Sunday, July 1, 2007

Money for Nothing, Sticks For Free

If there was ever a time you could feel excitement and surprise over the Internet...
July 1 would have been the day.

Day one of NHL free-agents signing was unreal.

First things first:

Crazy stuff happening.

The Penguins have signed Darryl Sydor, according to

Fact: Darryl Sydor was on an episode of Fear Factor. It lasted three seconds.
151 playoff games. Two cups.
The deal is 2 years, 5 million.
Perfect fit.
Nice little interview:

The Pens have signed Petr Sykora.

Last Season:
GP: 82
G 22
A 31
Pts 53

It is a two-year deal.
No word on cash money yet.

Just a solid hockey player.

Here are some highlights:


Ryan Whitney signed a nice little extension today.
6yrs, 24 million dollars.

At the start of the season, we rode Whitney as much as anyone.
But then he just turned into a really good player.
Smart move by Shero.

The Pens also signed Danny Sabourin.

Look, it is Marc-Andre Fleury's world; we are just living in it.
Affordable backup in Sabourin.
Good move.

Two players the Pens maybe had some interest in, Scott Hannan and Paul Kariya, went to the Avs and Blues respectively.

One Pittsburgh rumor site completely embarrassed themselves.
The Buzz on the Burgh=mud
Little recap:


And this might be the best one:

"Unless Paul wakes up and changes his mind he will be a Penguins tomorrow."

Paul Kariya= never went to bed


Wild day in the free-agent world.


Let's see how retarded these signings are.

( GP - G - A - P )


8 Years -- $52 Million.
Averages to $6.5 Million per year.
No way.


5 Years -- $35.25 Million
Averages to $7.05 per year.
No way


7 Years -- $51.5 Million
Averages to $7,357,142.86 per year.
No way.


5 Years -- $31.25 Million
Averages to $6.25 per year.
Solid player, still a little high in price.

Why are people (and certain Pens fans) all over these guys' sacs?

If you thought (or wanted) Ray Shero to drop this money on these players...

you're a joke.

Who the hell gives Scott Gomez a deal worth $7.3 million?
Yeah, the Rangers do.
If Gomez gets $7.3 per year, what does Lecavalier get? What does St. Louis get?

You just have to hope that when it comes time to play with Crosby's balls that his agent realizes that other GMs in the NHL are mud.
There is no way that these contracts should be a measuring stick in regards to what Sid (easily the best player in the NHL) wants or gets.

These jobber teams spent money to get some solid talent.


We have Malkin. We have Crosby. We have Staal. We have Whitney. We have MAF.
That is what's called a nucleus.

You want to sign Gomez or Kariya now for moronic sums of money and have to let Malkin walk in a few years?

Shero is making smart moves, and he isn't breaking the bank.

You could trust Shero on a bungie cord with your newborn baby even if Shero didn't have arms.
He knows what's he doing.

And even if he doesn't...
He is a GM, and you are not.


Poor Ted Nolan.

The white man has taken away something of his again.

This time, it's his talent.

The Isles released Yashin.
Blake is gone.
Smyth is gone.

But they did re-sign Jon Sim.

Long-time Isles fan Elmo has seen enough.

Rick DiPietro is in it for the long haul.
Good luck.
The Islanders may go 0 - 82 next season.

And speaking of sucking.
Good luck to the Sabres fans.

For all updated signings, go here.


Day Number:


Anonymous said...

Any of you fucking pricks say first, and I'll execute every motherfucking last one of ya


Anonymous said...


John Tarbett said...

Kariya is god damn joke. Who signs in St. fuckin Louis instead playing for the pens, who are actually making the playoffs next year. I hope the Blues finish last in the league.

Staff said...

Yea Kariya is a joke..

I like what Shero has done though.
Solid moves

Erica said...

Shero was willing to match the years other teams were offering Kariya, he just wouldn't go over $4 million. Smart guy. Kariya can go play for the St. Louis Who?'s.

Sykora&Sydor=guys who have mad playoff experience. Two year contracts are brilliant, considering Recchi&Roberts are only onboard for 1 year apiece so far...

Erica said...

Oh and, an interesting fact: Petr Sykora played with none other than Evgeni Malkin for Metallurg Magnitogorsk during the 2004-05 lockout.

Anonymous said...

you got me there anonymous


Textacy said...



Nathan said...

The 2007-08 Pittsburgh Penguins are now officially made of awesome, adding the subject of this photograph ( to Gary Roberts. Too bad we still have to wait another three months for the season to get going.

snoopyjode said...

instead of "experience the evolution," this year's motto should be "in shero we trust." solid decisions from a solid gm. i was glad to see him saving money for when 87 et al. come up as RFAs.

shero > holmgren (thank GOD)

the best part -> my boss (the sabres fan) is having an absolute fit!!! [*evil laugh*] who'll be laughing now?!!

only three more months... oh man, i don't know if i can stand the wait! :)

snoopyjode said...

i forgot this:

here's a good article about sid's contract extension. it's long, but it's an interesting read.

