Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Oh my my, oh hell yes

For a hockey blog, the NHL offseason is slower than the plot of an episode of "Sports Night."

Fact: This show was actually going to be based on the career of John Fedko.
But the pilot only last 8 seconds.

The one good thing about the this week, is the NHL draft is on Friday.
And the fun thing about the NHL draft.
Unless you have an A.O or Crosby heading it, no one knows what is going to happen.
We will have our draft preview later this week.
But here is some good reading.

Faceoff factor's Jesse Marshall has an extensive preview of some prospects.
Basically if one of these guys took a dump, Jesse knows about it.
Solid stuff.

Here is TSN's mock draft:
They have the Pen's taking:

Here is ESPN's mock draft
They have the Pen's taking:

Billy Sweatt sounds like one hit wonder artist from the 80's.
Please draft him.

Another reason to get excited about the draft is potentional trades.
We don't know have any legit rumors.
But feel free to post whatever you are hearing or something you just want to make up in commentorblog.
Around the NHL

It's all links, all the time in this post.
(Special thanks to Jodie as always)

Claude Julien will be coaching the Bruins next year....
Former coach Dave Lewis couldn't be reached for comment.
He was in his bunker, and may have tried to commit suicide.

... FOX's Al Strachan, who tells us to expect big changes in the NHL.
He should expect changes in his personal life.
His wife will divorce him after reading that poop.

His wife looks like she eats poop.

...The Pens acquired another terd.
This time, it's Connor James.
We had to look and make sure there wasn't a character on One Tree Hill with the same name.

....King Shero will be meeting with
Gary Roberts and Mark Reechi's agent at the draft.

.....The Pens are also expected to meet with prospect Alex Goligoski to dicuss his status.
He is currently in college at Minnesota.
Hopefully he stays because his last name could become a problem in recaps.

...Ray Slover backs his boring name with a boring mainstream article about Sidney Crosby.
Okay, he's the face of the NHL. Move on.
He's the face of the NHL and the Pens franchise, and we never talk about him.
And we're a Penguin blog.

...DoubtAboutIt.com is a Pittsburgh sports blog.
They broke down the seasons of the 90-91 and 91-92 Stanley Cup teams to figure out who was the better team.
You instinctively say it was the 91-92 team, as DoubtAboutIt does, too.

Make sure you check out Barrasso's performance in deciding games in both playoff years.

One of the best pictures on the internet.

...Anaheim's Stanley Cup hangover begins.
Niedermayer is thinking about retirement.


We hate the overexposure of the NFL more than anything.
But another Bengal was arrested.


In other NFL news.

BigBatchNews is up in arms after Peter King snubs him.
"Thrust into the game, because big fluke had to fake another surgery.
The whole city was bummed because the Mayor died.
What do I do?
The touchdown pass to Health Miller was no question the highlight of the game, and quite honestly one of the best passes ever thrown in Steelers history.
But that's what I do."
It is scary that not to long ago Ryan Malone was the Pens " scorer"
That could make something throw up

Nice little collections of hits

1994-1995 Season Highlights.
Internet gold


A Winter in the Sun
Game #27
Thursday, December 7, 2006

Very Poopy. PENS LOSE.

The Rangers scored a shorthanded goal on a deflection to make it 2-1.
After that goal, I farted and touched myself...and all of a sudden, Shanahan broke the sound barrier with a slapshot that got past Fleury to tie the game up.

Crap We Said:
  • Micki DuPont looks like he belongs in the NHL. That might be a biased statement simply because he is right-handed.
  • What happened to all that "game-breaker" talk that surrounded Malkin before he came here?
  • When Sidney Crosby is possessed...and you still can't win...some changes have to be made.
  • Someone's gotta teach Fleury a new shoot-out move. The poke check is gay.
Commentorblog Said:
Anonymous said...

crosby cant do it all, bring in a veteran scorer! What happend to the Naslund talk?

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Junior 'A'
Junior 'A'

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 08, 2006 11:54 am Post subject: Minority Reply with quote

I know I'll get blasted for this, but here's my thoughts anyways.

