Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Woe Is Many People

This isn't psychiatristblog, but if you want to read the common tale of woe of would-be Winter Classic attendees, read on.

We have sympathy for people who were jobbed by TicketMaster.
We're in that group.

We have more sympathy for people who don't have a grand laying around to throw down on two tickets.
We're in that group.

We have even more sympathy for people who knew about the Ice Bowl two months ago and planned on going before 99% of the population knew it was gonna happen.
We're in that group.

We have no sympathy for Jimmy McBusinessman who will throw down money on eBay to go the game with his homos while his wife is banging the mailman.


The dust cleared at about 10:45 am, when news outlets began reporting that the Winter Classic was sold out by 10:30.

So, what happened?

Well, you had fans from the two best hockey markets in the United States, not to mention hockey loyalists in Canada, dominating the TicketMaster.com servers and box offices at 10:00.

You also had TicketMaster not setting a limit on how many tickets a person could buy,
which meant brokers could be eating a Pop Tart and touching themselves while buying up tickets.

That's not to say, though, that Joe and Jennifer Schmo weren't able to purchase tickets.
It was the luck of the draw.


If you're basking in the gloom of despair of not getting a ticket,
at least you can tell yourself that this is nothing but good news for the NHL.
Selling the game out (let alone this quickly) is a big deal.

Let's just hope that during the meetings for the Winter Classic, the NHL intentionally did not set a reasonable limit on tickets in order to get a sellout, knowing the predatory mentality of people on eBay and StubHub would salivate over being able to buy the tickets wholesale and wave them in front of people who laugh at the price.

Joke's on us because those tickets will be sold to someone else.


In a perfect world, Ralph Wilson Stadium would seat 7 million people.
But since only 20 people actually care about the Bills, it wouldn't be feasible.

Well, that's it. Congrats to whoever got tickets.

We have a face-off on October 5 to worry about.


The Hebrew Hammer said...

Yeah it sucks that everyone wasn't able to get tickets. Just sucks...

Staff said...

hotter ticket than wrestlemania X

Anonymous said...

I was able to get 3 in section 108, but I definitely feel for the fans of these great teams that were unable to hop on for this ride.

Literally minutes after the dust cleared tickets were showing up on eBay and Stub Hub for upwards of 400 bucks per. Bend over Joe Pensfan...no lube for you!

I did read whereas tickets were set aside for season ticket holders of the Toronto Maple Leafs and...Toronto Blue Jays? Huh? No word on if the Big Hurt is planning on dropping the gloves with Big Georges Laraque.

Anonymous said...

tryed to get tickets from 10am on...what a kick in the balls

Randy said...

oh well...guess we'll just have to settle for watching the game in front of a cozy fire eating a delicious helping of pork and sauerkraut...

Twinkie said...

When I went on to buy tix, I too was totally left wondering why they would reserve tix for Blue Jays' STHs? I don't even really get why they would reserve them for Maple Leafs fans, but at least they're a hockey team.

I highly doubt this will happen, but there are tix being held for Sabres' and Bills' STHs. If there are any leftovers and they mirror what the Pens were going to do, they might release any extra tix for sale on Sept 28th. Maybe try checking then.

This was just piss poor organization by the NHL.

wilsmith said...

why the hell are they reserved for jays and leafs fans? even bills fans?

full blown retarded.

I are disappointed.

theNick said...

Wrestlemania X was no Wrestlemania XII

jazzhall said...

Yeah, that was pretty ridiculous. Just seems like the level of thought was lacking on how to respond to popular interest and to dissuade the kind of bulk buying that I think occurred.

I share the common woe.

Now I have to invest in tickets to see a Pens game in DC instead. Lame.

seth said...

I join all in grievance. I too was unable to get tickets. So very disappointing

But honestly, they saved 30,000ish tickets for season ticket holders and the NHL. Why half of the stadium? Thats an unreal number

The Hebrew Hammer said...

Is it wrong of me to wish 15 ft of snow on that day?

Steve In Denver said...

I'd work craigslist to get tix and I'd wait a while, even though it's killing you all. People will panic between Thanksgiving and Xmas (and Hannukah, Hebrew Hammer) when they need the cash and are sitting on 10 tix and are out over a grand.

Seriously..I've scored hot tickets to events at Red Rocks (9,000 seats) within a day or two of a show and paid less than face value. Search all cities, too.

On another note, we need to start a HabsHaters club. The boards on TSN related to the Pens game had my angst up big time. Serious Crosby envy. Or is that premature...they could suck as usual.

Last...wouldn't a lake effect snow be beautiful around 11 am on 1/1/08?

Anonymous said...

what about 3 inches of rain?

Steve In Denver said...

Sunny & 75?

gondosh said...

i refreshed my broweser, then again no more than 5 seconds later at which point i put in my first search for 9 tickets in the $39 section.

DENIED (after a 5 minute load mind you)

Next, try for 5 and 4 to split up the group evenly.

DENIED: instantly?

Seach for 3:3:3

then 1, anywhere in the stadium


I've known about this game since the game has been known ABOUT. So too bad they couldn't have put a ten seat limit on it, hell even 5!!!

If your at a game with even just 10 people in a row, you talk to how many? TWO. If the leauge wants FANS to be at the game they would set a nice low limit on tickets.

Betman really just wants the publicity of having tickets for this game selling on e-bay for 1k per.

Can I get a 'Hell ya'?

snoopyjode said...

i truly am sorry that it worked out the way that it did. (how pissed am i going to be if i end up sitting next to some buffalo fucking bills fan?!) i understand holding tickets for STHs from buffalo and pittsburgh, and i SORT OF understand holding tickets for bills STHs since it is their stadium, but if that's true that they held tickets for toronto STHs, well, that's the biggest pile of shit i've heard since melvin was banned.

and for the record, i don't want to rub it in or be a gloater, so i'm not going talk about it here anymore. don't give up, though! steve in denver makes a great point! :)

wilsmith said...

