Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Signed, Seal and Delivered...Almost

The Pennsylvania budget has passed.
The most important thing is this nearly guarantees the new-arena deal will be OK.
We say nearly because we aren't stupid.
You never know when an old nemesis could try to job things up:


Speaking of the new budget, at least all the employees who were furloughed (what a word) will be back to work.
So, yes. Expect all Drivers' License Test Centers to be open tomorrow.

Suck it

Around the NHL

In the murky waters that is NHL free agency, there is a bright spot.

Dominik Hasek takes one for the team, as his agent says he's worth $6 million a year.
They negotiate, and Hasek is staying with Detroit for another year.
1 year -- $2 million.

Dominik Hasek for $2 million.
What a deal.

Hasek stopping one of the six shots he faced all last season.


.........Sitting Coach has a new captain.

Billy Guerin signs with the Isles.

The Isles are a mess.
If you're an Islander fan, you're looking to piledrive someone.


If this was Devilsblog, we would have already had a subsidiary Scott Clemmensen blog running, detailing how much of a joke his NHL career has been.

Toronto signed him to a one-year deal.

Actual quote (in context) from TSN.ca:

''Scott is an experienced professional goaltender, who will provide depth in the organization at that position,'' vice-president and general manager John Ferguson said.

Clemmensen, 29, played six games for the New Jersey Devils this past season registering a 1-1-2 record and a 3.15 goals-against average. He also played one game and had a shutout for the American Hockey League's Lowell Devils.

The Des Moines, Iowa native has played in 25 career NHL games, all with New Jersey, registering a 7-6-4 record with a 2.82 goals against average.


Clemmensen goes from the easiest job in the world (backup to Brodeur) to the most pressure-packed situation in hockey.

Even Jesus Christ turned down a two-year deal to play goalie for Toronto.
Who wants that heat?

We're too lazy to go check, but Brodeur's new backup may be a bobblehead of Martin Brodeur.

......The Pens are now taking cash money to secure your place on the season-ticket waiting list.
Not a bad deal, either.

****Late edit****

Sidney Crosby has resigned

The deal is 5 years, 45 million as per the post gazette.
Just a good deal.

In other news, Ray Shero will be named the CEO of the Pirates.

And while mentioning the Pirates: The Post Gazette is running a tremendous feature on the 1997 Pirates.
If you remember Shawon Dunston hitting two home runs against the Indians in a packed Three Rivers Stadium, you know what life is all about.

And not to overdo it with the segues, but the title below is a direct copy from the Post Gazette title of the recap of the 1997 season "A Summer in the Sun."

A Winter in the Sun
Game #40
Sunday, January 7, 2007

We Steal A Point. PENS LOSE.

Anyway, Gonchar makes one of his few bad plays of the season, springing Lecavalier on his second breakaway.
With the five-hole wide open, Vinny goes blocker-side on Fleury and is stoned.

Right after that, Joltin takes an acceptable penalty, and the Lightning go on a 4-on-3 powerplay which was basically like The Rock taking off his elbow pad before delivering the People's Elbow.
99.9% of the time, the elbow is landed and the match ends. The Pens were in the .1% tonight.

Not tonight.


Anonymous said...

thank god for fluery last night.

how bout the look on crosby's face when he scored that goal on his back/side. incredible.

and how bout the look on tarnasky's face when st. louis scored the ot goal. priceless lol.


This Day In History
July 10


Carl Friedrich Gauss comes up huge by discovering that every positive integer is representable as a sum of, at most, three triangular numbers.


Day Number

Double L.


Anonymous said...

letsgopens.com likes to touch little kids...just for the record

Staff said...

I have no idea what some of those peoples problem is on there.

Why wouldn't their adm just take that thread down?



Jonny V said...

faceoff-factor is a joke. I've gone to LGP a few times, and it is bland and useless. But one poster on there made a point, that if someone makes a joke that someone takes offense to, other people take it upon themselves to lay guilt trips on everyone about it.