Loser Chris said...

All good signings by Shero. Sydor is just the kind of player we need and Sykora could easily score 80+ points playing with Sid or Malkin. That Whitney contract is going to look like a bargain in a couple years.

As for the big signings... I was hoping we'd find a way to sign Drury, but all of the money being thrown around out there is insane. The good news is that the Rangers and Flyers have basically used all their cap room for the next 5 years.

I'm still trying to figure out who is more overrated, Smyth or Briere. I think I have to give the edge to Briere now because that contract Philly gave him is ludicrous. They'll be regretting that one in a couple years.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely great moves by Shero. Sykora is a solid player and sniper that's going to make up a great Staal-Malkin-Sykora second line. Sydor is a solid d-man who can move the puck and is good defensively. Huge upgrade over scudicar. We're probably going to make some trades to get someone to play with Crosby and maybe sign someone like a Tom Preissing. Ray Shero knows what he's doing and the people questioning him are morons. Oh and I hope this is what happens to Paul kariya opening night. paul kariya=bitch

-Kenny Melvin

Jason said...

judging from yesterdays free agent signings, heres my best estimate of what some of the pens could get in the open market:

staal - 10 years, $95 million
malkin - 11 years, $145 million
fleury - 15 years, $200 million
sid - 27 years $8.7 billion

free agency is a joke

snoopyjode said...

LOL, jason, i almost spit out my vitaminwater!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL Jason


Pensblogderek said...


Is vitaminwater any good?
I have heard nothing but good things.

snoopyjode said...

i love it. although, i should warn you to stay away from the kiwi-strawberry flavor... it tastes like poison. :)

Stoosh said...

Fun with Numbers...

Rangers still have to pay Jagr something in the neighborhood of $8.3 million for each of the next two seasons.

Scott Gomez's deal comes out to be about $7.35 million a year for seven years. This for a guy who's scored 15 goals in a season twice in a seven-year NHL career. Good call. This is the Bobby Holik deal all over again.

Chris Drury's new deal comes out to be about $7.05 million a year for the next five years.

Given that, they've committed almost $23 million of a $50 million cap to three players (46%).

And they still have to sign Avery, Prucha and Lundqvist.

And they have to pay the rest of their roster.

Translation: We can probably expect the entire Hartford Wolfpack blueline to be called up to play defense for the Rags this year. Good luck with that. I'm sure that'll work out well.

dying alive said...

The people who are crying about Shero not overpaying people like Kariya and Hannan are the same ones who'd be throwing a total bitchfit about Shero's poor financial management when Geno & Staals contracts come due and we had to trade one of them away.

Solid signings. Shero never misled anyone. He said all along that we weren't looking for stars, we were looking for role players. Don't we have enough stars? What's the big deal?

snoopyjode said...

the pens reached a deal with scudsy.

John Tarbett said...

Why Pensblogs > Buzzontheburgh

Pensblog can spell Sykora right. Check out, they spell his name wrong every single time!

pensblogderek said...

I had to job that guy in his comments last night.

I don't mind rumor sites, but come on, the over use of the word "sources" drives me insane.

I highy doubt anyone close to Ray Shero would be leaking any info.

Plus that guy is a joke.

snoopyjode said...

wow, stoosh, way to put it into perspective!

pensblogderek said...
I highy doubt anyone close to Ray Shero would be leaking any info.

you're right - therrien would have them killed.

Anonymous said...

The dude running buzzontheburgh is now backtracking and saying he really wasn't sure about Kariya. This jobber is an absolute disgrace. And Stoosh all I have to say about the Rangers is that Michael Rozsival is their best defenseman, end of story.

-Kenny Melvin

Anonymous said...

dont forget all the people over at letsgopens who say that signing sykora is a sign that gonchar is next to go cause sykora can translate for malkin.

1. Gonch is here to stay. Do you want to trade him for a solid defenseman? HE IS a solid defenseman. Why not just trade Crosby for a solid centerman?
2. Sykora is CZECH, not Russian. Just because he played in Russia one year does not make him fluent or able to translate.
Sheesh do some people think before they type??

Anonymous said...

I have no idea why people are so high on trading Gonchar. I know he isn't the best defensively but he never was. He was second in the league scoring for defenseman last year, that's pretty elite. I think Gonchar would prove his value if he wasn't here.

-Kenny Melvin

gonch's nephew said...

Uncle no want leeve Peetsburgh!

Steve In Denver said...

I think the most amazing downward spiral of the weekend doesn't go to goes to NYI.

