Monday, July 23, 2007

So it goes

Well Steeler camp starts today.
So that means a few things:

  • For the next 8 months WPXI, KDKA, WTAE will be treating us to lead stories about how Hines Ward couldn't poop after a game.
  • WPXI, KDKA, WTAE will run stories interviewing near retarded Stiller fans at local bars, only leaving us embarrassed to be fans of the same team.
You know exactly what we are talking about.

We're saying she weighs at least 230
  • Pirates season is finally over
  • Every time Mike Tomlin appears we will think of two things:
Former Pirate Randy Tomlin.

And how Tomlin looks exactly like Omar Epps.

We know we aren't the first place to bring that up, but it is worth mentioning.

And lastly we just want to remind everyone that we are Steeler fans as well, and any jokes are always going to be tongue & cheek.
(Unless they are about Big Ben)
Chaz Batch -4- life
It is hard to express intent over the Internet, but it is all in fun.
If you want to get mad.
That is fine too.

Not much going on.
Jimmy Ballsack is all jammed up at Gary Bettman.
"We were advised by Mr. Leipold that the commissioner had found out about the existence of the negotiations and ordered him (Leipold) to immediately cease any further communications with us," Balsillie's legal representative, Richard Rodier, told

What a douchebag
Good debate in commentorblog yesterday about hockey video games.
2K7 is a solid game.
So is NHL07 though.
It really all depends on what you are used to.
Nothing will ever beat "Blades of Steel"
Who didn't play this game as a kid?
Just good times.

A Winter in the Sun
Game #52
February 4, 2007

4 - 3

Mark Eaton was called for the hooking penalty.
He built a wrist-watch during his short stint in the box.

Considering the ebb and flow of this game and the fact that we were playing in Montreal, everyone knew Montreal was going to score on this powerplay.
Plekanec strikes again.
Yep. It was tied up before you could name all of the provinces in Canada.


We had four minutes to catch our breath before Montreal scored another one.
Picabo Street was the culprit this time, and the boys faced a third-period deficit.

Montreal was hanging on for dear life, and then with about 6 minutes left, Francois Bouillion took a stupid penalty while trying to mess with Bing.
Ironically enough, the big guns weren't responsible for the tying power-play goal.

Instead, it was Whitney setting up Ouellet in front of the net, and it all of a sudden hit Montreal fans that they live in the coldest place on Earth.

Get this point. Get this point.
Keep that zero in the regulation-loss column during this streak.

It was definitely a toss-em game in the overtime.
The Pens were flying around, and it looked like it could've happened.

You can't really blame Sid for the final play.
He was possessed.
If he pulls that play off, everyone loves him.
Instead, he gives his potential future team some help.



Day number:

This sums everything up


jazzhall said...

Randy Tomlin was quality back in the day. Blades of Steel, particularly during games when you could play a level of Contra during the 3rd period intermission, was solid.

I am amazed how often I read about tampering allegations etc., one would think people in positions such as Basille, the NHL President, etc., etc., have counsel to advise them on just such occasions, at least to avoid the most obvious instances.

Another slow newsday.

Jeffry said...

Let off some steam, Bennett!

oh, that was yesterday.


Anonymous said...

I'm just waiting for the 500 or so "Big Ben is in the best shape of his life" comments from TAE, PXI, and the like.

Whatever. 9-7, here we come.

BurghGuy said...

Oh those were the days...when the Canadiens were still in the playoff race.

Jason said...

i think you're estimate of 230 is a bit conservative. gotta be well over 300lbs

Spencemo said...

I'm with you, Jason...personally, I'd say she's pushing 325, and it's pushing back...

Sarah said...

Omar Epps? Classic.

Jonny V said...

You're a joke, it wasn't Contra u could play between periods, it was a space shooter.
Just think with the NFL having the thug problem/players eating puppies thing, the MLB with it's juiced superstars, and now the NBA and its' referee game-thrower (is that what "He's Throwed" means?), the only major league without a scandel is the NHL.
And with all of the golf he played this offseason, Ben should be in the best shape of his life. I mean, it's not as if you could be a fat-ass smoker and be good at golf, right?

thepensblogderek said...

Being that I have had the fat girl picture saved on my computer since we first used it back in december or something.

I have a few questions I always think of.


Where was this taken at?

What game was it taken during?


What do you think all the other girls are thinking?

This picture haunts me

Dwayne said...

