Monday, September 11, 2006

The Oil Well Conspiracy

Micheal Nylander apparently wasted a critical 24-hour period for the Edmonton Oilers.
We found this site, via The Battle of Alberta .

What happened?
It looks like a trustworthy news personality in Edmonton was on the radio and broke the story that the Oilers signed Micheal Nylander.
Within hours, another Edmonton radio station picked the story up.
Think of it as if Bob Pompeani broke a story, and everyone else started picking up on it.

"On Sunday, July 1, 2007, Kevin Lowe, Oilers general manager, and Mr. Mike Gillis, certified agent for Michael Nylander, negotiated and agreed to a multi-year NHL Standard Players Contract, starting in 2007-08. Mr. Gillis confirmed same to the Oilers in writing," the Oilers' statement read Tuesday."

As morning came ( July 2), the press conference never came.

While everyone in Oil Country was waiting for the news,
The Capitals announced the signing of Nylander to a huge deal.

Edmonton = Stunned

"The Oilers then proceeded with preparations to announce Mr. Nylander's contract agreement on July 2, and concurrently continued with the process of negotiating with other free agents based upon Mr. Nylander being an important roster ingredient for the future."

Yeah, we are confused, too.

It looks like Nylander had a change of heart.
But the Oilers are pissed.
And they should be.
They wasted a whole day focusing on Nylander and missed out on some other targets.

Why did Nylander change his mind?
Who might have the Oilers gone after?
We may never know.

Reporting for Unsolved Mysteries,
This has been Robert Stack


Around the NHL

....The Rangers introduced their big signings.

Photoshop me

...JR calls it quits

Even if you hate him.
Have to admit he was a good player.

But way better interview:
(If you watch one thing on YouYube today, make it this.
Number one and number two are unreal.)

.......Crosby Contract news..

"[The NHLPA] is a group," Crosby said. "We're in that group. So, yes, for sure, it's important. But, at the same time, I have to do what's right."

Let's just hope that for once, just once, we as fans can experience something easy for the Pens off the ice.
But if you aren't expecting a breaking story two weeks from now about contract talks breaking down, then you just haven't been around long enough.

......Some Pens are also going to face arbitration.
First up Colby Armstrong.

And finally.
Petr Sykora celebrated his July 4th in style

Should be the first of many Petr Sykora photoshops


A Winter in the Sun
Game #37
That's What We're Talkin About. Pens WIN.

There was definitely a fever pitch in the air tonight. Staggy and Errey alluded to it at the top of the broadcast, and for good reason. The puck was dropped, and you have to admit you were a little nervous. Nervous might not be the right word. Nervous is reserved for playoff time. But this felt like a playoff game. What all happened in the first? Nothing much except Ekman going all Mark-Eaton on us. Fleury was making some big saves, and so was J.S. Aubin. With time ticking down at the end of the first, our boy (TM) Erik Christensen snapped a shot past Aubin on the powerplay to give the Pens a 1-0 lead. The second period was the best period of hockey in a while. End-to-end action. Halfway through the second period, Malkin was robbed on a nice save by Aubin... Before you knew it, Toronto was flying back the other way on an odd-man rush. A delicious rebound landed on Sundin's stick, and his Mellon Arena goal-count is now 145. Thankfully, that would be it for the Maple Leaves (Leafs?).

A.) How did these guys get Igloo Seats?
B.) That lady looks pissed.

Commentorblog said:
Anonymous said...

This is a really random observation, but does anyone notice that Crosby looks up during O Canada, but never during the Star Spangled Banner? Not that it's a bad thing or anything, just an observation.

Dumbest thing to grace commentorblog in 2006.

Day Number:


Add it up
Paul Coffey was so dominant he needed to go back up.

Go Pens


canaanmakesfood said...

every unsolved mysteries reference is appreciated by my. ty tPB!

canaanmakesfood said...

p.s. i guess this means i have first and second....w00t!

Jonny V said...


