Friday, September 28, 2007

Surprise, surprise we sent numerous emails to Capitals bloggers and got no response.
No biggie though.
Capital fans can't read anyway.

Division: Southeast
2006-07: Sucked
Playoffs: Yea right

Season Preview:

Go Pens


Barrasso35 said...

Best team season preview ever.

Let's go Pens!

Jason said...

speaking of season previews, barry melrose thinks fleury is a bum... what an ass.

Barry Melrose is the dumbest person alive

wallflower said...

I imagine the problem with emailing Capitals fans is that their idea of responding to an email is scribbling on their monitor in crayon.

And then eating the crayon.

Ashley said...

I agree with team season preview in the history of team season previews.

Caps suck

Go Pens

It's Garytober time

wilsmith said...

what is it about ej hradek's speech that pisses me off?

Steve In Denver said...

I thought the Caps were in the ECHL. Oops.

Melrose is ignorant....Fleury is still extremely young, just got his first taste of NHL playoffs, and will dominate for years to come. Seriously, goalies don't hit their stride until their late 20's, early 30's sometimes. He didn't win 40 games last year because he was swiss cheese. Dick.

Mike said...

fuck barry melrose. how can the flyers have the best young players, then call us the most talented team?
what a douche.

Hooks Orpik said...

wow this is a very shocking development. there's certainly no shortage of capitals bloggers, that seemingly post things around the clock about their jobber team.

being your arlington, va correspondent, i feel i should point out that the capitals have only sold out one game so far this season: Saturday October 20th when the Pittsburgh Penguins come to town and bring about 6,000 fans (myself included) along.

Anonymous said...

hey staff...

does this make you want to throw up at all?

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jazzhall said...

Taking a leaf from hooks, as your Rockville, MD correspondent, I am suprised no one jumped for the chance. Its enough to have to hear the local morning radio show DJ "Elliot" go on and on about the Caps.

Anonymous said...

downie gets a 20 game suspension


theNick said...

Oh installer ap how I miss you. Nes ap I sorta miss you also. Even though you don't work well

The Hebrew Hammer said...

The best preview in the history of pensblog by far

Barrasso35 said...

Melrose can say whatever he wants about MAF, it doesn't make it right. What does he know about what it takes to win the Stanley Cup anyway? He never did.

Interesting fact about Barry Melrose, his first cousin is Wendel Clark. Weird.

By the way, anyone notice the color scheme of Barry's tie? Money in the bank.

Loser Chris said...

The Flyers have the best core of young talent? wtf Barry, did all the Pens age 10 years this summer or am I missing something?

The Hebrew Hammer said...

Barry Melrose also said that Joe Thornton was the best player in the entire NHL. Why does he still have a job?

Anonymous said...



The Peerless said...

Were you the ones telling me I won the UK lottery?

Try as I might...not one note asking for a preview, but if you want one, stop by my blog. We've got team and conference previews (we even have you guys finishing second in the East, but no Cup...sorry)

The Peerless said...

Were you the ones telling me I won the UK lottery?

Anyway, there wasn't any note asking for a preview, but if you want one, stop by my blog. We've got Caps and conference previews (and we even have you guys finishing second in the East, but no Cup...sorry)

Anonymous said...

ghay and jobless

Caps Nut said...

Like Peerless, your request to me must have landed in my spam folder...

But if your readership is interested...

Anonymous said...

3 - and - OH bitches.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Caps fans can't read!! Hahahaha!!! They can't read!! That's awesome. Cause they're stupid, yeah!

That's why they live in a city with the most masters' degrees per capita in the country, while Pittsburgh is an industrial wasteland made up of unemployed miners.

Keep up the clever commentary, Pensblog! You hit 'em where it hurts!

FrankM73 said...

It's one thing to say "Caps Suck" and "Pens Rocks" but quite another to openly insult and stereotype people from another NHL city.

Unfortunately it's this type of action shows that you're willing to play a juvenile cut down game, which is far from what a mature responsible adult would do. No wonder most Caps fans (and others) despise Pens fans... you give them the ammunition to do so...

As for me, I'll stick by my 96 point prediction for the caps this year and 1st in the southeast. I'lll also toss out the Pens slow start and stick with my 110 point 1st place, in Division and the East, prediction for the Pens.


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