Way over 230. I was 230 in college, and I could still see muscles in my abs after doing crunches back then (not anymore, of course; being lazy and having a pair of back surgeries - and loving food more than just about anything else ever tends to leave it's mark on you. not chick in the picture mark, but definitely no 4 or 6 packs left to be seen >.<)

That picture doesn't haunt me so much as disgust me. Seriously; we could take the fabric from that shirt and make about 13 shirts for starving ethiopians. Instead we let that fatass make shooting signs at us.


thepensblogderek said...

Her facial expression is what is haunting.

It seems like she doesn't know she is taking up 3/4 of the picture

wilsmith said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jazzhall said...

Jonny V - NES version had it I'm fairly sure.

Then again, PS made a Blades of Steel 2000? That's what the joke is.

wilsmith said...

I wish I could place when that's from, I know saw it on a website a while ago -- probably at least 2 years ago. It was on some cleveland fan site called or something clever like that. Where'd you find it at?

I also think it's funny that it looks like she's oblivious to the fact that she's 3/4 of the shot (get out of the way, rosemary! your neck roll is blocking everyone else). If I were that big, I wouldn't go outside (mostly because it's probably a lot of work to get through the door) and certainly wouldnt find myself in front of a camera lens.
and with that said, I'll see you all in Hell.

Anonymous said...

Derek, I beleive the picture was taken at Sharkey's, a bar walking distance from St. Vincent College.

Praise the Lord that I am not at SVC this summer to suffer through another training camp. You think hearing about it on the news is bad, try living with it three years straight.

thepensblogderek said...

Ah I know where Sharkey's is. It is next to that hotel right?
Good pizza there I think..

I have named this girl "Wanda."

Imagine being that dude that is dating one of those girls. How do you keep a straight face when a girl like wanda is around

Jason said...

i can only hope that girl isn't a pens fan, because i'm fairly certain that if she comes across this site, shes going to kill herself. we're all horrible people

and derek, if you wanna know how the pizza is, just ask wanda. im sure she knows all about it.

thepensblogderek said...

haha yea we are all low class.

Is Wanda wearing shoulder pads?

vspada said...

I think her rolls are made of foot long hoagies and acouple large pizzas

Dwayne said...

Hrm, I've been to Sharkey's before, but I don't remember seeing anything like that in there.

However, I mostly stood in front of the fire place and then played air hockey while we threw back a few brews. I could have just not seen the section of the room in question.

wilsmith said...

Blades of Steel? What?

I was too busy playing Ice Hockey

Jonny V said...

As a person who played so much Blades of Steel that I burned through two of them, I can say that the only mini-game that you could play during the intermission was a spaceship game. Unless you don't know what the hell Contra is, I don't see how you could mix up the two. I can't believe i'm actually arguing about this on a Pens message board, there must be something wrong with me.

Holy shit we still have another month and a half till preseason starts...

FritoWill said...

Derek loves Wanda

Anonymous said...

Dwayne, it's in the back; the "restaraunt" area of the place, rather than the "bar" area.

homesprout said...

Put the fork down Wanda.....

I remember watching that Jerry Springer episode a while back where the dude was so enormous, he couldn't get out of bed and they had to knock out a wall in his house to get him to a hospital...

Poor bastard had to be weighed on a truck scale too

Anonymous said...

Take your attention of the tank in yellow and gaze at the amazing blonde. Your retinas will thank you. She's totally wearing a Penguins turtleneck on, because Gary Roberts would want it that way.

Jonny V said...

With the spirit of half of the comments being on video game hockey, I ask who among us owned this game? And Phil Hartman reeeeeally wanted to play it, which must have been saying something.

wilsmith said...

Good find, sir, good find.

I didn't think my NES Ice Hockey could be trumped, but you proved me wrong.

Did anyone here ever play intellivision?
We had one around the house when I was a kid, and I think it had an ice hockey game but I don't remember.
I do remember Frog Bog, Donkey Kong and Burger Time though. Classic games.

Hofmann said...

Where does her stomach start and her boobs stop? She's just got one big "toob". I coined it.

luvnmypens said...

No, no, she has what is called a titty-do. It's when your tummy stick out further than your titty do.

It's not likely that she has a dicky-do though.

Adrienne said...

Blades of steel owned face, but I still have to stand by NHL95 as the winning hockey game.

Football blows ass. There is nothing more that I hate in the world then the Steelers and their "die hard" fans; I even hate them more then baseball- and that's a rough thing to admit


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