Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Strange Condition

First things first:

We have to continually document how much of a mess the New York Islanders are.

They make matters worse by signing The Yankee Clipper, Chris Simon, to a one-year deal.

If you can manage to make $800,000 per year for douching people in the face with a hockey stick, more power to ya.

Something tells us that the Penguins organization wouldn't re-sign a player who has done something this insane.


The Coyotes signed defenseman Ryan Caldwell to a one-year deal.


Heard this story on XM Home Ice this morning.

It is about some guy who plays hockey everyday.
His streak is at 736 days.

He once had a staph infection in one of his big toes and had to stay overnight in Christiana Hospital. Fortunately, he had played that morning and was discharged in time to play at 10:40 p.m. the next day, even though his toe was so swollen he could barely get into his skate.

Sometimes, Costa plays more than once a day. He has played up to five times at different rinks in a 24-hour span. Recently, he had a game at the University of Delaware rink and another at The Pond shortly afterward. There was no time to change, so he drove from one place to the other in full gear -- including his skates.

What a life.

Speaking of XM Home Ice, it is a nice escape from the perils of ESPN radio.
And by perils we mean child pornographers
As such is the case at ESPN 1250 in good ol' Pittsburgh

John Duffy, 46, of Carnegie, is charged with possession of computer images and video files that show children engaging in sexual conduct. The offense, according to the indictment unsealed Friday, occurred May 16.
Duffey is a news anchor on ESPN 1250

What a mistake.


The Pens released their promotional schedule for next season (can't wait to call it "this season.")

A couple highlights on the schedule...

Opening night against the defending Stanley Cup champions:

We get a "C" in a little case with a photo of Sid and a list of his achievements.

The most interesting promotion will have to be March 2nd:

Penguins Mr. Potato Head.


While visiting the Pens revamped site, you may have noticed the favicon in the URL bar.

Obviously, that's the eye of the Penguin logo.

Now, this is the eye taken from Chris Creamer's SportsLogos.net.
(If that isn't a porn name, nothing is.)

Under close examination, you see that the eyebrow and the eye meet evenly in the favicon, as opposed to the eyebrow proceeding further than the eye in their current logo.

Will the glorious Penguin logo be somewhat streamlined for the new RBK Edge x4567xLTM uniforms?


...And maybe this is a sign that the offseason is way too long.

Speaking of the Pens site, a Crosby "C" wallpaper.


While we're talking logos...

Not bad.

Not as good as this though.


New Logos for 07-08...

New logo on the right. Whatever.

You'd think the Blue Jackets played in Washington, D.C.


We were just jobbing around the Internet last night and found More pens pictures:
From The Post-Gazette.
The pictures go back as far as 1999.
Just follow the drop box.
A quick sample of the gold mine.

Garry Valk scoring in Game 6.

Game 6 vs the Sabres


Good stuff


And finally.
This summed up the 2003 pretty well:


A Winter in the Sun
Game #53
Tuesday, February 6, 2007
To Catch A Predator. PENS WIN.

4 - 1

Chris Hansen gives the Penguins a pep talk from the Dateline kitchen.

The entire base of Penguins fans is dreaming.
Is this really happening?

Did we just handily beat the number-one team in the NHL?

The Guinos came out firing in the first period.
They were outshooting the Preds 10-2 at one point.
There were skirmishes in front of the net, but it just wasn't bouncing in.

In typical Penguin home-game fashion, Nashville somehow escaped the first period with the lead.
The dreaded shot from the point.
It almost made you forget how big Nashville coach Barry Trotz's head is.


Anonymous said...

Have you guys.
Ever heard.
Of a paragraph.
It makes.
Your website.
A lot easier.
To read.

The jobbing begins.


Day Number

You talk big time players you talk Pavel Bure.
Too bad his brother is married to Candace Cameron.


Anonymous said...

Not First!


Jason said...

bure is money, one of my favorite players as a kid. i wish the canucks would either switch back to that logo or keep their 3rd jerseys instead of that stupid orca whale shit they've got going on.

canaanmakesfood said...

im back

the 2003 season pic made me lol


snoopyjode said...

While visiting the Pens revamped site, you may have noticed the favicon in the URL bar.

what?! that was changed WELL before the website was. in fact, the favicon i'm getting on the new pens site is the silver nhl logo.

i'm going to have to second the "wow" in the pens pics section, but they all are OUTSTANDING finds!!!

Nathan said...

Looking at those pics from 1999, especially Game 6 of the Devils series, and remembering how close the Pens were to going away then before Mario bought the team. How many other NHL teams have had to deal with the agony of being threatened with folding or moving twice in an eight-year span?

Nathan said...

And if you read the captions, it's apparent that the writer knew nothing about hockey. You see names like Ken Stevens, Olaf Kilzig, Richard Zidnick, Olig Kolzig, and Ulf Dalphen. And that's just from 1999 and 2000.

The Guins Blog Staff said...

Pens blog readers...

I hope the staff guys don't get jacked for us posting this, but we wanted to let you know that The Guins Blog is back in action. We pretty much tanked it last year and lost motivation really quick. We started the blog way to late to ever get it going. However, the few posts we did have were received well and made us decide to try again in the summer/fall. So now we have a renewed sense of dedication, a slightly different team, and honestly -- more time on our hands.

Anyway, just wanted everyone to check us out if you get a chance: www.theguinsblog.blogspot.com. There isn't much there now, but over the next few weeks there will be.