Sykora's thin rubber water-filled boobs look great. And for all of yinz hoping that el Sid (the Sid) will give a hometown discount to us, the Player's Association will put the kibosh on that talk reeeaal quick. Him taking less money means hurting other players' leverage. Not gonna happen. I am sure he'll be a lifelong Penguin though.

Hope everybody had an eventful, stomach expanding, non-digit losing fourth.

Oh yeah...First! or something

Jonny V said...

Damn u foodmaker

Kenny Melvin said...

Canaan this first thing is getting way out of hand. Second off, who hasn't watched Unsolved Mysteries on a boring weekday when there was nothing else on? The long lost sister stories never got old especially with the chilling voice of Robert Stack. And wow for Edmonton first Gretzky and now this.

Kenny Melvin said...

This is by far the worst news any person has received in a long time.

John Tarbett said...

Speaking of Robert Stack, check out this hilarious clip from the movie Baseketball. This should definitely be posted tomorrow haha.

snoopyjode said...

dear kevin lowe, city of edmonton, oilers fans, et al:

contract agreement signed by my agent != actual contract signed by me

love, mikey

...ooooh, but how PISSED would i be right now if i was an oilers fan?

Loser Chris said...

I would be happy if I was an Oiler fan. Are they really so bad that they're making this big of a deal out of not getting Nylander? When will the story break about how they were real close to signing Melichar, but then he backed out at the last second?

Jason said...

so we can do math now for the number count, eh? you've definitely raised the bar. how about this for 79

(mullen x francis) + (kovalev/eaton)

Kenny Melvin said...

This isn't algebra class Jason, I think Coffey's shot should remain up permanently.

snoopyjode said...

loser chris, i don't think it's as much about nylander himself as it is about the wasted day trying to secure him. if i'm an oilers fan, yeah i'm pissed at nylander, but i'm taking a riot job to the oilers' front office. this is why

shero > lowe

thepensblogderek said...

If anyone missed it (we did), Stanley P posted a must read Q&A with Ron Francis in yesterdays commentorblog.

Here are the highlights:

Q: Over 15 years have passed since those Penguins teams you were on won the Cup a second time, does it seem like that long ago to you?

Francis: It is kind of crazy. My daughter was 4 weeks old when I was traded to Pittsburgh. My family and I lived out of a hotel. Anyway, my daughter turned 16 in February, and I have sort of the same feeling about her that I have about Pittsburgh in some ways. I look back and it seems like yesterday. It seems like yesterday that I was in Pittsburgh hoisting the Cup and she was a baby.

Q: Obviously playing on those Cup teams was a highlight for you, but what memory from those years really sticks out?

Francis: Well, when we won the first one I remember Paul Coffey saying to me as I hopped over the boards, "This feeling is going to be great, but it is only going to get better the rest of your life." And, boy, he could not have put it any better. I still get chills thinking about lifting that Cup for the first time. Honestly, though, that second Cup year was extremely special because I really feel as though I helped that team get over a hump. The first Cup year, I came in late and was part of something special. That second one, Mario (Lemieux) was down against the Rangers and I played some of the best hockey of my career to help us get past them. Then Mario came back and we rolled past Boston and Chicago to defend the Cup. I really feel as though I was a big part of that second Cup-winning team, so maybe it is a little more special to me.

Q: Could the fourth-leading scorer in NHL history possibly have any regrets?

Francis: My decision to come to Carolina and start telling people about it. The only bad thing about Raleigh is that everybody is now finding out about it, that it is a pretty good place to be -- like Cowher. I am joking, of course, but this place is getting crowded, quick. ... Oh, and, of course, losing to the Islanders in 1993. What a disappointment that was for everybody. I really feel that Pittsburgh team in 1993 was the best team I have ever played on. Losing to New York when we had a chance to three-peat was extremely frustrating. There is no doubt in my mind we were the best team that year. I still cannot believe we did not win it all again

Ron Francis is unreal. The part about him playing the best hockey of his career, is enough to give you chills.
How sick was he in the Rangers series.

Also Talbot resigned.

