Friday, August 3, 2007

Doubting Gary Roberts

The Pens announced their ticket plans.

It's a two-paragraph read.

But here's all you need to know:
Student Rush is all but history.

There's some bullcrap about text messages and raffles and crap for student rush.
It was great while it lasted.
But the fairweather fans are swooping in to get tickets.

Without those fans buying up season tickets and showing overwhelming fan support, the Pens may not even be here, so eh.

...The Pens also say Wheatley Arena won't open till 2010-2011 season...


Since we're around that time in Winter in the Sun, we decided to go back and see what people in Pens Nation thought about the Gary Roberts trade.

The following is stunning.
Faster your seatbelts.


pens87 -- how is roberts different from a leclair??

pfim --
Comparing him to Gary Roberts is a joke.

Loaf31 -- I HATE this trade

Kovy27 --
I personally like this deal. Roberts gives us a gritty, leader type player who has experience in the playoffs. He is someone who will go infront of the net...I like that, we don't really have anyone who will do that.

tluke53 --
Roberts, is not going to make a big impact on the Pens, unless he is being brought in to replace Oulette on the second line. He does provide more scoring depth as a third liner. My opinion is that this move is meaningless unless it accompanies another trade.

44bash --
Welch for a rental... no thanks, Roberts has 13 goals all season, and I didn't see him skating all that fast. Is he really going to be able to keep up with Crosby?

HockeyDaddy --
Not happy giving up Welch for a 40 year old.

Jesse--I guess his age is making me hesitant.
To be honest, I haven't noticed Roberts much this year, so I can't really comment.
But his leadership, alongside Rex, is invaluable.
Most accounts say his intensity is still unmatched.

Bowser--I'm heading out for a few hours thanks for a promotion announcement but I would expect something to break within the next 2 hours about Roberts and Malone deals.

Zscout --
The Pens should also bring back Leclair.
With Leclair and Roberts, the Pens would corner the market on *has been* power forwards.

Paul Baxter --
I would rate this deal somewhere between "Lost a little too much" and "Utter disaster". This trade is just stupid, IMHO. Moreover, Roberts is washed up at 40

bigkam --
Way too much for a 40 yr old rent-a-player. Anyone who argues this was a good deal is completely missing the potential with Welch, and the fact that Roberts will be gone in 2 months.

Draftnik- How many Toronto ML playoff games did you watch between 01 and 04? I watched nearly every one. Roberts brings a presence, intensity, intimidation, attitude, grit, etc that can't be quantified. Toronto beat an infinitely more talented Ottawa team twice because Roberts led a team wide effort to scare them. He could pass on some invaluable lessons to the Pens on what it takes to be successful in the playoffs. He would be valuable even if he didn't score a goal.

I don't like giving up Welch for a rent-a-player. I do have some doubts as to whether or not he is the player in question. First, that would contradict the TSN report that said the Pens would be giving up a young roster player with potential. Welch isn't a roster player; he's in the minors. Second, Welch is hurt right now. He might very well be concussed, though WB officials have not characterized his injury as such.
I'd prefer EC to be the guy. I like him, but I don't see how he fits into the team long term. Moving him for Roberts would bump Malone to the ECs spot on LW with Talbot and Armstrong and that make the forwards better overall IMO.
Welch does still have a spot in the team's future plans IMO. And though this point will be largely missed by most people, Welch not being up here has more to do with contracts than his play, not that he's performed at an All-Star level to this point. Scuderi and Melichar are on one-way deals. Nasreddine is subject to waivers. Welch is on a two way and is exempt from waivers.

Welch was told by management coming in that due to his contract status, he would be shuttling back and forth.
From Empty Netters--

Say what you will about the Penguins, they definitely added a physical element in both Laraque and Roberts. Laraque's probably the best fighter in the league and Roberts won't back down from anyone.


From Commentorblog:

Karri --
No, Ray Shero can't be that dumb.

A "young roster player"? Welch? I don't know if I even like that. Roberts born on May 23, 1966, is at the end, or past the end, of his career.

Tiffany -- Karri,
That's true....why would we want a 40 year old?? Maybe Welch just needs some time to improve his game.

Shanna -- Now Noah, I wasnt to big on him anyway so I'm ok with dealing him. But for a guy that's almost retired?

Justin -- did the pens bring back craig patrick to work on these deals? WTF????????

Loser Chris -- Roberts is the wrong guy to bring into this locker room. He's a "me guy" not an "us guy". Proof:

- He spent too much time in Toronto when they were an embarrassment to the league recently. I'm sure there are refs that still carry a grudge against him.
- When Ron Francis signed with Carolina, Roberts wouldn't let him have his number 10.
- When Roberts then signed with the Leafs, he bugged Lanny McDonald to let him wear his retired number 7.

Is that the type of guy you want coming into this locker room right now? I sure would prefer him to stay put where he is. I'm sure there are other options out there for moving Welch if Shero is really determined to do so.

