Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Big News came out Monday.
Ray Shero wants Michel Therrien around for at least one more year.

That means one more year of broken English and outright refusal to use plurals of anything.
We can't wait.

......Looks like the Pens are going back to West Point

..... Speaking of King Shero.. he is looking to hire some new positions.
What a GM.

Still nothing else really even going on.
We tried reading some other blogs to extend our blog network.
We read this one and just got mad:

"Can the Pens sign that top tier free agent to complete the puzzle? Will they use the cap room wisely? Or will they continue to be the Pittsburgh Fucking Penguins and find new and inventive ways to screw things up?"

We are pretty sure that was just intended to rile pens fans up.
The guy didn't even spell Colby Armstrong's name right.

We didn't read that statement first time around because we were too busy looking at the banners hanging in the Mellon arena.


....We do recommend James Mirtle as a good read.

NCAA Football comes out today.
Which means you can expect a even lamer effort than you are getting right now.

If you want personalized rosters. Meaning getting the real players names into the game.
Go Here for XBOX 360
Go here for PS3 Rosters.

PS3 rosters are a little easier to load than XBOX-360.
But to have all the names in the game is always nice.
The people that do them put a-lot of work into them.

A Winter in the Sun
Game #46
Janurary 20, 2007
Blowing leaves... PENS WIN.

8 - 2

Last year.
Right before the Olympic break, the season was over.
Its only just beginning now.

If you could of come up with a better ending to the first half of the season, you're money because the game tonight was as close to completely fulfilling as I remember in a long time.

Things started out dreary enough though, as the Leafs Jeff O'Neill scored and the large Maple Leaf traveling fan base was into it.
O'Neill, a guest performer at Ryan Malone's magic show, promptly disappeared the rest of the night.

Leaf Nation's celebration was short lived, as Geno Malkin took over. Malkin hit Jordan Staal with a pass in front of the net, and as he always seems to do, Staal finished. Staal is having himself an incredible year.
Thats a goal....sorry Leafs

This was only the start. The Pens would score 7 straight goals.
Anyone watching the game could tell Malkin was on another level tonight. Ever since he got off Crosby's line, he just seems better off. I almost lit myself on fire last week when I was reading someone on a message board actually complaining about Malkin.

Commentorblog said:

the general, you salute me said...

there was like 4 fights in the stands tonight... i was in d7... the entire "would-be" student rush section was full of leaf's fans, and im happy to say that when they acted up, pens fans shut them up. a good bit of people were tossed out, and the last fight was during the 8th pens goal.....

this might sound sic.. but this actually made me happy... it shows that pens fans dont want out-of-towners coming in and taking over the arena... that seriously means alot... 'best fans in hockey' isnt a gift, its earned... congrats to the pens for the 'statement' game tonite and to the fans for stopping the invasion...


Day Number:

Ernie Mills pays Bills

Remember everyone:


Anonymous said...

right on first.

Stanley P. Kachowski said...




Anonymous said...

"Or will they continue to be the Pittsburgh Fucking Penguins and find new and inventive ways to screw things up?" What a Lunatic!

*Pens blog update 1:05 EST...
This little gem on meltyourfaceoff,

"This blog blos Says:
July 17th, 2007 at 1:07 am

this blog blows, what a fucking retard"

Coincidence i think not! Brilliant guys, masterful. There just isnt enough room for more blogs in this town when you have this one around


Staff said...

I am confused?

If you are trying to say that we said that in your comments, you are dead wrong.

If we job you, you'll know it


FritoWill said...


Frito gone for a while.

Kenny Melvin said...

NCAA 08 is by far better than Madden. Can't fucking wait

Elly said...

That was the best game I've ever been to, hands down. The fans were just insane.

...Is it October yet?

snoopyjode said...

ahhh, elly, i echo your musing about october.

okay. for anyone who read the mud that is meltyourfaceoff, can someone please explain to me how the author came to the conclusion that sid was making a "veiled threat"? i consider myself a somewhat intelligent person. i'm not saying i'm stephen hawking, but i'm pretty smart. so maybe i'm being biased because sid's my favorite player and the pens are my favorite team, but i see no threat in sid's words. did anyone else interpret bing's statement the way the author did?

regarding the article in a general sense: you know what they say... opinions are like assholes - everyone's got one.

Nathan said...

In my mind, that Leafs game was the turning point of the Pens' season. In the first half of the year, a loss like the one to Boston would've sent the Pens into a multi-game losing streak, but they destroyed Toronto in a nationally-televised (in Canada) game, hit the all-star break in 8th place, and were never out of a playoff position for the rest of the year.

Kenny Melvin said...

According to buzzontheturd MT and Shero really don't like each other. Buzzontheturd also predicted a British Victory in the revolutionary war. What a piece of garbage.

Gavin said...

Ouch, Tom Fitzgerald is now aboard the organization. This seems like sacrilege to me, are we going to bring in David Volek next as an assistant coach?


Teej said...


That does hurt. Let's hope Uwe Krupp or Benoit Hogue don't get involved with the team somehow...

Steve In Denver said...

Tom Fitzgerald narrowly beat out Rusty Fitzgerald for that spot.

Myself, I'm going to play like Mark Eaton today. Loved that!

Anonymous said...

While you were staring at those banners in the rafters, did you notice that they were getting a little dusty?

And you need to polish up your witty repartee a bit. "Whatever. . . Dick." was quite the comeback--in seventh grade.

thepensblogderek said...

Please, they will never get Dusty..


Kenny Melvin said...

All this anons are starting to piss me the fuck off. If you're going come over here and mess up commentorblog then at least have the balls to reveal yourself homos. Go back and discuss who's going to be the 4th line center for the Wheeling Nailers on LGP.

thepensblogderek said...


