Monday, September 10, 2007

Being that this is really our first full season to get a crack at previewing teams, we decided to contact other bloggers to have them tell the stories of their respective team's season.
We will be running a team per day, possibly two teams, all through September.

Next up is Tracy from [True Coyote Love ]

Division: Pacific
2006-07: (31-46-5) 67pt
Playoffs: Just watching


RW Shane Doan- D Derek Morris
(27G-28A- 55P) - (6G-19A-25P-18 trade rumors)

D Gumby

What is there to be excited about this season in Coyotes hockey? I could name a million things but that could very well be my insane-fan mind so I'll stick to the big stuff.

There are plenty of negative comments out there on the inter-web for you to find concerning our whole 'youth movement', I'm here to shine a little light on the more positive side of the Coyotes. After all, we're (hopefully) gearing up to ice some true talent and if you write us off right now, you'll miss our good times. That would be bad.

The fact of the matter is that we're definitely not going to be the Ducks this year, but honestly, who expects us to be? We're in rebuild mode. We're not just simply rebuilding, we're building from within… you know what that means? Let me clue you in if you don't; it means that all our babies (aka farm kids and the recently drafted) are going to be sticking around and (hopefully) joining the team in the not-so-distant future and that means, my children, that we don't want to sign players that are going to cost us dollars and precious roster slots. We're biding our time so that when our babies are ready, there's a spot for them. See the logic? Yeah, most non-Coyote fans don't either.

As fans, we want to see our boys win, it's only natural. We've done the band-aid thing. You know, the one where you throw money at the problem and hope it goes away? That didn't quite work out for us. We ended up exactly where we were and broke. We're doing things a little different this time around.

Let's be completely honest, the Yotes haven't been winning lately. Not only have they not been winning, they've sometimes been a complete disaster to watch. Half the time they don't have the fire, the other half they just can't seem to put it together. That's frustrating. I truly believe, though, that we're going in the right direction. We're using young guys that can only improve with every game they play; if nothing else, they'll be exciting to watch. They're going to learn from day one how to work with each other, we won't have a bunch of veterans coming in from different teams thinking that they alone know how the team should play. NONE of them will know and so every game will be a learning experience for them and for us as fans. They're going to teach us patience.

Yes, it may take a few years to be truly competitive as a team. Does that bother me? Not in the least. When we start winning, I can be one of the few fans who can sit back and know, with certainty, that I stuck by my team when they needed me most. Yes I want my team to win. Of course I want to see the cup raised in Phoenix and yes, I want that feeling that other fans have; the one where you know, without a doubt, that your team is the best. Do I think that will happen this year? Not really. I can't completely rule it out considering the season hasn't started yet but I won't be placing any bets on it either.

We have a long road ahead of us, I'm sure there will be days when I ask myself why I'm a Coyotes fan but the answer will always be the same. This is my team. Regardless of how exasperated I get with them, they're mine and I will cheer for them night after night, no matter how many weird looks it gets me.

Keeping all that in mind, why do I think that outsiders should be excited about Coyotes hockey? Because we're doing something new (to us at least)… We might crash and burn and that will give you yet another reason to poke fun at us (as if any of you really needed another reason) but we might just surprise you and end up well above anyone's expectations. The majority of our players are on one year deals and they'll all have to play their best to ensure a spot here (or anywhere else) next year. It's going to be an exciting season, win or lose.


Pensblog's Take

The Coyotes have a lot to do to get better. Lead by the "Great One" they haven't really done much in the past few years.
As Tracy pointed out, it is still a rebuilding process, and most of the players won't be there past this campaign.

Being that the west is stacked, it is going to take a superior effort for the Coyotes to even be .500.

But you never know, there is some excitement growing this year.

But it won't be enough.

14 place looks like home for the Coyotes.


The Hebrew Hammer said...

Coyotes are mud

Anonymous said...

Phoenix is in the lead for the Stamkos/Tavares sweepstakes. Go coyotes!

- Jeff (posting from work)

canaanregulatesblog said...

what line is matt leinart playing on?

adam said...


Michel Therrien will be signing autographs, answering questions, taking pictures, ect. on Wed. 9/19 7-9pm at Chrysler Dodge of White Oak. We are located on the corner of Rt. 48 and Lincoln Way in White Oak, PA. We will be giving away penguins autographed items.
If you have any questions you can call us at 412-672-9155
1234 Long Run Rd
White Oak, PA 15131

9/10/2007 3:18 PM

Loser Chris said...

Don't you have to build a team before you can rebuild it?

Hooks Orpik said...

14th place in the west is one place more generous than I would have been....

Lemieux's 1st organ-eye-zation > Gretzky's 5th team. There's a bet you can take to the bank, Janet.

Just sayin'

Jonny V said...

Yeah, Phoenix is a joke, and Jeff, what do u think the odds are that they "win" the lottery for one of those two? I think that like the NBA, there are politics involved in drafts. I am forever grateful for whatever stars aligned for us to get Mario's franchise getting the right to draft Sid, and don't u think that could happen again with gretskee (sp? haha)

And stoosh, u made a well thought out point about why all of the Steeler coverage annoys the hell out of u. But I gotta say, do what I do...don't watch the shit. I love the Steelers so much I got their Super Bowl ring tatted on my forearm, but I can't even stomach all of the fluff pieces the news networks put together. A majority of ALL sports interviews are cliche's (Sid is well versed in the art), and there really is never anything notable said.

And when we do win the Cup again, u can bet your hockey jersey collecting asses that every one of you will be eating up all of the Penguins fluff pieces that all of the news stations will inevitably be producing. And here's hoping Sid gets to nail Sonni Abatta.

Jeffry said...

at least the coyotes have tomas surovy.

Stoosh said...

That was a fantastic read of the Phoenix Coyotes Mission Statement, if nothing else. But golly-gee-shucks, it sure would've been nice to have read the names of a couple of these players around which we will see the resurgence of the Coyote (although loser chris has have a resurgence, I suppose that implies that you at one time had, surgence).

And Shane Doan doesn't count. Dude once wore the white, red and blue of the Winnipeg Jets on NHL ice. He's been around too long.

Give me Peter Mueller, or Keith Ballard or Brendan Bell, or even former Baby Pens psycho Danny Carcillo. Some names would've been swell.

And can someone please let Tracy know that it's not "Gumpy", it's "Gumby".

Staff said...


The gumby thing was my bad.

We put in the pics and stuff.
My childhood idol has been disgraced.

Andrew said...

the yotes have carcillo, and that alone makes me want to watch them.

also, everyone join the first church of gary roberts.

i am tired and have a big test tomorrow, and i can't really look for images and invite people now... maybe once i get shit calmed down i can work on it better.


Tracy said...

Watch out for Peter Mueller, Martin Hanzal (who should be up for at least some of the year, if not the entire season), Daniel Carcillo (as mentioned), Matt Jones is looking good so far and Bill Thomas is doing great things for us. No, none of them are Sidney Crosby, but keep in mind we are the Coyotes and it takes very little for us to get excited.

As I said, we won't be great this year, we're learning to work as a team instead of random guys all doing whatever the hell they want. It's fine, we're working towards an actual goal and seem to be going in the right direction


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