Jason said...

"There is no doubt in my mind we were the best team that year. I still cannot believe we did not win it all again"

sounds to me that if ronnie was given the chance, he'd beat volek with a lead pipe. good to know that the players are still as bitter about that as the fans are

John Tarbett said...

When the staff mentioned the site the other day, I decided to check it out to see what it's all about. Does anyone else find that site rather stupid and not funny?

Kenny Melvin said...

Wow what a great interview with Francis

Kenny Melvin said...

I thought this was a cool little thing from SI. They ranked the top athletes at that wore each number from 0-99. Guess who 66 and 87 were.

Lauren said...

It is Leafs. Every time they lose to us I taunt them about their ungrammatical form of a plural noun.

Kenny Melvin said...


Wow Sid isn't the best athlete to wear 87, Dwight freaking Clark is. What a joke. At least Jagr was the best to wear 68.

Loser Chris said...

Hey Staff,

I just sent you a little present ;)

Anonymous said...

From buzzontheburgh

Eklund first reported the Penguins being interested in Phoenix Coyotes defenseman Derrick Morris two days ago and the Morris to Pittsburgh rumors are gaining some momentum as of today. Last night a unidentified source in Phoenix said the Penguins and Yotes are close to finalizing a deal for Morris. This morning Fox Sports SW is reporting draft picks are involved and a deal could be close. Thanks to Eric for the update. No sources in Pittsburgh are confirming the Penguins interest in Derrick Morris so take this rumor for what its worth. It doesn't really add up but the Penguins are still in the market for a right handed defenseman.

thepensblogderek said...

I love how the this guy pretends to have sources all throughout the united states and Canada.


thebuzzontheturd said...

Update from buzzontheturd

Kenny Melvin said...

Talbot and Christensen signings official

John Tarbett said...

Why would the Pens be after Derek Morris? He makes $3.9 million next year. I think Buzzontheburgh spins a wheel and whichever player it lands on becomes the next rumour.

Nathan said...

My guess as to why Sid wasn't the best 87 is because he's only been in the NHL for two years. Give him another five years (or less if he leads the Pens to a Cup before that) and he'll easily be the greatest player to wear 87, and there will be no debate.

Anonymous said...

Two things:
1. Word is that MRS. Nylander nixed the signing with Edmonton, since it is such a lovely (not really) place to live. This would make the second time in a year plus that a player's wife has decided against the city of Edmonton.

William P.

jazzhall said...

(referring to Lauren's post) - I share that amusement, when I was in say 6th grade I made an effort to write to all NHL teams for some sort of free team stickers etc., including a sticker from Toronto which stated: "I beLeaf."

The only item of value from the buzz blog is the tolerable "signing" banner.

I saw last night that Tom Kostopoulos went to Montreal, the TSN fan response page for that story was, shall we say, not too enthusiastic.

Kenny Melvin said...

You gotta love this

canaanmakesfood said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kenny Melvin said...

Bill Guerin signs with the Isles
I wonder how him and Nolan are gonna get along.

Tiffany said...

~Anticipating another episode of Jobbers before my little roadtrip.
~Robert Stack really did have the ability to scare the shite out of you.
~You were missed, Evil Puppy & described the Sykora photoshop to a tee.
~And congratulations to Christensen & “Mad Max” for getting 2 years each! YA YA!! ;-)

Since it's passed 5, Colby "The Cheese" Armstrong must have requested salary arbitration. Obviously it’s not something to get worked up over, but thinking about his contract not being finalized gave me nervous knots.

It’s that kinda feeling that makes me wish there was a game on right now. [silently weeping] I miss that rush of watching the Pens score & the emotional roller coaster we all go through when things aren't going their way. [now violently sobbing]

Jason said...

well t-bo is officially gone. can't say i'll miss him too much. he was a competent backup, but his pay was a little to high. i guess the sabres have plenty of cap room since their gm is apparently an incompetent boob.

Anonymous said...

33 minutes

Kenny Melvin said...

17 Minutes....

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