Sunday, July 22, 2007

Midnight Rider

Breaking News

The Steelers have signed Ben Roethlisberger to a contract extension.

Just kidding they signed William Gay their 5th round pick.
We just assumed a Gay signing meant Big Ben.

Our bad.

How big of a mess are sports right now?

Horse steroid user Barry Bonds is about to take over Hank Aaron in home runs.
Michael Vick is DDTing defenseless dogs because they are better QB's than him.
And now the NBA has a full scale scandal on its hands.
Some jobber ref is accused of fixing games.
ESPN covered it yesterday, but you can already tell they are trying to downplay it.
The NBA sucks.
At least in the NHL we all know the games are fixed.

When Mick Magoo takes the ice, you know someone is going to get jobbed.
We take it and move on.


More Gary Roberts pages popping up on Facebook.

This town doesn't even know what it is in for when the season starts.

You better get ready to start the Gary Roberts campaign for the 2007-2008 All Star game.

Sudden Death was on USA today.
There is never a bad time to watch this movie.
In terms of bad acting and ill-conceived plot lines, this movie could go toe-to-toe with even the likes of Commando.
And that's what makes it so easy to watch.
One of the many reasons it will be sad to see the Mellon Arena go, is the fact we won't be able to make the standard. " I hope a helicopter doesn't crash onto the ice" joke.
Good times

One Penguins note.
They signed Alain Nasreddine to a one year deal.
Ray Shero apparently never sleeps.
A Winter in The Sun
Game #51
February 3, 2007
Among the Wild Flowers..PENS WIN

2 - 0
Finally, Ronald Petrovicky went coast to coast?
Yeah, that's right.
Petro tore a wrist shot past Olie the goalie to put the Pens up 1-0.
Kind of a weak goal after all the saves he had made, but what else would you expect from Kolzig?

After that, it was all Fleury all the time.
AO didn't have a shot until the third period, and Fleury would have none of it.

Picture: AO -- stunned after seeing his girlfriend making out with WPXI's Rick Walsh in the stands.

Commentorblog said:
Anonymous said...

*standing and applauding Mark Eaton"


Day number:

(Thanks to Mike Costa for sending this)


jamesFALLEN said...

Being from Washington, for me the Caps/Pens games are always intense with the four goal comeback game being my favorite of the season. I love the game rundowns!Anyway tod at Outback the watier noticed my penguins shirt and said how he liked the devils and Brodeur. I immediately changed my tip amount from 15% to drawing a miniature middle finger on the tip line. God I hate the DEVILS. God I can't wait for this season. And as a sidenote I was happy about Nazz, he seems like a guy that really loves doing what he's doing and he should be rewarded.

Jeffry said...

Let off some steam Bennett!

Tee said...

On a Sudden Death side note... I was at the blackout game, and I actually believed for a second that the helicoptor thing might be about to happen. Good thing Ray Shero has actually hired JCVD to sit in the boiler room for the entire season and make sure no bombs get planted. It's not like he has anything else to do...

EmDubs said...

That Sudden Death movie cover is begging for a Gary Roberts photoshop.

Hooks Orpik said...

Pensblog, I was bored the other day and was looking back at the May posts detailing the Fedko jobbing.

I forgot the exact day and exact quote, but we were promised Gary Roberts facts would take over Pensblog, should he re-sign.

That sounds like something we could compile and get to in August, to keep things fresh.

Jason said...

about the gary roberts facebook group posted today....the picture of gary that they're using might be the worst picture of him ever. He looks like hes about 63 years old.

Staff said...


I think someone brought this up a week or two ago.

Being that we did Mario facts already, we are weary of repeating the sames ones, and also not sure if the whole thing is funny.

With that said there was a post on letsgopens with some Gary Roberts facts that was pretty funny.

I'll give you this though.
We did Mario Facts on October 31.
After the year on that expires maybe something could happen.

We really want to start getting the right things together to vote Gary Roberts into the AllStar Game.
Much like the Vote for Rory thing last year that Canucks fans almost pulled off.

It is going to be nearly impossible but if we get help from everyone we might be able to pull it off


John Tarbett said...

hooks orpik, I've always been a big fan of doing Gary Roberts facts, and I'm pretty sure the staff knows that by now lol. But it's up to them, if they think it's not a good idea because it was done with Lemieux before, then so be it. But if they run outta material for the offseason, they can have us submit some facts and they could post them. Who knows.

BurghGuy said...

I agree the Sudden Death cover needs a Gary Roberts photoshop.

I'm so goddam bored in the offseason. I can only play so much NHL 07.

Staff said...

NHL 07 is sick...

I can't wait for 08

Jason said...

07 is the first year ive switched from the EA series to the 2k series. 2k7 is a pretty solid game, i think its more realistic than the EA games.
Might stick with it and go for 2k8

Jonny V said...

TPG Staff, the whole key with the Roberts' campaign lies with the Amish...find a way to get them to accept electricity in their lives, they in turn bump up the online voting, and VOILA!

U can thank me later

Alex said...

I just IMDB'd Sudden Death and it appears that Pat Brisson had a small part as "player #2." Looks like we have an actor/agent on our hands.

