Sunday, August 12, 2007

Like Sunday Mornin'

"The Penguins ... there are a lot of great young players there, and they have a great future. I can be proud of that," Patrick said Friday prior to serving as keynote speaker at a UPMC-sponsored student-athlete leadership academy at Robert Morris.

Throughout all of history there may have never been a more mysterious GM.
Perhaps Patrick set the bar way too high for himself with the trades he made in '91 and '92.
To this day, the mere mention of his name can set off debates about his legacy.

All we can say is that without him, those two Stanley Cup banners wouldn't be there.

But in the end, no matter how you feel, it was time for a change.
Which is interesting if you read into this:

Patrick wouldn't say if he's bitter with Lemieux after the Penguins' co-owner decided not to renew the former general manager's contract. "It is nice to get a break once in a while," Patrick said. "I am anxious for another challenge."

One day, we will have to deal with Craig Patrick again.
You could imagine him sitting in his house, with a bottle of scotch and picture of Ray Shero saying " I will take those bastards apart piece by piece--PIECE BY PIECE!"

You can feel it.

..................................... asks who is going to be this year's Penguins (as in a young team showing vast improvement.)

" So if you’re wondering where the next great youth movement in the NHL is going to take place, where the kids are going to fill the rinks with energy and exuberance, look no further than the Windy City. A lot of losing got the Hawks a lot of high draft picks. And going intro the 2007-08 season, Chicago just might start seeing the fruits of all that futility. "

Go Hawks.
If you don't know about Martin Havlat, get ready for him.

Speaking of which, the Blackhawks traded for Kevyn Adams, a veteran faceoff specialist.



Don't possibly know how this could be a fake.

The Senators new logo on the left.
The main change is the red collar around the dude.

The "SJ" in the new Sharks logo.
What a find by Chris from nhlLogos.

Seemingly a lot of people missed the boat on this one, but we were recently brought to the attention of the gray "H" in the Whaler logo.
Just makes you wonder what other gems are hidden in NHL logos.

Al Gore approves of's existence on his internet.

And here's a big uh-oh for Pens fans.
If you remember when the new jerseys were leaked, we didn't see the front logo.
And the Pens website uses a favicon that looks like a new eye of the Penguin.

There's no way in hell that this would happen with 66 at the helm.


Rick Tocchet's updated Wikipedia page courtesy of The Pensblog:

" On May 14, 1993, Tocchet scored the tying goal with 1:00 left in Game 7 against the New York Islanders. Although it is thought that Penguins center Ron Francis was the goal scorer, replays conclusively show that Tocchet re-directed the Ron Francis deflection past goaltender Glenn Healy. The Penguins went on to lose in overtime. "

We also edited this in our top ten penguin goals of all time post.


This day is history:

1985 - Japan Airlines Flight 123, a Boeing 747 jumbo jet, crashes into Mount Ogura in Gunma Prefecture, Japan, killing 520 in the world's worst single-plane air disaster.
Four people miraculously survive.

Those four people:
Gary Roberts, Mark Eaton, Nicholas Cage, and Sheldon Ingram from WTAE.



Winter in the Sun
Game #72
March 18, 2007
The Point is...PENS WIN.

4 - 3

Then, out of nowhere, Mr. Magoo starts sending everyone to the box.
Even Dan Potash got a two-minute minor during that span.

Two minutes for dominating.


chris said...

can someone explain how the sens are 2nd on tsn's power rankings when the pens have matched them more than point for point over the past month on top of beating them twice ??

go pens




Anonymous said...

All this stuff about the pens makes me think about the Spin Doctors, and the Crash Test Dummies.

Once... there was a kid, who...

-- Jeff in Korea

Kenny Melvin said...

If those jerseys turn out to be the new ones then i'll stop watching hockey.

Barrasso35 said...

I'll have to agree with Kenny Melvin on this one. If the Penguins change their logo to that, I'm a Blackhawks fan.

Korn said...

Damn you Jeff, that song will be in my head all morning.

So I'm new to this fancy new-fangled bloggin' stuff. Can someone tell me how to add a pic to my posts?

EmDubs said...

I wish teams weren't waiting so long to unveil their new jerseys.

If someone wants a custom jersey before the start of the season, they're probably not going to get it in time..... especially because there's probably going to be a ton of people ordering them at once.

Anonymous said...

kenny melvin has aids.

GameDayChat said...

The eye of the spastic cartoony Penguin concept logo does not match the Pens favicon.

Kenny Melvin said...

Anon if you saw me in person you'd see otherwise. I'm the furthest thing from a picture of AIDS.

Barrasso I agree i'll definitely jump on the Blackhawks bandwagon if the Penguins switch to those Wilkes-Barre cartoonish type jerseys. There should be one cardinal rule with Pens jerseys, NEVER switch from the skating Penguin.

Anonymous said...

Kenny Melvin doesn't have an creative bone in his body. Not only does he steal information from, his whole blog's premise is a rip-off of this blog.

If only there was a way to ban people from the internet like he has been banned from

Kenny Melvin said...

Anon wrote

Kenny Melvin doesn't have AN creative bone in his body

I'm supposed to feel bad from a person who couldn't pass 3rd grade english?

Anonymous said...

If you want, I can go through your blog and point out many grammatical errors but I won't do that because grammar smack is weak. Someone only resorts to it when they have nothing else to say because they know they're wrong.

Why don't you do something original.

Anonymous said...

This > Anything.

Oh, and I read on the boards that that Penguin logo is ripped off from some hack merchandising company, and it's definitely fake.

-- Jeff in Korea

Kenny Melvin said...

