Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Under Pressure

For Snoopyjode...


When we see the prime definition of the concept of jobbing, we have to discuss it.

Daniel Alfredsson jobbed on a national stage.

Job #1

He purposely shoots the puck at Scott Neidermayer at the end of a period, sparking mayhem.

Job #2

Blatantly lies about it during post-game interviews, saying that the puck was in his skates and he didn't do it intentionally.


Newsblog discusses the emotion surrounding the Finals...

...TSN outlines the favorites for the Conn Smythe Trophy...

The leading candidate is probably the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

J.S. Giguere's equipment is a farce.

...TSN's Bob McKenzie says the Ducks' blue-liners stepped up in Pronger's absence...
It looked like it was a case of stepping back, into their trap.

.....Still breaking news.
Senator officals are still looking for Jason Spezza.
They organized a benefit concert to raise money for his family:

.........Lord Stanley will be in attendance tonight:
What a moment it could be.

It is hard to believe the season could be over tonight.
If you're a Ducks fan, you are at work on zero sleep


...Jerome Bettis' Homo
Grille unfurled the red carpet on Tuesday...

BigBatchNews says Charlie Batch was there.
"I practiced today, then went home to watch game tape from the Atlanta game and the Miami game from last year. That Atlanta game was the most entertaining game of the year, but mainstream media doesn't talk about it because they hate black people."

Nick Harper was there, too.
Bettis dropped a bottle of wine, and Harper was about to leave the restaurant with it.

Ben has to preserve Bettis' legacy again.


.....Thanks to our good friends at the Mario Lemiuex foundation for passing this along.


Another new addition to our offseason disaster ride
If you go on vacation and do something funny involving the Penguins.
Take a picture and we will post it.
(but be warned, we love to caption pictures)
First up.
Johnny V on his little trip cross country.

Johnny V at the Grand Canyon.
Asian people=Stunned

Here we have the old Cadillac Ranch in Texas, an old art project where they allow you to spray paint whatever you want on old 60's era cadillacs.

Solid tagging

Thanks to everyone that chipped in because Musicblog wouldn’t exist without you.

We Will Rock You
A song we all can’t wait to hear after summer’s over & take a look at those star-shaped glasses.

Bohemian Rhapsody
What more can you say?

I Want To Break Free
Brilliant song, hilarious video.

Wikipedia had this to say about Under Pressure:
In any case, the September 2005 edition of online music magazine Stylus singled out the bassline as the best in popular music history.

Another One Bites the Dust = Classic

Killer Queen
Vintage video

Highlander + Princes of The Universe = Gold

I Want It All
Where’s the Dr. Pepper?

Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Solid choreography

We Are the Champions
Enough said

(In alphabetical order)

A Kind of Magic:

Bohemian Rhapsody (Elton John, Guns N Roses, & Queen Live at the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert):

Somebody to Love:

Tie Your Mother Down (Slash and Queen Live at the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert):
You’re My Best Friend:

A Winter in the Sun
Game #18
Saturday, November 18, 2006

Wii Will, Wii Will Rock You. PENS WIN.

But,it must be said that when you go to the electronics department in Wal-Mart to buy a radio in order to listen to the Pens game, that's honorable.

Crap We Said

Nothing of relevance, since we didn't see the game.

Commentorblog Said
zach said...

was at the game, notes:
petrovicky looked good, few nice hits
crosby's spin move is also on the game highlights on tsn
as expected jagr got booed on every touch
the kid sitting in front of me chose the small box an got an autographed sid jersey
whoever ran the jumbo tron tonight was fucking up left and right
did they say what the 15 minute intermission was for with 56 secs left in the game?

Messageboard Nation Said
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Junior 'A'

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theNick said...

Cold War Kids-Hang Me Up To Dry

Elly said...

Coming out of hibernation on this, but I just have to say that to pop onto a blog at this time of year and see not only one, but two shots of fans in Pens' jerseys, makes me happy. Thank you.

Queen is a great choice for musicblog today.

Spencemo said...

Seeing that picture of the Cup reminds me of the trip the hubby & I took to the Hall in Toronto. I literally got to touch the Cup. It...was...unreal.

Lloyd said...

a request:

Can anybody point me to some working mike lange audio clips?

Anonymous said...

Music blog blows.

snoopyjode said...


OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cannot wait to show that picture to my friends!!! they didn't believe me when i told them about the sign. beautiful - now i have proof! aaahh, that was such an awesome night - despite the loss to ottawa - because we finally got to go to a stanley cup playoff game!



i have some lange clips on my pc at home (when i get new email it says "OOOH, she wants to sell my monkey!!!" and when i shut windows down it plays his entire speech from when they were bringing out the cup and he says "...elvis has left the building."). i don't recall where i got them from online, mostly because i got one here and one there, but i can throw them into a zip file and email them to the pensblog staff so they can forward them to you. i'll do it either tonight or tomorrow.

snoopyjode said...

i forgot to mention that i also have 2 versions of the song that plays when the pens first come out on the ice - their "theme" song, if you will. i will include both of those in the zip file.

Jason said...

staff, what are the chances of convincing you guys to create some pensblog apparel? Maybe a shirt with one of the classic photoshop pics you have lying around. Pretty sure I'm not the only person who would want one of these.

Anonymous said...

Here's some.

snoopyjode said...

i found the link for the pens' theme songs.

Barrasso35 said...

Awesome photoshop to start things off today... I need to be more careful about looking at Pensblog at work... you're gonna get me fired.

Also, thanks to anonymous for the Mike Lange sound clips... now to make ringtones.

1. Barrasso35 talkin about how ESPN drops hockey highlights way down in the show.

First off, you should be used to it by now. But more importantly, you need to realize that it's ESPN's way of saying FUCK YOU to the NHL. The NHL passed up on a few less dollars from espn to go with a gay network that no one gets, so why should they give them any love? When the NHL goes crawling back to ESPN after next year, your hockey lights will headline the show. ESPN markets what they actually get to air. Why would they do any different?


I understand why ESPN is doing it, I just thought that they had more journalistic integrity than that (it's sports journalism but it's still journalism... but I suppose it's more entertainment now, though.)

Also, take into account that I hadn't watched SportsCenter since prior to the lockout, it was quite shocking to come back to this. (I don't have cable.)

Jonny V said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jonny V said...

There were literally busloads of Asians there. All armed with camera's. Just surreal.

Just realized, you guys have probably had more videos on here than MTV had in ten years. MTV = gay. My contribution will be an ode to Yo!MTV Raps.

A Good Day indeed

So cease and desist with them tricks...

Old to the new, but the rest are doo doo

Streiht up Menace


I can't wait for Icky Thump, and watching Meg play drums is almost as good as hearing Jack play. It's like she's having sex with them. I think I may be weird.

Lloyd said...

Thanks everyone.

I have one last request... Mike Lange saying it's a hockey night in pittsburgh.

the reason i am asking for these... ringtones... does it for free.

Thanks again

Anonymous said...

the replacements- achin to be:

iron maiden- run to the hills:

warrant- cherry pie:

def leppard- photograph:
------------>(23 second delay until music comes in)


Anonymous said...

fat bottom girls is the fantasticmobamshizzlesniptipz song - billy squier boy

wilsmith said...

This still fits in the 80s, first week of January 1980, to be exact. Makes me want to play NCAA 06.
Train in Vain

and while I'm on the subject, here's one more.
Stock the Catbox

please tell me I'm not the first to post this song:
Seriously, Gold.

Ryan said...

"espn" and "journalistic integrity" should never be mentioned in the same sentence.

rachel said...

Queen, great choice.

Thanks for all the Mike Lange clips everyone.

J-Schiff, that photoshop just made today.

And I like how Clement just jobbed Brett Hull. Alfredsson again lies right to everyone, what a joke of a captain.

Old McDonald had a goal... EIEIOOOOO!! 1-0

rachel said...

I forgot, nice pics Johnny V!

Phillips helps Emery score for Anaheim and I couldn't stop laughing. I think Stanley is home in Anaheim. I can't wait for a fight to break out now.

Anonymous said...

Anaheim's 3rd goal, Barrasso35's mom said, "Who the hell scored that? There wasn't anyone near him! Did he score on himself? I think he scored on himself."

Reply shows, Emery did score on Emery, Phillips with the assist.

Barrasso35 & his mom=stunned.

Daniel Alfredsson has scored Ottawa's only two goals and he's still a joke.

Ottawa collapsing like they always do=gold.


rachel said...

Barrasso35, that's classic.

Why can't the NHL finally give credit where credit is due and give Emery the goal and Phillips the assist instead of Moen with an unassisted goal, haha.

Here's a video dedicated to Emery and Phillips...
Top 10 Playoff Goalie Blunders In History

rachel said...


DUCKS win the Stanley Cup!

Anonymous said...

