Monday, September 3, 2007

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Now, we just happened to be preparing for a jobber post...

...and by some grace of God, we found a website that, well, words cannot describe.

Everyone. Please sit down.

And meet Ron Newcomer.

He is responsible for maybe, in our opinion, one of the greatest websites in the history of the Internet.
[ My Celebrity Photographs ]

Its seems Ron, a Pittsburgh resident, is a photographer.
No biggie.
Well, why is Ron a big deal, you ask?

Forgive all the pictures we are about show you.
But some of them must be shared because we don't even believe it.

Meet Ron Newcomber: Professional the picture taker.

This is only the beginning.


This picture may be the funniest picture of all time:

Is Grant Jennings high?

And if you are looking for the best desktop wallpaper ever:

And how did this picture happen?

And for God's sake, who gets a picture with Kerry Fraser?

Moments after this picture, Newcomer got penalized two minutes for dominating photography.

Do you think Ron Newcomer is only small-time?

Halle Berry doesn't think so.

God help us all

What the hell is Wayne Gretzky even doing?
Hopefully Mario got a new sweater.

The Juice is loose:

How does the Internet handle this:

Now, we could keep going...

But honestly you could get lost in the whole site for days.

We'll leave you with a picture that could change your life.


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