I really don't think the Heatley jokes are that funny (the photoshops are pretty hilarious though), but I don't bring it to the attention of everyone else...uh, well, I didn't anyways. It's your blog, i'm just a visitor.

Oh, and Kenny, how did that whole fucking Mdubs sister thing work out for you?

Staff said...

We don't have to worry about karma, because our lives could not get any worse.


Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

Love the obscure Carl Friedrich Gauss reference.

Jake Wheatley = douche

Jonny V - I wouldn't call Faceoff-Factor a joke. They have some decent articles...at least they have writers, unlike LGP.


canaanmakesfood said...

I find it odd that you say LGP doesn't have writers, yet all of the Faceoff Factor guys post on LGP...weird.

Anyway, lets stop ruining commentorblog with trivial nonsense like that. If anything, threads like the one on LGP help tPB viewership more than hurt it. The constant bickering about either sight is pointless and lame. Although i do find it amusing that the OP said that LGP likes to touch little kids...a photoshop of a website molesting a child could be a hilarious/interesting adventure (im thinking ORPP's creepier cousin..yeah thats an observer reporter reference).

I think your articles are overshadowed by idiotic commentorblog threads sometimes... and thats unfortunate. You guys do your thing and let LGP do theirs. LGP has a track record of being uptight...this isnt anything new, why rehash old stories.

Dwayne said...

Sometimes super uptight people are just the antithesis of all that is good in this world, and some of us will never be able to let it go.

But, then again, if LGP didn't have a stick shoved up their ass, we wouldn't have as much to make fun of them about, so I guess it's a good thing they have it. Otherwise commenterblog would be boringconversationovercrumpetsandteablog. And that is clearly too fucking long to write.

Hooks Orpik said...

For the record, Brodeur's new backup is Kevin Weekes, who IMO is one of the shakiest and worst goalies in the NHL right now.

Too bad he'll get .4 minutes all year long.

Staff said...

Canaan well said. I agree with you

Here is my only problem with this whole thing.

When did we say we had aproblem with LGP, or especially faceoff factor?
We had this blow up months ago.

Not to mention, unlike previous times, we did not do a thing to start this fiasco.

We don't think we are better than anyone, we are a bunch of jokes who run a website and have said that numerous times.

I know I visit LGP all the time, as well as faceoff factor. They have every right to post their material on LGP because they all write for their blog.
We have no problem with that.
We have never, ever posted anything about our site on LGP, and never would because that would be pointless.

I am not even sure what this is about, but hopefully this ends and soon.

My only complaint at LGP is that the thread should have been locked and deleted. It is a non-related hockey thread.
Someone posted to find out what was going on, and they did.

We have never made this about one site being better than anyone.

Crosby just resigned, so who cares about this.


Kenny Melvin said...

The original post on LGP was made by a reader who enjoyed the pensblog and got one of your emails. Then the moral police got involved and the thread went down the shitter. It's best to ignore it and move on because it does no good. Faceoff-factor sucks, they treat it like it's the second coming of tsn with their great hockey knowledge gimme a break, WAIT...DID SID RESIGN!!

Kenny Melvin said...

Here's the link to Sid resigning
5 years 45 mil
Press conference today! Not to harp on LGP again but they're upset about the contract because it's too expensive. People need to realize something, he still didn't take the max and he's setting an example for others to keep this team together. These people who expected him to take a 10 year 60 million dollar contract are insane.

Jason said...

5 more years, woooot!! I can see how some ppl might think the contract is a little expensive. I for one am not complaining about it in any way, but with all the talk about him taking less money to help the team, i was kinda thinkin the contract might be in the $8 million/year range.
At any rate, you gotta give sid all the respect in the world for not actually taking the max amount. Do you know another kid his age that would turn down several million dollars?

wilsmith said...

The Devils had a backup?

