Thursday, July 19, 2007

And The Days Go By

This summer has officially reached the boring point.

But hey, we might be begging for a break come March when we are in a battle for the playoffs.


One thing that summer isn't lacking of is movies.
Next up is the Simpsons movie.
And from the movie, comes the website

Which, as movie websites go, is pretty sick.
You can create your own Simpsons characters.
Ever wonder what a Gary Roberts Simpsons character would look like?

Do it

...................... is on the ball again.

Billionaire Daryl Katz is purchasing the Edmonton Oiler franchise.

.....Eric Lindros, who has somehow been regarded a good hockey player his whole career even though said career has been a complete joke, is contemplating retirement.

In between concussions, Lindros finds time to pose with the Wales Conference Trophy.
The "C" on his jerseys stands for "homo."


Tom Fitzgerald urinates on everyone.

" Tom Fitzgerald remembers that his shift was in its final seconds.

That he had pulled in a pass from defenseman Gord Murphy and was skating toward the Penguins' blue line while considering his options.

That finally, he decided to throw the puck on goal, then curl back to the Florida bench for a breather.

So Fitzgerald crossed the blue line -- "Just barely," he said -- and, with Penguins defenseman Neil Wilkinson directly in front of him, launched a shot at goalie Tom Barrasso."

Suck it.


Mr. Sydor was in town to meet the media.

"If you have the right group, you don't have that problem," Sydor said. "And from what I hear, you don't have that problem here. The old guys like being around the young guys -- they make us feel young -- and the young guys want to hear stories and stuff like that from the old guys."

Solid human


A Winter in the Sun
Game #48
January 28, 2007
Werewolves of Glendale. Pens WIN.
Penguins- 7
Coach Wayne -2

To send the Coyotes reeling into the intermission, Jarkko Ruutu scores a goal on a nice feed from Petrovicky. During that second period, FSN felt the need to drill in our heads how great big Wayne was. Who cares.


Simply put, the third period was the best period of hockey in a long, long time. Not only entertaining, but it just felt good to watch.
After the Coyotes took another stupid penalty, Malkin lights one off the post. (Can the NHL please start keeping track of posts hit? Malkin has had to have hit at least eight this season. Pensblog will keep track of the stats for 10 bucks an hour.)
And while we were waiting to get a whistle so that the refs could review the goal, Sidney Crosby scored a goal we'll be seeing in NHL commercials for the rest of the year.
After that Crosby goal, Phoenix gave up. It was embarrassing.
15 seconds later, Petrovicky scores to make it 6-2. The rout was on.

Commentorblog said:

Shanna said...


Jeromes weiner probably isnt that small, it's just that with all the fat, he probably cant find it all.

Anyway, great game by our Pennies. Sids goal was sick! I think he even impressed himself with that one. Good to see the whole team contributing. Makes it even more fun to watch. I love these guys.

LOL, poor Wayne Gretzky looked like he'd rather throw himself in front of bus than be there last night. Good for him. That's what he gets for passing over Sid for the Olympic team.

And yes, I agree, fuck Smizik. Cant wait til Tuesday when we crush the Panthers next.


Day number

Big Ben got picked off on this play, and he wasn't even on the field.

Go Pens

The countdown to training camp begins soon.


AdamG said...


AdamG said...

just to prevent "first!"

anyway great post guys. I can't take much more of this. I need something other than bad baseball to waste my time on.

Anonymous said...

if you squint really hard, that actually does look like gary roberts. :)

Anonymous said...

while i appreciate the posts, this slow part of the offseason is dragging them down. lets all try to think of new ways to job people with gary roberts.

FritoWill said...

and yet the Ben joke someone will say something about us hating on the Steelers again

Don K. Show said...

and the Roberts Simpson's character even kinda has the stare.

Kenny Melvin said...

I can't wait until you guys get to job the Steelers full time. I have a feeling that this year will provide no shortage of material...

Antonette said...

When are the dates for training camp?

snoopyjode said...

if i remember correctly, the game in phoenix is the game that all the penguins' dads attended. when sid scored that goal from almost being on his ass, i screamed so loud my neighbors heard me. imagine what troy was saying to the other dads! i found this clip of that goal on youtube for anyone else who'd like to relive it. i seriously thought gretzky was going to crap his pants right on the bench after that. as shanna pointed out, wayne is the jagoff that said no to sid for the olympics. ha ha, isn't karma a bitch!

