Friday, July 27, 2007


Ladies and gentlemen, take a look at this.

A Buffalo Bills fan went to Ralph Wilson Stadium on July 24 to check out the view from his seats.
He has a camera phone with him.

Even female Pens fans will get an erection when they see this.

Courtesy of the Trib:

The Penguins seemingly are a leading candidate to play an outdoor game against the Sabres in Buffalo, if such an event is staged this season.

No announcement on a possible "Ice Bowl" will be made when the league releases its 2007-08 regular-season schedule at 2:30 p.m. today. However, the Buffalo News reported in today's edition that the Sabres would likely play host to the outdoor game, likely on New Year's Day, against the Penguins -- provided logistical issues can be addressed.

According to that report, a game would be played at Ralph Wilson Stadium, which seats 73,967 for football.

League officials would not comment, but the NHL is believed to favor the outdoor game being played in a northern U.S. market. New York City has been ruled out, and Detroit general manager Ken Holland told the Buffalo News that he did not see the Red Wings participating in an outdoor game this season.

An outdoor game would be televised on NBC.

Penguins vice president of communications Tom McMillan told the Tribune-Review last week that the club recently informed the league that it would willingly participate in an outdoor game, but only as a visiting club.


Anonymous said...


snoopyjode said...

one word:


Lloyd said...

I'm game.

I could get a few ppl to go too.

/we should get a party van and make it one hell of a trip.

wilsmith said...

My friends and I are taking an RV that holds about 6. That means I could probably take 5 of you.

Hooks Orpik said...

Beautiful, let's do this.

Lloyd said...

nice wil.... nice

FritoWill said...

count me in and my wife...

seriously we are in

jazzhall said...

I think it was korn or something that was talking about a DC-based contigent, I'm up for that.

Anonymous said...

is anyone else noticing LGP just ruining the Gary Roberts jokes?

Kenny Melvin said...

First home game played late in winter for Buffalo in at least 15 years.

Kenny Melvin said...
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Anonymous said...

If we make a DC contigent, could you stop off in Frederick for 2 additional party goers?


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