Saturday, September 1, 2007

Welcome To September

August is over. We all survived.
One day gone in September is one day closer to opening night.

First things first.

The Jobber of the Week Award is proudly presented to the Dallas Stars.

This is one of the many billboards sprouting up around the Dallas area.
What a slam.

Other billboards say the "N" in NFL is for "Nancy."

Label Nancy Drew pissed.


Overpaid Blog

This is just ridiculous.
The Sharks signed Patrick Marleau to 2-year, $12.6 million contract.

( GP - G - A - P )

Marleau = $6.3 million per year.

Crosby = $8.7 million per year.

The real question is:

if Marleau is worth $6.3 million per year..
and Crosby is worth $8.7 million...

What is Falcor worth?

You talk big-time performances, you talk Falcor in the "Neverending Story."
Most people believe his role is the definitive acting performance of the 1980's.


Thanks to Doug for finding this information about Pens tickets and the Student Rush program this year.
  • 2,000 individual tickets per game will be available when the floodgates open at the Pens box office on September 15.
  • That will actually be cut to 1,800 due to the Pens setting aside 200 tickets each game for the Student Rush program.
  • Students have to send text messages to sign up, and then the Pens raffle off 900 winners (each person receiving two tickets).
  • The winners then have to print out the tickets at home and pay service fees and crap.

Analysis Blog

The rumors of Danny Markov coming to Pittsburgh must be addressed, because there's nothing else to talk about.

Five defensemen would be set in stone:

Gonchar - Eaton

Even if Eaton doesn't dominate like he did at the beginning of last season, the thought of having a defensive-minded guy to play with Gonchar, allowing him to join the offense more, is good for everybody.

Whitney - Sydor

Pretty much the same deal here.
Sydor's been around and knows how to play defense, giving Whitney the keys to the offense.
And these guys would play against opponents' second- and possibly third-line units.

Markov - Eddie Winslow

Markov is a known name and a free agent, therefore the Pens must be interested in signing him.

And that leaves:

Brooks Orpik, Kris Letang, Rob Scuderi, Mike Weaver, Alain Nasreddine.

  • Who the hell is Mike Weaver?
The only good thing about him possibly making the team is that we can call him Mike Seaver.

But moving on

  • A Rob Scuderi/Mark Eaton PK tandem on the back end is what life is all about.
  • What does Brooks Orpik actually do? Just because he hung with the Pens during the jobber years doesn't give him a free pass now (see Ryan Malone). This is a huge season for him to step it up.
  • Kris Letang would come up and enjoy learning from four veteran defensemen and a rising star in Whitney that can help relay knowledge from one young player to another.
Any reservations people have about Letang now will be the same exact sentiments going into next season if he does not play this year. He has to play sometime.
  • Alain Nasreddine was a career minor-leaguer before last season.
But he has feelings like every other human being does.

Conclusion: Whoever fills the spot beside Markov would have to be a PK man.
Can't forget about the PK.

Without Markov, it's a decision of whether Orpik or Scoods would play with Letang.

Anything can happen.
Drop the puck.


If you heard a helicopter Friday night, you know what that means.
John Fedko is taking to the skies to look at high-school boys again.

He doesn't quite look the same after the beating he has taken this summer.

(Photo by --- J Karpp)

We knew it would be taken down within 2 minutes, so we took a screenshot of it on Wiki.

While we're talking about Gary Roberts:


Why do NHL blogs feel the need to rip on the NHL every chance they get?
The joke gets old after the 10th time you allude to the fact that the NHL is the least popular of the major sports in the U.S. -- Move on. [ Melt Your Face-Off ]

Why is James Mirtle a big deal?
Because he actually goes to NHLPA meetings. [ James Mirtle ]

Why is Seth from Empty Netters a big deal?
Because he found out former Penguin John Cullen is running a Dodge dealership [ Empty Netters ]

Five reasons to hate the offseason [ Die by the Blade ]

And lastly this isn't a blog-related link.
But we meant to pass this along a few days ago.
It is from our dear friends at the [ Mario Lemieux Foundation ]


Day Number:

We all have our thoughts on Tom Barrasso
But just let it be said:

His effort in Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals is one of the finest goaltending performances in the last 25 years.


canaanregulatesblog said...

mike seaver lost his damn mind

Jeff said...

It's my birthday!

Kenny Melvin said...

Jeff, tell it to the Who Gives a Shit Blog. Guys, no way do I split up Orpik and Whitney. They were by far the most consistent defensive pairing all year. If Markov does come up then here would be my opening lineup


And you could bring up Letang if you need him in about January or so.

P.S. College Football starts today, woooooooooooo

Anonymous said...