I'm no Mario hater, but I blame Lemieux. Why did he have to sell before the decision was made on the slots license? If he would have held onto the team and negotiated Plan B to his liking (assuming IOC doesn't win), then sold the team, we would not be in this situation. Instead he bailed (yeah I said it) out and left it to someone else to deal with. Balsille has no ties to Pgh. At least with Mario, I believe he really wants the team to stay, but Balsille on the other hand could really care less. In fact he'd probably love to have a reason to move them to Ontario. Now maybe that works to his favor and he will get a kick a** deal from the City and County that will allow the Pens to prosper, but it's the fear of the unknown.

As far as this whole seven year thing goes with the Politicians, their hands were tied. The city was in bankruptcy for crying out loud. Where was the money supposed to come from? Everyone knows that there would be no support for a taxpayer increase to pay for the arena, the beloved Steelers couldn't even get that! The only reason there's money now is the Casino revenues will be available. In situations like this, it always comes down to the last minute and we would have been much better off with Mario as the owner instead of an outsider like Balsille.

Honestly this is killing me! I hope everything works itself out and we can put this behind us, because the future looks so damn bright on the ice. GCB, throw us a bone, it will be really difficult dealing with this team leaving for my son and I.
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Dark times.

Day Number

Dermonti Dawson knew what it was all about.


Spencemo said...

Woot! I'm first!! Personally, I love the official cowering in the net behind Barrasso. Kinda looks like he's staring at Tommy B.'s ass, though...

jimmydanger said...

Some speculation out of Ottawa re Roberts: Would be bad bad news...


Jesse Marshall said...

Billy Sweatt is money in the bank, gentlemen. Got drunk before the combine and punched a hole in a door.

My kinda guy.

Think Konstantine Koltsov. With Hands!

Loser Chris said...

Is it just me or does Patrick Kane, the presumed top pick by most, have bust written all over him? I just look at that kid and think there's no way he makes it in the NHL.

Kenny Melvin said...

It's amazing how quickly supposed Penguin fans turned on Mario. I think the true Penguin fans always had faith in Mario that he would do his best to keep us here. And we knew that if the Pens did move then it would be the fault of the politicians. Great photoshop canaan.

Barrasso35 said...

I always thought that picture of Barrasso was funny but then it becomes sad when I remember god damn Tom Fitzgerald and I want to projectile vomit in horror... almost like I did when I saw the Pittsburgh Butterflies hoodie on NHL.com.

I hate Tom Fitzgerald almost as much as I hate David Volek.

Barrasso35 said...

The bad news about Gary Roberts is this: Ottawa made it to the finals this year. If they're able to keep that team mostly intact, they could do it again. Let's be honest, if the Senators had Gary Roberts they would have won the cup.

Roberts is 41 years old and, while immortal, he must be thinking about retiring soon. So the question for him is: Does he want The Stanley Cup next season, possibly or does he want to wait the 2-3 years it's going to take for the Pens to win (and let's actually be honest here, the Pens might not win the Cup for 5+ years) so where does that leave him.

I wouldn't blame him for going to Ottawa but I'd sure be pissed and hate the Senators (except, of course, Roberts) more than I do now.

I used to like them, after this season, that's all over with.

Kenny Melvin said...

If Gary Roberts chooses to leave I would be disappointed but i'd be fine with it. I don't want Shero to overpay a 41 year old guy 5 mil to stay here. Who knows how he'll hold up over an 82 game schedule with the adrenaline of a playoff run? For the right price I hope he's back but not for anything more.

Loser Chris said...

He won't hold up for an 82-game schedule, that's a given. When you sign Roberts you hope for 2 things:

- As close to 60 regular season games as you can get.

- Healthy going into the playoffs.

Anything more than that is a bonus.

Stanley P. Kachowski said...

Billy Sweatt also sounds like a jobber porn actor. As in "Billy Sweatt'd all over your Mom while they were doin' it". And by 'it', I mean sex.

Stanley P. Kachowski said...

oh, btw, nice post title. Last Dance with Mary Jane rocks. Mike Campbell kills it.

Maverick said...