Jason said...

im real surprised that sid's signing wasnt the top story on tsn this morning. they usually sniff out anything hockey related pretty quickly

apk said...

the P-G reports that Sid's contract works out to 8.7 million/year. There is absolutely no way that this is a coincidence.

Kenny Melvin said...

That crazy Molinari is at it again:

""Sidney has proven himself to be a dynamic player and team leader at a very young age, and it is exciting news for our franchise and our fans to have him under contract for the next six seasons, through 2013," said Fred Shero, the Penguins executive vice president and general manager.

jtarbett16 said...

If you go to Hockeybuzz and look at the comments from Eklund's post about Crosby, almost everyone is bitching that he is greedy for taking too much money. In fact, I think one person even suggested he take 4 mill per season if he really wants to help the team. What a joke. It's awesome that Sid didn't take the max when he could have, and if I was as good as Sid I would take the money he was offered there. Some people are comparing him to Iginla and Thornton, saying they both only took 7 mill...yea, well Crosby is better than them, so he deserves more.

Loser Chris said...

Anyone who thinks Sid is taking too much money is crazy. He could have gotten over $10 million. Or he could have waited until next offseason when the cap will probably go up again and then get even more. My guess is that Sid would have taken less but that he had the NHLPA all over him not to.

Now we just need to lock up MAF.

In Shero We Trust!

Anonymous said...

Crosby will be on Madden's show today at 4:40

Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

I'm sorry. I love this site and I let my irritation with anonymous comments bother me. I wrote that asinine garbage before, that I wish I could delete...If you can, do it. Please do! It's worthless anyway.

Can't wait for hockey season to start. Too long of an off-season.


jtarbett16 said...

Loser Chris, good point about the NHLPA, I forgot to mention that in my last comment. I agree that it probably played a big factor. It Crosby signs for, say, 8 mill how can someone like Heatley expect to command more than that? Crosby would be creating an artificial ceiling on salaries.

jtarbett16 said...

The moral of the story is Eklund's commentors = Joke.

JamesFALLEN said...

Anyone amazed how much the fear of Sid going into UFAgency(which im sure he wont) can scare you and take all the excitement away from having him be a Penguin for the next six years???

Spencemo said...

Shero! Shero! Shero!

Anonymous said...

why was game #37 skipped? Pens beat Toronto 4-1 on December 29th.

Hooks Orpik said...

In non-Sidney news, Jason Spezza got the cover for video game NHL 2K8.

I thought you were supposed to get a milk carton or an Amber Alert, not a video game, when you vanish.

FACT: 2K sports renamed the Amber Alert the Jason Alert.

rachel said...

Just had to add the official news of Sid staying for $43.5 million for 5 years...




With an average annual salary of $8.7 million - matching his No. 87 uniform number -- Crosby stayed true to his word and did not command top available dollar from the Penguins. Under the collective bargaining agreement Crosby could have earned 20 percent of the $50.3 million salary cap, or $10,060,000 per season.

Shero comes up with the steal of a century. Sid shows some more love towards Pittsburgh and Stanley.

It's ridiculous to complain about that deal. Jagr makes $8.36 million, Briere and Gomez make $10 million next season, Richards got $7.8 million, I could go on, but do you seriously think he deserves to make less than those players? Sid is one of the, if not the hardest working, dedicated players out there, and the little fact that he was league MVP, players' MVP, and highest point scorer might give him the right to deserve to be paid higher than the rest of the NHL. And the NHLPA probably would've flipped if he took less. He could have made $1.36 million more a year by taking max, or just wait until next year when the cap went up even more. Let's just enjoy the fact that Sid will be in Pittsburgh until at least 2013.

Sorry, about the rant, I just had to get that out :)

Jason said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jason said...

well said rachel. I can't believe how many people are on message boards bitching about this deal. 8.7 million a year is NOT too much to pay the best player in the league. However, $10 million/year is far too much to pay some jobber who only scored 13 fucking goals!

