Monday, July 30, 2007

So much for Michael Ryder's arbitration.

The Canadiens avoid a joke of a contract and instead give him...a joke of a contract.

$2.95 million for 1 year.

Let's not kid ourselves.

It's $3 million.

Ryder is not worth this money.


RBK Blog

New Florida Uniforms

Buddy Lembeck from Charles in Charge makes another appearance.
Gotta say these are pretty sharp.

You know what else is sharp?
The razor Scott Mellanby used when we did coke with a couple rats in the locker room back in 1995-96.

The Florida Got-Swept-in-the-Finals-Ers played a reunion game.
Reading this article makes it sound pretty cool, and it probably was.

Just had to make an appearance.

If your brain doesn't stop for at least 10 seconds when someone mentions the 1996 Eastern Conference Finals, you don't know what's going on.


Here at Pensblog we rarely do anything nice, and generally try to offend as many groups of people as we can.

But we figured we should pass this along.

A long time reader
"Barasson 35," as he is known in commentorblog, emailed us this weekend.
He is a displaced Pittsburgher living out in the Midwest.
Kansas, correct us if we are wrong.

To make a long story short he hasn't seen a live Penguin game at the Mellon Arena in 11 years.
He is making the trip home in February 08' for the three game home stand against Isles, Kings and Flyers.

He asked us what seats we would recommend.
To us as long as we are at the Mellon we are cool.
But it brings up a valid point.
What are the best seats at the Mellon Arena?

section-C is solid.
D has its moments.
If you ever student rushed you know B like that back of your hand.
E is OK.
F is high but not bad.
And A is big time cash money.

For our money we'd go with section -C about halfway up on the side.
But drop a line in commentorblog if you want to, to help good ol' Barasso out.

In other news,
Blogger was temporarily down today:

Google's servers were down for 4 minutes because it couldn't compute the homoness emanating from Kenny Melvin's new blog.

The Skating Penguin


A Winter in the Sun
Game # 59
February 19,2007
The Islanders Again? PENS LOSE.

The ghosts of Glenn Healy and the 1993 Islanders were awoken on Monday afternoon.

There's really nothing to say about this game because we didn't see it, because of work stuff.
It is most likely better for everyone that we didn't get to see it.
Because Ted Nolan jokes would've been everywhere.
Although listening to Mike Lange on the radio when the Isles scored was gut-wrenching.
Let's face it, everyone. This is only the beginning...
...of the longest month and a half of our lives.

Picture: Adam when he got off work at 3:30.

Commentorblog said:
Doug said...

Steigy: "I don't remember having school off for President's day, do you Bob?"
Errey: "Uh, I was in Canada"


Commentorblog doesn't miss a thing

The countdown will start tomorrow for real.
It is at 67 today we want to start it at 66.


Jason said...

pretty solid idea by the panthers. i kinda wish the pens would do something like that for the cup teams. it'd be pretty sweet to see crosby put one by pietrangelo

Joshua said...

C section is pretty sweet but for the love of Bob Johnson do not get up so high in C that you have the dreaded overhang blocking your view of the rest of the arena. D is pretty sweet too!

Anonymous said...

The Skating Penguin is very clever and totally original. Also, Carrot-top is hilarious.

Steve In Denver said...

I'd mix up the seats to get a different perspective each night. Start in D, next move low in C, and cap it off in A for the finale.

I agree...a Pens cup reunion game would be insane. Until Ulf chopped off Crosby's left arm and ate it, that is.

Hooks Orpik said...

Let's hope the countdown to the season begins as the season will hopefully end--with a Penguins captain hoisting Lord Stanley and me drunker than Lindsay Lohan on a Saturday night.

Kenny Melvin said...

I have to go with section D as the best. Just not D9 with the cowbell homos

Pat said...

I sit in E4. I love it up there. It's not too high up, and you can see the entire ice surface.

Anonymous said...

the skating penguin?
Wasn't every line in that thing something taken out of this blog?

Anonymous said...

C Level on or between the blue lines can't be beat.

winn0025 said...

Come on, everybody wants mid-C. They're WRONG. Corners are where its at if you want to see plays develop and get the full Bing experience. I wouldn't trade my seats in low E19 (gets the overhang net above the ice) for anywhere else except my pick of the B corners.

Anonymous said...

D is solid, but I agree -- stay away from the cowbell queers.

Joshua said...

Check out the NHL's frozen moment and tell me Quebec wasn't bad ass.

Loser Chris said...

Ah the Nords... I miss those days. I'm actually looking forward to Joe Sakic retiring so I can finally cut ties with that team.

Kenny Melvin said...

Totally random but while you guys are talking about the Nords:

Jason said...

ya, if you get stuck sitting under the overhang in C it kinda ruins the whole experience.

even though its pretty pricy, I would try for A (no more than 5 rows from the glass) for just one game. Its not the best view overall, but in my opinion you haven't truly experienced a hockey game until you've seen it at ice level.

LovesThePens said...

Re: The Skating Penguin

Come on! What is the problem with you people!! Give this guy a chance. You don't like it, don't go there. If you have no balls to reveal who you are there, you can't comment. So, what do you do? You come here, you pussies, and comment on ThePensblog as Anonymous and trash him!

ThePensblog has set the bar, very high. Let's see, hmmmm....who else copies them?

The Steelers Blog
The Guins Blog
Pittsburgh Sports 'n' at (a little)
The Pens Blog (rip-off site)

Taking One For The Team
(Loser Chris, Snoopyjode, The Skipper) are influenced by the guys here.

