Monday, July 9, 2007

Back to Good

After a semi-frantic 24 hours, everything is back up and running fine.
But we now know how Tim McKyer felt in 1994, after he gave up the huge touchdown to the Chargers


A big thanks to PensblogChris for lending his sweet HTML skills to fix the problem.
And as always a big thanks to the everyone that emailed, we would never make this a private blog because that is stupid, so don't worry.
We initially thought we had been hacked by one of the countless number if enemies we have accumulated.
But it was just something stupid that got screwed up.


Back a few posts ago, we were talking about Ron Francis tying Game Seven against the Islanders in 1993.
And while we hate to bring this up because it is painful:

We have to.

Longtime commentor Chris Yarbrough (aka -Loser Chris) debated with us and told us Rick Tocchet got the goal.
Of course we told him he was insane.
On Thursday he emailed us and told us " a source" within the Penguins organization had confirmed that Rick Tocchet did get credit for the goal.
We wouldn't of believed him but he
sent a score sheet along.
We still did not believe it.
So we checked with Seth @ Emptynetters.
He verified through post gazette records that Tocchet did get the goal.
Sickening, for the last 14 years we thought Francis got the goal.
Oh well, Tocchet is a mess anyway.
Final score
Loser Chris -1
93 Islanders-100

If you look closley in that pile you will see someones childhood dying.
Around the NHL

Looks like we are back to the being bored again until someone does something.
Nothing really going on in the NHL.

In Penguins land...

The New Deal is going alright:
"It has, however, become clear that Crosby will not seek the maximum salary to which he is entitled under the NHL's collective bargaining agreement. That would be 20 percent of the league's $50.3 million salary-cap maximum for the 2007-08 season, or $10.06 million per year for the life of the contract."

Point: FDR asked Ray Shero to help with the new deal.
Counterpoint:Ray Shero wasn't even born.

Speaking of King Shero.
Nice little piece in the trib about him.
"The strength of Ray is the confidence of his vision," TSN analyst Pierre McGuire said. "A lot of guys get swayed by media and public sentiment. Ray is not that kind of guy. He has an internal vision for what he perceives will bring (the Penguins) the Stanley Cup. Most great franchises have an internal vision. Ray's vision is to build around the young guys and supplement them with veterans.

"Who's now"

What a joke. Lebron James must be on there for not doing anything.

So we got some more details.
The voting will take place starting July 11 between Crosby and that homo that plays shortshop for the Yankees.

Remember, spread the word:

A Winter in the Sun
Game #39
January 6, 2007

Biggest Win Of Season. PENS WIN.

[game39.<span class=
Picture: Jordan Staal dumps Derek Roy and starts to date Evgeni Malkin. Late in the second, the Pens are short-handed. It was gonna be a difficult thing to bear when the Sabres scored to take a 3-2 lead going into the third. However, the Pens killed off the penalty and eventually got a power play of their own. With time ticking down, the Pens throw the puck around on the power play. In a defensive lapse, Malkin is left all alone at the (right? left?) face-off dot. With 2.3 seconds left, Malkin winds up his slapshot, reminiscent of holding the "B" button down on NHL 95, and blows it past Reggie Miller. Great celebration, huge goal. Props to Whitney getting the puck over to Malkin. The third period had only a couple of nervous moments. The Sabres maybe had one or two good chances while the rest of their shots were semi-dangerous. Rob Scuderi took an uncharacteristic hooking penalty in the third, but the Pens' penalty killers got the job done. Sabres pulled the goalie, and Dominic Moore finished off the Sabres with the Pens' first empty-net goal since the eighth-grade picnic.

Commentorblog said:
seth said...

What an effort. They play like this 75% of the time the rest of the year (we know they're gonna have a few slips here and there) it's playoffs without a doubt

Good stuff.

Day number:



FritoWill said...

First you F'ERS!!!!

sorry, glad to have your guys back!

Stanley P. Kachowski said...

Well, thanks to LoserChris and staff for continuing to bring up that game.

Now, who is coming to clean the vomit up off my keyboard this morning?

What a way to start a week, you bastards.

Oh yeah. Good to see things are back up and runnin'.

canaanmakesfood said...

this article is more badass than jafar from aladdin.

snoopyjode said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Loser Chris said...

Yeah, it's not like I like reliving Game 7 either, but the truth had to be brought out.