He's helped the pens in more ways than one. Not only did he take less than the max, but he's also set a salary limit on his own team. if he signed for $10 million, it could be possible geno or staal could try to demand 7-8 million. Now if they want to stay, they'll probably have to take no more than 6 million a year to stay.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if we can get Geno for $7.1 million per year now?

As long as they don't give him a 4-year extension. Summer of 2013 could suck for Pittsburgh....

rachel said...

Thanks Jason. Nice idea on the salary limit for the rest of the team now. This comment made me laugh from TSN.

He may be good, but $9m/yr held on one player might be pushing it - SC shouldn't get greedy and look for the best interest of the time - he is afterall only 19 - won't $6 or $7m do?

Apparently, Sid is just good and greedy. Wow, people are a joke. While the next commenter's spelling and grammar sucks, it's funny.

Ok ladies you have 5 years to date/marry Sid and get yourself a couple of kids who don't want to leave their grandma/granpa he in Pittsburgh. Time for us to get some leverage.

Does anyone find it coincidental that #87 is making $8.7 million per year?

snoopyjode said...

oh, what a beautiful day! and you just have to love the $8.7 million thing. what a player. he took considerably less than what he could have gotten. show me another 19 year old that would do the same. to those who think the deal is too expensive?! wtf?! he's the best player in the league!!! he deserves it!!!

now, about game #40: i got to go. :) so i was there when sid scored that goal. i was in the eat'n park luxury box and it was awesome. i won't waste anymore commentorblog space to tell you the story. instead, i created my own post that has a brief recap, a video clip that i shot, and some pictures i took (and some i found on the internet, too). anyone who wants to check it out can click here.

Loser Chris said...

Boycott NHL 2k!!!!

rachel said...

Snoopy, those are some great pics and a good story. I was at that game, too. I remember that I was sitting next to Petrovicky's wife and kids. After Sid scored that, I was just like wow. No other words would come.

snoopyjode said...


i know! none of us could say anything besides "wow" or "oh my god" or "holy fucking shit" for the next fifteen minutes after that. but, man, what a great game despite the loss, right?

rachel said...

Snoopy, it was a great game! I think it's in a tie for my second favorite game that I went to.

Jeffry said...

i high fived the usher beside me when sid scored that goal.

AJ said...


Christina said...

the only way that the Sid deal could have been more perfect was if it was announced on the 87th day of the offseason, instead of the 83rd.

ah well, can't have it all. i'm happy with at least 6 more years of Bing in the Burgh :-D

Spencemo said...


I am jealous beyond measure. Those were some great pictures. And you're an incredible name dropper! :P

I'm still jealous, though... :)

EmDubs said...

I propose we begin using re-signed with a hyphen to prevent me from having any more heart attacks. When I see "resigned", I think "quit"..... as in, tendered his resignation. Last week you guys said "Oh yeah, and Talbot resigned." I was like, WHAT?!?!? He quit?!?!

I acknowledge that I am mentally retarded.

snoopyjode said...

lol, spence! i wasn't trying to name-drop, but i guess that's all i did in the first paragraph! ha! i'm a jackass.

honestly, though: i didn't mean it to sound boastful. you just have NO IDEA how excited i get when i think about those moments. plus, i don't think i can express how truly awesome it is up there unless i tell you about those chance encounters. and believe me: i'm very aware that i'm a very lucky girl.

Kenny Melvin said...

Did anyone listen to the Crosby interview on Madden's show? The two fill-ins were absolutely horrible interviews. Seemingly they tried to make Sid feel guilty for getting paid.

Spencemo said...

Well, I too occasionally get to be the beneficiary of the perks of my hubby's job (finance director at a car dealership). The best one EVER was the GMAC luxury box seats for a Dixie Chicks concert at Gund Arena...Tenderloin platter...tequila-lime shrimp the size of your fist...free booze... it was FAN-TAS-TIC!

