Thursday, September 6, 2007

And The Beat Goes On

The aftermath will continue, but honestly, we aren't that worked up about the new uniforms.

The new patch is OK.
It's better than a patch commemorating 25 years of Kansas City hockey history.

Apparently it is the 250th year of Pittsburgh?
Which no one seemed to mention before, but whatev.
Pittsburgh was founded in 1758 [ Wikipedia ]
So it is cool.
We really wanted a patch of Louis Gossett Jr. from Iron Eagle on the side.
But you can't have it all.



Ray Shero had some things to say about rookie camp [ Post Gazette ]

"The rules for eligibility are good, because guys like Stone and Filewich and Kennedy -- guys who have played in the minors -- are eligible to come," Shero said.

Nothing groundbreaking.
It is just nice to quote Mr. Shero again.



The Ducks are having a press conference to talk about Scott Niedermayer. [ ]

He's going from being an excellent player to being a joke.
Make up your mind.

...Fernando Pisani has problems with pooping.
And he will be out for a while. [ Edmontonsun ]

Kevin Lowe offered to pay Pisani's feces $5 million dollars over 2 years to go away, but the feces declined.

Guess who isn't impressed with Kevin Lowe either:

Ron Newcomer

Ron Newcomer doesn't take pictures; he owns them.


In perfect segue fashion, we e-mailed Mr. Newcomer and acquired the rights to his true life story.
That will be coming within the week.

Also, we figured that since Ron has been in pictures with everyone you can think of,
we employed Canaan, director of pensblog photoshopping, to find some more pictures of Ron Newcomer that no one knows about.

So far he found these.

Let us know if you find any.

Are we talking Photoshop Expo?
Yeah, we are. Deadline for pictures is September 15.

Send them to:

We are officially obsessed with Ron Newcomer.


And just by mere coincidence, as we see a photoshop of a "Few Good Men,"
September 6, 2007, is the 15-year anniversary of PFC William T. Santiago getting jobbed.





Don K. Show said...

How did anybody remember that PFC Santiago got jobbed on 9.6.92?

More importantly, I'm still undecided on teh new jerseys. Not that I don't like them, but I'm not sure whether to buy one just yet.

Korn said...

Primero? Or are yinz guys still sleeping and haven't had a change to approve the comments?

Ordered my NHL Center Ice yesterday. What a great feeling, hockey season is almost here and no more watching the Pens on the ol' Slingbox. Woooo hoooo!

Barrasso35 said...

30 days... a month. It's getting cooler here, finally. It's hockey jersey weather.

In fact, I went to the scrimmage of the local USHL team a few days ago.

Gotta get my Penguins hoodie fixed before the season starts.

I cannot wait to hear Mike Lange on the (internet) radio again... "It's a hockey night in Pittsburgh!"

Fuck and yes!

canaanregulatesblog said...

is there any way we can call them "newcomershops" instead of "photoshops?" no?


wilsmith said...

zero comments?

something is wrong.

Staff said...

haha we never miss the moderating comments.

The staff schedule is just a little messed up today, but never fear.
Comment away.

And by the way, how is everyone digging the comments?

We thought it would be too hard, but really it isn't that bad.

Through some modern day miracles (iphone) we can post comments right away.

Jason said...

korn, how much did you pay for the center ice package?

staff, i think ive lost some respect for you for owning an iphone

Staff said...

hahaha no way Jason.
It is a life changing phone... well its just a phone..

I need to look into the center ice package as well

Hooks Orpik said...

``Old commenterblog = 2003-04 version of Penguins Just. Fucking. Terrible. (but still somehow the Pens)
``New Commenterblog = 2006-07 Penguins, surprisingy better but still a little room for improvement.

``jason and staff, I just got a card from my DirecTV overlords telling me Center Ice is 4 easy payments of $37.25 ($149 total). But that is $20 off since I got it last year. So I'm guessing it will be in the $169 range. Well worth it, especially if you're an out of towner.

``I'm about to order a Max Talbot jersey, because I am a maniac. I feel like I'm digging the new white jerseys more than the black ones. Sadly, Penguins who's jerseys I get (Barnaby, Kasparaitis, Straka) don't seem to have that good of a shelf life. Hopefully this will not be the case.

snoopyjode said...

that patch should have been a 40 year patch, no doubt about it.

each new ron newcomer pic just makes me shake my head in disbelief. how did we not know of him until now?! HA!

IMO, the comment moderation is going much better than i thought it would. you're keeping up with it quite well. :)

also, is the iphone really worth the money? i have been admiring them from afar, yet i've been unwilling to part with that much money for something i don't technically need...

Staff said...


For me it is worth every penny. It really all depends on the person I guess.
There is nothing quite like driving down the road and publishing a comment the jobs someone.
It is good times.

Thanks for the feedback on the moderation, we are still working on it. We'll shut the blog down before we can't have commentorblog.

pr3fire said...

anyone else think that patch looks a little plain?