Nice to see the Staff counter with a source of their own, but no matter who you ask:

Third Period:
19:00 Tocchet (Francis, Murphy)

snoopyjode said...

it's going to be one of those days. i hate the first day back to work after vacation. anyhoo, i will try this again:

ooooh, the next recap will be one of the games i went to!!! bing scored the goal he himself ranked #1 of the season at the 1-7-07 game! i can hardly wait. i guess i'll have to wait until the next post to tell you about it...

i love that you're calling the contract negotiations with sid "the new deal." hilarious!

also, congrats to loser chris for being correct. i am humbled at the awesomeness of the ninja. :)

re: straka - what a player. thank GOD for milan kraft.

Anonymous said...

This weekend, at trader jacks, I bought a 'diagonal pittsburgh'(w/fighting strap) away jersey that somebody ordered customized with "MR. DIRTY SAMUELSSON" on the back. Pretty excited to wear it to my wedding some day.

Kenny Melvin said...

Great to have you guys back, yesterday was mud without yinz. Does it really matter who got the goal Tocchet or Francis? No one remembers all the battles the Germans won in WWII because it didn't matter.

Spencemo said...

Um, Kenny, it matters to the families of the soldiers killed in those battles. It also matters to the sum of history. Plenty of people remember.

Kenny Melvin said...

Is this feelings blog? I was just trying to make an analogy

rudzkim said...

Marty's back!

Anonymous said...

wilsmith said...

oh, way to go guys, you got all the babies at LGP all up in a tiff.

thepensblogderek said...

What are they mad about?I can't get into that page

Kenny Melvin said...

Yo whats up all?

We are having some big time technical issues, pretty much the biggest disaster since Dan Heatly said "Yea I'll drive."

We'll be up sometime today, thanks for the all concern everyone.

Go Pens,


That's what you wrote Derek and people are getting their panties in a bunch over it. People don't have a sense of humor anymore. F them.

snoopyjode said...

wow. what a stupid thread. i'm usually not one to draw first blood (normally i will merely react if someone attacks me first) but i simply must get this out into the world:

jokes about michel briere != jokes about dany heatley

and for those that don't get it, here's the difference: jokes about briere are jokes about the dead man; jokes about heatley are not jokes about the deceased, but about the killer. no jokes here were ever made about dan snyder - believe me i would have called out anyone who did. anyways, if you are offended by it, that's fine. but at least do us the favor of using correct logic if you're going to chastise us about our poor taste.

snoopyjode said...

try clicking here, derek.

Kenny Melvin said...

Snoopy very well said. Are we not allowed to not make fun of Hitler because Eva Braun's ancestors might be offended? LGP=joke

Anonymous said...

Nathan said...

Too bad the judicial system let Pennsylvania down by letting the casinos stay open. When New Jersey had their government shutdown last year, the casino inspectors were among those affected by the layoff. In Jersey, no casino inspectors meant the casinos had to close. The budget was resolved in 24 hours.

wilsmith said...

I've only ever read a few threads on LGP, and it seems to me like everyone on that forum knows so much more about everything than every other person on earth.

and again, well said snoop.

thepensblogderek said...

I still can't get into the thread,
but i have a feeling where it is going.

Look we have said it time and time again, if you are looking for a classy website, this isn't the place to read.

The mass email I sent out was to our readers, all who can no question handle that joke, because they are reasonable humans. The fact that it surfaced on LGP is not our fault.

If your mom's-third cousin dies in a car accident because of a drunk driver.
I am sorry to hear that, but don't try to compare, and if your are that offended by something over a message board, please seek therapy.

The thread is harmless, and we didn't even know it was on there. Maybe the people that run Letsgopens should actually lock the thread if it is creating a problem.

We make no aplogies, and never will.


We are appointing you our spokeswoman haha

Anonymous said...

What a trash website this is.

But hey lets make fun of dead people, thats cool.

Real stand up guys over here.

Maybe if you would stop trolling for hits on people would actually visit your worthless website.

Spencemo said...

I tried to register over at LGP, and it wouldn't let me...something about my email address being disallowed or banned (?!). They must have known I was coming...

thepensblogderek said...


I think you have to have another email address other than hotmail, yahoo, or gmail. I think that is it. I tried to register as well, and wouldn't let me.

Kenny Melvin said...

Guys the way I registered was with my comcast account. You can also sign up with your adelphia, verizon, armstrong, time warner, etc. accounts as well. I guess they're above letting people with free email accounts in :rolls eyes:

Ryan said...

I've never tried signing up for LGP...but are you serious? They won't let you in with yahoo, hotmail, or gmail???

And they try to rip on this site?

What a bunch of turds.

Kenny Melvin said...

Ryan that's exactly what they do, the admin said it weeds out the spammer. yeah ok. In other news about this whole arena bill. I emailed Sen. Jane Orie about it,
"Is there any update on the Penguins arena bill? I don't want this to get lost in the shuffle because of the budget crisis and I want to reiterate how important it is that this bill gets passed before the summer recess."