I keep telling him that he needs to find out if GMAC has a box at Mellon...

rachel said...

emdubs, I never even thought of that, lol

The Rangers re-signed Shanahan to a 1 year deal


Kenny Melvin's Mom said...

Kenny hates LGP because he got banned for being a bitch. You got exactly what you deserved for making fun of people with cancer. You fuck.

Kenny Melvin said...

If you were a man you'd reveal yourself but anyway I kind of like the new layout, change is a good thing imo.

Jonny V said...

Snoop, neat story and awesome pics, and I've never seen that Pens website pic of the goal, I think I liked it...Yes, I do like it. A lot.

I voted that I liked the new layout of the blog, but it seems like I'm in the minority on that. KEEP IT!

meecrofilm said...

altho the effort for change is there, the new layout is in fact mud. But its good to see you guys are staying involved and vigilante with the site

rachel said...

Jonny, I like the new layout, too.

Jason said...

the only thing i really dont like about the new layout is the gray rectangular box in the top right corner. its almost the same color as the scroll bar and it confuses me. i keep trying to click on it and scroll down.

Anonymous said...

You're a bunch of gutless pussies over here, making posts about Dany Heatley. You're all going to fucking hell. I wish nothing but pain and misery on all you bastards. Fuck you and your godforsaken blog.

Kenny Melvin's Mom said...

No, the Pens Blog is cool. Fuck Kenny Melvin. I hope he contracts AIDs from his boyfriend and dies a slow death. The big piece of shit.

snoopyjode said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
snoopyjode said...

i almost insulted kenny melvin's mom. i added a word to clarify:

wow. anyone want to guess that last ANONYMOUS commentor's IQ? (i'll give you a hint: it's ryan malone's jersey number.)

thanks, jonny v! if you couldn't tell, i had a great time. :)

the new layout isn't bad, it's just going to take some getting used to...

snoopyjode said...

did anyone else laugh at the irony of an anonymous poster calling us gutless pussies? what a douche.

Kenny Melvin said...

I'm a little late on this but great picks snoopy, those are really clear shots and the picture of Sid diving for that one goal is absolutely amazing. Do you sit in the luxury boxes often or was this just a one time thing? I know the closest i've gotten to the press box is by looking up.

Anonymous said...

Yeah you are a bunch of gutless pussies. I hope Kenny Melvin dies, he's a piece of shit and me and the rest of LGP is out for fucking vengeance.

Erica said...

"Out for vengeance"? How dramatic.

I don't comment much, but I'm a freqent reader. I like the new layout---just need to get rid of those white rectangles on the sides... They draw too much attention. Kind of like Dany Heatley jokes. (Lose the rectangles, keep the jokes.)

Kenny Melvin said...

I love just going back and reading the posts for some of the best games over this past year. It really gets you in the mood for training camp to start. Not like most of us needed incentive.

snoopyjode said...

anonymous posters: you stay classy. this is the last time i'll acknowledge any of you. i'm tired of wasting keystrokes and commentorblog space on you. say what you want. no one here cares what you think of us.


thanks, ken. the closeup shots are ones i got off the internet. the boxes are too far away to get beauties like that.

i get to use the box about once a year - sometimes more, if another manager that requests the tickets invites us to go. then when we get the box, we invite that person to go with us. (we try to do it that way as often as we can so we can get box seats more often.) it's freaking awesome. i've said it 1000 times before but i'll say it 1000 times again: i'm lucky that i have the opportunity.

the next time i get to go, i'll take some pics of the box itself, although, it's pretty standard: there are comfy seats in the "living room" of the box but you really can't see the game all that well from there. there is a gay picture of the smiley hot air balloon (yeah, i know - lame) and a sweet painting of lemieux hanging on the wall. they have a tv and you can watch the game as it is broadcasted (it comes in handy for instant replays). the seats we always claim are ones in a row of bleacher style seats in front of the box. they aren't as comfy as the ones inside, but they're a MUCH better view. i'm crossing my fingers that i'll have a chance to see a game or 2 (or MORE) from the new boxes at the new arena when it's done!!!

sorry i babbled on, but i love telling these stories because it takes me back and remembering makes me happy. a BIG THANK YOU to all of you who read my post and liked it! :D

wilsmith said...

