Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Every Day is like the Fourth of July

From all of us at the Pensblog,
We wish everyone a happy fourth of July.

Picture: John Hancock thinking about how gay he looks.

Pens News

...The Pens make amens with Epiphany Church..(thanks snoop)
Gary Roberts will say mass every thursday as well.

...Nice little article on Darryl Sydor.

But Dave Molinari needs to fact check:
"The Kings' faith in Sydor proved to be well-founded -- he has rung up 50 points at least six times, including a career-best 94 in 1993-94 -- but his game has evolved over the years."

Come on Dave you don't work for WPXI, get it together man.

.....The Pens also signed goalie David Brown, from Notre Dame.

David Brown > Rudy
Around the NHL

...We start by copying a link good friend Empty Netters found today.
Bob Duff from MSNBC thinks the lockout was usless.
Seems to be alot of this feeling going around.
Everyone needs to relax.

...Joe Starkey brings up some good points about why free agency is fine.

.......Tons of free agents signings again.

The biggest of which goes to the Devils.
They sign Dainius Zubrus to a 6 yr, $20.4 million dollar deal.

Picture: Devil fans Berry Smith and Mitch Hodge talk to some black guy about the big signing.

.......and last but not least

Our friends over at have a little debate going.
What is a better job?
3rd string QB for the Steelers or 1st line jobber playing with Mario/Jagr/ Sid.
And while it has become harder being a 3rd string QB for the Steelers because the first string QB is a baby.


Being a first line winger in the NHL still isn't easy.
It is a pretty good debate.
Check it out

Offseason Jobbing tour

4th of July concert

Since the start of free agency a few blogs have emerged as "rumor sites."
All of them are mud.
None bigger than:
The Buzzontheburgh.
This site claims to have all kinds of sources inside the Pens organization.
He has also come up with such gems as:

Blanket statement of the year:
They don't envision him[Rutuu] with the team following the 07-08 season.
Wow what a source.


This paragraph is why people touch little boys.

So, apparently we aren't the only people sick of the Buzz.

TheBuzzontheturd website is mad too:
Here is an excerpt:
Anne Frank wasn't too happy with buzzontheburgh

"Buzzontheburgh sucks"

Another site:
Burgh Buzz Hockey had this to report:

"The Chicago Blackhawks are considering trading number one draft prospect Patrick Kane to the Chicago Bulls for unisgned former Pitt basketball standout Aaron Gray... my sources have told me Gray has always wanted to play hockey and he is "looking forward to hitting the ice"... no word on whether or not Kane is a baller..."

"The New York Islanders are expected to finish installation of 15 brand new suicide booths at the coliseum for the upcoming season...."

The NHL is considering splitting the Pittsburgh Penguins into two team and forcing them to play each other for every game of the season with no chance of a playoff spot...

Suprisingly even BigBatchNews , back from vacation, threw his name into the jobbing:

Anyways,I just got done throwing 600 straight completed passes, when someone sent me the link to The Buzz on the Burgh blog.
I wiped my sweaty balls on my computer screen and walked away.

Batch out.
A Winter in the Sun
Game #36
December 27, 2006
At Least It Was Exciting. PENS LOSE.
Low point of the year?

The Pens successfully killed off every penalty in the first period.
With the Pennies on the power play late in the first, Erik Christensen plinko-ed a goal past Kari "The Boss" Lehtonen to give the Pens a 1-0 lead going into the intermission.

The second period started and things were more perfect than Curt Hennig.

The Pens could use an Intercontinental belt about now.
Eight minutes into the second, however, Vitaly Vishnevski scored to tie the game up at 1.
Eight minutes after that, Niclas Havelid scored with his peepee to make it 2-1.
That 2-1 lead stayed intact for Atlanta until Ryan Whitney rose to the occasion in the third.

57 seconds into the third period, Malkin fed a pass to Whitney, who then buried a powerplay goal to tie the game up. This game still didn't feel right.

Commentorblog said:
Adam said...

I can't wait for Eaton to get back.
Stacey, thank you for visiting the site. You are one more person to please.
Rebecca, we know you've been here a while. Thanks for sticking with us. :]
I agree 100% Malkin has to pick his game up. He's got to shoot the puck more.

Pensblog Adam giving Evgeni Malkin tips.
Malkin =85 Points last year
Pensblog Adam= 0


Day number:



Anonymous said...

Now you can't be first you sons of bitches.

Hofmann said...

Or second, you shitwizards.

Brandon said...

yeah, not only was the 93 total wrong, but sydor NEVER topped 50 points. granted, he did top 50 PIM 6 times. *weeps into hands*

oh, and when did coffey wear the C? nice little find.

Antonette said...

That offseason picture still bums be out every time I see it (so, pretty much every day).

That's all I have to say, really.

Kenny Melvin said...

If you're not watching the Revolution on the History channel all day then you're not an American.

Hooks Orpik said...

Josef Melichar has the famous Paul Coffey quote: "When we've got the puck, they can't score." on his facebook.


thebuzzontheturd said...

Update from buzzontheturd
"My sources close to me have confirmed that Will Smith with became the honorary 56th person to sign the declaration of independence today. The honor came about because George Washington's relatives loved the movie independence day and Fresh Prince of Bel Air so much they thought he deserved it."

wilsmith said...

sweet. This will be a great honor.

I seriously think that buzzontheburgh site is just making shit up. I know that's been pointed out already, but honestly, the only things they've reported have been completely wrong, or after the fact. What a joke.

Jason said...

melichar has a facebook?! hahaha, awesome, he's gonna be my new friend

Jesse Marshall said...

Pensblog and Faceoff Factor, we don't spread rumors, but we job people that do.

buzzontheburgh is currently weeping.

Kenny Melvin said...

All is quiet in commentblog today

Jonny V said...

It's been a while, yinz got all weird, and then touchy-feely, now things seem to be back to normal on the blogfront again. Holy shit that was a lot of posts, commenterblog! I had my buddies wedding last weekend, on the beach of tampa bay, and I come back to free agency madness.

Snoopy, that was a spiffy ninja/your namesake logo, and holy shit the jobbers episode was a good one.

canaanmakesfood said...


anyways...kostopolous got signed...not by the penguins

...sorry stanley, but pittsburgh doesnt want to lift your cup


Staff said...

Jonny I was going to send a search party for you.

Welcome back


Stanley P. Kachowski said...

Ronnie Franchise gets nostalgic.

Stanley P. Kachowski said...


uhhh, try this time.

Ronnie Franchise gets nostalgic

snoopyjode said...

welcome back, jonny v! i hope you had an awesome time!

very nice pic of coffey. what a player.

wow. reading those clips from buzzontheburgh pulled my IQ down a few points. me thinky they stoopid.


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