Monday, September 10, 2007

Big Ben is the real deal.
(When he doesn't act like he is hurt after every play.)

Oh, wait. It was the Cleveland Browns. Never mind.

Dude on the right. Don't tuck your shirt into your jeans, then try to drop the middle finger like you're hard.

But seriously, rule #345 of jobbing.
Give credit when credit is due.
Coach Tomlin is money in the bank.

Quick note:
After every Steeler game, instead of writing a recap ourselves,
we will just find ways to make fun of Mondesi's house recap.

Now, we hate to run anyone down...
Oh well.

After we clawed our way through all the ads on his site, we found this:

"And I enjoyed every minute of it. Why? Because we've experienced 15 straight Major League Baseball campaigns where the Pirates are knocked out of contention shortly after the season's first pitch is thrown. It's the sports world getting back into balance. Besides, as a Steeler fan, I think it's written somewhere that a winning team is our birthright. I'll have to look that up."

He must have missed the Penguins season last year, so there goes the "sports world getting back into balance," theory. As if it is possible for an imaginative universe to balance itself.

At least throw in a gay joke or something.

Maybe photoshop Romeo Crennel into the cast of "Family Matters."

Go the extra mile.


NHLToL comes up big with this pic of the Pens prospects up in Kitchener wearing the new jerseys (not the socks or pants.)

Ottawa's rookies won the game.
It was probably fixed.


Here's Richard Park wearing the new Islanders jersey.

Guess who isn't impressed.

Ron Newcomer and Johnny Depp.


Another Photoshop Leak:

Matthew Nelson



** Apologies to Dave P. The Simpsons picture from was not made with a Simpsons app. **

"Good work, my friend."
- Wayne Campbell.



The Kings and Ducks have to fly over to London to play two games to kick off the season.
They're starting their camps on Monday and Tuesday this week.



Not much going on in the NHL.

Interesting quote here:

''There's no question about what I want to do this season,'' he said. ''I want to get more ice time, get more goals, get more assists, get everything. I want to be a better player.''
-- Jordan Staal.
[ TSN ]

Ah...we think someone else will be the judge of that.



Syl Apps


Jeff said...

Blue Jersey = Badass

I hope we get a sweet alternate next year. If it's blue, I'll buy it.

Anonymous said...

first, it was the fucking cleveland browns. bragging about beating the browns is like bragging about beating the pittsburgh pirates. it means shit.

but to some steeler fans, a win is a win and thats all that matters.

do i hear fans already saying superbowl?

i hear a 8-8 season.

do i see the pittsburgh media blowing this win out of proportion if it hasnt happened already?

oh yea, jordan staal is 19 today.


The Hebrew Hammer said...

I don't get why Pittsburgh sports fans pit each other's teams against one another. The Steelers won, be happy. When the Penguins win, be happy.

Barrasso35 said...

Syl Apps is money in the bank. I'm wearing my 1978-1979 Dave "The Hammer" Schultz jersey today in honor of blue jersey day.

Anonymous said...

Its just tough to like the steelers. If I went into a bar and said I hate the pirates or penguins nobody would probably say anything. If I go into a bar and say I hate the steelers I would probably have my life threatened. That is the difference. Its not so much the team I hate but the retarded yinzer. I like the steelers orginization, I think they are run well. But there are some steeler fans that are just to serious. Its just a sports game not a religion. There are pens and bucs fans like this too, they are just less in number so it gets on my nerves less.

canaanregulatesblog said...

small note concerning those penguin prospect pics -- i sent chris those early yesterday. they were originally posted by i gotta give props to those guys having the pics.

i wish syl apps was my father.

Andrew said...

Hey, and if you are going to tuck your jersey into your jeans (gay), make sure it is not a Brady Quinn Jersey (even gayer)

Teej said...

The Browns are awful. Steelers should beat the Bills next week too. I'm interested to see Paul Posluszny (native Butlerite) get some playing time.

Jay, gotta agree somewhat with your prediction on 8-8, but I'll even go as far as saying 9-7, which I've been saying all offseason.

And on a final note, Barrasso35, that picture of Pete Wrigley is classic. Loved that show.

pat said...

The Century Line was unstoppable.

You guys might appreciate this

Count me among the ranks of not being happy it's football season. Like the anonymous said, it's not even just the Steelers so much as it is your average obnoxious Steelers fan. I've never been into football, but it's the obnoxious Steelers fans that make me hate it.

Stoosh said...


What I absolutely cannot stand is the way the local media just trips and falls all over themselves to cover every single aspect of the team. It's a complete and total loss of perspective.