Quack Quack Quack Quack

Lloyd said...

videos for the van halen songs during the cup ceremony.

Standing on Top of the World (Live)

Dreams (Blue Angels Version)

My suggestion for next Music theme: Live songs.

Congrats Ducks

Jonny V said...

Thanks Rach!

My favorite things about the Finals...
-Niedermayer's playoff beard (that thing is an awesome, Grizzly Adams-type fierce looking thing)
-His handing the Cup to his brother first.
-Ottawa winning only one game.
-The self-goal.
-Ric friggin' Jackman won himself a cup!
-Selanne not winning the cup until his return to his rightful (albeit not his original) franchise. And his crying his eyes out with his family.
-Pronger's team rallying around his suspension and winning the game without him.
-Playing the Rocky theme and Van Halen's Dreams
-Seeing the Cup go to a worthy fanbase. When I went to the Pens game in Anaheim this year, their fans were great. All of the fans sitting around me were remarking how much they liked Crosby, how exciting a team we have, and how much it sucks that they'll probably not get to see us play again for a couple more years. Some of them were even commenting that the refs were getting a little rediculous with all of the penalties called against us. Just a good fanbase.

Holy shit I can't wait till next season to start already. Here's an article by Tim Cowlishaw in ways to save hockey:
I like all but #2

EmDubs said...

Stanley Cup Rings:

Niedermayer - 4
Alfredsson - 0

Jonny V said...

Damn Lloyd, beat me to it! I second the live idea, if only because I found a bad-ass Beastie Boys clip of them rockin' the fish-eye on Letterman. An amazing video.

rachel said...

Simply the Best

w/ Mario clips

Tina Turner

Congrats Ducks!
^That beard is what Stanley Cup Finals are about...

Johnny V, you're welcome! Your list just pretty much summed up my favorites of the finals and add in emdubs stat. I also agree all of those would be great except #2. I've always wanted to hear a game with everyone mic'd up.

Next season can't come soon enough, I can't wait 'til the Cup is back in Pittsburgh!

Jonny V said...

Oh, and great as Roberts is, if you want an old-school Flames jersey, u gotta get Haaken Loob on it. So play it safe and get the Barrasso jersey

rachel said...

Wow, I suck. Sorry, Jonny V, I realized I spelled your name wrong twice.

Scorpions - Rock You Like a Hurricane (Live)

Anonymous said...

I think you're right, Jonny V, Barrasso Sabres jersey it is. (I was leaning that way, anyway, though Calgary has a pretty awesome logo considering there's no Penguin in it.)

Man, I'm still hyped up. I love watching the Stanley Cup get awarded, if it isn't the Penguins, it doesn't really matter which team it is, I always feel the same... now the Penguins winning the Cup, that's a million times better than seeing any other team win it.

This was a good finals, though. My 17 month old son sat in my lap during the first period of game 4 and watched the game, listening intently as I explained it to him. In a few years, when the Penguins win the cup, he'll just be old enough to really appreciate it. I can't wait.

I got him to say "Gary Roberts" the other day. His first hockey-related word other than "hockey," "stick," "helmet" and "skates."

Gary. Roberts. (As if there was any doubt.)


rachel said...

Barrasso35, that's great he can say Gary Roberts. He should know how to say his father's name ;)

The Stanley Cup is definitely the greatest trophy of all sports.

Foo Fighters - Everlong (Live)

Bush - Glycerine (Live)

Foo Fighters - My Hero (Live)

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

I think that seeing that Nas video (from Illmatic, the greatest hip hop record ever) was way cooler than the Ducks Stanley Cup celebration.

I would find some videos or have a longer comment, but I'm busy making reservations to eat 36 ounces of fucking steak at Bettis's joint.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

And holy shit!

The song from Menace II Society! Oh god I forgot that existed.

The song that is, not the movie.

I have the DVD of the movie, it's like Boyz 'n' the Hood with more violence, less morals, and less quality acting.

The part where they jack the guy in the car and shoot him in the head and he's like all quivering and his brains are all over the windshield is a highly underrated moment in gratuitous movie violence!!

Anyways, I changed my mind, the 36 ounce steak can wait.

Here's something you don't see much on music blog, REAL old school punk rock... like Black Flag "TV Party":

The Circle Jerks:

The band that started "straight edge"... but we'll forgive them for that because they're the best hardcore punk band ever... Minor Threat:

And when you talk hardcore, you talk Sick of It All:

And here's the video for "Institutionalized" by Suicidal Tendencies:


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