Saturday, September 22, 2007

Pens TV =Joke

[Pens TV ]

Good luck trying to get the game.
Because we can't for some reason.

And what did we miss.

Mark Eaton scoring a goal.

Go pens

If you are having issues
[Click here]
Take pop-up blockers off.
That should work.


Ashley said...

Oh, I get it now. If you're not American, then you don't get to watch all-American games. Stupid NHL TV, discriminating against Canadians who want to watch games south of the border.

Anonymous said...

I got the feed fine, 1-1 tires just scored.

Anonymous said...

how long did it take for you guys to get your email from them?

Davy D said...

Digging Pens TV. Must be the scoreboard video feed. You can hear the arena music etc.
Plus no Bud Light commercials.

Anonymous said...

A little Phish intermission music never hurt anyone.
Atta boy Eaton.

Anonymous said...

I didn't catch who it was that Roberts was glaring at, but it's intensity came through the camera to blow up my screen

Anonymous said...

Roberts stinks tonight, Tires are carrying the third.

Anonymous said...

i am getting sound but no video.. not worth fixing tonight but i want video for the buffalo game. anyone know how to fix it?

Elizabeth said...

Sort of weird and amateur looking, but we get to watch the game at least, so that makes it cool.

demondg1 said...

Christ! I'm going to have The Boys Of Winter stuck in my head for months now.

Matthew said...

I wasn't getting anything for awhile either. You have to sign up for the FREE Center Ice Online Package. They don't ask for billing info so nothing to worry about.

The size of the picture kinda blows, and the audio had troubles at first... but at least you can watch it.

See everyone (anyone?) at the game next Friday!!!

bleepbloop said...

"demondg1 said...

Christ! I'm going to have The Boys Of Winter stuck in my head for months now."

God willing.

Randy said...

played like an exhibition game...

Anonymous said...

you can make it full screen by right-clicking the video, highlighting zoom and selecting full screen

GRO6922 said...

So Roberts scares the piss out of howard twice and makes him knock over the net third times is so intense is scares christensen into missing a sure goal i hope can keep it in check so our boys will skate with him


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