Why are Howard Stern stoogies always involved in the wikipedia changes to Fedko's page? I understand the Gary Roberts changes and they are funny, but Artie Lange? What has thatfat, stupid idiot ever done (besides coke and hookers)?

April said...

"and then the Pens raffle off 900 winners" (you)

and 100 winners would be selected (trib)


PittPensFan said...

UGH! It's B-A-R-R-A-S-S-O! I'm stunned at how many Pens fans can't spell his name right! He and Fleury have their names butchered multiple times a week, and it must end! OK, spelling police rant over, the Dallas Stars are now my heroes. However the NHL employs Kerry Fraser and Brad Watson. Those in glass houses should not throw stones.

Don K. Show said...

The only Stern references I see are quotes from the calls that were posted on Youtube.

Don K. Show said...

OK, I see now. The part where it says he was two percentage points behind Artie Lange. I'm not a Stern fan by any means, but I say let it slide for now.

Artie's performance in Dirty Work with Norm MacDonald = solid.

Kenny Melvin said...

Don, Dirtywork was the worst movie ever made. It made Beerleague look like the Gofather.

canaanregulatesblog said...

you are crazy. dirty work is funny as hell. plus, i dont think ive ever seen the "gofather."

Jason said...

eddie winslow is gonna take the norris trophy this year

Kenny Melvin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kenny Melvin said...

Canaan, don't make me point out all of your misspellings over at LGP...

canaanregulatesblog said...

go for it. it would humorous that you take the time.

Kenny Melvin said...

Canaan, I don't want to fight with you because I misspelled the Godfather

Don K. Show said...

I added a ton of stuff on the Roberts wiki page about his early retirement.

karri said...

Congrats Jeff!!

Canaan...thank you soooo much...hahaha. ;)

demondg1 said...

First time I ever saw an Eddie Winslow reference. I am pleasantly surprised. Bravo sir.

Kenny Melvin said...

Michigan is a joke

PittPensFan said...

Michigan = Maple Leafs

Tara said...

hey its tara, here is the website i was talking about where i made the extra summer cash.......... the website is here

pensblogAdam said...

someone should slam tara in the ovaries.

i hate those bots people make that job peoples' comments

Tiffany said...

Congratulations Jeff!! You old man...
Hehe just kidding. Hope you had a wicked party. :-D

Now...this is probably a "Mr. Obvious" moment, but does anyone have any suggestions on when to book a hotel room for the Ice Bowl? Like, as soon as you get tickets or what??

Don K. Show said...

Michigan = big 10 jobbers

Kenny Melvin said...

Lloyd Carr=fired

Teej said...

Lloyd Carr = family tree murdered.

Kenny Melvin said...

Lou Holtz=senile

Stoosh said...

As far as the d-pairings go, much will depend on 1) whether Markov signs, obviously, and 2) whether Letang makes the big club. From what I've heard, Shero loves him and he'll be given every chance to make the club out of camp, but I don't think starting the season in Wilkes-Barre will hurt him either. Defense is the toughest position on the ice to learn.

As far as Orpik goes, I agree with you guys...this could be a make-or-break year for him. Orpik is solid at even strength and he provides a presence on the boards in the corners and behind the net that no one else on the team really provides. But good Crikey, he is just brutal on the penalty kill. There are times last year when Orpik was out there on the PK out of necessity and he was so far out of position, Hans Jonsson and Kasparaitis shook their heads and said, "Damn!"

Scuderi would be an ideal guy on the PK, but unfortunately he isn't good enough to be a consistent five/six guy. And they're obviously not going to dress seven d-men so Scuds can get out there on the PK. I've got to figure Eaton and Sydor will be PK regulars. They'll need a couple of other guys to step up to form two full PK pairings, and I just can't imagine it'll be Orpik. I hope he gets that end of his game together because I do like him here, but I'm not sure. It's just a big flaw in his game.

Patrick J. said...

You guys are insane, I love it!

PittPensFan said...

Notre Dame = Joke

Lost by 30 to Georgia Tech.

Barrasso35 said...

Sorry I'm a little late with the commentary tonight.

Love the day number today, boys... obviously.

Family Matters reference=gold.

Isn't it funny that Carl Winslow was a cop in Family Matters and Die Hard?

Just food for thought.

Anonymous said...

i still do not like scruds.


Jeffry said...

carl winslow was a cop in ghostbusters for about one second and a cop in perfect strangers before getting spun off into family matters. also he likes musicals and is very gay. i dont know why i know this, but i do.

Anonymous said...

He also played a cop in Turner and Hooch.

Anonymous said...

...and a cop in die hard


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