Saturday, August 25, 2007

Shuffle Off To Buffalo

What a way to bring in the New Year

The Ice bowl has become a reality.
Pens @ Buffalo
It will be the first January home game played in Ralph Wilson Stadium in years.


Honestly we wouldn't pass a chance like this up.
It is truly going to be a special scene.

We aren't going to try and organize anything, mainly because we can't organize our own sock drawers.
But we will be there, somehow.
Hopefully someone took a time machine into the future to make sure there isn't going to be a giant snow storm.

Here are some hotels and stuff in Buffalo.
And a nice little fact about Buffalo via wikipedia

"Last call is at 4 a.m. in Buffalo, rather than 2 a.m. as in most other areas of the U.S. This is often attributed to the historically high density of industrial facilities and the demand of second and third shift patrons. It is also because New York law allows bars to be open until 4 a.m. (However, local municipalities can override it to an earlier time.) This law was actually designed to accommodate the thriving late nightlife of New York City, but the state's "Second City" has adopted it as well."

Should be interesting.


We had some harsh words for Homo's house because of the 450,000 word joke that was supposed to be a Steelers preview he wrote today.
We stand by those criticisms.
As Steeler fans we are ashamed to have something like that even happen.
But ashamed and Steeler fan together, is nothing new these days.

A few things about this video
  • Stacey Smith is as solid as a rock
  • Why does some Asian announce the name.
  • The women who named the mascot had this to say when she was asked how she came up with the name:
"Well Steely, because, OK, it is a Steel T'awn.
MC because the Steelers are Irish.
And Beam because Steel "beam," and because my Husband likes to drink Jim Beam."

If you watch the video twice, your head may wind up through your computer desk.

Awful times.

Speaking of awful times.
Check this post out by some jobber cap fan.
(Thanks to Hooks for sending this)

Project Cros-way… Selected from thousands of hopefuls who lined up outside Primanti’s all night for the opportunity, an all-new cast of fifteen Penguin puck bunnies will compete for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to model the latest line of Crosby chic. The winner will get an all-expense paid shopping tour of Target.

Imagine how funny that would have been if the Capitals would have won 30 games last year.
Seriously, stay warm in the basement all winter.

A Winter in the Sun
Season Finale
Game #82
April 7, 2007

And In The End, The Shots You Take... -- PENS WIN.

2 - 1

...82 games later...

Where did it all go?
One last dance against the Rangers.
Then it's all Ottawa, all the time.


Early on, Recchi and Sean Avery get into it near the boards.
Ruutu comes out of nowhere and jobs Avery.
Gotta love Ruutu.

Uh-oh -- The Rangers get a too-many-men penalty 6 minutes into the game.

Picture: Ottawa Senators owner Eugene Melnyk spoils an anti-gay rally.


Danny P. comes up huge with a playoff-beard piece during the intermission.


The Pens power play decides to come out in the second and dominate.
Gonchar shoots/passes it to Bing who one-taps in on net.
Lundqvist finds himself in the wrong part of the neighborhood.


On basically the next shift, Recchi takes another stupid penalty.
Jaromir Jagr on the power play is illegal in 14 countries.

Peter Prucha dislodges Scuderi's prostate from his body, but then he misses the net entirely.
Big PK.

Before you can think, Georges Laraque gets two minutes for not moving to the back of the bench.

After the Pens kill that penalty, they go insane.
Easily 42 shots in the following 1:30.
That flurry of shots and the cycling results in the Rangers taking another penalty.

Christensen gets a dose of how a goalie feels...when Whitney's shot on The Play(TM) douches him in the face.

Eaton, angry that he got snubbed for Pens MVP, rings one off the pipe at the end of the power play.
Just be glad he didn't score. The Stock Market would probably crash.

Not entirely sure when this happened...but it happened at least 6 times.

Later on, Malkin gets interfered with.
Thats not really big news, but the refs called it...and that is big news.
And the Rangers pay.

Behind the net, Christensen passes it to Sid.
Before Sid touches it, he passes it to Recchi. The pass was that quick.
Recchi one-times it in. 2-0.

On the next shift, Eaton gets another opportunity close, in the high-slot.
He shoots it...and it's possibly the worst shot of the season by a Penguin player.

The Rangers start jobbing and take yet another penalty.
On their penalty kill, the Ranger's Matt Cullen gets a semi-breakaway.
Eaton neutralizes the threat. MAF gives him a tap on the backside.

That was it.
During intermission, Sean Avery tries to have sex with the Easter Bunny.

No thanks.


Early in the third, the Rangers get a goal.
Callahan came down the wing and fired it at MAF.
The rebound finds Peter Prucha's stick.

2 - 1. Bodies everywhere.

Around this point in the game, the Pens see the Senators had beaten the Bruins.
Knowing their fate is sealed, you have to think, for the first time this season, the Pens could seriously, truly relax and have some fun.

One of the few highlights in the first half of the third was another Jagr-Ruutu confrontation.

On the play following that, Crosby goes down semi-awkwardly.
No injuries, please.
The Pens go on the power play.

