Saturday, August 4, 2007


Nothing going on at all today.

If you are looking for something interesting, as always we recommend our friends:

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Also wanted to give a shout out to our old friends at No Pun Intended


One of the Great pictures on the internet

A Winter in the Sun
Game #64
March 2, 2007
Stuck in Mud on Tobacco Road. PENS LOSE.

3 - 2


Man, are the Hurricanes annoying.

Games like this make you want to:

A. Punch a woman
B. Vomit
C. Drink yourself to sleep

(If you can do it in that order, your name is Martin Brodeur.)

It all started out pretty well, with the Pens and Canes going back and forth.

Eric Staal and Jordan Staal got to face each other again.
Most likely the most important sibling rivarly since Tia banged Tamara's boyfriend on "Sister Sister."

Your 15 minutes are up, bittchezz.

The Pens came out throwing the body again.
BGL lit up Rob "The Bod"Brindamour.
The only bad part of the hit was that Brindamour would return.

Body by Jake flew in to makeout with Brindamour so he could return to play.

The Pens kept the pressure up, and some player wearing number 87 scored to beat Cam Ward.
Rumor has it that the player wearing 87 now has 200 career points.
FSN has yet to confirm.

The rest of the period was Penalty City.
The Hurricanes may be the biggest babies in the entire NHL.

The second period gave us the typical two-minute Penguins meltdown.
Scott Walker and his huge nose scored a goal, and then some jobber beat Thibault.

FaceFromRaleigh said...

I was able to attend the game last night, and all I can say is, we have the wrong Whitney, the wrong Staal, and the wrong goalie. If we don't get some goaltending, we're more done than dinner...




Hooks Orpik said...

When you talk GROWN ASS MEN, you talk JIRI SLEGR

Jiri Slegr = more than a man than you.

Nothing going on tonight in hockey. Sucks.

Bold prediction: 3 more years in the Civic Arena (aka Mellon) means three more chances for the boys to bring home Lord Stanley in nostalgia.

Get busy livin or get busy dyin. Go Pens!

Manny Kelvin said...

Look at that russian god's rippling muscular body heaving in and out as he lifts weights....

On a cold winter night, somewhere in the ex-USSR, I would love to find an old cabin, a bottle of good vodka, and Jiri Slegr, then let nature just take its course.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Tiffany said...

Hahaha sounds like quite an evening.

What time? ;-)

Tee said...

Anyone else going to the preseason opener on the 22nd? Just bought 2 seats in a-11 first row on the glass. Watch for me on TV, I'll be harassing everyone in the box all night.

FritoWill said...

i miss hockey

Loser Chris said...

Slegr's Czech.

Kenny Melvin said...

If you're not watching at least 10 youtube clips about the Penguins daily then you're not a true fan. This time period just sucks ass right now.

Jonny V said...

I guess I'm not a true fan. The only thing i'm watching is my boy Tay Zonday. Science has found no explanation for this kid's singing voice. It's baffling.

Let me apologize in advance if any of yinz get that song stuck in your head.

Jesse Marshall said...

Tay Zonday is the final boss of the internet.

Jonny V said...

And screw Penguins highlights. I have that stuff burned digitally in my head. When yinz young bucks were just a gleam in your father's eyes, we were getting down like this at our school dances. And yes that is Lori Laughlin dancing on a BMX bike.

Spencemo said...

So, which do you think embarrasses Lori Laughlin more...that shit, or 'Full House'? I'm voting for the BMX Boogie, myself.

The old, drunk guy in that clip is the same guy that was Max Kellerman in 'Dirty Dancing'.

Just saying...

Anonymous said...

Tee...I'm jealous! Have a great time!

Jonny V...hahaha. Great! Now both of those videos are stuck in my head. Thanks a lot. ;)

And Empty Netters had an interesting story about Buchberger.


Kenny Melvin said...

This is one of the best clips from the Howard Stern show.

Artie Lange singing

Chelsea said...

just when i thought the offseason would end my life--none other than the recchin ball himself came to my place of work today! he was super nice to everyone in the store and signed some hats for people..shook my hand and laughed at my jokes.
but seriously, who on earth would believe he's 5'10? i guess maybe with skates on he might be that tall...

Staff said...

that's pretty sweet, chelsea.

i miss hockey.

Tee said...

You lucky lady you. Just for the record, if Gary Roberts ever comes in it's customary to give him a blowjob on the floor in front of all store patrons. Anyone who questions this will be instantly impaled by a dagger from his ice cold stare. Just a heads up!

Anonymous said...

there is a new pittsburgh sports blog

Kenny Melvin said...

Barry Bonds just hit HR 755

Lloyd said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lloyd said...

all i have to say regarding Bonds

Link 1


Link 2

Chase said...

those commentorblog fireworks sounds are really really annoying.

Anonymous said...


I agree. The flash animation would be money without the sound.


snoopyjode said...

lol, lloyd, i just used that picture you have listed as "link 2" on a post i wrote on bonds for TOFTT! i also put a link in it that leads to this picture, which i thought you might like too. :)


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