To be fair I don't think that was anyone from LGP.. I think it was from that meltyourfaceoff.com... which hopefully stays running because we need a good rivalblog

Loser Chris said...


And I need a good laugh!

Kenny Melvin said...

Yeah Derek just like the Browns are rivals to the Steelers. Any blog but pensblog is a joke. But again it's funny to point out who much of a joke they are.

Anonymous said...

Kenny Melvin is just mad because he's been banned from everywhere but here.

Whining Bitch.

Hooks Orpik said...

apparantely sucking up their own blog isn't enough for meltyourfaceoff, now they gotta try to bring down commenterblog.


wilsmith said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
wilsmith said...

"And you need to polish up your witty repartee a bit. "Whatever. . . Dick." was quite the comeback--in seventh grade. "

aye, we can't all be clever enough to pull out the " -- in 7th grade" line. What dashing wit you have.

Oh, and lay off the redundancy, and then maybe we'll stop trying to make "witty witty retorts". If you're going to try and use a fancy French word, at least know how.


Joshua said...

Found this excellent quote on Mondesi's house:

Can Ray Shero win the NHL Executive of the Year before the season is played? Is there any precedent for that? Is there any chance he knows anything about running a baseball team too?

Anonymous said...

A 16-year-old punk who "doesn't read much" finds "homo" to be a devastating insult, and a guy who has to Google Translate repartee ("witty repartee" is an idiomatic English expression, which happens to incorporate a French-origin word)...if you're going to get into a battle of wits, boys, maybe you should look into acquiring some weapons.

-- Anonymous Hieronymus

John Tarbett said...

Hey wilsmith, I don't think he can lay off the redundancy. He must be from the Department of Redundancy Department. Haha lame joke, but I find it funny lol.

Kenny Melvin said...

Just ignore these douchebags, they're not worth acknowledging. In time they'll go back to writing their "funny and witty" blogs.

Anonymous said...

Pens hired Tom Fitzgerald as Director of Player Development? I guess neither David Volek or Uwe Krupp were interested.

Anonymous said...

According to the poll on the Penguins official website, Gary Roberts is going to be starting the season at left wing on a line with Sidney Crosby.

wilsmith said...

I read your last response, anonymous, and it really didn't say anything. Now as far as anyone can tell, you're the biggest ass on this board.

You could say just as much, if not more, by not being here -- please do that.

You're not impressing anyone.

Kenny Melvin said...

If anyone cares the arena bill will be voted on shortly. It's on PCN.

kate said...

so i'm watching pcn, (thanks for the tip, KM) and guess who is on? our main man jake wheatley. i almost didn't recognize him without the penguins hat.

Kenny Melvin said...

Kate Jake Wheatley is an ass plain and simple. Update, the Penguin arena bill has passed the house by a vote of 102-100. Wow it's amazing how close these jackass politicians came to fucking this up.

Barrasso35 said...

Tom Fucking Fitzgerald.

God dammit I hate that guy.

I'll never forgive him for 1996.

Play like Mark Eaton today... I'm making a t-shirt out of that. It's almost as good as "THIS RIOT JOB IS GOING ON TOUR."

Shero=Hero said...

"All this anons are starting to piss me the fuck off. If you're going come over here and mess up commentorblog then at least have the balls to reveal yourself homos. Go back and discuss who's going to be the 4th line center for the Wheeling Nailers on LGP."

I think the real litmus test is whether you'd say it in real life to someone's face. If you wouldn't, you're hiding behind the internet's anonymity, period. Posting under your real name, pseudoname, or anonymously is secondary to that issue, IMHO.

snoopyjode said...

wow. i go away for a few hours and come back to tom fitzgerald. i think i may have just died a little inside. (barrasso35, you must be just about THISCLOSE to shooting someone in the face!) i'll skip the almost obligatory volek joke since so many of you have covered it. wow - again. and since i'm full of cliche old sayings today, here's another one: keep your friends close, and your enemies closer...

watch your back, fitz! ;)

Anonymous said...

ya, these douchebag homo dicks should just go back to jackoff-rica, or wherever they come from!

when it comes to blogs, pensblog rules, everyone else drools!

crosby is best ever. im not a homo or nothing, but for him id totally think twice, knowwhatimean? these guys are jerks.

Barrasso35 said...

This Tom Fitzgerald thing... is it like the alternate 1984 when the Penguins drafted David Volek?

Right now, is Ray Shero taking Fitzgerald into a dark room, deep inside the Igloo?

"Tom, this is Gary Roberts. Mr. Roberts, this is Tom Fitzgerald. I'll let you two get acquainted."

Shero shuts the door on Fitzgerald, literally and figuratively.

Tomorrow, the Penguins announce a new director of player development.

A man can dream, can't he?

Don K. Show said...

I'm shopping another "play like ... today" with Gary Robert's name on it. Gimme a sec and I should have it up

snoopyjode said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
snoopyjode said...

HA HA, i KNEW you would be having homicidal thoughts, barrasso! :D

(ha ha, the first time i posted this comment, i typed "thought" - i think the therrien re-signing has eliminated all plurals from the english language! either that or i suck at typing...)

Don K. Show said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
chris said...

everybody needs to calm down here in the commentorblog haha

anyone who thinks crosby is anything but the classiest of players is either jealous they dont have him or just a really ignorant person flat out. chillll people

btw - there is plenty of room for other blogs out there, but i've yet to read any that dont shove their useless "hockey knowledge" down my throat. dont act like you know what you're talking about....those who really know hockey aren't talking about it on the blogs....trust me

go pens


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