Sunday, August 26, 2007


So the Lightning released their new uniforms today:

Interesting choice of music.
But not bad uniforms.

Look closely at the kid on the right-hand side.

If you are going to a hockey function, don't wear a football shirt.

The Pens should institute a rule, where if someone wears a Steeler jersey to a Penguins game, people are allowed to throw feces on them.

So dumb.

Big ups to our new friends down at Post Game Heroes.
They bring us this magical moment from the Miss Teen USA 2007 contest

Tough to watch.

Give credit to emailer Hooks and again Post Game Heroes for finding NHL 2008 ratings.

Gary Roberts originally was slated to be rated 128.
But the game blew up and killed 16 people during a testing period.

The game must be realistic this year, because here we have a screen capture of Mark Reechi not scoring a goal.

Scales of Justiceblog

The wheels have been set in motion for what should be an interesting Civil suit filed by Steve Moore, against Todd Bertuzzi.
Moore is seeking about 20 million dollars from Bertuzzi.
Moore's lawyers have been conducting examinations for discovery over the past several weeks.
Rich the Panda bear took the stand in a heartbreaking testimony, to announce he was molested by Bertuzzi.


Steelers play the Eagles today. Game is at Heinz field.
And usually the Steelers win meaningless games there, so hopefully you can hang your hat on that.

We'd preview it, but we are still reading Mondesi's House season preview.

We've worked our way up to number 27:
27. Ben Roethlisberger's Excellent Offseason Adventures. Big Ben lead the league in interceptions in 2006. To remedy this, Ben's offseason is an attempt at leading the league in celebrity appearances and frequent flier miles. A sampling of his travels:

Bahamas- Michael Jordan Golf Tournament
LA- Guest host "Best Damn Sports Show, Period"
LA- Guest, "Last Call with Carson Daly"
Seven Springs Resort- "Winterfest Weekend with Povertyneck Hillbillies"
Las Vegas- Jerome Bettis' birthday party @ Caesar's Palace
Florida- ESPN the Weekend
Pittsburgh- Sprint "Power to Play" Mini-camp
Miami- Dan Marino Golf Tournament
Phoenix- Muhammad Ali Celebrity Fight Night
Rancho Mirage, CA- Kraft Nabisco Celebrity Golf Championship
LA- ESPY Awards
Lake Tahoe - American Century Celebrity Golf Championship
New York - The Jim Kelly Celebrity Golf Classic
Virginia - William & Mary Football Camp
Pittsburgh - Highmark Celebrity Classic for Children
Tampa - Derek Jeter Celebrity Golf Tournament

Who actually keeps track of where another man goes?

Plus, at least follow it up with a joke like:

The only place Big Choke didn't go was the endzone.

And lastly.
If you are looking to kill some time when you are out shopping, page Gary Roberts over the loud speaker.
We did it three times today at our local Wal-Mart.
No one else thinks it funny, but it is worth it.



Jeffry said...

this is probably the first time anyone EVER has thought, "I need to go to Buffalo."

Anonymous said...

mark recchi comment (and picture) = golden

CreepyOldDude said...

Holy Hell.

That chic was dumb!

Hot & dumb.


FritoWill said...

i swear if when i am delivering to the heildelburg walmart and i hear you guys page Roberts, i'll die.

Tiffany said...

Stoosh, ahahahaha.

Nopie nope...never had Firewater. Sounds yummy, though. Maybe you can be the purveyor of that in Buffalo. ;-) And lemme know how you feel after you wake up...

Now, onto the kid with the football looked like he was holding St. Louis' hand in that pic. (That's St. Louis, right?)

P.S. Derek, you soooooo owe me. ;-P

rachel said...

Ellie, I'm going to try to go to the home opener, but it's going to be madness to get tickets.

Tiff, I see what you mean, haha. That is St. Louis, too.

If everyone stays at the same hotel, who's having a pillow fight ;-)

Barrasso35 said...

Paging Gary Roberts at Wal-Mart in Kansas probably won't have the same effect it does in Pennsylvania... but I still might do it.

Pillow Fights=gold.

Kenny Melvin said...

From Miss South Carolina, "I think US Americans need more maps" What other Americans are there? I'll try to do my part with Gary Roberts and get his name over the PA system at Woodland Hills sometime this year. "We would like to congratulate the tennis team whose members are Jim Smith, Shirley Brown, and Gary Roberts"!!

Captain America said...

Well, there are Central Americans, South Americans, North Americans (other than Canadians), and Native Americans

Kenny Melvin said...