The news stations take it to extremes with all the ridiculous fluff pieces. You want to talk about the game on Sunday night, Monday and maybe even throw in a final recap on Tuesday with a first look ahead to the next week? Cool. You want to do a segment on Ben taking a trip to Children's Hospital or some of the Steelers visiting kids at a school or something, fine. The more the merrier, I say.

But I couldn't care less about some report on Mike Logan's beauty salon, or Ben's trip to Europe in lieu of Hines Ward's trip to Korea. The first 500 segments on Jerome Bettis's new restaurant were great; I don't need to see another one. I don't need news segments analyzing Cowher's debut on NBC's studio show and I sure as hell don't need "news" segments telling me about the Cowhers' latest yard sale or their trip to the beach (dude is no longer the coach; time to let him go). I love talking about the games afterwards TO A POINT. When it gets to Wednesday and we're still rehashing the same points we were rehashing Sunday night after the game, enough is enough.

I know Steeler segments draw more ratings that just about anything else for the local newscasts. I just can't believe that there are that many people glued to their televisions when another Mike Logan Nail Salon story comes on.

No station is worse at this than WTAE. No station spends more time during their regular NEWScasts on the Steelers (isn't that what sports segments are for?). No station has an easier time turning off the "objective professionalism" switch and going cheerleader than WTAE, particularly their female anchors.

When the team made their Super Bowl run a couple of years, Wendy Bell, Sally Wiggin and Kelly Frey were reporting Steeler news in reverent tones normally reserved for a visit by the Pope. Sally Wiggin did a sit-down interview with Cowher during the playoffs that year and you could practically see her turning into the ninth-grade cheerleader in awe of the senior quarterback. It was nauseating. She did everything short of have an orgasm on the air.

I like the Steelers. I like the NFL (even though it's analyzed to death now). I had a good time watching yesterday's game and I'll make it a point to watch pretty much every game this season. But it needs to be kept in perspective, and many fans and media in this town do a poor job of that.

Staff said...

jobbing the steelers is an addiction

Can't get enough of it

- ac

luvnmypens said...

OK, you guys dropped the ball here. Something very exciting happened in the burgh last night and you missed it.

Last night, I am sitting in the Mellon waiting for Phil to come out and serenade me for a few hours. Looking around, being in that building made the anticipation for the start of the new season even more than what it's already been. As I sit there, I'm not sure whether I'm more excited to see Phil again after 20 years or being reminded of whats coming Sept 22nd and that feeling of waiting for the Pens to hit the ice (and keep in mind, that I AM that mother you spoke of in your Phil Collins post when you said that Phil was the one your mom was thinking of when ...... well, you know the rest.) Phil still has it, trust me on that and Genesis light shows are still amazing as well.

Good times...

Now bring on the PENS! I am so ready for hockey season to start already!

luvnmypens said...

You guys dropped the ball last night. Phil Collins came to the burgh to personally serenade me, while 16,000 others watched.

Sitting there in the Mellon last night waiting for Genesis to come out, I am not sure whether I am more excited to see Phil after 20 years or being in the Penguins building anticipating Sept 22 (and keep in mind that I AM that mom you spoke of in your Phil Collins post when you said that Phil was the one your mom was thinking of when.... well you know the rest.)
Phil still has it, trust me on that one and the Genesis light shows are still absolutely amazing. I know that everyone was jealous that he was just singing to me all the way up in F16, but F them!

Good times.

Now bring on the PENS already! I need me some hockey after that!

canaanregulatesblog said...

so fruitty, it had to have been posted twice.

Exiled in DC said...

Syl Apps Jr. was absolutely money, every girl in 1976 had Farrah Fawcett wing hair and wanted to have Syl's baby. Amazing that he succeeded with a Skating Penguin logo on his uniform only half the size of the new one. How did they manage in the olden days?

Syl Apps said...

PS If you are posting comments about the Steelers' game, you're missing the subtle irony of PensBlog talking about it in the first place. Dimwits.

And yes, I could have had your mom in 1976. - Syl Apps

luvnmypens said...

yeah, sorry, I thought something happened and didnt post, and typed it again. Please delete one. whatever, Yeah, Im fruity, I love Phil Collins and the Pens. I can think of many worse things.

jazzhall said...

They do need to bring back some form of the blue jerseys, I still think the white uniform with Pittsburgh in blue lettering is quality.

Also, fyi, of the pittsburgh blogs on the left, Black and Gold Pride is I believe defunct, or at least that link is.

Matt said...

less talk about steelers/penguins, more talk about Ron Christ.

adam said...


Michel Therrien will be signing autographs, answering questions, taking pictures, ect. on Wed. 9/19 7-9pm at Chrysler Dodge of White Oak. We are located on the corner of Rt. 48 and Lincoln Way in White Oak, PA. We will be giving away penguins autographed items.
If you have any questions you can call us at 412-672-9155
1234 Long Run Rd
White Oak, PA 15131

Anonymous said...

agreed, WTAE is by far the worst station when it comes to the steelers.

