Sunday, September 9, 2007

The Calm Before The Storm

Nothing like a boring Saturday.
Next week, life begins.

One Penguins note.
Jonathan Sandwich scored a goal for the Pens in their rookie thing. [ Post Gazatte ]
We still aren't sure about him. Training camp will sort it out.

NHLToL released an FAQ of the RBK Edge Jerseys.
The big thing was definitive proof that the whites won't be worn at home this year.
[ NHLToL ]

That guy has a busy week. He's running the logo tournament, classic logo comparison polls, and not to mention that literally half of the NHL is unveiling uniforms in the next 10 days.

Skating Penguin vs. Pigeon poll starts on September 15.


That's why the iPhone is a big deal.

Apple dropped the prices, so you can now get an iPhone (which includes a 4GB iPod, an insane-quality camera, and a sweet phone) for around $350 after taxes and crap.

Forgot calling people and having unlimited wireless internet for $60 a month,
you should get an iPhone just to play Blades of Steel against someone over the internet on your lunch break.

And as [] shows, it's easily in the realm of possibility.

People with nothing to do, dominating and hacking the iPhone.

Sorry. We will never mention the iPhone again unless Gary Roberts gets one.
Or Ron Newcomer gets one.


As the above section proves, we really have nothing to talk about.

Except this:
We're leaking a pic that we received on Saturday, courtesy of Dave P.

We realize it was made with a Simpsons application of some kind,
but that is just unreal.

The Q&A with Mr. Newcomer will be here before you know it.

And all photoshops of Ron are due by September 15.
Email them to

We'll be adding another Pittsburgh Sports Blog to the sidebar this weekend.

[ Is This The Year? ]

A nice, clean layout that blasts you with posts of truth.


We got some e-mails asking when to expect a Pens preview from us.
We're running it on October 2nd.

It is Steelers Sunday.

Here we go Steelers here we go

Start Batch. Peace.



The Hebrew Hammer said...

iPhone=best invention ever. In a related iPod note I just got the old 2 GB iPod two weeks ago to find out that the new 4 GB video iPod comes out this week for the same 150 dollar price. Needless to say I was none too happy. Damn you Jobs!! Final prediction blog=Steelers 21 Browns 10

Randy said...

haha that simpsons newcomer pick is gold...props dave

Barrasso35 said...

Wow... I didn't know you could play classic 8-bit Nintendo games on an iPhone.

Oh, wait, I still don't care. The iPhone is the 21st century Newton. Expect something less expensive and better from Motorola by mid-2008.

That Newcomer/Simpsons picture is awesome. A great way to start the day.

I can't stand this much longer... drop the puck!

Anonymous said...

barrasso35, pete and pete was one of the best shows ever, hands down.

its a shame they are not releasing the 3rd season on dvd.

wait, the steelers play today? so that means channel 4 will be talking about this game tomorrow during all newscasts.

also, tomorrow would be a good fedko calling session too. because every steeler hard-on is going to be calling about the game and i think it would be fun to talk about the penguins for a change.

maybe call up those other hard-ons on fsn. tunch and co.


Anonymous said...

That is definitly cool with the iphone, but my pocket pc phone can do that as well through an NES emulator. I don't get to big deal about the iphone. Its up there with nintendo wii in terms of being fad technology. Both the iphone and the wii are overprice for the technology you are getting.

snoopyjode said...

Anonymous said...
...the wii [is] overprice for the technology you are getting.

are you KIDDING ME?! the wii was only $249 and came with a game, while the xbox or the ps3 would have cost me almost an entire week's wages each for the console only!!! and besides, how damn cool is it that it allows you to actually sword fight (okay, not actually) and really swing a "tennis racket?" the nintendo wii is the fucking shit! more games are coming out for it soon, too. if you don't like it, that's one thing, but the "overpriced" argument is just ridiculous.

i died a little inside because of the cartoon in yesterday's post. >:(

Barrasso35 said...
I can't stand this much longer... drop the puck!
echo that, my friend.

Dave P. said...

*not done using simpsons application

Don K. Show said...

yeaaaaaaaaah, Big 'busa to the bench and Batch is warming up!!

Anonymous said...

The Wii is a repackaged gamecube. Hence you are paying 250 for a 100 piece of hardware. The ps3 and xbox360 are 800 dollar hardware and you are paying 350-500 dollars.

Technology per dollar I would say value goes in this order.

1. PS3
2. XBOX360
3. Can opener.
4. Nintendo Wii.
5. iphone

canaanregulatesblog said...

i would stay anonymous too if i made such stupid remarks.

Staff said...

It is hard to debate.
I have the I-phone and a PS3.

Both are money. XBOX is good too.
No way I am going to job the Wii.
So really it all depends on the person.

canaanregulatesblog said...

i need to buy a ps3 so i can pwn you in NHL 08

Loser Chris said...

I picked up a 360 this weekend pretty much entirely for NHL 08.

May grab a Wii this Christmas, the kids love it and Smash Bros. and Metroid is enough to get me on board.

Anonymous said...

I was looking up some info about Training Camp on Here's the info for Phoenix:

Phoenix- Camp Opens Sept. 13 Arena (Glendale, AZ)

Yes. the name of the arena is

Whoever named that place should throw themselves into a wall.

Jonny V said...

I like the wii too, i just played it for the first time a few weeks ago. Too many buttons and weird menus frighten me. Although i may have to change my opinion of ps3 when resident evil and metal gear come out for it.

And it cracks me up that some people act like there aren't Penguins "hard ons" that call up shows. What the fuck is there to talk about concerning the Pens right now? New uni's? Stop acting like a pissy little bitch just because the NFL is the most popular league at the moment. aw fuck i ain't even talking about this any more. Harumph!

And a big shout out to Clairton's own Daven Holly (my hometown) for getting his ass lit up by Hines Ward. Represent buddy.

Don K. Show said...

please tell me Fedko is getting jobbed right now.

Barrasso35 said...

Pete and Pete was the best show on television ever, IMHO.

I just watched Halloweenie last night so I thought I'd update my blogger pic to be festive.

In Kansas it felt like fall this morning. Fall means hoodies. Fall means hockey jerseys. Fall means HOCKEY.

I know there are Penguins hard ons as bad or worse than the Steelers hard ons... those are the motherfuckers who are going to make it so hard for me to get tickets next Saturday.

I'd better be able to get tickets or what?

That's right, this riot job is going on tour.

The Steelers kicked ass today. I can't wait to get to work tomorrow... my boss is a Browns fan. Mu-hu-ha-ha!

Anonymous said...

UIam computer engineer so I actually know what I am talking about here.
If you look at the nintendo wii's architecture it is nothing but a process migration on the gamecube processor with a increased clock speed and a memory upgrade. XBOX360 and PS3 are new designs using parallel processing and the latest technology. Look at 3 systems architecture, its true.

All I am saying is I refuse to line the pockets of nintendo for doing shady things like this. If I am going to buy something I want something for my money not a piece of hardware that is supped up 2000 technology.

At least PS3 and xbox gave it an effort.

I am not making stupid statements. I am making true ones. They should of called it gamecube 1.1 not the nintedo wii. I am sure I will get flamed by people that won't even take the time to look up the facts. Nothing new here. Just because you own a gaming system does not mean you know anything about computer hardware.

Yes I am jobbing the Wii, eh I mean gamecube 1.1


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