I highly doubt Miss South Carolina knows that countries exist out of the United States.

bleepbloop said...

captain america pwned melvin.

Jason said...

i can already think of one big downfall to nhl 08. the new jerseys and redesigned logos won't be in the game. probably not that big of a deal, but i think it would annoy me.

PensblogAdam said...

if ea sports is a big deal, then they hopefully left a backdoor so people can download patches for the new logos and uniforms.

Lloyd said...


EA's NHL games have been pretty friendly for modders for a while.

I used to draw up jerseys and goalie equipment for the backup goalies in the game. The masks were always fun to make. I think EA used a modder's template of a referee (without permission from said modder... to my knowledge)

Though i am sure that there will be a patch for it to include the new jerseys if they don't already have them. I am sure that someone in EA's graphic design department has all the new logos and jerseys, but can't release screenshots showing them until the team officially releases them.


Stoosh said...


It's been a while since I've actually looked around in a state store, so I'm not 100% they make Firewater anymore. But it's got a somewhat similar hot cinnamon taste kind of like Goldschlager. Goldschlager is a lot smoother and the taste is a bit more rich. Firewater tastes kind of like a handful of those cinnamon hearts.

No hangover today (woohoo!) probably thanks to the four Advil and glass of orange juice I took before I crashed. And let me tell you about those wonderful people at Tim Horton's. If you are looking for salvation the morning after a long night of drinking, you will almost certainly find it in a cup of Tim Horton's coffee.

canaanregulatesblog said...

NHL 08 will have a 'jersey code' that will unlock ALL of the new uniforms/logos.

Anonymous said...

Pens Jerseys?

Kenny Melvin said...

Those jerseys are fake. They're one out of many made up jerseys in that album.

brendan said...

I was going to make a comment about how incredibly gay the tampa mascot it but the rest of the post totally blew me away and now it just doesnt seem worth it.

Tiffany said...

Not sure if state stores still sell it either (haha what an alliteration), but apparently you can buy it online. If you don't wanna go to the trouble of doing that, though, maybe you could bring something else I haven't tried. And congrats on not having a hangover! Looks like we'll be taking Mr. Horton with us to Buffalo. :-)

Haha it was kinda hard to judge this morning. So, thanks for the confirmation.
And what an interesting scenario you've put into all of our heads......perhaps some feather pillows will be needed?? Hehe I'm all for it if you are. (^_~)

Kenny Melvin said...

Gary Bettman sucks

Don K. Show said...

Considering wiki is the source, I'm not gonna put too much into this, but could this be true?

The Fedko Fone Zone will be featuring NHL forward Gary Roberts on his tenth anniversary show. Gary Roberts plays hockey for the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Hooks Orpik said...

don k, if that is true WOW.

I haven't seen many official jerseys that I like so far....The Tampa and Ottawa ones in particular look like practice jerseys to me.

I guess it's going to take a little while getting use to the new logos/designs and jerseys themselves. It's a little overwhelming I can relate to how old Brooks felt when he finally got released from Shawshank.

rachel said...

Tiff, feather pillows are a must.

Kenny Melvin said...

Update: The Steelers still suck

Anonymous said...


Kenny Melvin said...

How did they do last year Anon?

Kenny Melvin said...

What's that Anon? That's what I thought

Troy Murphy said...

Anyone watching the Steelers game?

Did Peyton Manning and Reggie Bush just steal Cros' and Ovechkin's hotel room service commercial?

canaanregulatesblog said...

Troy, this is what you were talking about: Peyton/Reggie

Ming the Merciless said...

I made that point about five days ago

canaanregulatesblog said...


i have to show you something. its really important.


canaanregulatesblog said...

the post above me is NSFW, btw.

Kenny Melvin said...

Canaan how the fuck do you even find that picture?

canaanregulatesblog said...

that one, my friend, is an internet legend. "tubgirl" would be one of those links that you would trick your friends into clicking on through aim. is another one.

Staff said...

haha I just vomitted.

It was everywhere.

Thanks Canaan

Adrienne said...

The new lightning jerseys make the baby jesus cry. The jersey itself doesn't look so bad (they tried to put in more blue, I even kinda really like the white one. (which is listed as away? I thought we were switching back to white home jerseys)

Colour aside though, I HATE the new logo and why they changed the font style I don't know. FUCK! I really hope Pittsburgh doesn't ruin their jerseys as well...

The Pens should institute a rule, where if someone wears a Steeler jersey to a Penguins game, people are allowed to throw feces on them.

I couldn't agree more. I fucking hate those people.


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