Garth Snow = loser. What a weekend for him, and coach "sitting in own feces" Nolan. Probably as bad or worse than Buffalo's dismantling. He may copy Elmo and hang himself in the coming weeks.

Let's recap his moves - 15 years and 60 zillion to DiPietro. Next, give up 3 first round picks for 2 months of service from Ryan Smyth. Next, lose Smyth. Lose Blake. Lose Kozlov. Buy out Yashin for a ton. Now, the 1st rounders they gave up for Smyth will surely be sweet picks...the kind you build a dynasty over (insert Pens draft history since 2001 here), since the Isles will be in the cellar for at least 5 years or more, and get nothing for the misery.

It's so good to be a Pens fan.

Nathan said...

I seriously doubt the Penguins signed Gonchar for his defensive abilities. Plus a salary around $5 million per year over the next three years probably renders Gonchar pretty close to untradeable at this point, especially since the Rangers grabbed a one-way ticket to Crazytown with their signings yesterday.

Scuderi's signing probably means the end of Joe Melichar in Pittsburgh, since the Pens now have six veteran NHL defensemen under contract, and Scuderi will probably be playing for his job in training camp with Kris Letang et al. gunning for that #6 spot on defense.

snoopyjode said...

gonch's nephew said...
Uncle no want leeve Peetsburgh!

loser chris?

Kenny Melvin said...

RS is holding a press conference at 2 PM today to announce Lemieux is in the best shape of his life.

Anonymous said...

serious question - what number does Sykora take? in Edm he was #71.....I think we kinda have a #71 on our team.....give him 17, Palffy had it and was a bum.


Jason said...

gonchar could have a foot amputated and the rangers would still probably pick up his $5 million contract. thats how absolutely retarded the rangers are.

Kenny Melvin said...

The funny thing is the cap is probably going to go down in a next year and the years following. The Flyers and Rangers are going to laugh now but in a few years everyone will be laughing at them.

pensblogderek said...

Why people want to get rid of Gonch is beyond me.

He is a solid NHL defenseman.

Sure he makes mistakes.
But lets not forget he had a pretty damn good season last year, and he anchors the power play.

Of course that contract was rough, but that is not his fault.

Loser Chris said...

Naturally Snoop!

Anonymous said...

hilarious post. elmo = classic

e.mirchich said...

a few weeks back i signed sykora in my dynasty on nhl 07. coincidence? i think not.

Kenny Melvin said...

Derek, with the salaries being given out for defencemen these days his contract is actually pretty normal for a player of his talent.

Barrasso35 said...

St. Louis is a joke... just look at their most beloved player, douche-clot, Brett Hull.

The Penguins are named after a flightless bird but holy crap, the Blues are named after a style of music... that's real frightening.

What are you going to do, play some Muddy Waters and depress me to death, Funnyman? At least a Penguin can bite your fuckin' nose off or something.

It's obvious that Paul Kariya is all about the money. He will never win a Stanley Cup in St. Louis.

Shero is money in the bank.

Loser Chris said...

Exactly, Gonch will only be making a little more than Scott Hannan this season.

I don't see why people are even thinking about trading the QB to our power play. We live and die with our power play.

Nathan said...

Sykora wore #17 when he was with the Devils, then switched to 39 in Anaheim because Matt Cullen was wearing 17 when Sykora got there. He couldn't get 17 in Edmonton because it's Jari Kurri's retired number. Since no one's wearing 17 currently in Pittsburgh, I'm thinking it'll be Sykora's if he wants it.

pensblogderek said...

17, eh?

Long live Thomas Sandstrom...haha

canaanmakesfood said...

phil, im going to have to disagree wit your assessment of palffy. he averaged a point a game when he played for us.

Kenny Melvin said...

Ray Shero will be on Madden's show today at 5 o' clock

Protect the Pens! said...

Red Alert!!!!

Our Senators are trying to PUCK the Pens one more time. They are trying to change House Bill 1631 and take different items out which will jeopardize the stadium deal. They will lie and say that the *stuff* they want to change has no affect on the stadium, but that is untrue. Call and tell them...

Pass HOUSE BILL 1631 right now, and DO NOT change it!

Be sure to call!!!

(412) 630-9466 Sen. Jane Orie (717) 787-6538

(412) 241-6690 Sen. Jay Costa (717) 787-7683

(412) 344-2551 Sen. Wayne Fontana 787-5300

(412) 621-3006 Sen. Jim Ferlo 787-6123

Call these folks too!

412-350-6500 -Dan Onorato

412-255-2626- Mayor Luke Ravenstahl

412-565-5700 -Gov Rendell Pittsburgh Office- Allen Kukovich

We need to push this through, we can't risk another threat to keeping the Pens in the Burgh!

Anonymous said...

