Monday, June 4, 2007

Traffic Jam When You're Already Late

The swift arm of the law was brought down upon Chris Pronger on Sunday.
He has been suspended for Game 4.

"It was a reaction play," Pronger said.
"I stepped up to make the hit and got him with my forearm.
Obviously, you have to suffer the consequences of what's come down.
It was a situation we were in last series,
and certainly teammates rallied around me and rallied around one another.
Certainly, we're looking for that again tomorrow."

Isaac Newton, thoughts?

That's the second time you've done it during these playoffs.
Read my third law, jobber.

Great move by the National Hockey League and the Canadian media --
Everyone knows they run the world.

Pronger not only went after them when he got suspended the first time, but the whole Edmonton thing was just bad.
You're thinking, "There's no way that the Canadian media has that much power."

Pensblog used to have a writer named George Johnson.
He criticized the Canadian Media in a September post.
The next morning we found him in Mt. Oliver dead.
Pecked to death by Canadian chickens.
RIP George.

How many times do you think NBC will show Pronger in the press box?
What a joke.


How sick was Tom Brokaw?
If you needed a big-time story, you turned to Tom.
He was like the grandfather that probably didn't touch you. gives the national anthem some love.

Who knew a doorman had so much talent.

“It was a big lift,” Daniel Alfredsson said. “It's the loudest I've seen this place.

Yes, Daniel Alfredsson can see sound.

Even this goat, 54 kilometers from ScotiaBank Palace, passed out during O Canada.

However, in what can only be described as some twisted joke,
there will be a different singer for Game 4.

Jagged Little Skank.

The goat kills himself upon hearing the news.

And this leads to the more important question --
How many beers would it take for you to plow Alanis?
This is a question for both men and women.
Over/under: 6

Alanis Morissette's national anthem will determine the series.
You're thinking she is going to fail.
If she chokes, Ducks are winning.
But what if she turns it into Whitney Houston from Super Bowl XXV?
What if she just nails it?
Hockey is the only sport where the national anthem is huge.

Still though,
How could the NHL allow this to happen?
What a buzzkill.


Thanks to Seth over at Empty Netters for this.

The Pittsburgh market garnered the third best TV ratings (2.0)* for Game One.
Buffalo had 3.9
Denver had 2.2

* Scale
1.0 = 1 person



Ray Charles says it's time for a few 90's apperances

In honor of Alanis

When you talk 90's
You talk Smashing Pumpkins
(Thanks to Dying Alive, all submits were solid)

Beastie Boys
Shake your Rump
(Lipps is on fire)

Back to some 80's
Taylor Dayne
can't help think we have seen her in a soft-core porn somewhere?

Take these Broken Wings
What a song
(Thanks Tiff)

Billy Ocean
Did anyone know that Billy Ocean was black?
Maybe the most stunning thing in musicblog to date

Kix-Don't Close your eyes
The first 30 seconds are what the 80's are about
(Thanks to anonymous)

A Winter In The Sun
Game #17
Friday, November 17, 2006

Could've Been Worse. PENS LOSE.

Maxime Talbot had a glorious breakaway and he missed the five hole/Biron made a nice save. If you are a Penguin fan and don't like Maxime Talbot, he must be sleeping with your girlfriend cause that's the only reason you could not like him.
If I had a girlfriend, and she was cheating on me with Maxime Talbot, I'd be pumped.

Crap We Said

  • Why is Ryan Whitney on the power play? I am definitely intrigued to research some crap and see what his powerplay production has been since he's been with the Pens.
  • Shouldn't feel too bad about losing tonight. Buffalo improved their record to 16-2-1.
  • Jocelyn Thibault has proven yet again to be a solid backup.
Commentorblog Said:
Andrew said...

The more and more I watch him play, the less and less I like Noah Welch. That is all.

Message Board Nation Said:
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 17, 2006 11:14 pm Post subject: Reply with quote

Am I seriously watching this?
Is this a professional hockey team?
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Day Number:

Can you guess this?
(special thanks to J-Schiff and EN Seth for this find)


Jonny V said...

Hey guys, I made it back to the Burgh after my cross country trip, and have been reading the old posts. Vicious videos, and I like the use of the players numbers counting the days till training camp. Solid.
I've missed the Finals, none of the motels i stayed at had versus, but did catch game three. I still can't believe Ottawa ripped through the playoffs like they did.
I sent the crew some pics of my trip that yinz might find entertaining, we'll see if they post 'em.

Anonymous said...

Maxim Galanov?

Spencemo said...

Well, if we're starting to talk 90's, here's my girls Salt-N-Pepa...

Anonymous said...

Welcome back jonny v

Ok...NO Taylor Dayne...

How about Our Lady Peace?

Our Lady Peace - Somewhere Out There

Our Lady Peace - Innocent

Our Lady of Peace - Not Enough

Our Lady Peace - All For You
(Couldn't find a vid)


Korn said...

It's Robert Dome, right?

wilsmith said...

you post OLP and not Superman's Dead? C'mon.

when I get home, you will be flooded with Better than Ezra, if it really is 90's time.

Anonymous said...

Music blog blows.

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

The Beastie Boys vid of mine that you posted is solid, but underrated. Pensblog finally gives that song its props!

However, I am a little dissapointed that my little tribute to guys that had no business making music (Eddie Murphy, Deion Sanders) didn't get a second look.

