not going to argue against it.

Ashley said...

I found the grammar mistake! I'm such a nerd... Apparently the Wild haven't "loss" a game in regulation this season before last night.

Nathan said...

I have to say that the B's moving their game tie up so people can get home in time to watch the Sox is a good move. There was one game in there where the Bruins were playing at the same time as the Red Sox and there were about 15 people in the stands at the Warehouse on Causeway (seriously, the Fleet Center is the single most nondescript arena in the NHL. It's nothing but a grey concrete block). By moving the start time up, they may get 20 people to show up on Saturday. They'll be lucky to get anyone who's not related to, dating, or married to one of the players tonight, and half of them will still be at home watching the Red Sox.

J.S. said...

He may have been in that A-ha video, but I'm almost sure he was in some sort of video with men where he was saying "take on me" that included a moneyshot.

Possible photoshop later.

Loser Chris said...

"Yeah,hwe make mistakes all the time.

Apparently so...

p.s. Caps fans = joke

snoopyjode said...

thanks to all for your support. i wouldn't have cared, except the guy is the "head writer" for the caps' website. i'm still trying to figure out why he even cared enough to say anything in the first place.

J.S. said...

I'll keep it short and simple, that guy is a joke. Nothing more needs to be said.

MummRaTheEverLiving said...

Remember snoopyjode, any publicity is good publicity. Much props for your response column over on your site as well. If the point was Cam Neely, you're all Ulf.

Barrasso35 said...

"There were more empty seats than at a gay pride parade in Tehran..."


As for Douchie McDouche over at Dump'NChase (which sounds like a toilet game, but whatever) I think everyone in the Commentorblog Army needs to leave a comment on his craptacular blog. No one jobs Snoopyjode on OUR watch... unleash the hounds.

Lady Jaye said...

I hope we don't "loss" tonights game...

Is it bad that I'm happy because I found the typo... I'm so horrible as my own spelling and grammar I never notice them.

Thanks for my morning smiles. Reading this site over my morning tea is about the only smile you'll get from me until 5:00 hits on the clock and I'm off to the Pens game! Now.... Lady Jaye is off to do something semi-productive at work until I get bored and want to read more Pensblog later. I'm totally going to get fired one day for reading this site at work. :)

Hooks Orpik said...

As someone in the heart of Caps country, let me explain:

These people feel so inferior, because they know they can't measure up to a real hockey town in any way.

So they look for anything they can grab at. Crosby sucks, the Mellon Arena is garbage, Fleury is a bust, the Penguins can't play defense, Ovechkin scores more goals, anything they can hold on to.

Past 3 Caps home games, attendance figures: 11,026, 18,277(sell out), 10,226. Can you guess which one is Penguins?

You'd feel very insecure too if you can only draw 10k or 11k fans to your rink a night.

Stoosh said...

I'll echo Biff's statements.

The hilarious thing about this borderline obsession Caps fans have with Crosby is that they've already got their own world-class dynamic superstar to support. But they're so busy bitching about Crosby, the Pens and Pens fans that they don't turn out to support their own. Even funnier is the fact that the irony of this is so lost on Caps fans.

I may be one of the few Pens fans out there who really enjoys watching Ovechkin play and like Biff said, it's ridiculous to see how little support he gets from his own fans. And it's not like his rookie year where the rest of the team just blows. Backstrom and Semin are both world-class players as well - they're to the Caps what Geno and Staal are to the Pens.

As the Pensblog staff says in the main post, it's not like this guy was slamming Crosby...he was slamming the media hype machine that makes Crosby it's focal point. But you can't blame Crosby for that any more than you can blame Peyton Manning and Tom Brady for being the same things to the NFL.

And it's nothing more than a cheap shot for a paid journalist to take a shot at a fan-run blog. As I said in my comment on Dump & Chase, this asshat should be embarrassed that he draws a paycheck for garbage like that.

wilsmith said...

I wish I had time to go comment over there. I'll get to it.

and start work on some photoshops.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else find anything suspcious about the first person's name in Molinari's Q&A today?

Still a fan-


demondg1 said...

I stumbled upon a rather disturbing trend.

Personally, I think they're using bad data.

Ryan said...


