Monday, July 16, 2007

In The Summer Time

We have come to find out that running a hockey blog in the off-season, is like making out with your grandma.

" You wish it was that good"

Thanks grandma.

Anyways, nothing really going on as usual.
For as busy as the last month was, everything is at a crawl now.
We are way late on few things.
None bigger than this:

.....The Pen did re-sign Colby Armstrong.

You'd jump to if roid maniac Sean Hill was around you

Armstrong is as solid as it gets.
One reason is his crushing hits, as documented by (Empty Netters)
Another reason, he is Mr. Clutch.
He scored the game winner in the World Championship gold medal game.
And of course he scored three OT winners this year for the pens.


Colby Armstrong scored three OT goals for the Pittsburgh Penguins in 06'--07'.
This tied the record for OT goals in a season.
Name the four other Penguins to do it.

Winner gets:

According to the Buzz on your mom, Ray Shero hates Colby Armstrong and is trying to trade him.

It was a big night for The Buzz.
He went over the 5,000 source mark for the month of July.
By January 08 he will have sources in every neighbor in Ohio Valley.

Hey everyone, The Buzz on the Burgh touches me where I pee.

Nothing major going on.

The Flyer's introduced Daniel Briere to the Media this week.
Briere has apparently turned into a undersized 12-year old girl.

Moving on...
We noticed that in Yahoo's search engine.
The top search was " AIDS"

Who would of thought so many Ottawa Senator fans would be on the Internet today.

A Winter in the Sun
Game #45
Janurary 18,2007
Mein Kampf. Pens LOSE.
Bruins 5-------Pens 4

These are all playoff games right now.
Yeah, it feels good just to be in the race, but eventually that feeling is gonna subside when we don't start pulling these games out.

The refs forgot their whistles in the locker room for the first period.
Interference penalties are running rampant in the past 10 games or so.
I say "that's interference" at least 26 times every game.

A chippy first period had the Pens come out of there with a 2-0 lead.
Recchi, Crosby, and Malone tic-tac-toed a play that ended with Malone burying the puck into an empty net.
The Pens' second goal came with less than two minutes remaining when Evgeni Malkin flew into the zone and popped a wrister past goalie Toivonen.

Next time Toivonen goes up against Malkin, instead of Malkin having to go to the locker room and wipe himself every time he craps in Toivonen's mouth, the NHL should just install a toilet-paper dispenser on the post.

Commentorblog said:
Hooks Orpik said...

for a period of time robert scuderi could actually say he was the best defenseman on the entire ice.

this happened during a 4 on 3 in which the bruins were using 4 forwards, and the penguins (as always when down to 3 men) had 2 forwards and a lone D out there. so, the rarest of occasions happened: only 1 defenseman on the whole ice, and it was scuderi.

the b's, of course, scored a goal in that sequence.


Day Number:


jack said...

first fucks

Kenny Melvin said...

Buzzontheturd is getting that report directly from Madden's show. I guess it's better than getting your "facts" from Eklund eh?

Kenny Melvin said...

Pens Arena bill approved by the senate

snoopyjode said...

if anyone cares, sid won the espy for "best nhl player." did anyone watch? was sid there?

Hooks Orpik said...

if anyone cares, sid won the espy for "best nhl player." did anyone watch? was sid there?

I literally watched this for 30 seconds and I saw the 'award'.

They just flashed on the screen best NHL player and then showed one highlight and moved on to best MLS player or something...So as far as I could tell it last about 10 seconds and there was no Crosby. Landon Donovan won best MLS player and they did show an interview of him backstage.

PS Is it bad I can kinda remember making these comments that get highlighted 7 months later?

Ian said...

I know this is like beating a dead horse, but I realized something today. ESPN had no reason for Crosby to win their "Who's Now" vote. Think about it. Crosby vs. Jeter. Crosby wins the popular vote. The panel of ESPN analysts? All for Jeter. Now, ask this: who owns the rights to most national baseball broadcasts? ESPN. Who do they show ALL the time? The Yankees and the Red Sox. What professional sport does ESPN/ABC not have rights to broadcast? Hockey. It only makes sense for them to vote for Jeter. ESPN has broadcasting rights for baseball and not hockey, so obviously they're going to be biased towards their own programming.

I thought of this today while watching the entire panel vote for Tony Parker over 5-time Wimbeldon champ Roger Federer. ESPN has exclusive rights for the NBA, yet not exclusive on Tennis.

Anyways, I know that doesn't help to explain much, but it's makes a much better argument to call them corporate sellouts rather than "stupid fucks".

snoopyjode said...

just got a text from the pens: therrien signed on to coach through 2008-2009 season! wooooot!

oh, and thanks for the update, hooks! :)

jazzhall said...

Therrien given 1-year extension.

So at least 2 more years, or at least less lame-duck status were it ever to devolve to that level.

Also, they signed some guy from Iowa (hockey in Iowa?)

Enjoy the morning.

Loser Chris said...

Are you guys saying Briere wasn't already an undersized 12-year-old girl?

wilsmith said...

New Rule:
Being the first to reply doesn't count unless you have something to contribute. Kenny wins today. What were you doing up at 6:49am, anyway?

Kenny Melvin said...

The Howard Stern show was back from vacation and against my better judgment I woke up at 6 to listen to the live show. Needless to say i'm feeling the effects now.

Kenny Melvin said...

Michel Therrien on with Mark Madden today at 4:40. Are you ready for broken english and not correctly using the possessive!!

reganrj said...

i did watch the espy's. what a joke. basically if you didn't score a touchdown last year, you were ineligible to win an espy. what more does michael phelps have to do to win best record breaking performance? 5 world records. FIVE. but oh, i forgot LT is already the best running back ever after only 6 years. i hate espn. what a bunch of fucks

Kenny Melvin said...


October 5 can't come soon efuckingnough

Jonny V said...

I found this on another blog, and it is a little disappointing that with all the bitching and whatnot going on regarding ESPN and Who's Now?, thepensblog staff didn't come up with a variation of this. Of course knowing them, the overall winner would be "Your Mother" haha.

Up Yours ESPN

jammer jagger said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jammer jagger said...

Nothing against therrien, i think he is a good coach.

but that chick from mighty ducks 2 could have taken this pens team to the playoffs by yelling "change it up" every once in a while.

Gondosh said...

Did anyone notice that the espies has about 3 seconds of combined hockey footage included in their huge video colaborations. Or maybe the question is; did anyone anticipate otherwise?

And as long as Mark Madden is a topic, I have a quote of his of which I am a huge fan. To a woman who made a comment regarding his mother: "You're lucky you're not here becuase if you were I'd stooge slap you, you whore"


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