Oh well, I guess I can't win 'em all.

And holy shit-balls!! I remember seeing the Kix video on TV when I was like 6 or something!

Louis Lipps is my homeboy said...

And for anybody that thinks that Rob Zombie was waaay cooler when he was in White Zombie circa their first album:

Yeah, you're pretty much right.

Jonny V said...

More Human than Human is Gary Roberts' theme song, as if he were a wrestler.

Barrasso35 said...

It's Michal Sivek, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Four Alanis's in a car? No beer necessary for that.

Jason said...

if she promised not to speak, i could probably bang alanis after 4-5 beers.

gotta love the 90s

faith no more - epic

gin blossoms - hey jealousy

deep blue something - breakfast at tiffany's

spacehog - in the meantime

blind melon - no rain

Textacy said...

musicblog is worthless without some Mahogany Rush.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps this has been posted here. Check out the photo in this article. Look like anyone familiar?


Article in PG

wilsmith said...

damn you, jason. I was about post 3 of those songs when I got home from work!

Anonymous said...


What were those two bands that really rocked, oh yeah,



(same guy repping billy squier)

Anonymous said...

Don't hate on pronger because he has more balls than BGL.

As chappelle would say at the haters ball hosted by ICED-T - "Hate hate hate"

Anonymous said...

ill play 90's music...

Superdrag - Sucked Out (1996)


Anonymous said...

and i forgot...

The Refreshments - Banditos (1996)


Anonymous said...

The Refreshments - Banditos (1996)


Anonymous said...

wilsmith said...
you post OLP and not Superman's Dead? C'mon.

I couldn't post all of the ones I wanted to...had to leave some for you too! ;)


Teej said...

#47 is Michal Sivek. That's just a guess anyway... without looking at CommentorBlog first. It sure isn't Micki DuPont. And BTW, how come all Penguins who have worn #47 have first names beginning with M?

Don't know if I posted this before, and it just hasn't made the cut yet... but this video is all you need to know about MTV in the '80s...

Dire Straits

Next up, is there anyone who CAN'T get pumped up to play hockey while listening to this song? Reminds me of 8th grade...

The Prodigy

Stanley P. Kachowski said...

I will third the 'Refreshments - Banditos' Hell Yeah.

"Give your ID card to the border guard.

Your alias says you're Cptn. Jean-Luc Picard.

Of the United Federation of Planets.

'Cuz they won't speak English anyway. "

I'm loading up for 90's MusicBlog.

wilsmith said...

Delivery time


Nada Surf

Yes, the butthole surfers.

Primitive Radio Gods

PRG and summer of 96 go hand in hand for me, I'm sorry.

Anonymous said...

live- i alone:

gin blossoms- found out about you:

neil young- keep on rockin in the free world:

the scorpions (with berlin philarmonic orchestra):


Jason said...

"Anonymous said...
As chappelle would say at the haters ball hosted by ICED-T - "Hate hate hate"

ICED-T?!? are you serious? you have to be the whitest person in history. tupac is rolling over in his grave.

Spencemo said...

No, jason, I'm the whitest person alive (hubby says I glow in the dark) and even I know it's not Iced-T. Anyway, for 90's musicblog, from 1994...the year of the Slow speed Bronco Chase (we watched it during my 21st birthday party at the bar)...Sheryl Crow...
All I Wanna Do

AdamG said...

I like iced tea.

Anonymous said...

Blind Melon - No Rain

D Fresh said...

Blind Melon - No Rain

D Fresh said...

Haha, just realized another great of all time.

Green Jello - Three Little Pigs

D Fresh said...

Shit! Sorry jason, didn't see that you already posted Blind Melon

D Fresh said...

Man, now I got the brain working and I should really just do one post and put all these gems in it.

MC 900 Foot Jesus- If I Only Had a Brain

This guy is on par with the "Average Homeboy"

Anonymous said...

I'd do Alanis sober

Jason said...

d fresh, either you were watching headbangers ball saturday night or you have a great memory. they played the green jelly video. i havent even thought about that song in about 10 years

Anonymous said...

have you seen alanis in her cover of "my humps" video, she looks smoking hot

theNick said...

Queen-Princes Of The Universe

Anonymous said...

someone requested some Pearl Jam:


can't have 90's music videos without bone thugs - crossroads

Stanley P. Kachowski said...

Jeremy was a good video, but MTV ruined it by playing the crap out of it in the early days.

PJ kind of stopped making vids after that, but did contribute what they called the 'Single Video Theory' one of my favorite vids of all time:

Do the Evolution

This should have been used as the Pens theme for 'Experience the Evolution' campaign this year. In fact, I talked to the guy who does all the Jumbotron multimedia, who apparently was a big PJ fan and wanted to use this song, but got voted down by others in the organization. Oh well, I guess PJ isn't for everyone, and Vedder's screaming in this song could be a turn off for some. Still a bad ass song, IMHO, and the video is even badder.

Jen said...

what was ryan reynolds thinking for two years? he was dating down for sure.


Stoosh said...


Considering that Reynolds is now allegedly shacking up with Scarlett Johansson, he's now traded up nicely...or at least making up for lost time.

Actually, I'll echo the sentiments of "anonymous"...I've seen Alanis's cover of "My Humps" and she's not bad...not bad at all.

lis said...

Here is my contribution to musicblog:

Midnight Oil


Wild Wild West (not big Willy style)


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