Crosby gets to walk in all alone but can't beat Lundqvist.
Sean Avery's vagina hurts, and he starts messing with Bing. He even calls Sid a " feckin baby. "

" What? I can't hear you over the dude engraving my name on the Art Ross trophy. "

Avery's jobbing was not done.
Ruutu and Jagr get into it again, and Avery comes over to protect Jagr.
Ruutu drops the gloves, but Avery curls up like a joke.


Anonymous said...

because of you guys, i called my girlfriend a jobber.




Kenny Melvin said...

I don't think you guys need any bars to be open late night. I think Canaan is bringing Rolling Rock Mobile up to Buffalo

hcumootknardnaanac said...

eff rolling rock. beast light train is rolling to buff city. 4am bars = terrible, great idea. huzzah

Jeff said...

I wish I wasn't in Korea.

Tiffany said...

Haha Canaan drank too much.....wait, what? Don't 2. Btw, the Gary Roberts wallpaper was just fantastic!

Back to alcohol, though, you guys can drink the beer. I'll have Skyy & Goldschlager. On second thought, maybe I'll share with Stoosh & a few others that want some. ;-)

Now, moving on...that "homo sex is great" sign is still money. Muchas gracias also for the hotel search. There's quite a lot to plan & think about, but it's allll worth it for the experience.

Barrasso35 said...


Skyy & Goldschlager? Together? WTF is wrong with you? That sounds disgusting. I think I just threw up a little bit in my cereal. Blegch.


FritoWill said...

hey guys I will be going to that game

the early plan is to spend new years eve in Niagra at the falls, spend the night there and drive to buffalo in the morning.

I will release further plans later but if you want to go, let me know

early indications are i have about 15 - 20 people who want to come (so like 4 that will)

jamesFALLEN said...

I'm leaving for Japan for a whole year in Oct. While at first I couldn't think of any negatives, with the hockey season approaching I'm really starting to think about all I will miss. Mike Lange at 8:30 a.m. will be a welcome voice on every game day.

Go Pens.

Pat said...

I recommend Mohawk Place in Buffalo if you're looking for someplace to drink and you don't mind dive bars. I've been in bands that have played there. Not a bad place.

This is going to be an amazing game.

rachel said...

Canaan, the Gary Roberts wallpaper was amazing!

Now, I have to start convincing everyone New Years' is in Buffalo.

Stanley P. Kachowski said...

I apologize if these have been posted before, but I saw this young lady was an object of a certain poster's attention.

Canaan, I hope your head doesn't explode when you see these..


snoopyjode said...

i went to that game! i had fucking awesome seats, PENS WON, and it was the first time i ever went to back to back pens home games. if you're interested, you can see video and pics that i took and read about my experience at the game. it's a little wordy, but i couldn't leave the part about the t-shirt out.

all these weeks later, and i still hope that old man got hit by a truck.

Kenny Melvin said...

By the looks of it there are going to be a ton of Pens fans there. Maybe it can be like watching a Capitals away game.

Adrienne said...

I know myself and a few others are going up to the Ice Bowl next year. It's going to be a 3day early birthday present to myself :)

I'll cry laughing if everyone from here somehow ends up in the same hotel. I somehow see it being like the My NHL All-Star commercial.

On another note, I didn't know the steelers DIDN'T have a mascot to now have one. Then again I didn't, and still don't, care

Tiffany said...

Not Skyy & Goldschlager MIXED, you silly goose. (That was my fault for not being clear.) I just happen to like both--separately--and have some occasionally. It's all about options & what you're in the mood for. ;-P

Snoopyjode, those pics & video rock!!

And Adrienne, hahaha...the NHL All-Star commercial. This is gonna be such an unbelievable way to start 2008. Nothing but good times. (^_^)

canaanregulatesblog said...

Stanley, good looking out on the hayden pics, but ya gotta know ive had them since they were released. thanks and w00t...shes now legal and delicious, that sounded creepy.

Staff said...


If your around, IM me.


Stoosh said...

Back home after the first big night of drinking I've had in a long-ass time. Several lessons learned.

1. Jack Daniels is a lot stronger than I ever remember it being. And I should've really used a chaser.

2. Six shots of Sambuca probably tastes just pouring a bag of black jellybeans in your mouth.

In Tiff's honor, I also had to do two shots of Skyy. No chasers on any of that either.

Ouch. Why the f*ck did I do this to myself? I'm going to pay for this tomorrow. Luckily, I've got the Tim Horton's coffee that I picked up last Sunday in Erie ready to go when I crawl to the coffee pot about eight hours from now.


Since you are also a purveyor of all things Goldschlager, I have to ask if you've ever partaken of the Firewater.

Stoosh said...


We should arrange it so we all end up at the same hotel. That could be legendary.

I call dibs on being able to push Canaan down the hall in a luggage cart.

Ellie said...

ooo i can't wait for new years now : )

anyone planning on going to the home opener? its on a saturday... i'm going to try and get tickets

canaanregulatesblog said...

the southside is the brutal. for realz. the 'smooth up in ya' bar tour was tongith. fuck jaeger. fuck you. dr...i just got home...1:50am...i will AIM to talk to you tomorrow....yuck yuk cyuk

Adrienne said...

I plan to fight life and limb to get home opener tickets. I missed the entire second half of the season AND lost my seat... I'll cry if I miss the opener too


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