Her response:
"It is ready to go after the budget! We finally have agreement that the over 200 other projects that were added to PENS bill will be removed! THIS BILL WILL BE ABOUT THE PENS FUNDING!THIS BILL IS READY TO GO AFTER BUDGET PASSED-----WITH STATE FURLOUGHS ETC…IT WILL NOT PASS UNTIL THE BUDGET PASSES! IT IS READY TO GO---IT IS A PRIORITY FOR ME!"

Kenny Melvin said...

Guerin named captain of the Islanders

snoopyjode said...

Anonymous said...
But hey lets make fun of dead people, thats cool.

apparently you didn't read my last comment. maybe you should. [*whispers*] (pssst: hey anon, dany heatley isn't dead.)

by the way: you stay classy, anonymous. you come in here and rip on us and insult us yet you refuse to identify yourself. you = coward

not to beat a dead horse here, but this is an article you can read about why people find certain things humorous. people like you (obviously) who find black comedy to be in poor taste simply find these subjects too taboo to be joked about. you will never see things how we see things. period. people like us who enjoy dark humor are not sick; it's simply how we deal with heavy subject matter. i'm not saying it's right, but i'm DEFINITELY saying it's not wrong. so take your holier-than-thou bullshit back lgp, where it belongs.

that said, thanks for the promotion, pensblogderek!!! :)

oh, and my sincerest apologies to all the ranchers out there who were offended by my earlier "dead horse" comment...

Spencemo said...

Nah, I tried with the same AOL email address that I've had for going on 11 years now. Well, if they don't want me, screw 'em!

Spencemo said...

Yeah, you better watch it, Snoop, or else you'll have both LGP and PETA all over our asses!!!

FritoWill said...

after reading the thread from LGP i have to admit something...

Its the F'ing internet, nothing it ment to be serious...heck look at Wikipedia. Its a joke, everyone knows it, yes you have to the right to take offense, but I have to right to make the joke in the first place.

On a side note

Pittsburgh Penguins Launch Season Ticket Waiting List
The Pittsburgh Penguins are now accepting requests to be placed on a season ticket waiting list.

Fans can reserve a spot on the waiting list with a $200 deposit per seat, which can be applied to the purchase price whenever season tickets become available. Fans on the waiting list will also receive the following membership benefits:

if needed i can list the benefits but it boils down to you get first pick for future tickets before the public.

Mdubs34 said...

Ooooh, good discussion in commentorblog today. One of those social-type issues.

I really don't think it's about 'black comedy' (and that has nothing to do with race, retards). It's about being in bad taste.

Hypothetical: If you were Dan Snyder's dad and read that, how would you feel? Offended? I dunno, maybe. But there are only a few people who put themselves in that role. However, you can think it is in bad taste, regardless of what shoes you're in. And you'd pretty much be right. I think the staff has pretty much said that. But being in bad taste and being offensive aren't the same, in my mind. Most people are far removed from this particular situation, so it falls into the bad taste category, for me at least. You know what, though? Fart jokes are in bad taste. Laughing at a guy getting kicked in the junk by his 2 year old is in bad taste, to a much lesser degrees, of course. It's all in your personal taste and perspective. Just my 2cents.

Loser Chris said...


I am offended... that I didn't get the mass e-mail sent out. Was that payback for the Tocchet thing or something?

Staff said...

haha Chris I woke up at like 11am on Sunday and checked the usually bare email. It was packed with concerned readers. So i just got everyones email I could. If you'd like I could send you an email? hahaha

The tocchet thing you pulled off is one of the great victories of you life, enjoy it.

Mdubs34 ,

We are not having this debate.
If you don't like it fine, but this is the biggest non-issue of all time. And there is nothing anyone can say to change it.

Dany Heatley is a joke


Anonymous said...

A note on The Game That Won't Go Away. Tocchet scored on a double deflection. His stick barely touched the puck ... but he did indeed score the goal.

Sarah said...

welcome back - we missed you!

Kenny Melvin said...

Arena funding has been approved, we can all step away from the ledges.

Mdubs34 said...

Easy, staff. Actually, I never said I didn't like the Heatly jokes. In fact, I do like them. My point was that there's a difference between laughing at something that may be viewed as 'in bad taste' and something that is 'offensive', at least in my opinion. And Heatly is a joke. Though I'd take him on Sid's wing. He's just not allowed to drive Sid anywhere... or himself anywhere for that matter (small town and all).

Staff said...

hahaha solid recovery mdubs , sorry to be jumpy, you have to watch your back on the internet these days

rachel said...

Glad that everything is okay. I'm liking the new Pensblog sign with the penguin as the l and o, very creative :)


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