I'm sure there are dozens more that I just don't go to.

I think Anonymous just must have a crush on Kenny Melvin and can't figure out how to fuck him!

If ThePensblog want to job him here, they can. It's their fucking site! I’m so fucking sick of "Anonymous".

I was the first to comment on KM's site. If I no longer like it, I'll quit going there.

Korn said...

Sat in B-21 growing up, just a few rows above the Pens locker room, which is also the end they shoot at twice. Always an important consideration.

I'd pay alot to see those Cup teams back together again. How has this not happened?

wilsmith said...

Got to sit in A27 I think it was, last year for Malkin's first game. Amazing. I could see right into the locker room, I probably could have stolen some jerseys if my arms were a little longer.

When I'm not at work I'll link the pictures and videos I took.
The best part was, we only got them because they were the only ones not sold that close to the game, then as the usher was sitting us down, we couldn't believe it. Talk about dumb luck.

J. Peezy said...

Dan Potash has custom plates that read DJ PO.


Anonymous said...

I'm not saying ThePensBlog have a copyright on a particular 'style', but there is more than just a similar style/vocab going on, it seems.

Is The Skating Penguin supposed to be a tongue in cheek copy of this site?

I'm not flaming. I want to know.

Tee said...

If you ever speak ill of Danny Po again I will suture your lips shut with your own intestines. He is a saint.

Kenny Melvin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Loser Chris said...

Kenny, tell me that is a joke. If not, I have two words for the pensblog staff... "restraining" and "order".

Enough is enough already Kenny. Nobody wants to read jokes on your blog that are just lifted from 6 month old posts on here. You seem to be relatively quick-witted, come up with your own schtick.

LovesThePens said...

Just to get this out of the way...the thing I hated about the "Anonymous" comments is that they were anonymous.

Loser Chris, the restraining order comment scared Kenny so much that he deleted his

Loser Chris said...

Something tells me that wasn't Kenny's only Pensblog related fantasy...

Tiffany said...

Ok....I had a dream about Gary Roberts the other night (probably because of watching this interview). We were chit-chatting about his career, his current role in Pittsburgh.... Anywho, the point is that it made me wanna look again on YouTube & see if anyone put together a video for the 07-08 season. Out of the few that are available so far, this one’s pretty good. Just be prepared to get chills & possibly tear up at the end.

P.S. Not sure how Barrasso35 feels, but I’m diggin’ your idea, Steve. ;-)

wilsmith said...

Oh, I wasn't speaking ill of danny. Believe you me.

You should see the pictures I got of he and sid during the intermission. I could have probably stolen Sid's sweat-stained hat that he wears after every game right off the top of his head.

Anonymous said...

No're cool, Wilsmith.

But J. Peezy said...
Dan Potash has custom plates that read DJ PO.


Kenny Melvin said...

It looks like hockey could be coming back to ESPN as soon as the 08-09 season.

snoopyjode said...

i'm going to have to agree with winn0025. check out the view from the b corner down by the goal the pens shoot at twice. (i took that pic at the 04-07-07 game vs. the rangers.) i'll check the stub when i get home from work for the exact location, but it was just to the right of the section that korn was talking about. if you sit there, you'll see (as i did) sid grimacing before he gets hit. good times.

FritoWill said...

Hey guys Mike Lange survey from you get entered for a Lange Bobblehead.


FritoWill said...

for my money C is the way to go, if you can swing the $80.

The reunion game would be cool, i really want to see the alumni team play for charity sometime. Last year Francois Leroux played.

Kenny Melvin said...

Wow where was Barbara Walters with this exclusive. The interview all of America has been waiting for: One on One with Michel Ouellet

Jason said...

kenny, that and the espn story are the kind of things you should be putting in your blog instead of just trying to rip off tpb. besides, theguinsblog pretty much has a monopoly on ripping off tpb. even google knows it, searching for theguinsblog produces the following result:
Did you mean: thepensblog

just try to develop your own style and dont let a couple of anonymous assholes get to you. hell, even the guinsblog has been getting better.

holy shit, did i just defend kenny melvin?

Kenny Melvin said...

Thanks for the constructive criticism guys. I find the pensblog hilarious and thus tried to do a blog that basically was a shittier and much watered down version. I now know that i have to develop my own style and use my own sense of humor and wit.

Anonymous said...

@Kenny Melvin

Good for you. Just keep posting anything you want. Who cares if it is strongly influenced by TPB. This is the blog you know and read, so of course you'll be influenced by it. Over time you'll find your own niche.

I agree too with Jason about theguinsblog that they are getting better. They sound more and more like someone other than TPB. They even had the NHL and ESPN scoop up first that I saw, even before Melvin posted on here.

The point is Kenny to just keep posting and hell with everyone else. TPB is a high standard and you'll always have people complain until eventually you get your own style.

FritoWill said...

something about the quote

"TPB is a high standard "

is funny to me.

Anonymous said...

Cool to see Melvin stand up and take the accusations of being a nutlicker.

I strongly suspect that the cool links that Kenny posts here are what he sees over at LGP first.

Nothing wrong with that.

wilsmith said...

Even though this is about to be replaced with an update, I'll post it here.

I shot that last October against the Devils. Good stuff, except that they lost. A21 I believe, I can't remember.

I told Colby to get some, and he said "okay".

Anonymous said...

so why knock anonymous posters when your profile is hidden? anyone else recognize the irony here?


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