I guess someone didn't like the Pensblog proclaimation of Rick Tocchet's goal.

In 1992, Tocchet was traded to the Pittsburgh Penguins in exchange for Mark Recchi. In 14 playoff games, he scored 19 points, helping the Penguins repeat as Stanley Cup champions. On May 14, 1993, Ron Francis scored the tying goal with 1:00 left in Game 7 against the New York Islanders. Although some idiots on thepensblog thinkRon Francis was the goal scorer, replays conclusively show that Francis was the last one to re-direct the puck in behind Glenn Healy. The Penguins went on to lose in overtime because of a jobber goal given up by Tom Barrasso.

Anonymous said...


How I wish I still had those five lions...


snoopyjode said...

1. gamedaychat, if you hadn't beat me to it, that was going to be my first comment. also, i died a little inside when i looked at the closeup shot of those horrible concept jerseys. awful. just awful.

2. if that ottawa logo is genuine, i will never be able to make direct eye contact with it again: that red collar makes it look like the senator is emerging from a birth canal. weak.

3. staff, how did you miss the gray h? heh heh heh. ;)

4. does anyone have a still photograph of the disputed tocchet / francis goal? i can't find one anywhere.

Kenny Melvin said...

Snoopy this is the best video I could find on the Tocchet controversy

Rick or Ronnie?

Pat said...


If you're a season ticket holder, you can preorder one of the new personalized jerseys from the Pens.

canaanmakesfood said...


go to your blogger profile and edit it.. cheers.

Jeffry said...

Breakfast, shmreakfast. Look at the score, for Christ's sake. It's only the second period and I'm up 12 to 2. Breakfasts come and go, Rene, but Hartford, The Whale, they only beat Vancouver once, maybe twice in a lifetime.

EmDubs said...

Thanks for the tip, Pat. I think I'll go do that now.

Tiffany said...

I think someone said something like this before, but the fact that the Pens are still playing in Pittsburgh is amazing enough. So, that alone kinda makes me feel indifferent as to what the jerseys will look like. They could all be wearing leopard Speedos & it wouldn’t matter.

Ok.....maybe that last sentence isn’t true, but you get the point. ;-D

Korn, just out of curiosity...are you trying to upload a picture from your computer or from the internet?

And cute avatar, Snoopyjode. :-)

Kenny Melvin said...

I think you'd like the whole leopard speedos thing Tiff.

rachel said...

Tiff, I did not need the image of Recchi in a leopard speedo... so scarred.

The Sens logo goes perfectly with their gay fans.

Tiffany said...

Hahaha sorry Rach.

But just to clear things up, Kenny, guys should NEVER wear's just wrong. Plus, how can they be comfortable??

Anywho....there's a weekly poll on asking what's been the greatest accomplishment of Sid's teenage years.

snoopyjode said...

thanks, tiff! i made it to look like me. you can make one here. i found it with a google search. :)

and thanks for the link, kenny. i was looking for a good still shot, but i can probably use printscreen to grab one from this video...

snoopyjode said...


one word for you:


my eyes have been assaulted yet again. :P the guy that invented speedos needs to be punished.

Tiffany said...

Haha no problem, Snoop, & thanks for sharing where you made yours. Sorry about your eyes, though... :-/

Korn said...

thanks for the help guys, hopefully this works.

Barrasso35 said...

Nice one, Jeffry. Mallrats quote, I use that one all the time when ignorant Kansas say, "The Hartford who?"

Fuck that shit!

The Whalers were one of my favorite teams until they moved. Awesome logo, classic jerseys... Ron Fucking Francis.

All Hail The Whale!

Hofmann said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jeff in Korea said...

Ok we should be all set, rocking the Moose pic...

Kenny Melvin said...

Bout time you registered Jeff

Anonymous said...

Kenny Melvin sucks.

Jeff in Korea said...

I've been registered for ages... Hofmann, Textacy, Red_Star... just to name a few. And Kenny, don't act like we're friends. You're ruining my favorite blog.

Kenny Melvin said...

LOL Jeff get the fuck over yourself. The last time I checked my name is almost never mentioned in this blog. I don't want to be your friend, I was trying to be cordial. I won't make that mistake again.

Kenny Melvin is Unoriginal said...

the most unoriginal blog in the known universe:

Kenny Melvin said...

thanks for the plug

Jeff in Korea said...

Kenny, why don't YOU get over yourself?

You love attention. I don't have to be Sigmund Fucking Freud to figure that out. Do your parents neglect you?

The fact is, you add nothing to this blog. You subtract from it. I can't read through the comments to see what snoopyjode or Tiff said without finding some useless nugget of bullshit or retarded statement that comes from you.

That's what your own blog is for, go there, and use it.

Kenny Melvin said...

Jeff you're really starting to get on my nerves. If you don't like me and my worthless comments then ignore me, it's not that tough. It's funny how you say that I like attention but you were the first to insult me. Please climb back in the hole you came out of.

Jeff in Korea said...

Yes, I'm sure I was the first to insult you. Ever. In the history of your career on the internet. Yes. I'm a regular poster on the Pens boards, and LGP. I've been speaking up against you on here for years.

Are you smoking furniture polish?

How many respectable blog writers do you know that troll other people's comment sections?

What boggles my mind is where you get all the free time.

Use your blog to voice your complaints, post links, talk about rumors, or whatever. We don't want that junk here from you, but I could care less what you do with your own blog.

Blogs are free, easy to set up, and even a dolt like you can write one, so why don't you use it? We'll have our pensblog, and you can have your copyblog. That way, everyone's happy.

I don't see why that's an unreasonable request.


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