Tuesday, September 18, 2007

It Don't Matter. Pens Lose.

2 - 3

And we are back.

You never really understand being a Pens fan until you start fuming when you hear some jobber on Montreal radio talking about some a-hole from the Habs running Marc-Andre Fleury.

That feeling of rage that has built up over a long summer slowly returns.
Then you hear things like Ruutu, Laraque, and face-wash, and you know things make sense again.

Either way, listening to the game Monday night, it seemed like it was anything but a preseason game.

The two jerkoff announcers were into the game early.
The crowd in Montreal was riled up for really no reason.

Guess that's what happens when your team doesn't make the playoffs.

Dicks. Go buy the new jersey.


We missed the whole first period, because we had no idea it was on the internet.
LGP.com came up huge with this link:
[ CJAD ]

You should be able to get the game on that link Tuesday night as well.
As long as the internet can handle Gary Roberts' name being mentioned.

Here is the roster they went with tonight:


The first period sounded whatev.

Laraque knocked some cracka out.

Nothing like sending some homo to the hospital the first game.
Solid work.

The second period was back and forth.
It sounded like MAF was sharp.
The Habs solved him midway through.

Yahoo pictures in mid-season form.
Credit the Habs goal to Andrei Kostitsyn.

Bing would even things up though.
He took a dish from Talbot and buried it past whoever is trying to play goalie for the Habs this year.


The not-so-important third period was surprisingly entertaining.

The Habs got a goal from some guy who will be parking cars next week.

The Pens seemed finish.


Ryan Malone decided to see what was going on.
He jobbed to the front of the net. Got lucky.

The rest of the third period seemed as if it was a late season playoff race type of game.
It is ridiculous to say that about a preseason game, but if you listened to it, you know what we mean.

The Pens had a bunch of power plays, but could not convert.
We heard Petr Sykora mentioned a lot tonight.
He was on the power-play late with Gonch, Letang, Bing, and Rex.

The game went into OT.
Bing got into a little scrap with Mike Komisarek.
Komisarek sounded completely out of control all game.
Maybe he should save energy for the subpar season he is going to have again.
Crosby got ringed for a penalty, as did Rex.
The crowd started the usual "Crosby" chant.

After the mess got straightened out,
Alex Kovalev got the puck with the Habs on the Power Play.
Floats down.


The Bell Centre erupted like the Habs have never won a game before.

Then, out of nowhere, the color commentator of the Montreal Canadiens Play-by-Play
fired a huge verbal shot before signing off.

"Bye, Bye, Sidney," he said in a taunting tone.

Bring it.


  • Bing: 1G, 1A
  • BGL: 1 TKO
  • MAF: 19 saves
  • Pens Powerplay : 1 for 10

  • It's good to be back
  • Montreal is really annoying
  • Gary Roberts apperance tonight

Unless you were making out with Angela Lansbury all day Monday,
you know something big is going down on January 1, 2008.

Do it.


The Winter Classic is brought to us by an energy drink. Good Times.


RBK Blog

And that's it.
All 30 teams have unveiled their jerseys.

More analysis will come when we can all readily see the uniforms in action,
but the white Oilers uniform just isn't a big deal.

We Googled for over two hours looking for a picture gayer than this one:

It just wasn't meant to be.

God bless NHL fans next season, when we won't have the anticipation of new uniforms to keep us going through the summer.
But that's 8 months away, so who cares.


Around the NHL

...The Ducks have been reminded that they're not gonna stay on cruise control to get back to the Cup. Defenseman Matthieu Schneider is out for a month with a broken ankle. [ Fanhouse ]

That will equate to about 8 games.

The other defensemen on the Ducks are no-names.
Their own mothers don't know who they are.

We'll see if Scott Niedermayer is a leader.



Newcomer can do anything he wants, but we won't let him make us lose track of the countdown.


The Hebrew Hammer said...

Here are the game highlights

The Hebrew Hammer said...

At first reading the post I thought you guys were insane with the way you talked about this game but after watching the highlights, I know what you're talking about. It really got my blood pumping.

George Laraque always picks the best times to fight huh? He doesn't drop the gloves in crucial game 1 against Ottawa last year but he does in the first preseason game. I know everyone loves him kicking ass in any game but let's wait and see if he does it on a regular basis against the Flyers and Rangers. He's still a goon gone good until then. Longest P.S. ever ;)

Elly said...

Ahhh, the recaps are back, baby.

I was on a godawful bus at the time of the game, but reading the highlights makes me especially pissed that I won't be able to use my tickets and get up to Montreal tonight to support. I'm also surprised that the CBC doesn't have a spot for the preseason games, especially since the media seems to lap up anything to do with the Penguins nowadays.

P.S. Nice caption on the Flyers picture. Is it just me or does Briere's head look unnaturally small?

Barrasso35 said...

Francois Leroux? Fuck yes.

Penguins on the (internet) radio again? Fuck yes.

Pensblog recaps? Fuck yes.

Ice Bowl? Fuck yes. If you didn't get chills looking at the artists rendering of what the Buffalo stadium is going to look like, you're not a Penguins fan. You can bet dollars to donuts that I'll be watching that game new years day with my mom in a sports bar full of annoying college football fans.

To use the parlance of the Pensblog, when I hear Mike Lange say, "It's a hockey night in Pittsburgh!" for the first time in months, I'm going to vomit all over myself. Now is the time, drop the puck.