Loser Chris said...

How many e-mails do you think Kenny Melvin has sent Ron asking to be in a picture with him? I know he's dead and all, but really, that just has to have happened by now, right?

EmDubs said...

So many things to be happy about today:

1.) Melvin is gone

2.) New jerseys come in small so female fans don't have to swim in ridiculously large jerseys and get nacho cheese on the sleeves while pigging out at the game.

3.) Season tix arrived in the mail yesterday. I think its great they came with a batch of post-it notes that say "Pittsburgh Penguins' Season Ticket Holder". Now I can leave notes with authority.

4.) A Few Good Men is coming out on Blu-Ray. I can finally see Colonel Jessup tell Danny Kaffee he's going to rip his head off and piss in his dead skull in hi-def.

Now if it only wasn't 90 degrees out.....

Barrasso35 said...

I'm totally fascinated by the Ron Newcomer photographs.

The outfits in this pic with Orest Kindrachuck are pure gold.

Then, of course, Ernest knows Newcomer.

Is it true Newcomer is dead, loser chris? His site was just updated on 8/23/07 and his My Space page (yes, he has one) was last visted today, 9/6/07. I don't think he's dead.

Loser Chris said...

I meant Melvin is dead. Ron will live forever!

wilsmith said...

he has pictures from Jamoree in the Hills, that was fairly recent.

Does he have a wiki page?

Hooks Orpik said...

No way I believe Newcomer's dead. To think that, you'd have to think he's mortal.

Kevin Arnold??? This man knows no boundaries.

I bet athletes/stars/celebs know they've made it when they're asked to pose for a pick with Ron Ron.

Also, something that's been eating at me...How do you think Newcomer has them signed? Back in the day I'd imagine it would take two sittings to snap the picture and wait for it to be developed. Does he then mail the pic back to the celebs/athletes where they actually sign and return it (instead of trashing it)? This has been driving me mad.

Korn said...

Jason: I went for the 4 easy payments of $37.25 package. Sign up now and save some CASH MONEY.

Barasso: I think he meant KM was dead... to thePensblog, not Mr Newcomer.

Stoosh said...

Kevin Arnold?

Are you kidding me? Kevin Arnold?

I say if Mr. Newcomer was worth his salt, he'd have a photo of Winnie Cooper up there as well. And from what I can tell, I see no photo of Winnie Cooper.

Kevin Arnold...hah...I scoff at your legend, Mr. Newcomer.

Then again...Nice jacket.

Stoosh said...

This one band camp...

Hooks Orpik said...

Brett Favre, Roger Clemens, Scott Niedermayer.

Nieds just decided to have a press conference to announce he hasn't decided what he's going to do.

I suggest scott visit shit-or-get-off-the-pot blog and get his act together.

Jeffry said...

you need to use the picture of richard moll choking ron newcomer. NEED.

AdamG said...

Totally jealous that you got your season tix already emdubs....Where the hell are mine?!?! Is it sad that I will probably just lay on the floor and swim in my season tix when they arrive?...I digress, I think the new unis are ok. I always prefer plain rather than overdone when it comes to jerseys.

Oh yeah, this is a day late but that fucking KM quote montage video made my day. Hilarious.

Also, anyone have season tix, mini plans, etc. near D27? If so hit me up. I can't wait for the season to start. later.

Don K. Show said...

I'm gonna start referring to Niedermayber as Favre from now on, esp since the both of them held a press conference to say that they don't know their plans for the upcoming season.

He knows his team is damn near over the cap, and more than likely there's gonna be a move made if he comes back. Maybe a little notice would be nice.

I really don't want to stick him in the small but growing list of pro athletes that I consider to be douchebags (Favre, Clemens, TO, TomBrady [pronounced all as one word, just like they say on ESPN], etc), but this stunt ain't helping his cause.

Eh, whatever. I just can't wait for hockey season....with or without Niedermayer.

EmDubs said...

We're in D26

Hutch said...

Newcomer pic without his stash, pretty funny

Hutch said...

Nolan Ryan and Ron Newcomer, just scary

Hooks Orpik said...

ESPNews just reported that the ungrateful bitch who had Crosby deliver her season tickets told him she didn't think the Pens would win the Stanley Cup this year...

I suggest Gary Roberts and Ron Newcomer (and his trusty camera) be sent back to her house to see if we can't change her mind.

You're gonna tell Sid Crosby--AFTER HE DELIVERS YOUR TICKETS-- that you don't think the Pens will win the Cup?

Really? Unacc-fuckin-ceptable.

Don K. Show said...

Ungrateful fucking bitch is right!

You can pull that stunt if it's sucku koivu dropping your tickets in the mailbox (and if you ask nicely, he'll probably take a dive shortly after), and he might even agree with you.

But she said this to Crosby? I'm sorry, but the only words I can think of to describe her have already been used, those being "ungrateful" and "bitch". Maybe I'll just call her a fucking ungrateful bitch just for emphasis.


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