Anonymous said...

real happy Nas isn't leaving. he was a +12 last year. hopefully Gonchar is taking note.

Anthony Lenze

wilsmith said...

You bite your tongue, Commando is the greatest movie ever.

I can never get enough of those one-liners that Arnold has the whole way through.

And when he hacks that guy up with the radial arm saw blade... probably the 2nd greatest scene in movie history -- 2nd to when in Total Recall he falls out onto the surface of mars and his eyes pop out.

Tiffany said...

Jonny V,
Hahaha....were you reading Josh's Eighty-Four Glyde yesterday too??

BurghGuy said...

EA has definitely taken over in the hockey gaming world. 06 was good, 07 was better and 08 will be insane on Xbox 360. I think it comes out in September sometime. Can't wait.

chris said...

gonchar played 82 games and had 67 pts...

nasreddine plaed 44 games and had 5 pts...

gonchar is sick...he needs to take note of nothing..

go pens

wilsmith said...

someone just got smacked with a boomstick of facts.

vspada said...

After hearing enough of Michel Ouellet being called Maxime Ouellet in NHL 07 and from various announcers around the league, I decided to do a little research. After looking through a 2004 NHL yearbook, I came across a Maxime Ouellet in the Depth Chart of goalies for the Capitals. Not being sure if it was a typo or not, I looked on the internet through the link. As a matter of fact it was not a typo, and he is in the Vancouver Canucks system. Just found that interesting.

Hooks Orpik said...

"We really want to start getting the right things together to vote Gary Roberts into the AllStar Game.
Much like the Vote for Rory thing last year that Canucks fans almost pulled off."

Ok staff, I'll give you that.

But I'm sure they're going to change up the voting methods...Afterall, without going all conspiracy theory on you (because those are gay) the NHL probably used some 'fuzzy math' in tabulating the votes.

All of a sudden, Rory's percentage of votes per week (compared to the other contenders) took a great hit compared to where he tracked for several weeks in a row.

But if they do somehow keep it the same we will prevail, Gary Roberts is going to the All-Star game and going to kick someone's ass in it.

Anonymous said...

I don't know that I want to see Gary Roberts in the All-Star game. It just wouldn't be fun to watch him on the ice when hitting is not allowed IMO

Fact: Gary Roberts could not hit anyone during the 2008 All-Star Game. This did not prevent him from sending a player through the glass with his glare.

Loser Chris said...

Not to brag, but I busted out the Eaton Sudden Death cover ages ago.

Also, you should all boycott the NHL 2k series. The guys who make that game are the definition of jobbers. Scum of the earth type stuff.

Hooks Orpik said...

anon, I think I remember it was Jeremy Roenick a couple years ago who threw out a pretty good hit in the all-star game just because.

If you don't think Gary Roberts would take a run at western conference all-stars, you're a joke.

Anonymous said...

NHL08 will be great, but not on xbox360. Xbox360 is for poor people you have a hard on for bill gates. Get a ps3, or at least a wii. Xbox360 is evil, well I at least hope you don't have to send it back 3 times because its broken before NHL08 is released. Boycott microsoft!!! The support they gays, hate the troops, and support the Michael Vick wildlife fund.

I have no respect for those who use a xbox360. All 360 users should be rounded up in put into tolerance camp.

Jason said...

i guess i'm im the minority here since i own a 360 AND prefer the 2k series to ea sports.

and anonymous, if you're gonna hate on a company for political reasons, it should be sony. bill gates gives more money to charity per year than you'll ever make in your life

FritoWill said...

i really don't want to get into this arguement but i will.

I had a PS2 for basically since it first game out, and was a faithful user, but the games just suck, its isn't the system its the games you play on it.

They are no where near the same.

Anonymous said...

least i am buying American

Anonymous said...

Screw PS3. Screw Sony. Buy a Wii.

BurghGuy said...

I could give a shit about Bill Gates, but if his product is going to give be 10x better graphics than a PS3, I'm going with that.

Jonny V said...

Trackable stats, player trading, and making Gretzky's head bleed? NHL '95 on Genesis pwns you all...

And Tiff-taff, i know not of what you speak, this 84-glyde... I have no idea why the amish popped into my head as a way to get a lead on our Gary Roberts' All-Star-nod quandry. But I do believe it's just crazy enough to work.

Anonymous said...

If you looked at my post I said a Wii is an acceptable purchase. 1 in 3 don't break like the crapbox360. Wii is a completly different product than ps3 or xbox360.

Bying from microsoft is like buying a vile of aids from the pharmacy. 1 in 3 break and have to be sent back to the manufacture.

This is one case where buying american is not a good thing. I usually try to buy american, but not when the product is total crap.

You couple xbox's shitty product line with there monopoly on the OS market. Go linux people, set your soul free.

I know what you are going to say, "well windows works". Well that is because everyone puts the most time into getting there window's ports to work. A linux or mac version gets much lower priority and hence much less testing.

Windows is a pile of grabage and so is the xbox. If you want to have part in the microsoft rip off machine then more power to you. For me, I will live free or die hard.


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