Billy Sweat is money in the bank..I've played against him before he is fast as hell and would look pretty good on the same line with Crosby

snoopyjode said...

one more thing you hope for when you sign roberts: that his attitude and work ethic have a significant impact on these young penguins. whether or not he's able to play is a moot point. obviously, the guy is an awesome talent even at his advanced age and having him in the lineup as much as possible would be ideal, but what really matters is that the "youngins" want to be like gary when they grow up, and that will be what makes it worth every penny they pay to (hopefully!) keep him around...

...but, unfortunately, barrasso35 makes an excellent point: he probably only has 1 or 2 years left in him before he retires. mr. roberts will have to decide if he wants to be the one who provides the guidance to a team that is bound for glory (<-and they are - you can see that even if you're not a pens fan) or if he wants another ring.

to me, that would be like sophie's choice. getting that cup is what it's all about. but to have the chance to shape the future of a team that has SO MUCH potential and then always be remembered and revered for being the one who did it - that would be a pretty amazing opportunity.

Antonette said...

Any word on who's going to be backup goalie next season? T-bo's contract was for two years.

I'd love to see us pick up someone solid. T-bo was better this season, but nowhere near what we need if we want to make a serious dent in the NHL this season.

And about Roberts to Ottawa- I would respect him if he wanted to win the cup, but I highly doubt that the Sens are going to do anything like what they did this season again. I just don't see it happening.

Anonymous said...


Ruutu vs Ondrus


Armstrong vs Baumgartner


Petrovicky KOs Newbury


Loser Chris said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Loser Chris said...

I think Nolan Schaefer will be fine as the backup.

Jason said...

goligoski isn't ready for the nhl yet. I see alot of gopher games up here in the frozen tundra and he reminds me alot of the 05-06 version of gonchar. sure hes got some offensive, but he really needs to work on defense.
then again, maybe i'm just biased. i hate the god damn gophers

Kenny Melvin said...

How can you not love the Newberry KO from Petro? That was classic

Anonymous said...

Adding to the fights:

Personal Pens Favorite

Leroux vs Twist


notice the tape on Leroux's hand... if I'm not mistaken he got a gamer for that

Amazing Minor Leaguer with Bonvie and Ryan Vandenbussche


Eric Cairns going apeshit in England during the lockout


Cairns in his younger "IM A MONSTER" days pounding Shayne Corson


And finally, the man, the myth, the legend Joe Kocur vs Jim Kyte


Cool fact about this fight: Jim Kyte was legally deaf, and wore hearing aids under his helmet... according to a quote from someone in this game I read somewhere, they found one of Kyte's hearing aids in the net on the other side of the ice... 75 feet away.

- Tee (not on my computer right now)

Spencemo said...

It's not a Pens fight, but there's something great about watching the Flyers and the Senators beat the shit out of eachother...


Ryan said...

Loser Chris said...

I think Nolan Schaefer will be fine as the backup.

No doubt.

Conspiracy theory time: Did the Pensblog staff plan the whole Kenny Melvin plot to drum up some entertainment during the offseason???

Kenny Melvin said...

This isn't Penguin related but I thought it was a fucking hilarious vid about the Leafs sucking.


Barrasso35 said...

Oh, and by the way, I love Sports Night... plus Natalie was hot.

snoopyjode said...

OH MY GOD - ryan, i just had a conversation with my husband the other day where i was wondering if we were being jobbed by the staff!!! hysterical.

Ryan said...

yes! I'm not alone...thanks snoopyjode.

and I thought Sports Night was awesome too. Great dialogue.

Staff said...

"Conspiracy theory time: Did the Pensblog staff plan the whole Kenny Melvin plot to drum up some entertainment during the offseason???"

No way folks. Although we love conspiracy theories, no dice.
We work all day, and don't have acess to commentorblog until about 9 or 10..

jazzhall said...

I have to agree with both Snoopy and Barrasso re: Roberts, it would not be a favorable outcome, but the team also has to be practical in its negotiations,something HRH King Shero is likely well aware of.

Also, the entire Washington Caps vs. Penguins playoff game in, I can't recall the year 1996 or 1997? Game 4? Which included the multi-player fight where a rookie Olaf Kolzig is clotheslined by Leroux near mid-ice. A think of beauty. Also I recall Schoenfeld egging on the Areana crowd after he was dismissed. Good times.


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