As for Douchie McDouche over at Dump'NChase (which sounds like a toilet game, but whatever) I think everyone in the Commentorblog Army needs to leave a comment on his craptacular blog. No one jobs Snoopyjode on OUR watch... unleash the hounds.

The hounds have been unleased. The jobbing tour is in full swing over on that pathetic blog.

Loser Chris said...

Now Pens fans have better attendence than Caps fans at Caps games and Caps blogs.

Spencemo said...

Rock on, Loser Chris! From what I saw on that Douchebag's blog, that is correct, sir!

Pensgirl said...

Mr. Dump-n-Whine is simply trying to blame on others something that's his own city's fault. Ovechkin's perfectly marketable, except that he's playing for the Caps. Switch out Ovie and Sid and it's "Alex Ovechkin - Revealed." Pittsburghers know how to support superstar talent, and league-wide marketability begins at home. Let's assume that we have a bunch of Sid bandwagoners in the Mellon seats...the Caps can't even draw the fair-weather-ers! Vogel's problem isn't his star; it's his team. All his attack on Snoopyjode does is announce to the world that he's got a Master's in douchebaggery.

In the book "The Fountainhead" the villian asks the hero what the hero thinks of him, and the hero responds "I don't." That is the kind of treatment Caps fans deserve from us. Responding makes them think we actually give a crap about them and their team. They're not our be a rivalry, both teams have to have an equal shot of winning. The Caps are our four-times-a-year plaything.

There's no need to pay regard to the's not like they matter.

Stanley P. Kachowski said...

Clandestinely = solid adjective.

Well done, staff.

wilsmith said...

Pensgirl, marry me please.

k thanks.

Loser Chris said...

From Joe Starkey's column today"

"Mark Recchi still plays with incredible passion at age 39, but there's no way he should be third among Penguins forwards in ice time and power-play time, behind only Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin. Recchi's power-play time actually is up from last season, which is odd, as it seemed certain he'd be asked to accept a lesser role. And if he's going to team with Crosby in any capacity, he'd better find his scoring touch real soon. Recchi hasn't scored since the season opener. His shooting percentage is lowest among the team's 11 forwards with at least one goal, at 5.3 percent. That's 1 for 19, and the goal occurred in garbage time in a 4-1 loss at Carolina on a gorgeous, gift-wrapped pass from Malkin. If you're not scoring, you shouldn't be skating with Crosby.

How about putting Jordan Staal or Gary Roberts in front of the net on that first power play, or using Petr Sykora as a triggerman?"

Pretty much says it all.

ericstaal said...

How come my brother isn't in your cool popup points thingy. There are 9 other jobbers in there, even that Recchi clown.

Does this mean he sucks?

Stoosh said...





The Hebrew Hammer said...

Two words to shut jackass Maple Leaf fans up, SIXTY-SEVEN!!


Hooks Orpik said...

Bryan McCabe is out tonight, which is a good thing for the Penguins.

And this means the Leafs 3rd pairing defensemen is:

Stralam - Wozniewski

For the love of Gary the Pens ought to break out of the slight scoring lull that they've been in of late.

Pensgirl said...

Thank you boys, I'm here all night. ;)

EmDubs said...

I can't believe you guys would sacrifice Rico Fata

AdamG said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
stokes said...

i noticed that i cant just say "Gary" or "Roberts." its always "Garyroberts." does anyone else have this problem?

AdamG said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Hebrew Hammer said...

Hooks, McCabe is out and that's a good thing for the Penguins?

snoopyjode said...


your riot job tour has been an overwhelming success!!! ;) seriously, thank you to all who dropped comments here, on TSCS, and/or on dump'n chase. i really, really appreciate it.

and here's something you might find interesting: i thought i'd get a few hateful comments on my post from vogel fans or caps fans, but the GOD'S HONEST TRUTH is that i haven't even gotten one comment (positive or negative) from a vogel fan or a caps fan at all. i'm not sure why it surprises me. they don't care about their team, why would they possibly care about the team's head website writer?

Ashley said...

If McCabe is out, that means we're not getting freebie goals. Dang. If we're indeed in a mini scoring slump, we could use all of McCabe's help.

James Mirtle said...

Oh, my, that's funny.


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