"the news coverage of the pittsburgh steelers in pittsburgh is possibly the most ridiculous imaging problem i've ever seen in my life. i'm not conplaining, i'm just saying its ridiculous.

i'll give you an example:
of course, the one big story was of hines ward returning to south korea.

and ben roethlisberger returning to switzerland to find his roots.

those were not only silly news stories, but they were the lead, the lead, the first story on every single news cast."

-scott paulson


The Hebrew Hammer said...

Yeah the local sports media in this town is a definite joke as Stoosh eloquently put it. Remember back in April, Game 2 vs. the Sens? Middle of the third period of a tied game and up comes a ticker that takes up half the page that says, "Steelers release schedule!" Like another fucking Pearl Harbor was happening.

snoopyjode said...

wow. is there anyone newcomer HASN'T met? damn!

Anonymous said...

I get the feeling by reading the comments here that the average IQ of you penguin fan is much higher than that of a steelers fan. By steelers fan I mean people who watch only the steelers and refuse to watch either baseball or hockey.

Like some idiot I saw at last year's pirates home opener with a steelers traingin camp countdown sign. Why? Why do you have to bring that to the game.

Or I'm at a bucs game and they start a here we go steelers chant. Hey we are at a bucs game, either chear or boo. Don't cheer for your football game at a baseball game. You may as well stamp stupid yinzer on your head!

Staff said...

"I get the feeling by reading the comments here that the average IQ of you penguin fan is much higher than that of a steelers fan."

So true.

I think that is the thing too.
It is possible to be fans of both.
I think a lot of us here are.

But it is almost like there are the Pens/Steeler fans.

And then the just solid Steeler fans, who are retarded.
It is hard to explain.

For example I guess. The people that come here that get mad and say " People can be fans of both what's your problem."

Those are die-hard, start steeler chants at a local bus stop people.

The people that just laugh it off, who can tell it is all a joke. Or at least can job back and say something funny.

Whatever the case, I suppose, at least we aren't from Ottawa.


As always you hit the nail on the head.
Over the years the media has driven the Steelers so far down our throats it has almost turned some people.

It never ceases to amaze me of all the fluff pieces that happen.

Although I saw one today on KDKA.

Two words:

Allison Morrison (sp). She may be hotter than Wendy Bell.

Anonymous said...

By constantly knocking the Steelers, and Mondesi's House for that matter, you guys are only lengthening this overblown gap between hockey fans, Pittsburgh fans, and Steelers only fans. Even though it is very true the Steelers run the town when it comes to sports, the constant need to criticize the Steelers doesn't help it. All I am saying is that you can only make so many jokes before it gets old. At least you guys gave them credit.


Staff said...


Point taken.
But as we said, we like the Steelers.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I know, and I've read that many times, but I just think by making these jokes over and over again you are turning into the people you's just an observation.


demondg1 said...

1. F the Stiller fans.
2. F WTAE.
3. Wendy Bell rowr!
4. Ron Newcomer has signed pictures of my mom. FTW.
5. Little baby Jesus, I pray to you, no blue jersey ever again. Please.

Stoosh said...


I like the Steelers and I always will. I can't help but get into football this time of year. But you mention the media coverage driving people away. I'll give you a perfect example of that - me.

I count the Super Bowl XL win among my top five best days as a sports fan because it's the first time a favorite team of mine won a championship (I wasn't a huge Pens fan back when they won the Cups). I was thrilled to death to experience that, and I really enjoyed it.

For about three months. I figured after the win that there would be a solid six weeks of coverage after the game. After about two months it just didn't really ever let up and I started getting sick of it. The saturation of coverage just never really went away, and it only got worse with Ben's bike accident and all the stuff afterwards.

By the time camp started last summer, I was just happy that at least they'd be talking about actual football. By the time the season was three weeks old, I couldn't stand to follow it anymore. There was just no downtime away from it at all, and it made last season absolutely unbearable to watch (and the team did a great job making themselves unwatchable as well). I remember skipping the Browns and Carolina games in December so I could get my Christmas shopping done instead.

Part of that may have also been the uncertainty of the new arena that hovered over everything. My favorite local team is the Pens, and it was hard to enjoy any of the local sports stuff last year because this possibility existed until March that the team might have been playing its last season in Pittsburgh.

Stoosh said...


By the way, you're thinking of Alison Morris from KDKA. Yale fan. You can't go wrong there.

I was always a big fan of Jessica Borg from KDKA myself (she's now in Philly, I think).


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