Antonette -- This is a ridiculous Craig Patrick trade. Lets send MAF down to the Q while we're at it.

rachel -- Go away Roberts!

seth -- roberts can suck my left nut. i dont like the deal one bit.

Andrew -- i don't like this trade with Roberts one bit.

loralei -- Seriously. I think I automatically hate Gary Roberts. Unless he removes his face to reveal that he is really Ron Francis in disguise there is really nothing about that trade that i like.

dogwithshftyeyesdealing --welch is a smart move for us, he cant even crack out top 7 d men right now. let alone when letang gets here. welch's ship has sailed



The most recent soap opera in the National Hockey League has come to an end.

Dustin Penner is an Oiler.

What a mistake by Kevin Lowe.

The Ducks are laughing all the way to the draft table as they get Edmonton's first, second, and third-round picks next year.

Here was Brian Burke's response:

"We're going to take the three picks, and given Kevin's recent (managerial) performance, we expect them to be excellent picks."

— Brian Burke

We are proud to award Brian Burke with the first ever
"Job of the week Award."
(We need a trophy)

Our friends up at the OttawaSun dominate a great article about the Senators roster decisions in the coming year. Good read.

Tidbits from the article:
  • Jason Spezza is only 24 years old (wow).
  • Spezza is a prime target for the Maple Leafs if they would wish to extend an offer sheet.
  • Wade Redden, Mike Fisher, and Dany Heatley are UFA's next summer.
  • If 13-goal scored Scott Gomez gets $7.35 mill in free agency, what will Dany Heatley demand next summer?

Two Sens fans celebrate the big article.


Kissing Suzy Kolber previews the Steelers season.
Teaser: They suggest that Charlie Batch should start.
BigBatchNews is all over it.

Picture: Ben showing how many picks he will throw in the game.


The Sporting News says Buffalo is the best NHL city.

At least they can say they are number one at something.

Bills fan =Stunned



Pokey Reddick.
Look at that equipment.


Winter in the Sun
Game #63
March 1, 2007
Games of New York. PENS WIN.

4 - 3

Picture: Islanders coach Ten Nolan shares notes with The Lone Ranger prior to Thursday's game.

What resulted was the most inspiring shorthanded performance the world has seen since the drummer from Def Leppard.

Jordan Staal uses his Bunyan to own Cullen and then pops it in to make it 2-1.
There have been a lot of huge goals scored this season. Don't forget this one.

Check out Danny Potash. He is all business.


Anonymous said...
Roberts is money. Anyone over 35 that can play in the NHL and hit like that is alright in my book.

Staal never seems rattled, he just seems like he is taking it all in, but somehow always manages to come up with clutch goals when the team needs a boost.

Sarge's wrister tonight brought my neighbor (who claims to like the Caps as much as the Pens, how that is humanly possible is beyond me)very close to shedding a tear.



Loser Chris said...

I stand by every word I said...
Ronnie > Roberts

Loser Chris said...

...but yeah, I'm also happy Roberts re-signed. Hopefully we can get at least 60 regular season games out of him.

Anonymous said...


This just shows that I know nothing.


rachel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
rachel said...

Karri, we can know nothing together. My words sound so terrible now.

I like the little pic for commentorblog, too ;)

Jonny V said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jonny V said...

For the love of Gob guys please stop with the Ottawa fan celebration pics.

Tiff, "Look at you sittin' under the moon...Are you trying to seduce me?"

FritoWill said...

13500 season tickets plans...screw you student rushers,

I don't have ANY chance at going to a game.

Teej said...

We all doubted him. I love the fact that it took him only one game to prove to me and everyone else that he was all business. Gary Roberts knows what everyone is thinking at all times, then crushes the nuts of every doubter through telekinesis.

Sarah said...

John LeClair - HA!
RIP Student Rush :( Although I haven't been able to do it for a few years, I appreciated the awesome kids who stood in lines in -20 degree weather just to see our boys.

Hooks Orpik said...

Fans care about numbers more than players almost 100% of the time. I don't think it's that big a deal.

Pens fans are a fickle beast. They didn't just doubt Roberts but the wisdom of the almight Ray Shero. Like Shero didn't know that Welch was a 25 year old who could consistently stay in the NHL lineup. Like Shero didn't know what he was doing. To shame!

PS Boy I am glad I didn't get highlighted saying something stupid.

Spencemo said...

That makes two of us, Hooks...

Dwayne said...

Me friggen three.

In all honesty, though, I specifically postponed judgment on *both* trades until I saw them play a few games in a Pens sweater. I think I even said "I'll give them each 5 games to show me what they got before I even come to a *preliminary* opinion about them."

In all fairness, it only took 1 for Roberts to convince me, so that whole 5 game buffer thing went right out the window immediately. But BGL was borderline irritating the rest of the season for me, in particular the playoffs. I surely didn't expect him to drop the gloves, but he sometimes has the opportunity to end someone's existence with a bonejarring hit, and he doesn't take that opportunity. It aggravates me to no end to see a guy of that size not finishing a check when he has the chance.