So, is no one else concerned that the pens will still only have two or three right-handed forwards? I don't know all that much about this Brent character, but neither Armstrong or Laraque are big-time scoring threats either....

snoopyjode said...

what?! did i miss something? i know the state senate is being a pain in the ass, but is this what the 2:00pm press conference was about? i've gotten no "red alerts" from my feeds here at work, and i can't find anything on the internet that indicates that there is an immediate threat to the bill or that the senators have given up trying to come up with a compromise.

Mike Costa said...

That Elmo Caption Is Money

Kenny Melvin said...

Snoopy don't take what this guy has to say seriously, I have heard no updates and if there was anything seriously comprimising the arena I'm sure Stoosh would has said something. The press conference at 2 was just to introduce Sykora and Sydor.

snoopyjode said...

thanks, kenny, for the press conference update. re: the red alert - that's what i thought. ;)

Kenny Melvin said...

Here are the latest signings
Roman Hamrlik's contract shows why free agency is a joke

Barrasso35 said...

1) Any Dire Straits reference is gold, in my book. (Staff, I'm sorry I didn't comment on it earlier.)

2) What is it with senators messing with the Pens these days?

Again, I quote the infamous snoopyjode :

Believe it.

snoopyjode said...

infamous, eh?
snoopyjode = flattered :)

but, just so it's on record, i sooooo wasn't kidding. since most people in pennsylvania west of here (i live directly in the middle of pa) WANT THAT ARENA, if those damn senators WANT THEIR JOBS, they should comply with our demands.

Loser Chris said...

You're so right Kenny. That Whitney contract looks that much better.

Kenny Melvin said...

Just look at it this way Chris along with Hamrlik getting paid more money than Whitney, Tom freaking Poti is getting paid almost as much as Whitney. We got a steal

Hooks Orpik said...

"So, is no one else concerned that the pens will still only have two or three right-handed forwards?"

Anon, I don't think it's THAT big of a deal.

Statistically most players (especially defensemen) that make it to the NHL are left-handed. Not sure why, but the numbers hold.

A professional player is good enough to adapt to the situation and angle his body to make the play [see the infamous Ryan Whitney backdoor play (R)]

And with guys like Bing and Geno dishing the puck, does it really matter what hand is on the bottom of the stick? Didn't think so.

Adrienne said...

So, is no one else concerned that the pens will still only have two or three right-handed forwards?

ROFL. The pens will never have something even close to a 50:50 ratio of left and right handed players. Think, we sign more righties, and all our learning efforts for the last decade will be thrown out the window!

Spencemo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Spencemo said...

First let me say just how jazzed I am by Shero's job so far. He's gold.



Spencemo = sad :(

Anonymous said...

I've read nothing about the "red-alert" though perhaps one should have been raised for Elmo. Sykora signing is solid, not really sure on Sydor just yet, more research required.

Also, I'm with Snoopy, Central PA is staunchly behind the Pens, at least those who pay attention to the game. I can't see anything binding going against the current agreement.


Ian said...

Here's a heads up to everyone on this (hopefully people take note!). ESPN, which is trash, is having a "Who's Now" voting competition over the summer to determine who is the most "hip" athlete. Sadly, Gary Roberts didn't make the cut. However, Sid the Kid did. He's a 7-seed in their 32-athlete bracket (meaning he ranks somewhere between the 25th and 28th most important athlete in Sports right now according to ESPN. He's matched up against Derek Jeter (garbage). I think we need to make sure, on July 11 when their matchup is up, that Crosby pulls the upset. Here's the link:

Remember, July 11th, ESPN, Crosby over Jeter.

hooks_orpik said...

ian, i like where your head's at to raise crosby's profile and continue his quest of world dominance, but since it has to do with the 4 letter network matching him up against a new york yankee in a popularity contest...

screw that.

i'll tell you who is not now.

cross-eyed jobbers, that's who. suck it, stu scott.

Kenny Melvin said...

ESPN Now is a fucking joke, why do they even cover sports anymore? Pretty soon it'll be entertainment tonight. I just hope someone throws a football at Stuart Scott's other eye.

Ian said...

While ESPN may be a joke...isn't it just playing into what they're looking for in the "bracket"? I mean...with seeding Jeter so high, it's basically a challenge to us to vote Jeter out.

FritoWill said...

i just took a huge crap, which should get me around $2.5 million from the NY Rangers

Jason said...

lol, nice one fritowill.

bertuzzi's contract with the ducks might be an even bigger joke then gomez's. $4 million a year for a guy who played 15 games last season? joke

chris said...

espn is a joke...those espy awards are a farce....they consider motoX a better "sport" than hockey...JOKE

go pens

Anonymous said...

33 = Zigmund Palffy....he actually retired because Cairns threatened to beat his ass if he was not given his number.

theNick said...

go to that site and enter abbyryan as your even id.

i say its reason enough to keep ryan malone around.


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