Finally, we are looking for one or maybe two more bloggers to join our team. If you're interested, check out the site and leave your email in a comment, or send us an email to theguinsblog [at] gmail .com for more details.

(Just for the record, we are not trying to compete with The Pens Blog. Those guys are the Godfathers as far as we're concerned. We just want more talk and more satire about the Pens and NHL.)

Thanks for checking us out,

wilsmith said...

Whats the big red soviet star for the all-star game at the igloo?


Jonny V said...

Nice pics, but too bad they haven't won a world championship in the last two years...that one was for Adrienne. My Steeler loyalty goes back to the days of Weegie, so go suck on some glowsticks techno geek.

Jason said...

i think the star is orange. back when it was the wales and campbell conferences i think the all star colors were always orange and black.

thepensblogderek said...

hahha Jonny v is all jammed up

Nathan said...

The Sens re-signed Ray Emery today. Three years, $9.5 million. So the question is with Emery's salary and Lundqvist's salary ($4.25 million), how much is a new deal for MAF going to cost the Pens next season? Fleury's cap number is $1.295 million for this season, with an actual salary of $1.6 million (source: http://www.nhlnumbers.com/pit.html and http://www.nhlnumbers.com/nyr.html)

Nathan said...

Ugh, the photo of the guys the Pens got from their fire sale at the deadline in 2003, the only one who was still with the organization this season was Micki DuPont. That's sad. And tragically, Brian Holzinger might have been the best of those seven players.

wilsmith said...

good call on the orange jason if that's true. my monitor is all f'd up and it looks red to me.

Nathan said...

And San Jose released their new logo. Ye gods, it's creepy.


Take a look for yourself. It's also on the Sharks' homepage.

Jonny V said...

Attack the team all you want, but attack the fans? I don't know, that just isn't necessary in my eyes. She got me mad, I almost like it

Jonny V said...

And what part of evil don't yinz understand hehe

And nathan, I think that new logo is pretty sweet, I wish our Penguin could look slightly meaner, but not overdue it or anything with some mighty incisors. Just a little pissed off. Like he has a chip on his shoulder. Maybe he thinks the Happy Feet movie painted his species in a color that he isn't too fond of. It's not all happy little dances out there, carrying your kid on your feet for months over the frozen tundra, avoiding seals and killer whales that want to eat you, not eating anything while living off of body fat stores...

FritoWill said...

ahh man, thank god the Bruins changed their logo...the old one was so terrible, so old.

But this one...OMG best logo in the league!!!!

***taken from Bruins meeting****

Rick: What are we going to do, we can't figure anything out, we only have 5 minutes to change the logo. One rule, no bears what do we do?!?!?!?!?!

Bob: Dude calm down, haven't you ever heard of changing the font.

FritoWill said...

i miss Jobbers

CDUBBS said...

Im trying to make a blog about the pens and hopefully High School Hockey. I wont take any of the in-depth game features that thepensblog features, cuase frankly i cant beat it. take a look at burghhockey.blogspot.com

Tiffany said...

Wow....I totally didn't realize that was the penguin's eye. It looked like a lightning bolt to me (which obviously makes no sense).

You guys are good....REAL good.

Speaking of you being so awesome....mentioning Chris Creamer reminded me of Alexander Semin, which got me to thinking. Can you imagine the potential headline if they did a movie together??

Creamer & Semin leave a bad taste in your mouth.

P.S. What's wrong with Candace Cameron?? I think she's hot. ;-)

wilsmith said...

Thank you, tiff, for posting those.

Tiffany said...

Evil indeed---glowsticks, Dumb & Dumber, Happy Feet....hahaha. You're too much.

FritoWill, that was great.

& anytime, Wilsmith (~_~)

☼ tiffany ☼ said...

OMG....did anyone listen to Stern today?? What a frickin hilarious Scott Baio interview!!

canaanmakesfood said...

so...what is tpb going to do to react that their favorite job artist, roethlisberger, is dating missy peregrym from their most beloved television program?

Barrasso35 said...

I'm with Tiff, what's wrong with Candice Cameron? Don't tell me that none of the Pensblog staff thought about her naked back in the days of Full House on TGIF. If you say you never did, you're a fargin' liar.

canaanmakesfood said...

personally, i always saw candace cameron as a bit of a chunkymonkey. that being said, i was gonzo for lori laughlin. ill give candace cameron cute points for her "lollipops and gummy bears" routine during the charity marathon episode, but in no way did i ever see her as a pluggable entity (amelioration is awesome). she was a naggy wench 98% of the time...why do you think she hung out with kimmy gibler...no one else could put up with her nagging mouth.

...even blossom wasnt as annoying as dj tanner (see: sixx...HOT!, NOT ANNOYING!, HOT!)


wilsmith said...


Jonny V said...

Jodie Sweetin is on Chelsea Handler's show right now, and she just might have become the best looking one to come from that show.

Lauren said...

I've been away for a while, and missed all the Gary Roberts Facebook hype, but I would just like to pimp the group *I* created, which should be the mother of all Gary Facebook groups. If only because I created it on his birthday. Er, and it links to you guys.


Love me.

Steve said...

After the 1990 All-Star Game, Marv Albert proceded to buy a cheap hooker for whom he would bite a large piece of skin off of while stomping on his testicles. That guy is everywhere.


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