Sunday, September 30, 2007

Gary Roberts + Van Halen = Gold

Go Pens


Andrew said...

This video? Awe-inspiring.

Lucas Aykroyd said...

As the author of 1984: The Ultimate Van Halen Trivia Book and someone who grew up in British Columbia when Roberts was plaguing the Canucks as a Flame, I probably would have gone with "Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love" instead. ;)

But it's nice to see Halen fever is alive in any form.

Tony said...

LOL, amen Lucas...

Hey fellas, I just saw Van Halen last night in Greensboro. I'm pretty sure all of you webbies here are too young to have seen the REAL VH in '84 and before, but if you listen to anything I've said here before, GO SEE THE TOUR with David Lee Roth, and you'll forget Sammy Hagar ever stepped foot on the same stage with Edward Van Halen, as well as all of those lollipop songs.

Keep up the great work, and looking forward to our mutual bloggers relationship.

The Confluence of the Three Rivers

Lloyd said...

on a related note: is anyone else going to the mistake by the lake to see Van Halen on Oct 10th? from what i have been hearing, this tour has been insanely kick ass

I've been a VH fan for about 10 maybe 15 years now... only seen the 04 tour live... but passed on VH3 tix (free... why did i decline... i dont know...)

Hooks Orpik said...

Lemme guess, this was Adam's idea to post this to try to win some credit back with Gary from last week's jobbing fiasco?

Too late, bitches.

Staff said...

Lucas is a beast


Staff said...

Better believe it.
I sleep with my light on man.


tecmo_bowl_bo_jackson said...

Word. Ima go put on my Live: Right Here, Right Now disc. Too bad its Sammy on vocals. Sammy doesn't hold Diamond's jock.

Jonny V said...

You sleep with your light on...that's good shit.

I bet it is friggin' awesome to see VH in concert this time around, but it's still not the original lineup. I think it's pretty gay that Eddie the ego kicked Michael Anthony out of the band and inserted his son Wolfgang in his place. I don't know, maybe he rocks. It's just not "Jump" video Van Halen

And saw an interesting bit of trivia reading the sports page today, it seems that Fleury is already in third place all-time with 7 shutouts, behind the all time leader (u know who the hell holds that) with 24.

Oh, and I must go here.

Staff said...

i worked at jay's sports bar from 2000-2005.

one big Friday night towards the end of my run, my friend and i put $10 in the jukebox.
And we set Van Halen's Jump and Panama to play back and forth, back and forth.

By the time the third Jump played, everyone in the restaurant had a look on their face that was priceless.

will never forget Jay going over there and yanking the cord out.


Anonymous said...

I ran that what-if sports site with the '87 Calgary Flames and the '06 Penguins and Gary Roberts logged an hour of ice time with a hat trick for each team, and then fought himself.

- Jeff

chrisbarber77 said...

what can you say about "Gary the Great" that hasn't already been said.


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