Sunday, September 23, 2007

A Post Because We Can

PG captioned the above picture:
"The Penguins' Mark Eaton got the Penguins on the board early."

Mark Eaton scores his first goal since scoring the game-winner against another sperm in the ampulla of his mom's fallopian tube, and he's not even the focal point of the picture.

Is that Mike Weaver at center? Who cares?
The average person sees this picture and thinks that turd in the center is Eaton.

Look at Eaton's visor. Sniper vision.


Hammer in the comments mentioned this.
Some Penguins are complaining about the new uniforms. [ PG ]

It should be noted that the two key people highlighted in the article are Mark Recchi and Gary Roberts, the veterans on the team.

The main complaint is because the uniforms repel moisture, all the perspiration from the players is running into their gloves and skates.

Gary Roberts said something in the article that may affect his God-like status around here.

"My hands are soaked, my feet are soaked. I feel like it's May, in the playoffs, I'm sweating so much."

Yeah, he sweats that much in the playoffs.
And not in a meaningful late October game.

That hurt us to do that.

***Editors note***
Minutes after jobbing Roberts, Adam was temporary paralyzed for 25 minutes.


Gondosh said...

Not only does the average person think the dude in the center is Eaton, but so does every moron working at the PG.

And what have you guys heard about the season ticket holders getting another shot at winter classic tickets? I've just heard its on the 28th, i think.

wilsmith said...

cut roberts. enough said.

wilsmith said...

Oh, did I hear on the radio this morning that Joe Starkey is the 49ers play by play guy?

Tiffany said...

Ok...I read the PG article, added Roberts' quote to my facebook page & then saw you guys used the same quote in your post. Coincidence? Or are we just awesome? ;-)

Tiffany said...

Wait...did I miss something? Are you guys crapping on Roberts??

You guys are mud! :-P

The Hebrew Hammer said...

Wilsmith Joe Starkey has been announcing Niner games for years. He's the voice you hear when Rice catches the touchdown to beat the Bengals in Super Bowl 22.

P.S. Roberts is losing some of his prestige day by day

Randy said...

about your comment to gary's quote....

i don't understand the connection you were trying to make...

yesterday was an exhibition one was laying out everything they had...

maybe it's just me, but i can't figure it...

if anyone knows when it's business time...its roberts...i'm not concerned

Staff said...

the point was that why didn't he say it reminded him of a regular season game?

it sounds like he only gives everything in the postseason.

it was an unjustified job, but it goes to show that no one is safe from a good jobbing.


Staff said...

the time we're keeping track of during this steeler game is a disgrace.

these are just some crazy numbers.


Staff said...

was that crosby in the stands when it came back from the 2:00 warning?

Randy said...

ah gotcha...thanks adam

(no need to post this)

Staff said...

The jobbing of Roberts was not endorsed by all members of the staff.

Ac is a joke


Tiffany said...


Then I take back the b!*$% slap I gave you, Derek.

JimmyMo said...

that "jobbing" you guys attempted was retarded... it made no sense..

Anonymous said...

i think roberts was saying that the weather is warmer and he sweats more because of that fact.

Hooks Orpik said...

Pensblog---In May it is getting warm outside, the ice is mud and I would imagine conditions are a little stickier. Especially compared to a regular game in say, January or February.

At least that's how I took that quote to mean.

But then again sometimes it's still a little warm in early October so who knows.

Bottom line: I know Gary Roberts busts balls every time he puts the jersey on, so that thought never entered my mind.

Staff said...

thus proving its impossible to job gary roberts

September and may are on the edges of summer
their temps are basically the same

We didn't even know Roberts sweats


Jeffry said...

just put on some wristbands. fashionable and effective.

Staff said...

Apologies on the roberts job.
my cat pissed on my shoes and ran away after i posted it.

Hopefully the steelers clock breakdown puts me back in good standing with everyone.


Hooks Orpik said...

yeah yeah, the steelers clock puts commentorblog in good standing....But you know damn well, as soon as you turn your back to the wall the freight train known as Gary Roberts is probably going to throw a random late check just to get us all on good terms again.

Go Pens! Do not go extra perspiration into the gloves and skates thanks to new RBK jerseys!

Ashley said...

Gary Roberts should be exempt from criticism.

Gary Roberts knows everything there is to know - except for the definition of mercy.

Go Pens. See you in Garytober.

SonofaYourMom said...

Gary Roberts does not sweat.

His awesomeness lowers the dewpoint of surrounding air, thus condensing airborne water vapor to bead on his pulsing, moist ripples.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.


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