I like how the LGP anonymous poster's idea of vengeance is posting comments on the internets.
That's tough.

and Heatley jokes will never get old, no matter what anyone says.

And who is it that gets to cast the first stone? someone tell me.

Barrasso35 said...

Snoopyjode, you used to work for EatNPark? Your husband still works for EatNPark?

I miss that place. Whenever my mom goes back home without me she brings me back a dozen smiley face cookies (in black & gold, if possible.)

EatNPark's buffets put the shit we have out in Kansas to shame.

To watch the Penguins play from the EatNPark suite? That must be awesome.

theNick said...

Yeah you are a bunch of gutless pussies. I hope Kenny Melvin dies, he's a piece of shit and me and the rest of LGP is out for fucking vengeance.

what is the difference between vengeance and fucking vengeance?

i am guessing its lots and lots of pedophilia cause i hear LGP likes that sort of thing

GordyHowitzer said...

I'm checking in from LGP.

Do not pay attention to the obnoxious posts on here from others in LGP.

I think they're mainly in response to ken melvin (aka haha-I'll-get-you-back-by-posting-atrocious-comments-about-your -wife-who-is-sick-with-cancer).

Saying that, it is nice to see that the little boy in kenny is starting to mature and seems to be containing himself over here.

Most of us who 'get' PensBlog realize what the site is all about and take the good with the bad, just like we do with LGP (certainly not all peaches and cream itself).

LGP has it's niche, ThePensBlog has its. They both provide a great stop for internet PensFandom, depending on what you're looking for.

As far as the thread over at LGP... I don't think it's that big a deal. Yes, it should have been moved to a different forum, probably. But people are voicing their opinion on the blog. Just like people on ThePensBlog are, and have previously, voiced their opinion on LGP. What's wrong with people on those sites saying they 'don't like' the others? Unless I missed something that crossed the line, which is also possible.

Let's just all get along. We have Bing for 5 more years!

Loser Chris said...

Anyone else seen...

Jonny V said...

Put quite nicely gordyhowitzer, and thenick, that will be the Holy Grail of Pens DVD's...well at least until we win the next cup.

And Melvin, way to go in not responding to the hubub. You are learning well grasshopper. And it ain't me posting that shit, i'm never anonymous

Skeletons of Quinto said...

Hello all,
I am one of the lgp.com posters who criticized this site. I am not an administrator of any other hockey site, so you can direct any animosity toward me personally. The staff of this site has been kind enough to address us at lgp.com regarding these issues, so I thought it only right to comment here. I speak on behalf of myself only, and not on behalf of lgp.com.

My main criticism is that the Heatley jokes are tired because they not only show a lack of sensitivity that is all too common among the majority of South Park viewers, but because they simply lack comedic merit. While the latter is surely subjective and open for discussion: its my opinion and I'm sticking to it. I'm willing to discuss this in a rational manner.

As for the criticisms of lgp.com posted in this forum: I have yet to find a more cogent, intelligent, and informed group of hockey posters on the internet than the posters of lgp.com. While some of us can get out of hand, its generally a great discussion board full of information and insights. Unfortunately, a few of the posters in the pensblog forum have made it their goal to disparage lgp.com because of past occurrences, I can assure you that the majority of the regular posters of lgp.com are not "know-it-alls" and are logged onto the forum for reasonable hockey-related discussion.

Thanks for your time.

Anonymous said...

this should cheer everyone up:


Anonymous said...

Not sure if anyone is aware of this but on sportscenter they are having this who's now thing in which sidney crosby is a part of. i'd like to see him win this over the other jobbers they got on there. so make sure to go to espn.com July 11th and vote for Sid the Kid. He's facing Deter Jeter in the first round


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