Anonymous said...

So for those who are interested, on today's wikipedia home page, the featured article is "Fighting in Ice Hockey."

Do I even have to mention the potential for Gary Roberts facts to be included?

Do It.

Anonymous said...

Ahh memories. I followed the Pens on that road trip. First to Dallas then to Phoenix. Both really sick arenas. Phoenix even had a Hooters in theirs. Can't wait to see what Pittsburgh is gonna do.

Anonymous said...

i love the goalies reaction to that when it goes top shelf....he kinda just pauses for a monents, realizes my life sucks, looks at his three teamates around the net, as well as the dude trippin sid and needs an explination from Sir Wayne about being owned.


BurghGuy said...

Snoopy, that was the goal of the year in my opinion. I think I was more surprised when Crosby scored that goal than the one Malkin had against the Devils.

Eff Gretzky.

Jason said...

what the hell? when did they sign ty conklin? lgp has a thread on it and hes listed on the pens official roster but i cant find anything about it on tsn

Nathan said...

Gary Roberts is the reason Herman (the guy who runs the military antiques store) lost his arm.

Jason said...

and even worse:

35 Ty Conklin 6'0" 184

35?! get the fuck out of here. that number should be retired anyways

snoopyjode said...

burghguy, that was by far one pretty goal in phoenix, but i think this one is goal of the year. but then again, i may be biased because i was at that game! :)

Kenny Melvin said...

Snoopy I think the dads were on that whole trip out to the southwest. A lot of people say it was the turning point of the season and the start of that 16 game unbeaten streak.

Kenny Melvin said...

Does it really matter who the backup goalie is at the start of the season? I'm sure if Conklin or Sabourin shit the bed, we'll go out and sign someone more reliable. Goalies are always available.

John Tarbett said...

You can read about the Conklin signing Here

He is expected to play in Wilkes Barre next year, but if Fleury or Sabourin mess up, they'll probably call him up.

jazzhall said...

Conklin move is a bit unclear for me outside of a depth move. I tend to agree with K. Melvin that you can pick up goaltending approximating that calibre during the season.

John Tarbett said...

Buzzontheburgh was just talking about how Conklin has signed with the Pens, and are now saying the Pens are going after Eddie Belfour?? Wtf? Where is he getting this?

Earlier, he had reported that the Pens were close to signing a backup goalie, which he believed to be Alex Auld. Not all that surprising he got it wrong.

John Tarbett said...

Actually, the Eddie Belfour comment was from the previous post, which was before they had Conklin signed, my mistake. Either way, he got that rumour wrong too.

Kenny Melvin said...

I think Eklund and buzzontheburgh is run by the same person.

Jason said...

i would much rather see belfour than ty conklin. maf is still young and it probably wouldnt hurt to have a good experienced goalie (belfour, curtis joseph) around to help him out. i really dont consider conklin a good, experienced goalie.

Spencemo said...

Ya know, Snoop, that's almost the identical avatar I made! I just can't get eff'n blogger to accept the url to change my photo. Grrrr.

Kenny Melvin said...

The Islanders are a joke

snoopyjode said...

whoa, spence - that's weird, because i designed mine to look like me (as best i could with a cartoon, mind you)! btw, how psyched was i when i saw i could put a penguin on my shirt?!

Kenny Melvin said...

Here are the supposed new Penguin jerseys

Dwayne said...

*blank look*

well... uhm... they're certainly... well... uhh... flat? on a green surface?

sigh. if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all. so it looks like i'll just shut the fuck up.

Dwayne said...

I was complaining to the girlfriend about the new jerseys (which she seems to like). I said about how I miss the old yellow/gold and to hell with this vegas gold stuff. So she did a quick change of the new jerseys with the old color... and I still don't like it. Bleh.

New Home Jersey, Old Gold

Kenny Melvin said...

Now these aren't the new jerseys for sure, who knows it could just be early prototypes. I will always hope and pray that the Pens go back to the early nineties uniforms. I thought those were the best in all of sports.

Anonymous said...

I'm tired of hearing about going to the early '90s uniforms.

Leave the past in the past.


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