40 and raining would be ideal.

Jonny V said...

Snoop and anonymous, a hearty congrats, and snoop aren't you the one that took pics from your seats last year? U gotta hook us up for this one. If it wasn't you...nevermind :-) And I know it's sour grapes and all, but i know yinz are joking about the snowstorm and 75 degree weather. And Sid doesn't care, he'll "play in rain, snow, 90-degree heat. I don't care." This dude can break the laws of physics at will, just so he can play a hockey game. Fuckin' bad-ass...

Staff said...

if the weather is bad, sid won't be touching that ice.
gondosh, that same shit happened to me.

I think were forgetting about the poor soul who physically stood 6th in line at a giant eagle ticketmaster window and got owned when they got to the counter.

Just bad times all around.
we should exile you, snoopyjode. Damn it.

wrestlemania XII was balls out.


AdamG said...


So you're saying that there ARE tix reserved for Pens STH's or there WERE tix reserved for Pens STH's?

The Hebrew Hammer said...

2-1, middle of the second. Stone and some other jobber that will never make the team with our goals. These Montreal announcers make Myron Cope look objective.

snoopyjode said...

jonny v. - yeah that was me last year, and you KNOW i'm gonna hook you up again! :)

ac - that's just wrong. :( lol

adamg - there were only 41,000 tickets sold this morning. there are another 33,000 being held for STHs and for the brass at the nhl. as i understand it, any tickets left over after these people either buy or pass go back on sale at a later date. I COULD BE WRONG, THOUGH...

some of the details can be found here.

Hooks Orpik said...

No need to say this, but Gary Roberts is ALL business

"Roberts is more cautious of predictions for the supremely gifted but still mostly young Penguins, who were ousted in the first round of playoffs by Ottawa in the spring.

"There's no doubt our expectations are higher this year, but we start the season like everyone else - with zero points," he said. "Teams will be ready to play us this year, where last year maybe they weren't.

"There will be no easy games. Our division got harder. All the teams have improved. So the expectations may be higher, but we've got a lot of work to do to get there. To get those 105 points, we'll have to be better than last season." '

It's from a tsn.ca article about Sykora that I lost the URL for, so you can look it up yourself if you want to see it so bad.

Just good to see a vet presence to keep all the young bucks grouded. Gary being Gary!

Don K. Show said...

Pens win 3-1

"Bye Bye Saku!! Screw you!"

Now let's see Habs fan whine about the lineups tonight.

JimmyMo said...

u had 4 tickets in my hands!! all i had was 2 minutes to fill out that thing you have to fill out and when it got to my password i totally forgot it!!

i have the same feeling now as i did the first time my mom caught me jacking off

The Hebrew Hammer said...

Yeah Jimmy that happened to me on a lesser extent while purchasing Penguin tickets this past week. They only give you one minute to fill out certain forms. It's like a motor skills test...

OverpaidVanek said...

I'll be rocking Section 314 at the IceBowl and representing for Pens Fans everywhere. Hold out hope, though, there may be more tix available.

As far as forgetting the Ticketmaster password, but a lot of the people I talked to today who were successful prepped for the on-sale by going on Ticketmaster over the past day or two and making sure their account and password were active and ready to go.

"Chance favors the prepared mind"

I'm a total ass for saying this, I admit. But it's the truth.

demondg1 said...

I got section 108 as well. Booked my hotel already too.

Econo Lodge South Buffalo
4344 Milestrip Road
Buffalo, NY 14219

$69 a night through Priceline.

Let's turn that bitch into Penguin Party Central.

Staff said...

Somehow we are going to make it there if it means overpaying, so be it.


Jonny V said...

There was some talk tonight on the Sportscall show with John Steigerstash, a caller called and asked him if he heard about any truth to the rumor that the Penguins filed a complaint about lack of availability of tickets. He said nyet, and i really don't think anything could be done about it now. But who knows. And if yinz fuckers do overpay for them, U better have the king of all recaps for that game.

And commentor on your favorite blog mentioned that the dude that started the icebowl blog couldn't even score any tickets. That's just fucked up funny...

Barrasso35 said...

Sorry for everyone who didn't get tickets. I was sweating that it would happen to me when normal individual game tickets went on sale last Saturday.

I hereby nominate Snoopyjode to author a Pensblog on 1/2/08 with pics, etc. from the Ice Bowl (unless the staff gets to go.)

Let's Go Pens. Suck it, Montreal.

Staff said...

did overpaidvanek make an under seige 2 reference?
that's solid


Jeffry said...

here i am thinking this wouldnt sell out for a couple days. i got on to look for tickets at noon. what a douche i am.

Adrienne said...

Yeah, I didn't get tickets. :( So upset. This is going to be a rough hockey season for me and it hasn't even started yet.

Conclusively, I've decided that I don't care if I have to whore out to get a ticket. I'm going to that fucking game ><

I just hope I'm getting them off Mark Eaton :D

Anonymous said...

demon dg1,
i also am staying at the same hotel. got 2 rooms for 58 each on expedia. i booked it on monday, luckily i got 8 tickets. we will blow the fucking roof of that shitty hotel.
fuckin rage.

Ryan said...

hahaha, adrienne - we might have an extra ticket for ya...

everybody stop praying for bad weather just because you got left out. be patient. there will be tickets available. bad weather is the last thing we want.

demondg1 said...

Anonymous, Econo Lodge South Buffalo is where the party will be at. Spread the word to anybody going.

That shitty motel won't know what hit it.


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