Hooks Orpik said...

heeb hammer: Laraque's going to have to fight a lot in the preseason because every jobber in the world trying to make an impression on their teams know they have to do something drastic; and a fight against Laraque is a good way to make a name for yourself...Or go to the hospital.

Montreal is very annoying. Good thing they gave Roman Hamrlik more money than the Pens gave Ryan Whitney...We'll see how that one works out.

But you gotta love the intensity. Better than 68787 boring games a year versus teams with no intense fan bases to speak of like the Devils and Islanders.

Troy Loney said...

So good to read a recap. It's officially hockey season.

Loser Chris said...

It's good to have recaps back. Francois Leroux sightings never hurt either.

Good luck on getting Ice Bowl tix everyone. Wish I could go...

HabsFan29 said...

I TOTALLY agree the reaction of Habs fans to a fucking pre-season game is an embarassment

BUT if you watched the game (it was on French TV here) like I did, you would have seen a late regular season type of intensity. Really. It was quite something, but it means dick squat, we know that.

snoopyjode said...

I'M GOING TO THE ICE BOWL (winter classic, whatev) - FUCK YEAH! i will see you all in buffalo!!!!!!!!!! wooooooohooooooooooooo!!!! i am SO FUCKING PUMPED RIGHT NOW! [*breathes a sigh of relief*] i'm so glad i got tickets!!!

CONGRATS to all of you who are going, too!!! :)

Maal said...

100% chance you need to start calling bing "chandler." cause seriously, that's just funny.

there's a uni in montreal that's doing some study involving giving cocaine to teenagers. that really says it all.

georges and the cracka thing was hilar. god i missed your reviews! welcome back hockey!!!

Anonymous said...

who else got tickets? i bought 8. As of 10:07am I couldn't buy a single ticket anywhere in that place. sold out in 7min?

Staff said...

Just got a call... reports are the game sold out in 26 minutes.

So much for hockey not being popular.

Anyone have any ideas on how to get tixs now?

snoopyjode said...

it's true, staff. all tickets are gone.

snoopyjode said...

wow. 74,000 tickets sold out in less than an hour. i simply cannot believe i got tickets. i promise i will take lots of pictures for you!!! if it's any consolation, my seats aren't THE BEST (they're not terrible, but they aren't awesome).

also, check ebay in the coming days. buffalo news said there wasn't a limit on how many tickets you could buy, so i'm sure there were tons of scalpers that will have plenty of tickets popping up for sale. they'll be expensive, make no mistake, but there will probably be some tickets available later if money is no object.

Christina said...

holy shit....26 minutes??? for an NHL game??? are we in the alternative 2007 or something???

congrats to all who got tickets...wish i could be there freezing my ass off with you!

Maal said...

report i saw on the sabres site said they were gone in 10 minutes. you could buy up to 50 online at a time so i wouldn't be surprised if 1200 assholes bought 50 each for scalping.

my cousin (in buffalo) and i both missed out. now the begging and calling in of favours begins! :)

snoopyjode said...

here's more hope for people that didn't score tickets today. this was in the confirmation email from ticketmaster:

This event is TicketExchange enabled! Learn More

If your plans change, you can sell your tickets for this event through TicketExchange—the safe, easy way to buy and sell tickets with other fans!

When you receive your tickets:
1. Log in to My Ticketmaster
2. View your order history
3. Click “Sell My Tickets.”

i don't know how it works, but i'm sure there will be TONS of people that have to do this for one reason or another. maybe this can help some of you get tickets. :)

hooks orpik said...

snoopy, you'd be a fool to get double raped by the evil, evil ticketmaster.

stubhub.com is pretty money in the bank, but the prices will be higher than face value.

if you're desperate to get tickets to the game, they'll have a good selection though.


Teej said...

When thinking of the Ice Bowl event, I go back to when those three tools from the Who's Now competition (Keyshawn Johnson, Kirk Herbstreit, and Mike Wilbon) were talking about the Crosby/Jeter matchup.

74,000+ tickets sold out in 26 minutes. To those three, I say: "Enough said, homos."

I also think the timing for it isn't so bad. Yes, people are going to be watching the college football bowl games, but they're bound to be channel-surfing during commercials, and they might just come across NBC and see what a spectacle this will turn out to be.

wilsmith said...

if anyone didn't think that was goign to sell out that fast thent here is something wrong with you.
pens fans are pretty loyal, and sabres fans are top notch as well.

I didn't get any, so now the search is on. Looks like pens, sabres and bills season ticket holders all had first crack at them, so I'm sure that helped sell it out pretty quick. Bills season ticket holders probably take up just about every seat in that stadium.

snoopyjode said...

i know, hooks. :) i think ticketmaster is evil, too. (the "handling fee" is bullcrap.)

i'm just trying to help a brother out, lol!!!

Ashley said...

I bet there will be a ton of people crossing the Can/US border on New Year's Day! They will flock to Buffalo to see the pride of Nova Scotia take on the Sabres.

Jeffry said...

guess i should have got up early this morning. fucking shit.

PO said...

i saw there was a blog for the game, but that guy didnt get tickets... is there anything getting set up for a massive tailgate?

The Hebrew Hammer said...

How quick until ice bowl tickets are on ebay?

PO said...

theyre already on ebay and craigslist (pgh and buff)... and they are going for a high price

wilsmith said...

they were on ebay at 10:01. Hell, they were on ebay before they were on sale!

Mike Costa said...

Great To See Recaps Again


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