Friday, July 20, 2007

Blah Blah Blah

Jobbers is on hiatus for the week, we meant to say that last night.
No need to jump the shark with two months in the summer left.

But if you do care. Here is a sneak preview.

Chapter 5: Bowling for Poop

That's right, dick. It's me -- Howard Baldwin

Adam: But how?

Baldwin: You don't actually think the DeLorean is the only vehicle capable of time travel, do you?

Derek: This is ridiculous.

Baldwin: Walk with me, gentlemen.

Howard Baldwin leads the boys to a parking garage on Center Avenue.

He tries to make out with the boys, but they refuse.

Baldwin: It was worth a shot.

Adam: Let's get out of here.

Baldwin: Wait a second, boys.

Baldwin walks over to the corner of the garage and pulls the tarp off of a vehicle.

Baldwin: I present to you my 1991 Buick Century.

Derek: Yeah, okay. This is a joke.

Baldwin: Your life is a joke.

Days are getting actually worse and worse now.
It feels like there hasn't been a hockey game on in 10 years.

The Pens did sign Ty Conklin.

Yea that Ty Conklin.
What a terrible goal to give up.

Here is another funny Ty Conklin youtube (thanks Brendan)


Here are prospective jerseys for the Penguins next season:

All Apologies

A Winter In Sun
Game #49
The Pens Are So Good." Pens Win.
Pens- 3
Panthers -0

Seven minutes into the second, Florida's David Wilkes Booth started a Panther Train to the penalty box.

Two minutes for assassination

A minute after that, Ville Peltonen was sent to the box.
After amounting zip on that 5-on-3, Rostislav Olesz tries to take Crosby's head off and gives the Pens another 5-on-3.

Lord Therrien calls a timeout to give the big boys a breather.
This Crosby - Malkin - Staal/Recchi - Gonchar - Whitney powerplay is going to become a force, if it isn't already.

Crosby's move on the powerplay: Sex isn't an adjective, but that's as close as we're gonna get to describing that move.

After not capitalizing on the two-man, the Pens finally got the goal they wanted.
On a delicious pass from Michel Ouellet, Rich Whitney improved his chances of winning the governor race in Illinois with his usual goal.

Commentorblog said:
seth said...

Continuing with my trend...

10-3 with eaton in the lineup


Day Number:

Product of the system.


Anonymous said...

"Yah that Ty conklin", Priceless use of the english language!

Its a two-way deal, look for him not to see much time up with the big club. Especially seeing Sabourin's deal is not a two way, just wouldnt make sense...

I respect TSN's opinions as much as the next guy but did anyone see their write up on ole "Conks"....
" Has plenty of confidence in the crease, and is a capable puck-handler"... ummmm-hmmmmm


Joshua said...

I love knob hockey.

Kenny Melvin said...

Ty Conklin=Frank Pieterangelo of the future. This will be my last post for the next couple weeks, going on vacation today. Peace everyone.

PS Those jerseys are solid and someone on LGP actually said that he would be upset to see Sidney Crosby raise the cup with that gold strip under his arm. That person needs to be shot.

Anonymous said...

Those jerseys aren't too bad. They'll look a lot different on someone than they do lying flat on the ground.

And really, who cares what they're wearing -- remember when we were all worried they'd be wearing KC jerseys?

Jen said...

nice use of the phrase "jump the shark."

seth said...

im just hoping those are early prototypes that someone got ahold of

snoopyjode said...

agreed, ken. i don't care if bing is wearing my grandma's hot pink shawl as long as he's raising that cup for the fine city of pittsburgh.

staff, all i can say is "WEAK!" i was soooooooo looking forward to jobbers today!!! a little more warning next time would be nice. ;)

i have no idea what the green background is, but in a world of computer generated images and photoshops, the "green screen"-esque background is leaving me with suspicions that these new jerseys are fakes...

Teej said...

I'm disappointed... you didn't use Rick Tocchet for Day Number 92 of the offseason.

Loser Chris said...

You know the staff is always looking for ways to keep Tocchet down!

Sorry, I had to do it.

FritoWill said...

the green background reminded me of Who's Line is it Anyway.

wilsmith said...

well they certainly couldn't have put them on a more common white or black background and had the color lines on the jersey show up as well as they do on that slightly offensive green. That's my guess.

Elly said...

Ty Conklin....heaven help us.

If we somehow sign MA Bergeron, I'm done.

Anonymous said...

They're real.

The Official Pens board keeps taking the pics down, and the team asked LGP to take them down as well.

Jason said...

i dont think the concept of a gold stripe under the arms is such a bad thing, but it looks real shitty in the pictures. the stripe looks way to wide, like it would be wrapped around the players backs as well. if they made it smaller, i think it'd look better

Jonny V said...

Who the hell cares about the jerseys, more importantly, there are going to be Penguin themed Mr. Potato Heads given away this year at a game.

wilsmith said...

but only to people under 14! jerks.

Staff said...

Rick Tocchet is dead to us... I think we might petition the NHL to change the records of that game hahaha...

Yea jobbers just wasn't ready... writers block has taken over pensblog

Did anyone see whats going on with the NBA?

Some ref may have fixed games.
What a joke

Spencemo said...

Pens-themed Mr. Potato Heads?! eBay, here I come!!!


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