At the same time, I'm not going to call him a bust or anything. I guess I just expected a lot more from him.

snoopyjode said...

i have to publicly give my husband props here.

i wasn't yet a member of commentorblog when the roberts acquisition took place, but i distinctly recall saying to my husband, "isn't roberts a bit too old?" to which he replied, "what are you talking about?! he's got lots of experience. he is the best thing for the pens right now. you wait and see."

touche, my dear, you were right! (UGH! you have NO IDEA how much that hurt.) ;)

Antonette said...

Don't I look like an ass. Oh well.

EmDubs said...

Draftnik- ....Toronto beat an infinitely more talented Ottawa team twice because Roberts led a team wide effort to scare them....

ha ha, great quote.

I'm sad to see the Student Rush program (basically) end. It was a great presence in the arena. As it slowly dwindled last season as ticket sales increased, the absence of that energy was very noticeable. I hope they find a way to reintroduce it in the new arena.... even if its just a SRO balcony or something.

thepensblogderek said...

What did we even talk about it before Mr. Roberts arrived?

The thing about us Penguins fans that I love is that it took us all 1 period into the Rangers game to love Gary Roberts.

Kenny Melvin said...

We will all pay for these sins in the afterlife. To be honest I was down on the Gary Roberts trade also. I had a few quotes on LGP that made me look as stupid as anyone else. Goodbye studentrush, what a program but unfortunately those promos get tossed when a team gets good.

Ian said...

CBS Sportsline (morons, but slightly less so than ESPN) gave the Pens an A for their offseason moves so far.

Jason said...

i dont think the penner deal is all that bad. lowe is just trying to make his team competitive. its pretty obvious from the pronger and nylander fiascoes that nobody wants to play in edmonton.
penner scored 29 goals last year and only played about 13 minutes a game. if i were a gm, i'd much rather give penner $20 million than give gomez $50 million

Tiffany said...

You put us all in our place, guys.
--> [sinking down in chair] Feeling quite ashamed.....

Isn't it kinda crazy, though, how fast & hard we fell for Mr. Roberts? He's just that good & proved to all of us that we had no reason whatsoever to question his ability.

Rachel, the Commentorblog Showcase sign does indeed kick some major hiney. It's got fireworks & everything!! (~_~)

& Tiger.....hahaha. "I picked up my steak, I flapped it in his face & I said, 'You know what, Larry? This COW used to be a vegetarian!'"

Anonymous said...

How many people have been following this nashville situation?
Is anyone else as sick and tired of the whining of some canadian people? Canada does not have a monopoly on hockey fans!!

Good for nashville. I hope they are succesful. I am hoping for a nashville v. pittsburgh stanley cup finals next year. Battle of the failed BallSilly adventures.

Ballsilly is really an arogant prick. I mean he started selling season tickets for a team he didn't even have, and even if he did have was not a sure fire thing it could be moved anyway.

Everyone blames Bettman, and I'm not a huge fan of him or anything, but I can see how ballsilly's actions could turn people off. I hope he never gets a team. And you can bet your bottom dollar buffalo and toronto are hoping the same thing. While hamilton could support the team ticketwise that would mean a decline in tv ratings for both buffalo and toronto.

Ballsilly is a scumbag and the people from Hamilton can go pound salt.

Kenny Melvin said...

Anon; as much as I hate Canada and all the people in it, I'd much rather see a team in Southern Ontario than Nashville or Kansas City. It's just so much better for the NHL.

Loser Chris said...

A little something for all the MAF haters/bashers.

Loser Chris said...

Kenny, it really isn't better for the NHL. People in Ontario will follow the NHL regardless. By moving to new (American) markets the NHL has a chance to attract new fans. That doesn't mean the team will be supported as well, but that's a different argument from what really benefits the league.

Kenny Melvin said...

Ok loserchris so you're in line with the Gary Bettman way of thinking. The thinking that NHL should expand its game by moving to shitty hockey markets like Florida, Phoenix, Nashville, Anaheim, etc. The league was at its best and most popular when it was around 24 teams and most of them were in the northern part of the states and in Canada. So expansion doesn't mean good things.

Loser Chris said...

Actually Kenny, I'm on record as saying the league should drop 4 teams, but that is never going to happen. The fact is that moving to Hamilton is going to generate few if any new fans. There's very little to be gained for the NHL by putting a team there.

Anonymous said...

who seriously cares about steelers training camp?

and will the pirates get 100 losses this season?


hooksy said...

further more, point i meant to make about loser chris whining about gary roberts not giving up his number for francis in toronto...

let us not forget the immortal barry pedersdon kept #10 and forced franny to take #9 for the first cup. did francis sulk or think badly about this? no, he did his job and tore shit up.

proving the point that fans care more about the numbers than the actual players.


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